Vortex Crossfire II vs Diamondback Scopes – Which is best

Vortex is one of the well-known brands in manufacturing high-quality scopes on the market. It produces many product series that provide varieties of models with excellent quality and features. 

Vortex will never empty your pocket and will provide you a lifetime warranty. But still, it is challenging for some to choose the right one for their needs. 

The expectation and needs of every hunter would vary according to their hunting adventures. Thus, you should analyze which kind of scope will suit you and satisfy your needs. 

Therefore, we will help you by comparing the two top-quality vortex scope series such as Crossfire II and Diamondback. 

Although both of them might have the same features and price range, there is a small difference in the performance. Let’s see them individually in detail and find out a suitable scope for for you.

Vortex Crossfire II Scope Overview

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is one of the most popular scopes and are the high selling points in the Vortex Optics series. The Crossfire II series scopes are the excellent entry-level scopes and is specially designed for hunting. 

The features of this make it famous among others in the market. It is one of the successful series in Vortex optics as it comes with various magnification ranges, objective lenses, and reticles. 

The optics system of this scope has an advanced technology, which is one of the premium features in other expensive scopes. If you’re a shooter and looking for the entry-level scope at a low price, then this Vortex Optics Crossfire II scope is the perfect one for you. 

Among the various magnifications options, you can choose the suitable range based on your needs. With this magnification range, you can adjust the focus towards the target, and it doesn’t come with parallax settings. 

The objective lens present in this scope provides excellent light transmission so that you can hunt in low-light conditions. This scope has a wide field of view, such as 17.3 ft at 100 yards, that allows you to view the surroundings of your hunting environment. 

It comes with a finger adjustable windage and elevation system, and the adjustment value is 1/4 MOA per click. The eye relief of this scope is 4-inches, so you can hunt without any injuries and eye strain. 

The Crossfire II scope is constructed with one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum materials that enhance its durability. The hard anodized tube and O-ring are sealed to make it waterproof, fog proof, scratchproof, and shockproof. So you can perform hunting anywhere, no matter what the weather condition is. 

This scope is nitrogen purged, so it doesn’t allow fog and any dust particles into the scope. The lens of this scope is multi-coated that reduces glare, and provides clear images in any light conditions.



Overview of Vortex Diamondback Scope 

The Vortex Diamondback series is the most famous scope among hunters and has high ratings. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum materials to ensure its reliability in a rugged environment. 

It comes with an easy mounting system so that you can attach and detach the system very easily. It also come with various magnification ranges like Crossfire II that allows you to view the target from far distances. 

The reticle style of this scope is Dead-Hold BDC that allows you to focus the target and provides sharp images. The diamondback scope comes with a fast-focus eyepiece that helps you to acquire the target quickly. 

The reticle is placed in the second focal plane to ensure the accuracy of your focus. The diamondback scope provides high-quality features at an affordable price range. 

The high-quality lens of this scope provides a clear view of the target even in low-light conditions. It collects the light and produces bright and sharp images with clarity. 

The features present in this scope make it a premium scope at a lower price. This scope has an anodized finish and O-ring sealed to provide waterproof and fog proof performance. So you can hunt in any weather condition. 

The Vortex diamondback scope is perfect for big game hunting, small game hunting, and target shooting.

It comes with the 60 MOA windage and elevation adjustments value that allows you to make accurate adjustments based on your needs. This scope has a zero holding function that retains in any conditions.



Comparison Between Vortex Crossfire II & Vortex Diamondback

Both the scopes have many common features at lower price, and they provide excellent performance when hunting. The magnification range of these scopes are 4-12x. It provides an excellent view of the target at any distance. 

These Vortex scopes come with a durable construction that provides waterproof and fog proof performance. They come with adjustable reset turrets that make easy adjustments and have a parallax setting at 100 yards. 

Both the scopes are the best choice for the hunters and target shooters. Also, they fit perfectly in large equipment and withstands heavy recoil. Let’s invite both the models in comparison with their features.


Both the Crossfire II and Diamondback scopes have the same magnification range that provides you various focus ranges of the target. 

