Night Vision Goggles {Features, Working, And Uses}

Naturally, the human eyes are not capable of viewing the objects in the dark light. To view the objects in the night time, the night vision goggles are used.  The goggles are used to stiff neck the human sight under low light conditions. It helps to navigate your way and are perfect for constant viewing or moving around in the buildings.

Night vision goggles

But, the main purpose of using the night vision goggles is to identify the hiding places of the enemies. Continue reading to know about the goggles.

What Are The Features Of The Night Vision Goggles?

It is made of the waterproof materials to prevent damage by water. The image intensifier tube is made of the glass material. It is equipped with the built-in infrared illuminator, which helps to provide the light. With the help of that light, you can find out the objects in the dark areas.

As it is designed for hands-free operations, one can carry the goggles wherever necessary. Its compact size enables convenient storage.

The screen of the night vision goggles is in green color and the images also appear in green color. As the human eyes are more sensitive to the green light, they can see the green pictures for more periods than the white and black pictures.


The night vision goggles use the image enhancement technology, to collect all the available light and amplify the lights so that it is used to view what is going in the dark places. The amplification is done by the photoelectric effect. In this, image converting technology is used to convert the illumination by the infrared into the visible image.

Also, it uses the thermal imaging technology to capture the infrared light which is being emitted as heat by various objects.  It converts the heat emitted objects into the visual image. The clear view of the image depends on the amount of heat emitted by the body of the objects.


The streamlined design of the goggles is at the compact size to be carried by the people easily from place to place. Further, it is made of the weatherproof materials. So, it can be used in all weather conditions. Through the advanced technology, it can detect the people in the dark.

The military people use the night vision goggles to find their enemies. Also, it is used at the time of hunting, camping, fishing, boating, observing the wildlife, etc. Apart from these, the children use to view the crackers, the moon, and the star.

You can use the goggles during the night time to view what is happening in the surrounding environment. Let us know your comments about the article.

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