AGM Asp-Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular Review

AGM Asp-Micro 160x120 Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular review

Are you looking for the best thermal imaging devices for hunting, hiking, or surveillance? The AGM Asp-Micro Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular is the best choice for you. AGM also manufactures laser systems, traditional binocular, thermal imaging binoculars, monoculars, and sights. This Asp-Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular is a close-range monocular, equipped with a 160×120 thermal … Read more

FLIR DUO PRO R Drone Thermal Camera Review

The world’s No.1 leader of thermal imaging solutions is the FLIR. At the InterDrone Conference held in September, 2017, FLIR unveiled the advanced thermal imaging camera for drones. FLIR introduces it as “ The Ultimate drone thermal imaging solution is here, FLIR Duo Pro R.” It is the most powerful tool with advanced features specially … Read more

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-On Sight Review

Nowadays, most hunters and shooters are updating their rifle with thermal sights to enhance their hunting and target shooting experience.  The EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight is mainly designed with customer’s needs.  This weapon sight comes with advanced technology and innovative features; due to this technology and features, you can quickly and easily know the … Read more

FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Thermal cameras are part of most people’s arsenal. Thermal imaging will have the utility you need whether you are maintaining equipment, working on a home inspection, or detecting energy loss in a home. The FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Camera is the world’s first pocket-sized thermal imaging camera. Keep in mind that this thermal imaging device … Read more

AGM Python 25mm Short Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Review

Hunting is one of the major hobbies in many countries and it’s been developing day by day. Hunting equipment has also been developing for hundreds of years. No doubt rifles have occupied a prominent place in the hunting gears.  But today rifles deserve this place only because of riflescopes. Predators get a better result with … Read more

Pulsar Thermion XM50 Thermal Riflescope Review

Are you eager for your hunting experience? Then select the scope which is suitable for your requirements.  There are various brands of thermal scopes with advanced features available in the optical market. Most people buy a thermal scope for their hunting experiences.  The modern thermal rifle scope has great features that allow you to hunt … Read more

Trijicon SNIPE-IR 35mm Clip-on Thermal Scope Review

Thermal scopes are one of the greatest devices used for various applications like scouting, day shooting, night shooting, law enforcement, and other rescue operations. It can be used during both day and night. Thermal scopes have been modifying day by day with new features. In that line comes the Clip-on thermal scopes. Clip-on thermal scopes … Read more