Top 10 Best Scopes for 17 WSM [Reviews&Buyer’s Guide]


Do you know what a 17 WSM is and what is its shooting style?

The name 17 WSM came from .17 Winchester Super Magnum. It has a 20-grain bullet beginning load that moves at a speed of 3,000 feet every second.

Rifles are usually made for short and long-range target shooting, plinking, and hunting are built with the 17 WSM. Coyote hunters usually prefer 17 WSM as their cartridge. Your chosen type will be dependent on the game you aim to play with all the listed rifles. Please note that bigger objective lenses are needed for your scope if you will be out by sundown.

The Savage B-Mag bolt action is a notable gun because it uses 17 WSM rounds paired with a B-Mag target edition with a heavy barrel. The Ruger Model 77/17, the Franklin Armory F-17, and Winchester 1885 Low Wall single-shot rifles are also included. 

The .17 WSM cartridge is considered to be versatile and hardly any rounds are as versatile. It has an excellent and lightweight layout that can move as fast as 3000 per foot every second making it the best option as a rimfire round. It is proven to be effective in closed and medium areas in bringing your targets down.

It would be amazing if your .17 WSM weapon is paired with a great scope. Looking for the perfect scope that will fit on your weapon and hunting needs can prove to be hard if you’re not going to research extensively. The good news is we did the research for you, so sit back and scroll through. Under this are the best scopes you’ll see in the market for put together with product reviews and advice to aid you in choosing the scope for your firearm.

The Best Scopes for 17 WSM - Reviewed 2020

1 Vortex Optics Viper PA 6.5-20×50 Riflescope

There are a lot of 17 WSM scopes to choose from, which makes decision making rather hard. Here we have the Vortex Optics Viper PA 6.5-20×50 with a long-lasting single-piece main tube and its elite light transmission; this is definitely worth it.

This type of scope delivers a fantastic performance, not to mention its great features. Primarily, a BDC reticle combination modified in a 2nd focal plane lets you have flawless performance in every level of magnification.

It is also enhanced with a 50mm objective lens that makes it possible to have crystal clear visuals. This scope has rapid focus eyepiece, which might be what you’re looking for.

Overall, its superb lens coatings provided not only durability but also an amazing light transmission. Changing from various zoom levels are also made easy because of its precision glide magnification ring built. It has a fantastic turret function because of its spring-based turret system.

These are the drawbacks that you need to be aware of. The drawback is it has a focus knob that is a teeny bit hard to use because it is modified with a zoom adjustment that is tight that others may not appreciate.

The Viper should be a must-try for every hunter. Let’s tackle it a little bit more.

This scope has a superb reticle that has paramount benefits. It is built with a usual MOA-style reticle that uses hash marks that are usual for most rifle users. Also, this BDC reticle is a dead-hold.

Bullet drop compensation or BDC are extraordinary changes to any long-distance rifle scopes. Because the rear end of this reticle lets you recoup for effect on your bullet caused by gravity, which means achieving further shots is possible. Distance hunters will surely like it.

Lenses in this reticle minimize the scattering of light while improving the color fidelity because it features unique XR coatings. It allows your targets to produce from the surroundings most of the time. Meanwhile, the Amortek coating minimizes the possibility of damage and scratches caused by debris or dirt.

There wouldn’t be changes in sizes while switching because its reticle has various 2nd focal planes. BDC holdover points can still be used for bullet drop to be minimized at some point. Also, the reticle wouldn’t compromise your targets, even in high magnification settings.

Additional to the mentioned features are the rapid focus eyepiece, thereby making adjustments easier.

This scope’s magnification settings range from 6.5x to 20x and a 50 mm lens, which is considered magnificent, allowing hunters to toggle between old school hunting and closer range engagements, even long-range sniping. Its magnification setting can be modified using a MAG-bar integrated that rotates, which is found after its ocular lenses.

Another amazing addition is its system called the precision-guide erector, which means there are exceptional parts in its zoom lens apparatus that make zoom levels changes easier when you need to. Unlike other scopes, the Viper will not be stuck or jam.

In summary, this scope is top-notch and not a waste of money for hunters.



2 Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly scope, you can never go wrong with the Simmons Truplex. It is one of the best, considering its price.

