6 Best SPR Scopes in 2020 {A Complete Updated Guide}


A Special Purpose Rifle(SPR) is a semi-auto rifle that falls in between a sniper and a normal rifle. This type of scopes can be used for AR-15 and in the US it will be most prevalent. An SPR scope helps to aim the target even if it is hundreds of meters away.

The SPR scopes are completely based on the MK-12 Mod X operations, this scope can work effectively as an intermediate-long range sniper rifle, long-range small game hunting rifle, or a tactical home defense weapon. They are incredibly versatile and reliable.

The main purpose of choosing a good quality scope is to shoot the target precisely at both short and long ranges. As there are numerous collections in the market you may be confused about choosing the right option, so Let me guide you to pick the best!

The below-mentioned products will definitely complement your hunting and there are few factors you need to know before choosing the optic. Read on!

What Makes a Great SPR Scope?

What is a great SPR scope? How to get the one with all essential qualities and factors? A great SPR scope is nothing but a scope that helps the hunter to shoot the target perfectly at any cost. You’ve to check whether the scope has waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof quality which adds extra durability for the scope.

If your scope can withstand any weather condition then it’s a great gift for you on rainy or foggy days. No matter whether it’s foggy outside or shooting at dawn or dusk because a great scope can perform well in any situation.

We’ll check for the durability, clarity, performance of the scope but it’s also significant to consider the optics of the scope.

If a scope has an excellent optic then it would be easy for adjusting in any field or in competition. For instance, think of a situation where you can’t even adjust the scope in the middle of a forest.

At that time it will be frustrating for you, to avoid such cases you need an SPR scope that lets us adjust it easily.

A great scope can help to operate easily and guides the shooter to perfectly shoot the target amidst any lighting condition.

You’ve to note down the features to be present in an ideal riflescope otherwise it could be annoying. The perfect scope also has the versatility and heavy-duty performance we need each time.

TOP PICKS – 6 Products Reviewed By Experts

1.UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

The UTG 3-12X44 30mm riflescope is designed using innovative technology to ensure that you have an amazing hunting experience.

It is specifically designed for providing various shooting solutions such as tactical hunting, predator hunting, and also hunting big game.

The UTG scope will give the solid turret adjustments with options to lock and return-to-zero.

Why Buy The UTG Rifle Scope?

The main reason for recommending the UTG Riflescope is because it comes at an affordable price, also the UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope lasts for a longer time than the price you pay for it.

It has multiple features that make it even a good buy at $1000.

This tactical scope has shockproof, rainproof, as well as fog proof features so without any hesitations or doubts you can get this valuable scope and enjoy the game.

Leapers UTG-3 12x44 Riflescope

Field of View

The UTG 30mm Compact Scope offers an amazingly wide field of view at both ends of its magnification range.

The magnification ranges from 3x-12x, whereas the 3X offers a full 34-foot view and the 12X can measure the wide view at 8.4-feet.

With the help of improved visibility, the user can view the target easily in tactical situations.

Turret Adjustment

The turrets of the UTG 30mm scope come with a durable clutch wheel system which helps the user to make reliable adjustments.

Particularly, the cap-based clutches can be swifted easily and it’s possible to over-tight and under-tight with less effort.

The solid nature of each turret setting cuts off accidental adjustments to windage and elevation.

Eye Relief

The Eye relief of this scope is 84 to 72mm which helps the user to view the surrounding area perfectly without any issues, it gives ample forgiveness for use in tactical situations.

It is especially beneficial for tactical use.

30 mm Tube

The UTG 3-12 scope uses a 30mm tube so it would be easy to find the scope rings and mounts in different configurations.

The reticle is completely illuminated and can use red or green illumination, the scope rings are designed to withstand recoil


  • Wider than the average view at both ends of the scope's magnification spectrum
  • Illuminated, Multi-colored Reticle allows reticle to be adjusted to improve visibility
  • Solid, consistent performance with lockable and reset-to-zero functionality


  • Depending on the rifle, high profile rings may be required for mounting

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 BDC (MOA) Riflescope

The Vortex Optics rifle scopes are designed with high mechanical precision, high-definition optics, as well as superior durability.

