Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review


Bushnell Equinox z digital night vision monocular is a night vision device, which gives you a clear image of the object in the daytime, as well as, in the night time. Its significant features make the product as the best one. Read the Bushnell equinox z digital night vision monocular review, to get a clear picture.

bushnell equinox z digital night vision monocular review

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review-How Does It Work?

It collects the light with the help of the objective lens. The image gets processed with the help of a sensor and transmits it to the micro liquid crystal display. The images being viewed are magnified by 6 times closer than seen by our normal naked eye. It is provided with the IR-illuminator, which offers the better image viewability, even at the time of complete darkness.


Both the edges of the monocular are provided with many lines and grooves, to prevent the slipping from the grip. It consists of the built-in infrared illuminator with three adjustable intensity levels. The illuminator can last for about 4 hours on full charge. When the illuminator gets off, the life of the battery slow down and turns off within 10 minutes when not in use.

It consists of the 50millimeter lens, which gives 6X optical magnification; through which, you can view the enlarged image with superior clarity.  As the lens is being made of glass, it gives the better gathering of light and optical clarity.

Through the LCD lens, you can navigate the user interface, which is used to display the settings, icons, and notifications.  A number of pictures can be captured and stored in the memory.


It comes with the rubber housing, which is made of the weather proof materials so that it can withstand any type of weather conditions. The night vision monocular is specially designed to view the objects from a distance of 1000 yards away. So, you can notice the targets from the far distance. It gives its best in detecting the long range objects than the short range ones.

The product can be used at daytime and also at the night time. It displays the color images during daytime whereas, at night time, it gives the black and white images offering the better clarity and contrast to the people.

It has the capacity to shoot the videos, capture the images, and store it on the card. With the help of a button present at the bottom of the monocular, you can switch over to the video from the image capturing. Without removing the card, you can transfer the files to the computer by using the USB port cable.Bushnell Equinox z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Key features: Long battery life, extra -durable housing, LCD screen.

Pros: capturing the images, displaying the video, provides grip.Purchase This Product on Amazon.com

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