Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope Review

The best quality rifle scopes will always come from the top brands. In this case, the top brand is the Leupold. Here we’ve given the Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope Review. It is best rifle scopes for 100 yards.

Most of the hunters or marksmen always like to prefer this Leupold riflescope. Because the scopes from the Leupold are all about accuracy, dependability, and ruggedness.

Leupold launched the VX-Freedom line at the SHOT Show in the year of 2018. This is one of the best scopes made in the USA

They offer the most powerful magnification ranges and they include 1.5-4x20mm, 2-7x33mm, 3-9x50mm, and 4-12x40mm. 

Here we have reviewed Leupold’s award-winning line of Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40mm riflescope, and it is one of the best rifle scopes for beginners. 

Moreover, the VX- Freedom is 100% US production that offers a powerful magnification, easy to use precision adjustments, and a generous eye relief that all make your hunting or shooting experience very interesting and fun.

Let us get into this Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope Review


Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40mm Riflescope

Features of Leupold VX-I 3-9x40mm Riflescope

However, the price of this Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescope is not only an attractive feature but also has many impressive features that every hunter requires. 

So that the Leupold Rifle Scope has been a great choice for many hunters for a long while.

The following features of this riflescope are; 

Magnification & Field of view

The Leupold VX-I Riflescope has a powerful magnification range of 3-9x. This magnification range allows you to hit your targets from quite long distances. 

The scope has a wide field of view that allows you to see up to 33.7-13.6 feet at 100 yards over the 9x magnification.

This allows you to spot more precisely on your target. The scope offers a wide field of view between 100-200 yards, making it a great choice for medium to long-range shooting.

Objective lens and Resolution

The scope comes with an objective lens of a diameter of 40mm. This larger objective lens allows more light to get in the scope, resulting in higher resolution and a brighter image. 

Also, they are great for shooting at long-distances over a fixed target. For this reason, most of the hunters look for a scope with a larger objective lens, as they produce brighter images. 


The Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescope has an excellent dial that makes it simple and easy to switch to different aspects such as sight alignment and magnification when working with difficult or hard targets. 

The dials have micro-friction functionality. The dials offering a firm grip while turning since it is easy to rotate the disc when targeting your prey

A textured lock ring in front of the ocular lens can be loosened for focusing the reticle’s sharpness. 

The power ring offers quick power adjustments without holding a tall shark fin to prevent interfering with a bolt action’s bolt handle.

Twilight Light Management System

No matter which brand scope you consider, it will have a catchy name to describe the solution of elements on their lenses. 

For that, the Leupold VX- Freedom rifle scope has proprietary coatings Twilight Management system. 

This coating works to transmit the amount of light and help you see clearly in low-lighting conditions.

This Twilight Management system also makes a perfect balance of image color and contrast, Glare reduction, and effective light transmission.

Build Quality

The Leupold vortex riflescope has been designed from lightweight 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum since it’s incredibly durable. 

Also, it has been tested to the lifetime of performance even under harshest recoil. You will be impressed by the build and overall quality of the scope. 

The scope also featured a 1-inch main tube a second focal plane. It means that the size of the reticle remains the same when you dial the magnification up or down.

The one-inch main tube is 12.39 long, and it works well with many legacy rings also, it’s more compatible with many rifles, so the quality of the scope can never be compromised. 

Moreover, the scope weighs about 12.0oz, which is hardly noticeable when placed on a rifle. 

Leupold VX-Freedom rifle scope has tough ruggedness with nitrogen sealing that makes the scope waterproof, and fog proof as well. So that you can take the scope to the field in any weather conditions. 

And you don’t need to worry about the inclement weather and moisture getting into the scope.

Eye Relief & Precision Adjustments

The scope has a generous eye relief of 3.66 inches at a higher magnification range and 4.17 inches at a lower magnification range. 

The field of view through the scope is full and bright when your rifle scope is mounted with perfect eye relief. 

The scopes with the longer eye relief will protect your sighting eye from the higher-recoiling calibers. In this scope whatever power you choose the eye relief is extremely good.


The Leupold VX-Freedom rifle scope comes with a standard duplex reticle in the second focal plane.

The reticle will be easy to use and allows for quick acquisition of the target. The reticle has thick black lines on the outer side and then it becomes smaller towards the center. These lines help with the accurate location of the target.

Mounting and Rings

Once you purchase this scope, it comes with many additional accessories. The right place to start with the additional accessory attachments would be with the Leupold Std Medium Rings Matte 49901. 

One of the best parts of the scope is the zoom ring, which is easy to turn. It works well with wet and cold fingers and thick gloves.

Windage and Elevation Knobs

The scope has a windage and elevation knobs that are a little sloppy. In general, the windage and elevation turrets are used to adjust the reticle and help the shooters match the target point of the firearm with the crosshairs.

This scope’s friction elevation and windage adjustments are textured to provide the user with a stable grip. It has a 1/4 MOA adjustment per click, that is finger adjustable for easy rotations.




If you are looking for a scope with top-notch construction and the highest quality optics from a renowned optics manufacturer, the Leupold Vx- Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope is completely worth it. The Leupold VX- Freedom riflescope is an excellent hunting companion as it helps you spot your aim and make your adjustments faster. Also, it offers short-to-long range options for any kind of hunting at a cheaper price range. Thus all the excellent features make Leupold Vx Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope one of the great value scopes on the market.

Hope this article about Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope Review was helpful to know more information.

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