Armasight Command 336 3-12×50 Thermal Bi-ocular Review

Thermal Bi-oculars is the best supportive equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. With the help of thermal imaging binoculars, one can see the world from another perspective in the night. You’ll have an unexpected experience in the wild by using the thermal bi-oculars. It provides crystal clear vision in the dim or pitch dark environment.

Why is a thermal imaging technology used in Bi-ocular?

Human naked eyes have the ability to see only a particular range of light wavelengths called the visible light spectrum. We all know that lights are present at daytimes only so it is not possible to see what happens around you during the night. At that moment, you need a special additional tool that works on infrared (thermal) radiation.

Normally, all the living organisms and objects release a specific amount of heat (thermal radiation) and so you can easily figure out the object using the thermal bi-ocular without the help of light.

Thermal devices work by converting the thermal energy from the source into images and it can be used in both day and nighttime applications. Thermal sensor present in the bi-ocular converts thermal radiation into visible colors for humans.

These thermal binoculars are not only used in hunting but also in lots of applications for their multiple benefits. If you have no idea about thermal binoculars, then you can go through our complete guide of the Best thermal binoculars that will help you to pick the perfect binoculars for your hunting adventure.

We have worked with many brands of thermal binoculars and finally chose the latest model available in the market. And here we reviewed the Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-ocular. If you want to gain more knowledge about Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-ocular then read our complete review below.

Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-ocular 

Armasight command 336 thermal bi-oculars are compact in size and the lightweight design makes it easy to carry. The direct menu selection options and other advanced features of command 336 aids outdoor adventurers to identify and figure out the target by maintaining the specified distance to ensure safety.

Also, Command 336 binocular does not emit any energy source like light or RF and so no other devices can detect this thermal imager.

Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-ocular

5 / 5

The thermal monocular is built with a single eyepiece and lens which is a bit expensive, but this problem has been overcome by the bi-ocular. It has two objective lenses that provide a clear vision of the object.

The minus point here is the larger size lenses. This weighs you down and makes it difficult to handle for navigation purposes.

The budget-friendly Armasight command is highly used for tactical and outdoor activities. Armasight was paired with FLIR several years ago and therefore all the products from Armasight are labeled as Armasight by FLIR.

Their optical devices use unique FLIR thermal imaging detectors. We have tested and reviewed some of the features of Armasight Command Thermal Imaging Bi-ocular and are mentioned below;

Features of Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-Ocular

We have reviewed the thermal imaging detector of Armasight Command 336 with the quality of the objective lens, control and focus systems, overall power, image and video abilities, and design.

Thermal Sensor-FLIR Tau 2 

Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-ocular is built-in with the FLIR Tau 2 thermal detector having 336×256 pixels resolution with 17 micrometers of pixel pitch. It is a solid-state, uncooled, infrared, magnified thermal imager used for day and night time operations. FLIR Command 336 has an AMOLED display that shows images with rich and accurate details. 

Imaging Filter Algorithms

  • Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE): Enhances contrast by changing the range of values in an image.
  • Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE): Finding low contrast targets in high dynamic range scenes and suppress fixed pattern noise.
  • Smart Scene Optimization (SSO): that automatically detects what’s in frame
  • Information-Based Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ): adjusts image intensities to enhance contrast.
  • Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction (SSN): adjusts the minor detector drift that occurs as the scene and environment changes.


Armasight Command 336 is built with a glass-coated germanium objective lens which has a diameter of 50mm. Using this wide objective lens, you’ll get 3-12x magnification range. This high magnification range helps you to see a closer view of your distant target like the long-range scopes.

It also comes with Digital Zooming options of 1x, 2x, and 4x to zoom in the object up to four times bigger than the original view. You can focus the target from 5m to infinity distance with the help of these two functions.

Operating Temperature and Refresh Rate

Armasight Command 336 Thermal bi-ocular works with an temperature range of -40 to +50°C (-40 to +122°F). This high operating temperature range will show off even the minute temperature changes in the surrounding.

