How to Clean the Ruger 10/22 Rifle – Tips & Guide

Maintenance plays a vital role in the performance of the firearm. Having a premium rifle with good maintenance will ensure incredible shooting performance on the field without any stuck.  Even many soldiers spend their time on cleaning the firearms properly. Any people can disappoint when their premium firearms jam while shooting the targets due to … Read more

10 Best Scope for Mini 14 in 2022

best scope for mini 14

Since 1973, Ruger has made the Mini 14 rifles so the public can know the power of military weapons and utilize them for self-defense and hunting. Mini 14 comes in three different varieties like Ranch, Tactical, and Mini 30. The Mini 14 rifles have been used by hunters, ranchers, securities, law enforcement, and shooters. We … Read more

10 Best Thermal Scopes for Coyote Hunting in 2022 | For All Budgets

Best Thermal Scopes for Coyote Hunting

Thermal scopes are originally used in the military in their early days and then adopted by the high-budgeted preppers and law enforcement officials, later the optics become more suitable for predator night hunting. The thermal night vision helps the hunters who are tired of being outsmarted by the fast predators in the battle every time. … Read more

Best Scopes for M1A – Reviewed by Experts

M1A is a classic rifle which is basically the civilian version of the M14 military rifles. The M1A is a good platform for target precision shooting and hunting when you find a proper scope sight for it. But mounting the scope is not the same in all M1A rifles and there have been some issues … Read more