What Are The Uses Of Bushnell 2.5 X42mm Night Vision Binocular?


The Bushnell 2.5×42 mm binocular is a useful binocular that can view the surrounding things during the night. This binocular is effective and it has a high-quality optics that views the images with HD clarity. The magnification of this binocular is about 2.5X and the diameter of the objective lens is about 42mm.  The lenses are coated with AR glasses and hence, the lenses act durable and useful.


All the materials used in these binoculars are 100% quality tested materials and these materials offer high quality to the users. Added to this, it is a battery operated device that requires a rechargeable powerful battery, for operation. The coverage range of Bushnell binocular is about 90 yards and this device can be used in any weather conditions.