Benefits of Hunting

Hunting is the most common hobby for the humans that has began during the period of primitive humans. In the beginning, they started hunting for food and later hunted to protect themselves from the dangerous animals.  Therefore, hunting is one of the indispensable things. One particular time, hunting was a leisure activity for many hunters. … Read more

What Night Vision Scope Does The Military Use

Night vision scopes are used to enhance the night vision ability of humans under darkness or in low-light conditions. This modern technology allows you to navigate in the dark.  There are several types of night vision scopes available in the market for shooters and the civilians to use. But what used to be high grade … Read more

Applications Of Thermal Imaging In Drones

Drones are used in various fields because of their versatile functions. The drone is an airborne device that is expended with an array of sensors and data collection tools, thus changing the single drone for different purposes. Thermal imaging can be fixed with drones to perform various operations. Nowadays, most of them prefer using drones … Read more

How Does the Night Vision Camera Work?

Security cameras are a great way to protect your family, business, and property from invaders because protecting your family and property is the top-most priority.  Nowadays, most security cameras come with night vision technology. The night vision allows them to see things in pitch-black environments.  As we all know that humans are diurnal, which means living in … Read more

Thermal Imaging Systems and COVID-19

Thermal Imaging Systems and COVID-19

In this pandemic situation, lots of technologies are used to evaluate the temperature of the human body by maintaining the social distance. Here, some of the research prefer thermal imaging systems to measure temperature on the skin surface. Usually, thermal imaging systems have an IR thermal camera and temperature reference source to calculate the temperature. … Read more

Why Should We Avoid Long-Range Crossbow Shots?

Why should we avoid Long-Range crossbow shots

Before going into the topic first, we should discuss what is a crossbow?Crossbow is a ranged weapon for shooting in an argument or for hunting by using an elastic boat. Crossbows were specially made to be operated by one archer. These crossbows became more popular for the defense of escorts and for hunting. After that, … Read more

Thermal Compound And Its Types

A thermal compound is a paste like substance which is used to fill microscopic imperfection between CPU and IHS. It is also known as thermal paste, heat paste, thermal interface materials, and thermal grease. It is used to cool the CPU, aids the CPU to execute at a higher speed and enhances the overall performance … Read more

Thermal Paste Vs Thermal Pads

Laptops are our best partners nowadays. In this modern world everyone is working with laptops. And now after the corona issue work from home is followed in all the countries. So it is important to make your laptops work more efficiently. For the flawless performance of laptops you need a thermal pad or thermal paste … Read more