Aside from its inexpensive price tag, its functions and features are exceptional. It is made from high-quality raw materials, and unlike the others, it isn’t girthy. It is scratch resistant as well. Adjustment is also made easier because of its user-friendly interface.

Another thing, it is built with extraordinary elevation dials, TrueZero Flex Erector System, and True Zero Windage that ultimately gives clear and concise visuals under any weather condition. Even though it is affordable, the quality is still extraordinary.

It remains as America’s most well-known rimfire scope. Its adjustment system called the TrueZero is patented, it is also equipped with an eyepiece called the QTA or quick target acquisition. This scope’s performance is rather exquisite. The patented system ultimately changes the old-school biasing spring design using a flex erector mechanism is built to the rifle scope’s body, which makes the whole thing stable. A spring detent system and its creative ball bearing give audible and solid clicks because of the True Zero dial design, which will surely make you comfortable and confident to make any adjustments.

Like any other scopes, the downsides with this one are found in its windage and elevation controls, which seem to be made with cheap raw materials. Also, it doesn’t hold zero that well. Nonetheless, this scope remains to be a good scope to purchase.



3 Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Fine Duplex

Another manufacturer of fantastic scopes is Leupold. This model we’re about to show you is an addition to their quality scopes. It has a 4x for 28mm lens magnification settings, which are fixed, so you wouldn’t have to worry about messing it. Its zoom setting is perfect for the WSM cartridges. It also fits well when hunting smaller species within close yardage.

If you are currently looking for a good, precise, and reliable scope for your Ruger 17 WSM, then look no more because here is the Leupold FX-3 6x42mm rifle scope. This brand is known, and elite shooters consider this as an exceptional brand. So, if you’re searching for heavy-duty and lasting performance, this is the one.

This one is built to survive harsh weather conditions and is designed to be ultra-lightweight, which then lets you bring it on hunting grounds no matter the situation. Another thing, you can modify its windage and precision elevation turrets without losing sight of your target because of its finger-sensitive clicks.

The lenses built in this scope are designed to resist scratches following standard from the military, so you can be certain that they are durable. In the long run, these will deliver clear visuals to your lenses, not compromising its quality even if there are dirt and debris that can accumulate in your scope.

All in all, this scope is lightweight yet durable, which makes it perfect for 17 WSM rounds. It has a reticle that is easy to use, and a scratch-resistant lens that will be used for a long time.

Nonetheless, this scope is exemplary, but we all know that nothing is faultless. This one has a very lavish price tag attached to it, making it a hassle for those with little budget.



4 Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-12×44 SFP Riflescope

Vortex has produced a lot of high-quality rifle scopes that are perfect for 17 WSM. It is built with aircraft-quality aluminum inside its tube, making it more concise and dependable.

The said scope is equipped with a BDC reticle called Dead-Hold. It is also equipped with marks that are tailor-made that assist with corrections. This holds zero well, which is a vital part, especially with an intense recoiling rifle.

Another thing, it is built with a rapid focus eyepiece that allows users to focus its reticle in an easier mode. Glares are minimized because of the multi-coated optics mixed with anti-reflective coatings. Because of this quality, you can be sure to have peerless illumination anywhere.



5 Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte Riflescope

Nikon is actually renowned in the camera industry. Among other things, they also make good scopes for 17 WSM rifles. Its optical quality, magnification ranges are considered significant, making it one of the top choices for hunters, specifically in long yardages.

This scope’s magnification settings can be modified from 3x to 9x, which is perfect for 17 WSM rifle cartridges. The BDC reticle attached to this is made of quality materials that allow you to land shots even at long distances successfully. The rapid focus eyepiece allows you to focus faster after sighting them into your scope.

It has an adjustable range beginning in 4x to 12 x. Nikon is known to focus on optics, among other things. That is why O-rings of high quality are used to avoid moisture from entering. That’s why you will always have a crystal clear vision. Also, your risks for eye fatigue and dizziness is extremely minimized because of its quality. It is made from elite-quality aluminum, which is durable and non-corrosive that will surely last long.

This scope is coated with black matte finishing, thus helps you remain stealthy when in hiding. In addition to that, the black matte is also stylish, even if paired with different firearms. Thus, glare from the sun is not possible, making it impossible for your target to spot you.

