Is It Possible To See Through The Clothes With The Night Vision Technology?

night vision devices to see through cloths

night vision devices to see through cloths

Even with the use of the high penetrating night vision technology implemented camera, it is unable to see the people in a complete naked situation but, it allows you to see the layout of the undergarments beneath the clothes.

This kind of night vision camera consists of the infrared night shot mode  to see through the thin type of fabrics and other kinds of materials. It also possesses the regular normal mode but, when it shifts on to the night shot mode it works as the nudie camera.

It works by blocking out the filter to let out all the infrared light through the super bright nature of the IR LED, which is invisibly illuminated through the picture. In general, the infrared light constitute the ability to penetrate through thin clothing and the night vision camera tends to capture the infrared lighting to see through the clothing.