ATN IR850-Supernova Long Range IR Illuminator Review

Not only night hunters, but also people who are eager to work in a tactical field on the time when the sun goes down want to enhance their viewing ability.

Infrared (IR) illuminators are devices that provide ample illumination in low light conditions or pitch darkness, that help night vision devices to generate clear images. Although IR light is invisible to the human eye, it is a perfect addition for night vision devices to provide sufficient light.

Among many of the top-rated IR illuminators, IR850-Supernova IR Illuminator from the renowned company ATN gets a special place in the user’s shortlist. This SuperNova is built to enhance the range of your NVD to 4-5x than the standard IR manufacturers.

As the name implies, IR850-Supernova delivers immense illumination to track the target precisely. I think it’s time to look extensively at the features and facilitates of the first-class ATN IR850-Supernova Long Range IR Illuminator.

Let’s get into the business…

ATN IR850-Supernova Long Range IR Illuminator
Material: AluminumNight Vision: Yes
Operating Modes: 4Lamp Type: LED
Wavelength: 850nmBeam Angle: 5 degree
Battery: 1×18650 batteryWater Resistance: IPX8
Operating Temperature: -4 to 104 degree FDimensions (LxWxH): 176 x 70 x 27 inches
Weight: 11.8 oz (without mount)Sport Type: Hunting
Mounting Type: Weaver Mount
Battery Runtime (@100%):
1. 90 mw / 60 hours
2. 660 mW / 28 hours
3. 1540 mW / 7 hours
4. 2200 mW / 3.5 hours

Built Quality

IR850-Supernova is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum material that has the capability to withstand any kind of impact caused by external factors. 

Due to this top-quality material construction, the range of Supernova illuminators elevates among the night hunters. To eliminate color variations of the illuminator, the outer surface of this device has a hard-anodized finish. 

Most importantly, it comes with a recoil resistance facility, anti-recoil is one of the most important safety features for a device to run properly.


When it comes to the design of the IR850-Supernova, it has a black finish to give a classic look. Some tactical equipment is good in look or in function, but some of the devices manufactured by the branded companies have the quality to have excellent construction with exceptional functionalities. 

This illuminator has the IPX8 standard meaning it has waterproof ability to allow the user to work even in rainy conditions.


Lighting settings and their possible specifications are the main aspects of an IR illuminator. This device comes with a high-powered LED to emit a flawless white beam. 

This LED has a long lifetime and illuminates sufficiently which helps to take images as much as clear. The infrared light emitted from this illuminator has a moderate wavelength, which means it has a moderate frequency.

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Four Stage Output

The special and beneficial aspect of this illuminating device is its four modes of operation as 5%, 30%, 70%, and 100%. Yes! It comes with a 4-stage output to control the power wastage, thus we can use the illuminator for extra time. 

This feature provides flexibility to the user to modify the amount of IR light to suit different situations. It possesses two important rings called brightness control ring and removable grip ring. In which, the brightness control ring gives swift access to the four-stage output.

Mounting System

The device has an adjustable mount to give the opportunity to the user to modify the angle of the illuminator as per the direction of the target. 

But this adjustable mount is manufactured only of weaver rails which is a bit disappointing to the users. But, using the rail mount you can quickly attach the illuminator, and easily release it from the NVD. 

Besides, this mounting system allows you to swap the scope or illuminator at any time. Users can utilize this easy rail mounting system as a handheld unit.

Long-Range Illuminator

As we have seen, this IR illuminator has a powerful LED to emit a flawless beam. This illumination is extremely powerful and has a long-range ability to locate the target up to 400-450 yards. 

This long-range illuminator dramatically improves the visibility of NVD even in poor lighting conditions and pitch darkness. A long-range IR illuminator with an affordable price is a lottery for users with a low budget.

Power Source

The ATN IR850-Supernova Long Range IR Illuminator is run with the aid of a Lithium 18650 battery. This unit utilizes a single Li battery to run the device for up to 3.5 hours at 100% without any flaw in the function. 

Some illuminators need 2 batteries to run efficiently in the darkness, but Supernova can run effectively with single power support. This makes it a perfect accompaniment to optimize your night vision device.

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Additional Features

Though the exterior parts are built with rugged materials, all the components are tested as light in weight to reduce the pressure. As a result, the whole unit is weighing in at just 12oz. 

The kit includes an IR illuminator, easy rail mounting system, battery charger along with a single worthwhile battery. The IR850 SuperNova is manufactured to assure you are ready for your next hunting.


1.] Provides 4-stage output 2.] Comes with waterproof technology 3.] Has 400-450 yard illumination range 4.] Built with Aircraft-grade aluminum


1.] It comes only with rail mount

Final Words

IR illuminators are the ideal attachment for the night vision devices to get the most output. If a visual is lacking in details and definition, these IR illuminators brighten up those images by emitting light in their IR spectrum.

ATN IR850-Supernova IR Illuminator is really an excellent choice as it comes with multiple valuable features and is perfect for long-range purposes. The unique aspect of this IR illuminator is its four-stage output, which gives control over the amount of light and power issued by the illuminator.

Especially hunters who want to play a huge hunting game can obviously go for this ATN’s IR illuminator. I hope this review could be beneficial for you to understand more about IR850-Supernova. I’ll get back soon with another unique product.

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