Night Vision Gears -Quick-Responsed Military/Hunting Tactical Sling Backpack




Appropriate Capacity: 7L This tactical backpack includes 2 zipper pockets, 1 padded back pocket, 3 small external pockets, and multiple internal pockets. It can easily carry a small first aid kit, water bag, protective gear, phone, and food for your daily needs, short trips, and outdoor activities.

Efficient Hanging System Equipped with high-quality MOLLE straps, this backpack allows you to quickly hang or access items. It features larger areas with sturdy stitching, providing organized storage for various lightweight gear like flags, buckles, water bags, and more. Easily locate items without opening your sling backpack.

Enhanced User Experience Our design includes a more flexible dual-zipper system, allowing you to open the backpack from any direction. The removable strap can be adjusted to match your personal carrying style, ensuring quick responsiveness for all activities.

High-Quality Tactical Backpack Crafted from lightweight, scratch-resistant 600D nylon material, this backpack withstands damage from branches and rocks. Clips on both sides enable quick switching of carrying positions, making it an all-around backpack for all your needs.

Pro-Breath Layer The backpack features a mesh-designed breathable layer that helps dissipate heat from your back, ensuring a cool sensation during activities. Say goodbye to a wet back and focus on enjoying your journey.


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