Night Vision Rifle Scope- What Is It?


What Is A Night Vision Rifle Scope?

Similar to all the other night vision devices, the night vision rifle scope also offers the ability to have a vision in the dark. They can also be mounted to any night vision tube irrespective of their generations. Further, the night vision rifle scope is popular in the recent days.

Night vision rifle scope

When a night vision scope is used with a Gen 1 tube, a high-resolution image is obtained. If used with a Gen 2 tube, you obtain a high contrast image. In this regard, using a night vision scope with Gen 3 tube enables vision to the farthest of the distances. Let us know look at the night vision rifle scope’s features and benefits in detail.


The remarkable features include,


The resolution is usually measured by the lines per millimeter. If it  has  more  lines per millimeter, it can give a better clarity of the image obtained. Otherwise, it gives a very dull image. It gives 64 to 72 lines per  millimeter.


The tubes, lenses, and other parts of the scopes are made of the best quality materials. Thus, it is a durable product.  As rifle is made of the waterproof materials, it can be used in all weather conditions.


The lens takes the light to the intensifier tube and it supplies the power to the tube where the light is being converted into the electrons.  It happens on the microchannel plate.  Thus, more and more electrons are formed. Further, it interacts with the photons and creates an original image. It is used to amplify the existing light to give the user a clear view of the image.

The color of the image is green as the screen is in green color.  As the human eyes are more sensitive to the green color light, they can see the green color image better than the white or black color light. So, the screen is specially made of the green color.


The night vision rifle scope can be used at the time of night boating, fishing, and hunting. Mainly, the army people use the night vision rifle scope to detect the hidden places of the enemies. Also, at the time of war, the rifle scopes are being used.

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