ATN NVM-14-3P Night Vision Monocular – Ultimative Review

Night Vision Monocular is one of the most versatile types of night vision devices that are invented in the history of night vision technology

This type of gadget can be used while being held in hand; it can also be mounted on the head, helmet, or even on a weapon. 

With that, it has been widely used in a lot of possible applications these days. And it is indeed a lifesaver when it comes to serious operations. With that said, we are going to discuss one of the best night vision monoculars that can be bought these days. 

This specific product is called “ATN’s NVM 14 3P Night Vision Monocular.” This certain night vision monocular is manufactured by ATN—a trusted brand that is known to manufacture gadgets and gears for a lot of outdoor activities. 

Alongside the features that it provides, we are going to discover why it has made it to the list of the best night vision monocular these days. So, without further ado, here the best properties and characteristics of this night vision monocular: 

The Properties and Characteristics that Make this Night Vision Monocular Popular are:

Compact Size:

This night vision monocular is designed to have a very compact size that makes it very convenient to be carried and used in all your activities.

It has a length that is 4.5 inches in total. With a total length of that size, you will have more flexibility with your moves, and you will have the freedom to use this gadget in spaces that are not wide enough for other full-size monocular. 

The size of this monocular is super beneficial since it causes a lot of other functions to be used to the maximum. 

Lightweight Design:

The total weight that this night vision monocular is designed to have is only 320 grams, less than half a kilogram. 

With a weight like that, you will have the convenience that you need when you are moving in the shooting and hunting grounds. 

In fact, your mobility will be even enhanced. The benefit you can get from here is that you will not have a problem with speed—this is something that you are going to need, especially in places that are wide where you will be able to hunt in a very large surface area. 

Water Resistance:

When it comes to the resistance of this night vision monocular to water, it has a high level of waterproofing properties. 

Thus, you will never have any problem with using this gadget during any tough condition and harsh weather conditions that you might be exposed to. 

This is a feature that is really beneficial since it gives more durability to this night vision gadget. Once the inside chambers of a gadget become penetrated by water, it will be damaged. 

But that is not a problem that you are going to deal with due to the water-resistance of this monocular. 

Operating Temperature:

When it comes to the temperature range that you can use this night vision monocular in, you have a wide range that you can operate this one in. 

From a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius to a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, you will have the confidence of using this night vision monocular as an expect it to be functional. 

To be fair, that is quite a wide range since -40 degrees Celsius is freezing cold while 50 degrees Celsius is already too hot. 

With that range, this monocular becomes very beneficial regardless of the climate that you are going to use it in. 

Pro-Shield Optical Coating:

The coating of the lenses of this night vision monocular gives it the ability to produce sight pictures that are bright and high in contrast. 

In addition, the lenses of this night vision gadget are coated with an additional and unique coating called “Pro-Shield Coating”—this type of coating will serve as the protection of the lenses when tough elements try to do some damage to this night vision monocular. 

1x Magnification:

You might think that having a fixed magnification is a disadvantage since you will not be able to switch from different magnification options, but that is wrong. 

When your night vision gadget has a fixed magnification power, there will be fewer parts of the gadget that are movable; thus, the durability becomes longer lasting. 

In addition to that, the certain device that you are using will be able to focus on just one function in which it can excel at. 

Battery Life:

The operating time of this night vision monocular extends for up to 40 hours. 

With just the use of CR123A, you will have the option of using this night vision gadget during your long hunting trips. 

Even for more than a day of hunting, this night vision monocular can be relied on. 

In addition to that, you will not experience having trouble in buying the battery type used for operating this night vision monocular since it is a very common type that you can find in stores and markets everywhere. 


The versatility of this night vision monocular is proven in a lot of ways too. In fact, its overall design makes it very flexible and suitable for a lot of needs or purposes that it might be used for. 

The use of this night vision monocular can extend from being handheld, mounted on the head, mounted on a helmet, and even be mounted on a firearm or other type of weapon. 

With this versatility, you will have a lot of options for the activities that you can do with it. 

It can be walking, car driving, weapon firing, surveillance at night, reading a map, maintenance of your vehicles, and giving first aid applications during dark conditions. 

Since it can be mounted on a weapon or firearms, you can also use this night vision monocular for hunting. 

Night Vision Technology:

As you may have known, a lot of monocular has been designed to be used in the daytime. 

But with this certain product, you will also have the option of using it during the darkest conditions at night since it is equipped with the Gen 3 type of night vision technology.


The Gen 3 type of night vision technology is among the most advanced type of night vision technology that you can find in the world. 

With this type, you surely will have no problem while seeing brighter and sharper sight pictures for your activities at night. The Gen 3 type of night vision technology is a type of image intensifier.

How Does Image Intensifier Work?

The image intensifier is one of the two types of night vision technology; the other one is thermal imaging. Image intensifier works simply. 

When a gadget is designed to be an image intensifier, it collects the available light energy from the surroundings and produces a brighter sight picture.


When the available light energy from the surroundings enters through the lenses, it then strikes the photocathode of the night vision gadget. 

Once that happens, the light energy gets converted into electrons. Next, these electrons enter the photomultiplier of the night vision gadgets, and it obviously multiplies it in order to get more electrons. 

When more electrons are already present, they then pass through a phosphor screen—this is another part of gadgets with night vision technology. 

Once they pass through the phosphor screen, more flashes of light are being produced inside the gadget. Once that happens, the sight pictures that you are going to see through the gadget you are using will be brighter and clearer when you compare it to the actual quality of the view of the surroundings. 

Image intensifier types of night vision gadgets have three common types—Gen 1, Gen 2, and the Gen 3. 

These three types are quite similar when compared to how they work in order to produce brighter sight pictures, but they differ in the type of photocathode that they are made of. 

Night Vision Technology for this Night Vision Monocular: Gen 3

The Gen 3 type of night vision technology works exactly the way how image intensifiers do.


The photocathode used for is gallium-arsenide—this is one of the best types of photocathode that produces one of the brightest and the best image qualities too. 

The photocathode used for the Gen 3 is better when compared to the photocathode used for Gen 1 and Gen 3. 

Bottom Line:

The use of ATN’s NVM 14 3P Night Vision Monocular is one of the best night vision monocular that you can use for a lot of activities that you want to do at night. 

In fact, this night vision monocular has been used for nighttime military purposes, surveillance of the police, search and rescue operations, the security of properties, homes, and many other important applications. 

With all that considered, it is necessary that this monocular is used in order to make activities easier and more comfortable. Also, it is offered for a price that is worth spending for.

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