When it comes to adjustment turrets and zooming systems, the Diamondback scope is the best that provides versatile performance on the battleground. The hash mark of the diamondback scope allows you to focus the farthest ranges with more accuracy, in higher magnification.

Durable Construction

Both the scopes are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum materials that ensure their durability. The hard anodized finish of both these scopes protects them from damages. 

Some models in Crossfire II scopes are built with a 1-inch tube, and others are built with a diameter of 30mm, but the Diamondback scope is built with a 1-inch tube. 

Thus, if you’re looking for a scope built with a 30mm tube, then you can choose the crossfire II scope. 

Moreover, the 30mm tube construction of this scope has a wide range of windage and elevation adjustment compared to the 1-inch tube scope. Therefore the Crossfire II scope is the best choice for long-range shooting.

The durable construction of both the scopes allow you to hunt in any rugged environment and provides waterproof and fog proof performance. 

Both the scopes are O-ring sealed, and the Crossfire II scope is filled with nitrogen while the Diamondback scope is filled with Argon so you can hunt in any weather conditions. 

It doesn’t allow fog and any moisture to enter into the scope. When it comes to appearance, both of them looks similar and have beautiful designs. Well, the durability of these scopes are one of the important features that make it a high selling point on the market.

Optics Quality

Vortex brands provide a high-quality lens for all their products. The objective lens of both the Crossfire II and Diamondback scopes are coated with multiple layers that improve light transmission, clarity of images, and reduce glare while viewing the target. 

These multi-coated lenses of these scopes provide you excellent quality images of your target at any light conditions, even in a higher magnification range. 

Many people are looking for the size of the objective lens when choosing the scope because larger objective lens provides better light transmission. 

In this case, the Crossfire II scope has won, as their objective lens size is 45mm, while the Diamondback scope has a 40mm objective lens. When it comes to clarity, the Diamondback has a little more clarity than the Crossfire II during the long-range shooting. 

If you’re hunting in low-light conditions, then the Crossfire II is the perfect choice for you as the large objective lens increases light transmission and provides a clear view of the target. 

Furthermore, if you’re shooting the targets from long-range, then the Diamondback scope is the right choice for you since the small objective lens provides you a clear image of the target without blurring.

Eye Relief & Field of view

When it comes to eye relief, the Crossfire II is the better choice for many hunters as it comes with a large eye relief range from 3.9 inches to 4 inches, while the Diamondback scope provides 3 to 3.5 inches. 

The high recoil rifles require large eye relief scopes to prevent your eyes from injuries and strains. If you have enough eye relief, then you will get bright images without blurring. 

If you’re a hunter and looking for the best scope for your heavy recoil rifle, choose the Crossfire II scope without hesitation. Many shooters who wear glasses would choose this Crossfire II scope, because it is specially designed for those people who wear glasses. 

Both the Vortex Scopes are a better choice at this price range, but the Crossfire II scope will be a perfect suit for the beginner hunters due to its long eye relief. 

It allows the hunter to access the scope easily. When it comes to the field of view, the Diamondback scope is better compared to the Crossfire II scope. 

The Diamondback scope comes with a wide field of view so that you can view the surroundings while shooting and protect yourself from dangerous animals behind you. 

On the other hand, the Crossfire II scope has a fast-focus eyepiece that allows you to acquire your target easily. In terms of clarity and field of view, the Diamondback is the best scope, while the Crossfire II is best in terms of eye relief and fast target acquisition.

Image Quality

When it comes to image clarity, the Diamondback scope wins the race. It provides a bit bright and sharp images of the target compared to Crossfire II. 

Many hunters prefer Crossfire II scopes for fast target acquisition. It captures the fast-moving targets and allows you to move from one target to another. However, you can choose the right scope that has enough features to satisfy your needs.

Size and Weight

When it comes to size and weight, many hunters prefer the Vortex Diamondback scope since it is smaller and lighter in weight compared to the Crossfire II. 

The Diamondback scope is 12-inches in length and 14.4 oz weight, while the Crossfire II is 13.1-inches long and weighs 17.02 oz. Therefore, Crossfire II is the perfect choice for the hunters who are looking for a compact and lightweight scope. 