Nikon has proven again that they are the leading company in optics with this scope. If your concern involves optics, you can never go wrong with this one. If you’re hunting for fidgety animals, this is the perfect scope for you because it won’t reveal your position. What sticks out is this scope’s magnification range. Other parts are also excellently made, such as the BDC reticle, zero reset adjustable turrets, and many more. It’s a good deal considering its price.



6 Bushnell Rimfire Optics 6-18X40 Riflescope

If you are looking for a scope that will extend your weapon’s circumference, the Bushnell scope is perfect for you. This scope can be easily modified to adjust to your needs because it has three irrefutable ballistic turrets making it easier for shooters.

Like previously mentioned scopes, it has multi coated lenses. It is also able to function magnificently because of its side parallax adjustment. You will be able to keep things in perspective no matter what ranges there are. Shooters will find it easier to zoom in on their targets. It also has a distinct rimfire cartridge because of the additional turrets included.

The clarity of this scope is no match compared to the others. You can be sure of plentiful eye relief even at 18x. This scope’s adjustment is also precise.

Nevertheless, this scope’s turret doesn’t fit perfectly and seems to have low quality caps. But all in all, this is not an awful choice.



7 Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 4-12×40 with BDC Reticle

The Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 4×12-40 is a beautiful piece of weaponry. The magnification setting is from 4x to 12x, which can be achieved using a 40 mm objective lens. It has 98% improved illumination. In other words, the equipped remarkable system will give crystal clear visuals no matter what the situation is.

Newbies and professionals like this version better because holding zero is simple. Only no to little adjustments are required. The optic equipped allows more illumination to enter, which makes it perfect in dusky settings. The said scope is user-friendly, and adjusting windage and elevation has been made easy resulting in accurate shots, even on farther targets.

An improved balanced grip is enabled because the windage dials and elevation are made firm. Fast adjustment and instant re-zero is made possible, even though the knobs are shielded securely. Unlatching the knob and going back to zero will do the trick.

All in all, this scope is efficient, effective, and versatile and it would be a perfect fit in varying scenarios. Hunting small animals like vermin will be made easier because of their BDC reticle. Looking for a scope that satisfies all your needs is hard, but it wouldn’t be that hard with this scope. The downside to this is the fact that it is not that good with parallax. The crosshairs also seem to be easily damaged.



8 BSA Optics 7 Super Mag Rifle Scope, 4.5-14x44mm

Another scope that made the shortlist is the BSA Optics 7 Super Mag Rifle Scope. It has a magnification setting that ranges from 4.5x to 14x. Unlike the others, this is also equipped with an adjustable objective, which will recoup for the parallax. As a result, hitting your targets is easier because of its magnification powers.

Equipped with elevation adjustment turrets and a dual grain windage match made it easier to recoup for the other elements. It is proven to be durable and it’s also fog proof and waterproof.

BSA Optics 7 Super Mag Rifle Scope has a warranty that guarantees 12 months of protection from defects caused by the manufacturer and damages caused by constant usage.

The reticle in this scope can light up in either green or red colors. Even though it is not a BDC reticle, it is still worth to spending. The reticle can work amazingly in dim lighted scenarios and this is a perfect fit for the 17 WSM rounds.

In summary, this scope is made to fit for the 17 WSM cartridge ammunition. Also, it is equipped with one of the finest reticles. It also comes with a warranty that covers a 1-year period.

This scope is the best pick if hitting a moving target easily is your goal. The quick aim feature of this scope is superb. Few hunters actually say that this scope can hit targets with precision even at a distance of 200 meters. This model is also resistant to water, shock, and fog.

The drawbacks in this scope are the loose turrets, also, the scope becomes a little murky when modified to its higher magnification settings.



9 BARSKA 6.5-20x50mm AO Varmint Rifle Scope

Considering the BARSKA Varmint Riflescope’s price, it is indeed robust. It is equipped with a crosshair that seems to be as thin as hair. Its zoom feature is formidable, not to mention its glass, which is crystal clear. This scope has an adjustable objective, which is a great feature.