Armasight Command bi-ocular has three refresh rate options: 9Hz, 30Hz, and 60Hz. Refresh rate updates the moving target and provides you with sharp and vibrant images.

Image and Video

In Armasight command 336 thermal bi-ocular, the images are stored in JPG format with accurate details of the thermal radiation. Armasight Command 336 thermal bi-ocular allows the user to select the desired video format between NTSC and PAL. 

  • For NTSC video output – magnify the lens up to 2.8x
  • For PAL Output – magnify the lens up to 3.4x

Command 336 bi-ocular is built with onboard replay features that aids users to view the recorded video later. Recorded images and videos are stored in the temperature range of -50 to +70°C (-58 to +158°F).

Color modes

You can view the captured images and vision of the surrounding based on the type of target, environment, and lighting conditions. It comes with different color modes such as Black Hot, White Hot, Fusion, Rainbow, Globow, Ironbow1, Ironbow2, Sepia, Color1, Color2, Ice-Fire, Rain, and OEM modes.

One can easily change the color modes with the help of direct control options and also using that, you can modify brightness to view the target clearly and to get quick target acquisition.


Armasight Command 336 thermal bi-ocular is designed with two CR123A rechargeable batteries with 3V input power. This battery provides you the lifetime of up to 3 hours with an operating temperature of 20 °C (68 °F).

These operating period can also be extended with the help of an external battery supply which can be connected using USB cables.

Easy to operate

Beginners can easily handle the Armasight command 336 thermal bi-ocular by using the intuitive menu and direct control functions. These combinations in this binocular is designed for user’s convenience to handle it without any difficulty. The quick start-up of the Armasight command 336 powers up the binocular with no delay.

Design and Comfort

Armasight Command 336 bi-ocular is the lightest and compact thermal bi-ocular that is suitable for any environmental conditions, because they are built with aircraft-aluminum alloy. It is filled with nitrogen which prevents internal fogging of the thermal bi-ocular and it is water-resistant. So you can use even in drizzling.  

Specifications of Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-ocular

Specs Command 336 3-12x50 Command 336 5-20x75 Command 336 8-32x100
Product Armasight Command 3-12x50 Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular Armasight Command 336 5-20x75 Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular Armasight Command 8 HD Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular
Sensor Pixels 336 × 256 336 × 256 336 × 256
Lens 50 Mm; F/1.0 75 Mm; F/1.1 100 Mm; F/1.3
Field Of View 7.8° × 5.9° 4.3° × 3.2° 3.3° × 2.5°
Detection Range 1470 M 2200 M 2940 M
Optical Magnification 2.8x 5x 8x
Digital Zoom 2x, 4x 2x, 4x 2x, 4x
Refresh Rate 9, 30, Or 60 Hz 9, 30, Or 60 Hz 9, 30, Or 60 Hz
Weight 0.8 Kg (1.8 Lbs) 1.08 Kg (2.4 Lbs) 1.3 Kg (2.9 Lbs)
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  • Used in outdoor activities like scouting, birdwatching, camping, trekking, and hiking.
  • Helpful in the law enforcement sector, firefighting, and other rescue operations. 
  • Helps in Industrial inspections.
  • Aids in outdoor hunting activities especially in the night time.
  • Used for sports purposes.

Package included

  • Eyecup
  • Battery Cassette
  • 2xCR123 Lithium Batteries
  • Objective Lens Cap to protect the lens
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual to help the beginners
  • Advanced Wireless remote control to access the bi-ocular
  • Picatinny Adapter to support the remote control
  • Carrying Case for better portability

Bottom Line

Armasight Command 336 Thermal Bi-Ocular has been built with an innovative 3x FLIR microbolometer core Tau 2 thermal detector that enhances depth thermal details of your target when aiming. 

This bi-ocular has an uncooled and magnified thermal imaging system. Using the objective lens in this command 336, one can easily view through snow, fog, smoke, dust, and rain thus providing a clear vision of the target and ensuring excellent performance.

You’ll get a better hunting experience when using Armasight Command 336 thermal Bi-Ocular. Enjoy your hunting with ARMASIGHT!

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