NightForce SHV Riflescope Review

Riflescope is an essential tool for every hunter who loves hunting the most. Having the best rifle scope helps you to improve the hunting performance on the field and reduces your time for spending on identifying the target. 

As a hunter, finding the high-quality scope at a reasonable price for your needs is a bit challenging nowadays since plenty of models are available in the market. 

Also, you may need to waste your money on selecting the right one to fulfill your expectations. Well, no need to worry about that, here we’ve found the perfect riflescope with excellent features to help you. 

The NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Riflescope is one of the great scopes loved by many hunters. This will be your perfect companion by providing better performances and protecting you from violent animals. 

If you’re looking for the best scope for deer hunting, this will be your perfect companion. It is an excellent scope for the hunters who perform the big game, varmint hunting, and predator. 

We’ve researched and collected reviews from professional hunters in order to give you the best scope for your needs. If you want to know more about this scope, read our complete review.

NightForce SHV Riflescope Review

NightForce is one of the popular American companies that manufactures the best sporting optics in the market. so, it is one of the best rifle scopes made in usa. If you want to buy the optic from the NightForce’s line, it is difficult to choose one since they produce lots of models with great features. 

In this case, NightForce SHV is the right choice for you if you’re looking for the most famous scope which has high-quality features and provides high performances on the field. 

If you’re a hunter who performs in low-light conditions, then this NightForce SHV Riflescope is the perfect choice for you.

NightForce brand is world-famous for producing rifle scopes for competition and tactical shooting. Moreover, it is specially designed for the hunters for both the close-range and long-range shooting. 

This SHV line from the NightForce brand produces varieties of models with different features such as SHV 3-10×42, SHV 4-14×56, SHV 4-14×50, SHV 5-20×56. 

The SHV stands for Shooter Hunter Varminter that provides high-quality optics for the long-range shooting. There are many things loved by the hunters in the scope. 

The SHV line provides high-quality optics at an affordable price range. Let’s see the features of this scope in detail below.

Quick Specifications

Product SHV 3-10x42 SHV 4-14x50 SHV 4-14x56 SHV 5-20x56
Magnification 3-10x 4-14x 4-14x 5-20x
Objective Lens 42mm 50mm 56mm 56mm
Field of View 34.9 - 11 ft at 100 yds 7.4 - 25.1 ft at 100 yds 7.4 - 25.1 ft at 100 yds 17.9 - 5.0 feet at 100 yards
Eye Relief 3.5 inches 70 - 80 mm 70 - 80 mm 70 - 80 mm
Parallax 125 m 25 yds to infinity 25 yds to infinity 25 yds
Adjustment Range 90 MOA 90 - 70 MOA 100 MOA 80 MOA
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Features of NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Riflescope

When it comes to buying a hunting scope, looking for the features is very important. There are lots of features present in this scope to provide you improved performances. 

The features of this scope are one of the reasons for many professional hunters recommending this scope. It has the same features as the high-end scopes. Let’s see each of them individually in detail.


The NightForce SHV Riflescope has various magnification ranges such as 3-10x, 4-14x, 5-20x so you can choose the range based on your needs. 3-10x magnification comes with an objective lens of 42mm that is perfect for the low-profile. 

Most of the professional hunters prefer the 5-20x magnification range with an objective lens of 56mm, which provides you with a larger objective lens so that you can get a larger view of the targets. 

The variable range of magnification provides you an accurate view of the target even at low-light conditions. With the minimum magnification range of 5x, you can make close-range shooting, and 20x magnification is perfect for the long-range shots. 

You can get a wide field of view with this magnification range so you can view the surroundings of your environment. With the magnification range, you can get a high accuracy view at any environmental conditions.

Lens Quality

The glass optics present in this scope are of high-end quality that provides excellent light transmission. This rifle scope provides you the high clarity and crisp images with accurate details of the environment. 

The lens of this scope gives you color contrast with the minimum to maximum ranges. This scope comes with the comfortable eye relief that protects your eye from heavy recoils.

Image Quality

If you’re searching for the rifle scope which provides a high-quality image, then the NightForce SHV 5-20×56 is the right choice. 

At the maximum magnification range of 20x, it provides you the quality images without lacking in clarity, crispiness, and brightness, while the other scopes provide distorted and blurred images with color aberrations with the high magnification range.

Crisp images at a high magnification range are one of the positive things in the NightForce SHV 5-20×56 Riflescope. Once you see the features and quality of this scope, you will never be going on other world-famous brand scopes.


The construction of this scope is very strong. It is built using durable materials to withstand even heavy recoil. The construction determines the durability and lifetime of the scope. 

Moreover, it comes with a classic and elegant outlook to attract the hunters. The important thing in the construction is, it is light in weight so you can carry this easily wherever you go. Therefore, NighForce is the brand that delivers strong and rugged optics at an affordable price.


The NightForce SHV Riflescope comes with the MOAR ballistic reticle that is great for providing an accurate view of the targets for shooting, and it allows you to identify the targets at any distance, even in low-light conditions.

This reticle has 1-MOA windage and elevation adjustment that allows you to quickly see the target at long distances by focusing on the center of the reticle. 

The crosshair of the reticle is thin, so you can cover the small targets also from far away without obtrusiveness. The present in this SHV 5-20×56 has 11 different adjustments in order to provide you a clear view of the targets.

Adjustment Turrets

The NightForce SHV scope has solid and sharp adjustment turrets that allow you to lock the positions without changing. With these turrets, it is easy to zero the scope and holds zero. 

Turrets are important to make the position of the scope according to the direction you need to shoot. 

It also allows you to reset to zero after you perform the shots. You can adjust the zooming turret with one hand easily. The parallax adjustment of this scope has 25 yards of the closest distance.

Waterproof and Fogproof

This SHV Riflescope is built to withstand rugged and hardest environmental situations. It has waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof properties so that you can use this scope in any weather conditions without hesitation. 

During the testing period, it undergoes many processes to ensure the quality. To check that whether this scope withstands weather conditions, it is heated and cooled in various temperature ranges.




The NightForce SHV 5-20×56 Riflescope is built for target shooting, big game hunting, and tactical use. It is the perfect scope for you if you’re a big game and varmint hunter. The SHV Riflescope helps you to know what you will get in the popular branded rifle scope. Hope this will help you to improve your hunting experiences on the field.

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