This riflescope is specifically developed for long distances and small targets. The 6.5-20 x magnification is featured in its optical system, which will help you spot and hit targets easier. It is perfect for dim light conditions because it has a 50mm objective aperture that will give you clear visuals even at peak magnifications. It has a Target Dot Reticle in the 2nd focal plane. The lenses are also multi coated and built to be anti-reflection. The scope’s optic has elevation adjustments and windage with ⅛ MOA click values to aid with winds and drops in ballistics.

Like other scopes, it is also made with elite quality raw materials. You can say that the construction is almost perfect. It also holds zero well even at maximal load. It is actually the top-voted 17 WSM rifle scopes available in the market.

The only drawbacks in this scope are the tightness of adjustment knobs and the fragility of the windage adjustment.



10 UTG 3-12×44 Compact Scope

This scope is compact and is built with 3x to 12x magnification settings, therefore giving you good ranges for your 17 WSM. It is extra durable and has improved light transmission better than what you anticipated. Another addition to this is the flip-open lens caps to protect your lenses.

It is also equipped with elite zero locking and its target turrets are built to reset, including a parallax knob. It is equipped with three types of turrets, which are built to adjust depending on the tactile responses and precision allowing you not to remove your sight from your target.

The illuminated reticle of this scope is known to be phenomenal. The brightness of the UTG 3-12×44 Compact Scope has many brightness options that can be adjusted to suit your liking. With a total of 36 options, you can try which option will be perfect for you. You may have a hard time to master it but it is definitely worth the hassle. Special circuits are also embedded in its reticle to halt the fading even if there is heavy recoil.

This scope is perfect when paired with 17WSM cartridges. It is elite equipment considering its adaptability and durability. Perfect to be used during dusk or dawn, especially when hunting pests.



How to choose a 3x9x50 Scope?


The first factor that you need to think about before purchasing a scope that will fit your 17 WSM rifle is your budget. Scope prices range from cheap to extravagant choices each of them with varying elements for your hunting and shooting activities.

Expensive doesn’t always mean the best and low price ones do not mean low quality and impractical. That’s why it is vital for you to research on your own so you’ll have a gist of their differences

Features of The Scope

All good and reasonable features can’t be found in one scope; that is why it is essential to know the specifics you’ll need to satisfy your preference and needs.

Reliability, Functionality and Clarity of The Scope

A reliable, functional scope capable of providing coherence are always preferred than others, especially hunting activities. Knowing your purpose as to where and why you need a scope is important.

Quality of Construction Materials

Buying a scope can be expensive, so it is very important to purchase a high-quality scope. Consider if it is fog proof, shock proof, and waterproof allowing you to use it no matter what weather conditions you’ll be experiencing. With that, you can be sure that it will be reliable for a long time.


It is very important to know the magnification you need before purchasing the scope you will use to hunt and shoot adventures. Check the magnification options of each scope to know the most suitable rifle scope you can use.

Ease of use, Assembly, Mounting and Sighting

Factors such as these are vital for beginners in this craft, but professional shooters can also relate either way..

It goes without saying that if a scope is hard to mount, set up, and utilize, this could hinder your performance in hunting and shooting in the field. You should have a scope that gives you ease and comfort.. It’s nice if the scope you choose doesn’t give you any difficulty.

Lightweight and Compact

A scope’s weight is to be considered. Your go-to should be the ones that are not bulky and featherweight. Bulky ones are difficult to move and store in contrast to the lighter and compact ones.

Manufacturer of The Scope

Buying from a highly-trusted company is said to be stress-free and it has proven to be a good technique. A well-known brand has been in the industry for a long time and is respected for making products of elite quality without a doubt.

Final Words

Looking for the best scope that perfectly fits the 17 WSM may be tiring, especially if you are not knowledgeable enough about it. This article will make it easier for you to know what to choose when buying your desired scope. It is clear that knowing the differences with each scope is important to avoid purchasing the wrong one.

Picking out a scope for your 17 WSM rifle shouldn’t be so complex. Being aware of your choices, and carefully considering what your needs are will eventually result in a sound decision. Always consider a product’s longevity, durability, no matter the circumstances.

Finally, reading through this list consists of reviews and advice plus recommendations from experts from the field, you will surely land on a good scope.