The most specific fact about Crossfire II 2-7×32 Riflescope is the design, it is meticulously designed and crafted to make the scope ideal for medium to long-range tactical and shooting applications.

It produces excellent image clarity and also the 32mm objective lens features a V-Plex reticle which is suitable for the shooters to find the exact hold points, yet remains uncluttered for optimal viewing.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II


The Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 is well-constructed using a 1-inch diameter tube which is excellent for most of the calibers.

The single tube provides improved precision and accuracy thus it helps to maximize the overall alignment of the equipment for best performance visually.

It also provides water resistance and more strength. The scratch-resistant housing is useful for protecting the lenses from any kind of physical damage.

V-Plex MOA Reticle

The V-Plex MOA reticle is built in the second focal plane and has the ability to maximize long-range shooting. It was hash-marked using MOA based subtension lines, this is done for windage corrections, holdover, ranging, etc.

The ultra-precision laser etching is designed to keep the tightest tolerances possible.

The Crosshair is well-designed for optimum balance between precision aiming and light visibility.

The V-Plex has a max windage adjustment level of 60 MOA and a max elevation adjustment level of 60 MOA.

Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof

The Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 is designed with an O-ring which seals to prevent moisture, dust, or debris from entering the riflescope. Also, it can be used in any climatic conditions because of the waterproof feature.

Making the riflescope with nitrogen gas can prevent internal fogging even under varying temperatures. It is rugged in order to endure a lot of impact and recoil too. This makes it shockproof too.

Field of View

The Vortex Crossfire II scope has an excellent field of view which is the low value at 42 feet and high at 12.6 feet. It has a minimum field of view at 42 feet per 100 yards and a maximum field of view at 12.6 per 100 yards.


  • Provides exceptional clarity for identification of targets
  • Fully multi coated lenses
  • Easy to mount and zero in
  • Longer, greater eye relief


  • The reticle may not be good for scout rifle applications

3. TacFire 1-4 x 24mm Tactical Rifle Scope

The TacFire 1-4 x 24mm scope is built out of aircraft high-grade aluminum which helps to withstand different temperatures. It is both shock-resistant and is nitrogen purged i.e the scope is fog proof.

The TacFire Riflescope has a laser-etched reticle (red, green, blue dot glass) which helps to see the target in pitch darkness.

Tacfire 1-4X24 Tri Illuminated scope

Multi-coated lens

The TacFire tactical riflescope is constructed of a multi-coated lens for optimum performance.

Its 1-4×24 mm zoom and lens provide a good combination of clarity and power. It’s possible to see the target even in pitch darkness.

The clarity will be too good. The TacFire comes with a lens polishing cloth which is made from a special material so it won’t get cracked or damaged easily.


The TacFire 1-4 x 24mm Tactical Rifle Scope is O ring sealed and nitrogen purged also it has a reticle with tri-illumination.

If needed you can adjust the brightness of the scope by increasing or decreasing the intensity level. It works best while transmitting light, and helps the hunter to install easily and maintain.


The magnification level ranges from 1x to 4x so the scope will work effectively to point the target much better in low light settings.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose rugged scope then this would be a pretty choice. The TacFire will look good on your rifle.


The reason behind the popularity of TacFire riflescope is the durability.

It is indestructible and no matter how long you use and how many rounds you fire off, the TacFire will work efficiently for a long time.

If you don’t want to wait until the weather holds off, this scope can help to withstand the elements.


  • Accurate for short and long distances
  • Comes with flip-up cover
  • Works fine with air rifles
  • Constructed from durable materials


  • Eye relief could be longer

4. Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×50 Rifle Scope

The Vortex Crossfire II is a single-piece tube that is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. It is 14.2-oz and completely shockproof. This will be the perfect choice for guns with strong recoil.

It has the standard multi-coated lens so there’s no wonder to expect a bright, clear image in most lighting conditions.

The Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×50 Rifle Scope has nitrogen sealed O-ring and it is somewhat different when compared to an argon seal, but it can provide reliable waterproof and fog proof protection.

Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x50


This Crossfire II model features great magnification settings between 4x and 12x, it also comes with an adjustable objective that can let you handle or eliminate parallax on your long-distance shots.

These features are possible only with the presence of antireflective and fully multicoated lenses as they can give you some wonderful shots and bright pictures.

Eye relief

The Vortex Crossfire II features an eye relief factor on lower zooms as it helps to improve the accuracy even if the target is far.

The Crossfire II provides a whopping 3.9” of solid eye relief. The capped reset turrets are finger adjustable. With these amazing factors, you can handle the windage and elevation variables flexibly.

Field of View

The field of view is 25.7’ – 8.4’ which is perfect for medium-range shots and hunting. This is the greatest FOV in the vortex optics family.

The parallax adjustment on the crossfire ranges from 10 yards to infinity. You can adjust for parallax 153 yards, when compared to other scopes the Vortex CrossFire II is worth the money.

BDC Reticle

This scope features a high-quality BDC, or bullet drop compensating, a reticle with ¼ adjustment graduation. That means the reticle has special holdover points at its bottom line that let you adjust and compensate for gravity’s effects on your next shot.

Such a reticle can make your long-distance shots even more accurate than they already are. All the Crossfire scopes have a max windage and elevation adjustment of 50 (MOA).


  • Has a BDC reticle
  • Adjustable objective for parallax
  • Multi Coated Lens
  • Turrets are precise


  • Eye relief gets short on high magnification

5. Nikon P-Tactical .223 1.5-4.5×20 Matte BDC600 Riflescope

Nikon .223 Riflescope is one of the solid scopes among the other SPR scopes because of its extraordinary construction and qualities.

This tactical scope helps the shooters to mark the reticle precisely thus the aimpoint will be perfect.

It provides various open circle aiming points so I’m sure that you can attain a better precision.

It works better for varmint hunting so in this review let’s see about its reticle, excellent body to construction, generous and consistent eye relief.



The Nikon scope is constructed of spring-loaded instant zero-reset windage and elevation turrets which can help for easy reference.

The scope is made with a 1-inch body tube, so it doesn’t take up space on your rifle, and it only weighs 16.9 ounces. It allows you to reset them back to zero after making quick adjustments.


The magnification value ranges from between 1.5 and 4.5x. It also comes with a 20 mm objective lens.

All these features are packed in a single scope so even harder targets can be achieved easily, it is especially used for hitting the targets between 100 and 600 yards away.

This scope is perfect for providing optimal light transmission for all of its zoom settings. It is highly accurate for most varmint hunting as well as target shooting.

The range of Nikon is slightly higher for what you would normally use this type of rifle for.


The Nikon .223 1.5-4.5×20 Rifle Scope comes with a BDC 600 reticle, it helps you to calculate bullet drop trajectory even over long distances.

While focusing the target the hash marks are also like open circles. This may not disturb you to see smaller targets. It’s really superior to cluttered reticles which can make your aiming very easy.


The optics are completely multicoated for added light transmission and durability. Moreover, it comes with a quick focus eyepiece that allows you to snappily acquire your target.

Eye relief is amazing thus it ranges between 3 and 4 inches depending on your magnification setting. Overall, this is an extraordinary scope for most .223 target shooting needs.


  • Made of Durable Materials
  • Allows you to hit targets up to 600 yards away
  • Great Eye-relief factor
  • Turrets are well made and easy to adjust
  • Lenses provide excellent light transmission


  • The reticle can be quite hard to see in pitch darkness

6. Leupold Vx-freedom 1.5-4×20 Riflescope

The Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescopes offer excellent performance even in low-light environments so it’s a time to thank the proprietary Leupold Twilight Light Management System.

It delivers reliability and versatility for the users, the lens is coated with rugged materials as it provides abrasion resistance, which protects the scope in most challenging terrain.

The power selector ring is low-profile which offers a good grip and ease of use.

Totally five illuminated scopes were innovated and joined the Leupold VX-Freedom family in 2020.

Let’s take a look at the new scopes, the 1.5-4×20 (30mm) with an Illum. FireDot MOA-Ring reticle, a 3-9×40 (30mm) with Illum.

