Tricks And Natural Supplements To Improve Night Vision


Many people all around the world are facing poor night vision problem and their eyesight drops tremendously during the night time even their vision power is 100 percent in the daytime. You can improve both the day and night vision by maintaining the good health practices and doing some eye exercises regularly.

Tricks to improve Night Vision

There are many reasons for the night blindness from the poor condition of the cataract to the trauma or other illness. If you do some tricks in the early stage, then you can avoid such problems easily. But in the severe condition or failure of the working stage, it’s mandatory you include more natural supplements and nutrients rich food in your diet.   

1) Wear Red-Tinted Glasses

The eyes contain rod cells which help to see the object in the less intense light and so wearing red glasses or goggles for few minutes allows the rods to adjust your eyes and therefore you can even see in the darkest area.

This type of glasses blocks everything except red color and trains your eye to focus objects in the dim light. If you buy some products like the dashboard, try to get it in red than other colors such as white, blue or green to make the object appear sharper.

2) Avoid Looking Directly at Any Light Source

The pupil of the eye contracts and expands based on the amount of light that falls on it. If you see the light source directly, then it will become small and produces the clear image. The dim light increases the time to adjust the eye to see the object. The change in the light flow rate tends to extend the size of the pupil and in such problems, just close one eye while looking the light source.   

3) Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Darkness Naturally

This is the best method to see the object in the dark place by slowly allowing your eyes to see in the low light. You can do this easily by sitting in the darkest place for some minutes before going out during the night time.

If you couldn’t find any dark area in your home, then wear a sleeping mask or place a small piece of cloth over the eyes. Another simple method is that squeezing and closing the eye tightly for few seconds.

4) Keep Your Eyes Moving

When you go to the low light place don’t stare at a single object because it will take more time to adapt and try to focus all the objects around you by moving the eyes. Whatever the light source may be, just keep blinking until you can see the things clearly and don’t focus on the particular area.  

5) A Gentle Eye Massage

Close your eyes and apply pressure slightly over the eyes using the palms while you move to the dark room. After 10 seconds, your vision will turn to white and black, now open your eyes and you can check out the object in that place.

Natural Supplements for Night Vision

Use the tricks in the emergency situations, if you take the required supplements regularly, then it will improve eye power and reduces the chances of night blindness. 

1) Vitamin A

The vitamins are important for the generation of essential components for absorbing the light in the retina. The vitamin A helps in the secretion of rhodopsin which improves the functioning of the cornea and conjunctival membranes.

The main cause of the poor vision or night blindness is due to the lack of vitamin A. So it is important to include vitamin rich foods in your diets such as fish, fortified cereals, and dairy products.  

2) Fish and Shellfish

The omega-3 fatty acid helps to keeps the inner eye healthy by generating the photoreceptor in the retina and provides good vision. The cold water fish like herring, sardines, and salmon contains more DHA which is important for boosting the eye power. The shellfish and oyster are rich in zinc and retinol.

3) Fresh Vegetables

If you want to improve your health, then you have to include more colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet because they help to reduce the free radicals present in your body. Take green vegetables like broccoli, collard greens, kale, and spinach in your diet regularly for protecting your eyes from any damage. If you don’t want to eat the fresh vegetables, then make it as a smoothie and drink it to get all the nutrients.

Bottom Line

A daily routine of healthy diet and some eye exercise definitely makes a drastic improvement in the poor night vision.

It is in your hands to take required steps to prevent the eyesight problems, try to follow the above tricks and take the necessary supplements.

Thank You for Reading!