How To Make A Night Vision Camera?


Initially, purchase the materials to make the night vision camera. Now, just remove the plastic case on surrounding the camera. Free the screen and main circuit board, to expose the CCD and at the back of the lens. Remove the filter, which is present in between the lens and CCD which are different from every camera.


Cut it into eight pieces to be fit into the IR filter out of the photo gel. Stack these gels and insert it into the camera where the IR filter is present. At the bottom, lid cover it, by making three holes with three equally spaced rows through drilling.

Pass bolt from the inside case out with washer and nut. With the help of the scissors,trim the edges of the circuit. Keep the LEDs into the circuit board so that the anodes and cathodes properly gets arranged and attaches the resistors to the cathodes. Finally, plug the battery and view the images in the night.