FireDot Tri-MOA, a 3-9×50 (30mm) with Illum. FireDot Twilight Hunter, a 4-12×50 (30mm) CDS with Illum. FireDot Duplex, and a VX-Freedom AR 1.5-4×20 (30mm) with 223 Mil Illuminated FireDot MIL-Ring.

Leupold-VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20


The glass in the VX-Freedom 1.5-4×20 is clear and the duplex reticle exceptionally crisp. It comes with a second-focal-plane reticle and features 1-inch main-body tubes.

The VX-Freedom’s clarity at 1.5x is quite amazing and at 4x (above) the precision will not be clear.


The Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4×20 comes with a crisp reticle which is highly durable and can withstand any climatic conditions.

Both the turrets and power adjustment rings are tightly sealed for providing smooth operation.

One of the significant features is the glass clarity when compared to other scopes this one has the most exciting quality.

Lens clarity

The optic’s low-profile power adjustment ring is quite easy to operate, no matter about the tightness. Even if the ring broke it would be easier to rotate, but you need to give some extra power to operate. Leupold uses Mil-spec lens coatings for excellent abrasion resistance.

It doesn’t have lens covers, but they can be purchased on the Leupold website.

O- Rings

The VX-Freedom’s polymer turrets were clearly marked. Each click of the turret will adjust the reticle 1/4 MOA up, down, right, or left, easily accomplished by hand with Leupold’s Finger Click Dial System.

You don’t need a special tool, super-skinny screwdriver, or pocket change. It is sealed with O-rings which have more longevity.


  • Optics allow for optimal light transmission
  • Has precise and ergonomic turrets
  • Great for close range or medium-range shooting


  • Adjustment turrets can be bumped easily

SPR Scope Mount

1.Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount

The scope mount is the most important accessory which will help the shooters for targeting and shooting the target quickly and easily.

With proper positioning of the reticle and mount, your aim can be fixed precisely, the scope mount controls the optics system.

Among other scope mounts, I’ve found the best for you which is the Aero Precision Ultralight scope mount.

Most of the users have reported that it is very easy to install the mount.

The Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm scope is one of the lightest options yet it doesn’t compromise the quality and durability.

It is very simple to install on a Picatinny base and screws so the user doesn’t need any training for fitting the mount.



It has a sleek and simple design so the installation process would be simple.

The Aero precision scope mount is also made from 6061 T6 extruded aluminum construction which increases its durability and heavy-duty performance.

The hard-anodized coating makes the scope even more strong so you need not worry about damages. This standard material can deal with heavy abuse and use.


It comes with a keyway cross-slot feature using which the mount can withstand some shocking recoils so you need not worry about it budging.

The rear ring is set back to 2 inches which will help when compensating for comfortable eye relief.


  • Durable aluminum body
  • Lightweight at just 3 ounces
  • Compatible with Picatinny rail
  • No bulky screws
  • Withstand to recoils


  • The scope rotates when tightening rings

2. Weaver Thumbnut SPR 1″ Mount

The Weaver Thumbnut mount is one of the best scope mounts so if you’re looking for the one at an affordable price just try this! In this review let’s look into the features and specifications of a scope mount.

It is constructed with heavy-duty materials so that we can use the mount for a long time.

You’ll like this product because of its lightweight, and adding almost no weight to your rifle when mounted.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure it will last longer even with heavy demands and under constant pressure.

Design & Construction

It hardly takes about 2 minutes to set up a scope mount so the shooters can make use of it in a matter of minutes.

The sleek design is an added advantage of weaver thumbnut scope mount, thanks for an excellent grip given by the manufacturers.

It also boasts its 4-hole ring design, adding to its gripping power. Moreover, it is an ideal hunting scope mount for its great heavy-duty performance, and that is thanks to its top-notch materials.

Ideal for AR

Also, this scope mount features thumbnut bolts, which is an excellent advantage. It comes with a forward cantilever, which is ideal for AR platform rifles and with an optimal height.

The solid cross-lock base design, allowing for ultimate gripping power. This scope mount has an optimal height and a sleek design which allows for quick and low profile mounting.


