Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Review


Those who go for hunting or on a sports activity in the night time, carrying a night scope become essential equipment in order to target properly. But purchasing a rifle scope does not guarantee efficient hunting. The scope you choose should be light in weight to hold it for a long time while performing tasks.

Yukon NVRS titanium 1.5×42 review

Also, the riflescope should be durable to have a long lifespan with distinct features and by being resistant to the weather conditions so that they can focus on the object even in poor weather conditions. One such brand offering high-quality rifle scope is the Yukon NVRS titanium 1.5×42 which are small and light in weight but offers excellent performance. Let us look into the review of this product by analyzing their features in detail.

The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Review

There are numerous brands that sell short range and long range rifle scopes that claim to perform better operations. With the long mount that it is made with, it is capable of providing good focus with speed and accuracy. Also, it is cost efficient and is not priced high just like the other rifle scope models.

What Does The Product Feature?

The product primarily is made of titanium at its outer which is the unique property of the Yukon products in order to enable durability and to be long lasting. The riflescope is smaller in size to be easier to use and to withstand for a long period of time.

The objective lens of the rifle scope comes with a 42mm diameter in order to provide the best balance in the low light conditions and the lens is also protected with the help of the flip cover to avoid damage. Further, it comes with a carry case to which the rugged scope fits compact and enables it to be ported anywhere.

The lens uses qualitative glass and is coated with multilayer in order to offer clarity in the images. The rifle is designed ergonomically to be easier to use. With the help of the duplex red on the green reticle, it becomes easier to adjust it according to the target.

 The product comes with a standard viewer rail mount system which is easier to use and also can be mounted on the bolt action rifles. With the help of the IR remote control, the firearm’s can be mounted easily anywhere.

The NVD uses the Pulse IR technology using which the life of the battery and the scope can be extended. Also, it pulses the light but avoids it being visible by the naked eye. With the help of 2 AA batteries, the device is capable of performing for a long period of time.

Does It Perform Well?

Without the doubt, the Yukon riflescope performs well and meets the function they are made for. They are capable of focusing the object at a range of 7 yards on a minimum range and can be used for focusing distances more than that. However, with the help of the IR illuminator, they guarantee the range of 75 yards to 100 yards of recognition.

They are considered to be the best scope for short range shooting as it possesses a magnification of 1.5. This feature makes the images to be viewed two times bigger than they actually appear. Also, the riflescope is compatible to be used with any digital camera.

The IR illuminator that the device uses enables focusing the objects three times farther. It also enables the device to increase the brightness in viewing objects and to have a clear focus too.Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42

Key features: Titanium body, compact, small size, Pulse IR technology

Pros: Far focus, clear image, better magnification, increased brightness.Purchase This Product on Amazon.com

Bottom Line

The Yukon riflescope in spite of all the major benefits they offer, it lacks behind in the field view. With the 20° field view they offer, the users feel that it is making difficult to aim at the targets. However, it is still a better product at an affordable price range and with a light weight design which is portable.

If you are satisfied with the review, purchase the product and share your opinion about its working and performance.