FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Thermal cameras are part of most people’s arsenal. Thermal imaging will have the utility you need whether you are maintaining equipment, working on a home inspection, or detecting energy loss in a home. The FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Camera is the world’s first pocket-sized thermal imaging camera. Keep in mind that this thermal imaging device … Read more

FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

FLIR C2 is considered to be the most successful version of the popular thermal product manufacturing company FLIR and that the nightvisiongears team loved using. At the same time, the FLIR C3 is the next version of the pocket-sized thermal camera released from that company. The FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera is composed of innovative … Read more

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras in 2022 – Tested & Updated Picks

One of the hardest things that a lot of people encounter is doing some tasks at night since the situation is dark already. Some of the affected people are firefighters, building inspectors, and many more. Nowadays, night vision technology has already been of great help in solving that problem. There are three major types of night … Read more

DJI Zenmuse XT vs DJI Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Cameras – For Drones

Thermal cameras have been used in various applications, and nowadays these are fitted to drones to show the aerial view of the scene. They are very helpful in the rescue operation, to identify gas or water leakage, in agriculture for scheduling irrigation, and to gain knowledge about plant physiology. There are plenty of thermal imaging … Read more

What Is a Thermal Camera? – A Comprehensive Explanation

Typically, thermal cameras are used for different purposes in different scenes. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, the use of thermal cameras has increased dramatically. This is because of the fact that businesses are increasingly using thermal cameras for testing in various spots such as schools, colleges, railway stations, and airports. But do … Read more