Hog Hunting Tips – A Detailed Review

Nowadays, hog hunting is one of the popular outdoor activities in the USA and the southern Gulf States. The wild hog population is increasing at an alarming rate. 

Non-native species, wild hogs are invasive animals that reproduce rapidly and threaten native wildlife and crops’ conservation. 

The evaluated feral hog population in the US is currently in the millions; Texas alone now has approximately 2.6 million. 

The current breeding rate of wild hogs must eradicate about 65 to 75 percent of the population yearly to stop further increase. 

These feral hogs’ large population will undoubtedly create an inequality in the ecosystem, just like Python’s large population. 

Therefore, participating in the game of pig hunting is essentially a service of nature. 

Feral hog hunting is one of the dangerous games, also for skilled hunters. Beginner hunters should be very careful while monitoring the animal; Sometimes, the wild hogs can be very competitive, especially if their piglets are in danger. 

This article provides some of the essential hog hunting tips and guides for beginner hunters to help you start hunting.

What is Hog?

Wild boars come in the same family as warthogs, wild boar, domestic pigs, and more. 

The feral hog refers to unnamed domestic pigs, still, the people use it to define male and female wild hogs in reality. Historically, hogs have been the ancestors of modern-DAV breeding pigs. 

Most of the hunters used this word to determine a hog in the forest or wild. The significant difference between pig and hog is size, and most hunters and shooters call a smaller pig a boar, and a larger one is the hog. 

The boar means unnamed male domestic pig, and it also refers to any gender wild pig. The hog is also referring to 120 pounds of domestic pig.

Where does it live?

The wild hogs live in larger varieties of places such as grass fields, mountain regions, woodlands, and alpine zones.

The perfect environment for a hog has three main features.

  • This should provide adequate shelter for hunters and predators
  • Reliable water source
  • No snowfall for most of the year

You meet all of these requirements in one area, and you are more likely to find hogs in it. 

Still, minor changes have been observed around the world. Among the US, the wild hog widely lived in mixed forests with oak and beech, and deciduous forests are excellent options for them.

Hog Hunting Tips

How to track hogs

Like other animals, you can easily track the feral hogs, but the hogs leave their marks in some different ways, for example, searching for excavated soil. 

Because the hogs utilize their munches to obtain food on the earth, so you should view the hard dirt on the earth if a pig is nearby.

If you can see the water source near dig soil, then you can find the feral hog easily. 

They are mostly lived in the soil to cool the body because the hogs does not have a sweat gland to dissipate the body heat. 

If the stirred ground near the creeks and ponds smells similar to urine and feces, it indicates the wild hog utilized soil as their mud bath.

Track your prey

If you are an experienced hunter, you will understand clearly  how to hunt prey, stay low, and tap your target. 

You should also follow the same hunting technique for feral hogs since they have a better sense of smell and hearing, but they are poor in vision. 

Besides, the hogs are also very smart, so do not undervalue them. When you stay in the long-distance, you can successfully hunt the hogs because they do not know you are here.

The feral hogs are very intelligent, they are identified to be very unadventurous, and it is also recognized to wander frequently, so the hunters undoubtedly follow them. 

If you think that you can get a great shot, hunt your prey or targets quickly but carefully.

A Nocturnal Hunter

Some pigs have become nocturnal in response to adaptations to hunting predators during the day. 

The night is best for hog hunting, so you can easily and quickly kill one or more hogs in a few hours. 

It is best to hunt at night in an area that you know to avoid getting lost. You should also utilize the help of visibility and some night vision gear to help you see the hogs at night.

You should know where to shoot

When you are a beginner at hog hunting, you must know their anatomy. The hogs come with thick skin, which helps to preserve them from arrows and bullets. 

So, if you hunt the feral hogs on an unimportant organ, it has a chance of hitting you or running away from the place. 

Understanding the anatomy or body of wild hogs can assist you in obtaining an absolute shot. For a dangerous shot, you can aim at the hog’s lungs or heart. 

You are required to understand where it is. The heart of a hog is found just above its elbow of four to five inches, and the lungs are located a few inches at the back of the shoulder. 

If you want to hunt the feral hogs quickly and easily, you can aim at the brain behind the ear. 

Confirming a dangerous scene is a humane way of hunting animals and killing speedily and perfectly for you.

Use powerful ammunition for hog hunting

The wild hogs come with heavy bones and thick skin, which preserves them from weak arrows, bows, and bullets. 

If you want to hunt or shoot the feral pig immediately, you can pick the powerful ammunition, which penetrates deep into the bone and muscle quickly. 

The Barnes, Swift, Hornet, and Nosler bullets may be the best options for hog hunting.

Hunt in densely populated areas

If you need more victory in wild hog hunting, you can decide to hunt or shoot them in areas where the hogs are more populated. 

Nowadays, three states have the largest number of wild hogs, like Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. In these areas, the wild hog populations are increasing rapidly. 

Therefore, the government should have less stringent hunting laws about pig hunting. 