  • Durable construction for long-term use
  • Rugged cross-lock base design for ultimate gripping strength
  • Four-hole ring design for added gripping power
  • Low profile mounting


  • Can be a bit bulky

Factors to Consider While Buying a SPR Scope

Before going for a scope purchase one should know some of the essential factors to get the best product.

The SPR scope can help the shooter/hunter to perform well while targeting the particular point.

You may get confused in selecting the right scope for the rifle so to chill you we’ve put up the following section which contains information regarding what to know when purchasing the right optic for the special purpose rifle.

It can also effectively improve the shooting of the special power rifle.

There are so tons of choices on the market now. It is uneasy to locate the right rifle scope if you’re not good at identifying the features to find.

I’m sure that using an accurate scope, you will be able to shoot well even at a close range or long range.


It’s significant to consider the versatility of the scope before purchasing it for hunting purposes, the reason behind the versatility is, for instance, you may need a scope which can perform well at long and short distances, and can be easily switched between the two. ‘

Moreover, the scope you choose must complement your rifle’s performance. For a good hunter, a good hunting or shooting scope is needed so that it could be easy for adjusting magnification.

First of all the shooter must know, what he needs, figure out what you hunt and where you commonly hunt.

For proper magnification, you’ve to choose the lowest possible magnification so that the target point can be precisely shown in the camera.

If you set the range longer then the target can be missed. A true 1 power or 1.5 is great for close-range combat or defense situations, while 12x magnification is about as high as I personally like to go.

If you’re looking for extreme precision, a higher magnification scope is okay, but keep in mind that you want to see the whole target clearly, otherwise target acquisition would be a bit difficult if the target moves.

Focal Plane

The focal plane is an important aspect to consider while choosing an SPR scope.

If you’re a beginner you may not have enough idea about the focal plane so let me explain it.

Focal plane is where the reticle size actually changes as the magnification is changed, like zooming in on the reticle.

It can make the reticle point quite large which can hide the target point at higher magnification settings.

The second focal plane has a fixed reticle, so the size never changes. If you’ve set the magnification range higher then it can be difficult to see the reticle, as it sort of gets swallowed up by the image.


For attaining the best precision you should choose the scope with relevant turrets and reticles, either in MIL dot or MOA.

The reason for picking both the reticles is, it can be easy to understand and used as range finding reticles. In my opinion, I’d suggest MIL dot because it could be suitable for very long-distance shooting.

Many people opt for a BDC reticle, but for an SPR, this may not be the best option.

BDCs can produce specific bullet weight, velocity, environmental conditions, and distance in order to be accurate.


Most of us will look for a scope with good durability, magnification, reticle but the clarity of the scope is also an important aspect to consider.

The brightness and preciseness of the image are significant. Look for the crispness of the reticle and optics, moreover, we love to use the multi-coated optics, which are top choices among people.

It allows for optimal light transmission, so you can work even in pitch darkness.


The scope you buy should last for a long time so before making the final decision just ensure that the product is made of top quality aircraft-grade aluminum material, check its quality.

The best scope allows for its better shockproof performance. If the scope is constructed of aluminum then there’s nothing to worry about in the future.


A scope is an amazing tool that helps the hunters to shoot the target but everyone needs that tool for a long time.

So we need to find a durable scope and it must include shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof features.

Check its gas purging and o-ring sealing that both add to the heavy-duty performance of the scope.

For example, good quality scopes will be nitrogen purged or filled to ensure it can deliver uninterrupted performance.


It’s important to consider the budget before picking the scope for hunting, nowadays there are multiple choices on the market so that can be overwhelming us easily.

First, the buyer must narrow down all the choices and decide how much money should be spent on the purchase.

So plan on how much you want to spend on your scope by first setting your price range.

Make sure that you’re ordering an affordable scope with the best quality. Shop around for different prices and then compare. Fix your budget before shopping and then pick the right scope.


The above mentioned top products are of good quality optics which you’ll find when searching for the best scope for SPR. These products will offer better accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

Nowadays most of the SPR scopes come with everything you need to mount so you need not worry about it. Go through our reviews and make a worthy decision on your budget and needs.

Good luck with your choice!