Many long-range hunters prefer lightweight scope because heavier scopes may tire you quickly and can reduce the speed of hunting on the field. Size is not a matter for others, but it is one of the big factors for serious hunters.

Reticle Options

Both the Vortex Crossfire II and Diamondback scopes have the same Dead hold BDC reticle that provides an accurate view of the target at any conditions. 

This reticle is placed on the second focal plane so that you can adjust the focus of your target according to its direction. With these reticle options, you can get an accurate view of the target. 

The Crossfire II scope has an illuminated reticle, while the Diamondback scope doesn’t have an illuminated reticle. The crosshair of this reticle has thinner lines at the center to help you hit the focus point of the target.

Parallax Settings

The parallax adjustment is used to improve the sharpness of the target image. The optical illusion occurs when the reticle and target are placed on the different planes in the scope. 

Both the Vortex Crossfire II and Diamondback scope have a parallax setting at 100 yards. This range is suitable for the hunters who perform big game hunting. 

The windage and elevation adjustment system present in these scopes provide easy adjustments. The resettable turrets of this scope allow you to make adjustments accurately. With these turrets, you can adjust your scope to any position easily based on your needs.


Both the Crossfire II and Diamondback scope have many common features that provide different performances. It is simple to use and is a perfect choice for the beginners. 

It comes with an easy mounting system that helps you to attach or detach the scope easily. With this mounting system, you don’t need to spend any amount on buying additional accessories.

Battery Life

Both the Crossfire II and Diamondback scopes come with a CR2032 battery that provides continuous hunting performance on the field. 

The illuminated battery present in the scope is powered by this battery. This illuminated reticle is used to improve the accuracy of the image during low-light conditions. 

The battery life would extend based on the brightness levels. Turn off your scope when it is not in use to save the battery life. If you’re working in surveillance operation, then you can keep a spare battery with you for additional operating time.

Price Range

Both the Crossfire II and Diamondback scopes from the Vortex brand come at an affordable price range. They are the most famous scopes with excellent features on the market and provide great hunting performance. 

The Vortex brand provides a unique warranty and excellent customer service at this price range that makes it a high selling point. These are the perfect alternatives for the most expensive high-end rifle scopes available on the market. 

The money that you pay is worth and the performance of this scope satisfies every hunter’s needs. The Crossfire II scope is the best entry-level scope with great features for the budget users. 

In terms of price, both the scopes are the best scope with plenty of high-quality features on the market.

Vortex Crossfire II vs Diamondback Scope

Features Crossfire II Scope Diamondback Scope
Magnification 4-12x 4-12x
Objective Lens 44mm 40mm
Field of View 24.7-8.4 ft at 100 yards 32.4-11.3 ft at 100 yards
Eye Relief 3.9 inches 3.1 inches
Tube Size 1-inch 1-inch
Adjustment Range ¼ MOA per click ¼ MOA per click
Parallax Setting 100 yards 100 yards
Max elevation adjustment 50 MOA 60 MOA
Max windage adjustment 50 MOA 60 MOA
Length 13.1 inches 12 inches
Weight 17.2 oz 14.6 oz


It is very difficult to compare both these champion scopes of vortex brand. Both the scopes have high features that are present in the most high-end scopes.

They come with durable construction and allow you to withstand in rugged environments. If you’re a budget hunter and looking for the best scope with good quality features, then you can choose any of these scopes. You won’t get better quality scopes other than these. The Crossfire II scope is perfect for beginners compared to Diamondback since the Crossfire II has large eye relief and objective lens that makes it easy to use and learn. The Diamondback is a heavy-duty scope than Crossfire II since it is suitable for heavy recoil rifles.

If you’re searching for the best sport scope for entry-level activity, then the Crossfire II is the right choice for you. If you’re a serious hunter and looking for a heavy-duty scope, then the Diamondback scope is the perfect one for your needs. We hope that this comparison would help you to choose the one that satisfy your needs at an affordable price.

Always choose the rifle scope according to your needs, not for you. Have safe and happy hunting with the Vortex Optics scope.

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