If you need to raise lots of pork in your home, you can decide to hunt the hogs in these areas.

Use scents and invitations or calls

Another method of hog hunting, you can use scents and invitations or calls. 

Nowadays, several calling devices are commercially available in the market, following a female call to bring male hogs and piglets’ distress call to attract seeds. 

Another method of hog hunting is Fragrance; Nowadays, it is available in various hunting shops. The wild hogs can impress the scent of molasses and berries, and other foods. 

You can smell the bait on your own, but the commercially available ones may also have different effects.

The Feral hogs especially have urine and rutting-musk sprays. If you can obtain some, it will be useful to draw in men. 

In perfumery, a good hunter must understand how to eliminate evidence of his smell. 

Since this article said before, The wild hogs have a great sense of scent or smell. They are often attacking you if they detect the human smell.

Be Quiet for Hog Hunting 

In addition to the excellent sense of smell, wild hogs also have an incredible hearing sense. 

They can quickly and easily detect you if you sneeze, cold, and fly protection from your gun or rifle. 

Therefore, it is sufficient to withdraw human sounds like this, so you do not drag your pigs.

Using a Feeder for Hunting

The Feeder is one of the other methods of hog hunting. The wild hogs can easily detect the human presence, and most of the hogs need arms for their food. 

But some of the male hogs stay away from the Feeder. If utilizing a feeder, the critical area of the blind can significantly affect your possibilities of achievement. 

It is advised to keep your blind at a reasonable distance from a feeder so that you can obtain an accurate view of your target.

The wild hogs do not hear the soft noises that are coming from your rifle and you. You should ensure you don’t avoid any human smell near to your Feeder. 

Nowadays, many products are commercially available in the market, which can come with all supplements of your Feeder like an LED light. 

Once the hogs are near to Feeder, the LED lights are illuminated. The Feeder also has a remote control, so you can easily control your Feeder in long-distance without leaving human scent in the area.

Bait or Attraction those hogs

Attraction or bait is one of the excellent techniques for hog hunting. In this technique, you dig a narrow or deep hole in the ground, and you can place the bait with corn and ripe fruits in the hole. 

Basically, wild hogs are eating anything. So, the feral hogs spend more time digging holes in the ground to reach and find your bait for food. 

Because the food is difficult to achieve, the hogs stay in this area, and this technique makes it more possible to attract many hogs. In this technique, you can easily and quickly hunt more feral hogs.

Hog Hunting Tools

If you are going to hunt hogs or other animals at night, you should have some night vision gears and additional batteries and also keep clothes suitable for the weather. 

A pair of Spotting scope and night vision binoculars will not be affected, which will add more strength to your gear. 

The rifle and ammo are more essential components for hog hunting. These two components are vital for beginners.

Best hog hunting rifles

Generally, all the rifles are best for shooting and hunting a deer, coyote, and hog, but some rifles are excellent for hog hunting which provides outstanding performance and is very famous.  They are, 

  • Remington AR-25
  • Browning BAR ShorTrac Hog Stalker
  • Ruger American Rifle

Remington AR-25

If you need a rifle capable of shooting and hunting several pigs at once, this Remington AR-25 is best for you. 

Normally, a .223 Remington rifle is best for this work, and it excellently does this job. 

Nowadays, the Remington AR-25 in .308 Winchester rifle comes with high power, and it is perfect for hog hunting. Today, most hunters used this rifle for hunting wild hogs. 

The Remington AR-25 rifles are adequate, highly reliable, and compatible with many accessories and optics required for your hunt. These rifles should definitely be on your hunting equipment.

Browning BAR ShorTrac Hog Stalker

The Browning BAR ShorTrac Hog Stalker has now served in the U.S. Army for more than a hundred, and its wild hog hunting modifications make it the perfect gun for pig hunting. 

This rifle is one of the famous 10-mag .308 semi-auto rifles, and it is also used for deer and other animal hunting. 

Except for the pistol grip, all other features of this gun are incredible. This rifle is one of the best camo patterns, and it has many advanced features such as a long Picatinny rail and sull-length stock. 

This rifle also adds famous BAR accuracy, so it’s called the ultimate hog hunting rifle so that you can hunt the wild hogs easily.

Ruger American Rifle

Nowadays, most people are searching for a bolt-action rifle, Ruger American rifle is the best choice. 

This rifle is great for long-distance shots and accurate for a static position; it also comes with a reasonable price.

If you hunt wild hogs at night, you must consider this rifle because they have many features and provide excellent performance.


Nowadays, most of the country allows both day and night time hog hunting because the wild hogs populations will increase 15 to 20% every year. Today, hog hunting is one of the essential hunting activities. In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 tips and tricks for hog hunting for beginners that helps to enhance hunting experience. 

This article offers you the significance that you want to know for hog hunting. As with hunting different animal species, there are things you can just get in experience. This article will ultimately increase your sobriety and confidence when you watch wild hogs.

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