Diy Night Vision Goggles- Make Goggles At Home


Night vision goggles are a device that is commonly used almost in many places in the world. These devices help the users to get rid of dark. There are many uses of these glasses and various models of these goggles are available in the market.

DIY night vision goggles

These goggles are used in  hunting, shooting, driving, etc. These goggles offer a high coverage area and they can track various objects in this coverage area. These night vision devices are operated flexibly in low light and dark conditions. Apart from this, the night vision goggles can be easily designed at the home itself.

DIY Night Vision Goggles-Do It Yourself

The night vision goggles have simple design structure and they can be easily made at home. The homemade night vision glasses also offer higher efficiency similar to other night vision goggles in the market. The process for making night vision goggles is simple and easy.

The components required for making night vision goggles at home is given below.

  1. Cardboard box
  2. Camera
  3. Monitor
  4. IR LED lights
  5. Batteries
  6. Power connectors
  7. Power switch

The following are the four steps to be followed for making night vision goggles at home. Let’s get started.

  1. Cut The Box

The first step is to cut the box. Take the cardboard box of the desired size and cut some regions for eyes, nose, camera, power button etc. Don’t forget to cut the eye holes with 1 inch in diameter and 1 inch apart.

Don’t forget to make nose hole. However, cutting nose hole is quite tricky. Before cutting the nose hole, line the area with rubber or cloth, so that you can cut it properly. Other than this, drill holes for fixing switches, camera, and all other accessories. Drill holes for battery port too.

  1. Assemble The Components

The second step is to assemble the components. Before assembling the components test the components whether all are working properly in a durable condition. After testing the components, assemble all the components one by one in the cardboard box. This is an easy step and the user should assemble and fix all the components with care.

  1. Wire It Up

This step is to connect all the components in a designed way so that you can make the goggles work effectively. Start the connection with the positive terminal of the battery, monitor, camera, IR LEDs together.

The negative terminal of LED, camera and monitors are to be connected to one terminal of the switch. Now, connect the other end of the switch to the negative terminal of the battery. Then, connect the battery charger to the battery.

Connect the video line from the monitor to the switch. Check whether the monitor displays the direct news feed. After wiring up, remove all the unwanted projections from the goggles. Remove the side projections of the camera, and tape up the entire system.

  1. Test The Device

The final step of this product is testing. Fully charge the battery and test whether all the components of the box work properly. Now, take the device to complete darkness and test whether the device is in working condition or not.

If you find any irregularities, check the wiring of the goggles. If you find that the goggles are in good condition, add some external accessories to this device and use it for work.

These are the various steps used for making homemade goggles easily and efficiently. the time required for making this goggles is approximately 1 hour and this goggles offers a coverage area about 100 feet. This can be varied, by choosing cameras with higher resolution.

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