ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope Review

If you’re a hunter then you’ll be very well surprised with the new innovative features of the ATN ThOR 4 thermal scope that are newly developed. ATN scopes are loved by many hunters for its cool features, user-friendly performance, and its durability. 

For this reason ATN always stands first in producing Tactical products, especially riflescopes, monoculars, and binoculars. It is built in with advanced thermal technology that makes your hunting experience more pleasant and exciting. It gives you wide magnification and a clear view of the target to aim a perfect shooting.

ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal Riflescope

Apart from the basic features, ATN Thor 4 has introduced some new features that make your shot memorable. The modern features include; Dual stream video recording, Obsidian Gen II thermal sensor, 64GB storage card, high resolution power, and even more. 

No other scopes can come closer to ATN Thor 4 Thermal scopes because it’s one of the BEST THERMAL SCOPES in the market today.

Notable Features of ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope

We have found out some of the new features developed in ATN THOR 4 Thermal HD Riflescope and elaborated the functions of each below;


ThOR 4 384 Thermal HD riflescope has a solid construction with ergonomic design that is quite easy to handle. Though the scope is made of hardened aluminium alloy it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere for your hunting. 

It is highly durable and can withstand any climatic conditions. The matte finish can resist fog, water, and even shock. The outer layer of the scope is scratch resistant and protects the scope from external elements such as dirt, dust, and debris. 

Obsidian Core Processor

ThOR 4 has developed a new processor called the Obsidian IV Dual core processor. It is more powerful and offers better performance. It also enhances the power efficiency and supports an 18- hour battery.

The Obsidian core is responsible for the functioning of the thermal sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and micro-display. It also allows you to use ballistic calculators, windage, and the several reticle patterns.

Thermal Sensor

The ATN THOR 4 384 Thermal HD Riflescope is featured with a fourth generation thermal sensor that provides higher thermal resolution of 384×288. 

This is pretty enough for the hunters. It gives you a sharp and clear image even on the small targets that are present at the longest range. As it is combined with the 1280×720 HD display, it produces good quality images.

Refresh Rate

ATN provides 60 Hz refresh rate in all its thermal riflescope products. Because higher refresh rates provide clear and smooth images, especially when the targets are in motion. So you can easily focus on the moving target.

The 60Hz refresh rate in the thermal sensor allows you to track the fast moving targets without any blurring in the images. Once you start using 60Hz thermal scope then you’ll never go back to any other scopes having 30Hz or below.

Magnification Range

The ThOR 4 scope series has a magnification range varying between 1.25x up to 28x. In this review article of ATN ThOR 4 384 thermal riflescope has 7-28x magnification range. The higher magnification range provides the longer detection range.

It offers a thermal detection range of 3000 yards. It also allows target recognition to 1320 yards and has the target identification range to 700 yards.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between the scope and your eye. Larger & long eye relief will not affect you as well. The THOR 4 series of ATN has improved the eye relief from 65mm to 90 mm. 

ATN THOR 4 384 HD thermal riflescope has 90mm eye relief, which is very comfortable for viewing the target. If you wear power glasses then this scope will be comfortable for you to keep your glasses on the eye when hunting.

Scopes with lower eye relief might affect your eye during your shot. It can also affect the position of your head and neck.

Dual Streaming

The new carried away feature in ATN ThOR 4 HD thermal scope is the dual streaming action. You can watch live the hunting performance and simultaneously it records video. This is called dual streaming. 

This scope comes with a removable 64GB SD card for storing the videos. This helps you to transfer those videos easily to your PC.The previous ATN scopes can perform only one function at a time. You can either watch live or record video. 

But ATN ThOR 4 384 HD thermal riflescope has the ability to perform both.


With the live streaming option you can give your audience the live performance of your hunting. The Bluetooth 4.1 feature helps you to share the captured images and videos in social media very easily. It is compatible with any android smartphones or tablets.

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

ThOR 4 also offers RAV that automatically records the video while you are hunting and saves it to your SD card. It starts to record as you take the shot and continues till your shot gets over. So you need not want to worry even if you forget to start recording the shots. 

The complete footage will be saved on your SD card. You can also adjust the duration of the video that has to be recorded before and after your shot.

Obsidian App

The Obsidian app is the key feature to perform dual streaming functions. By downloading this app, you can stream video on your smartphone or tablet from the scope. You can also change scope’s settings by using this app. 

One-Shot Zero Technology

The ATN ThOR 4, 384 HD riflescope is equipped with one shot zero technology that allows you to take the first shot and then let you adjust the multiple reticle options of your desired patterns for ultimate shooting.

User-Friendly Settings

As the ThOR 4 series is constructed with various features, it would be difficult for you to find all those functions on the scope. So it is provided with the navigation and menu system that allows you to find all the features of the scope and can change the settings as you need.

Extended Battery Life

To manage all these features of ThOR 4, 384 HD Thermal Riflescope, ATN has introduced a powerful battery that is double than the life of the previous series of ATN ThOR 384 thermal scopes.

It is featured with a low profile battery that works continuously for up to 18 hours. It is more powerful and is efficient in power consumption.

Generally heat produced in the device reduces the life of the battery. But this ThOR 4 thermal scope is designed with a new processor that can run faster while staying cool.

Color Palettes 

ATN ThOR 4, 384 HD thermal scope comes with a variety of color palettes. You can select any of the color palette suited for different environmental conditions while hunting. Green, Red, Black hot, and White hot are the common palettes used on hunting.

Zoom Wheel

Zoom wheel is the smooth mechanism that is located on the left hand side of the scope. It helps you to zoom in or out rapidly to locate your target. It is very easy to use.
Other Accessories

ATN also offers some accessories along with the ThOR 4, 384 HD thermal riflescope. It includes;

  • Eyecup
  • Lens cleaner
  • Scope cover
  • L-sharp rings
  • Standard rings
  • USB cable

Final Thoughts

Your way is now clear with advanced technology thermal riflescope from ATN. It is an excellent thermal scope that allows you to hunt in any scenarios. It is the first thermal scope with 16 hours of battery life. It is built to withstand pressures of more powerful rifles or weapons.

ATN ThOR 4, 384 HD Thermal Riflescope is really a worthy product and gives better performance. It produces vibrant thermal images. You can share your hunting experiences on social media with high-quality videos and images. So you can enjoy the hunting experience with your beloved ones and have fun.

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