Best ACOG Clone and Alternative in 2021[Updated Picks & Guide]

A rifle scope is the basic essential that any hunter, whether he/she is a beginner or an experienced, should have while hunting. Using the right rifle scope is necessary to acquire the targets quickly. The benefits of using the proper rifle scope are accuracy, range, and speed. Here we’ve listed the Best ACOG Clone and Alternative of 2021.

The right rifle scope helps any beginner or learner to get gaming tactics and skills. It improves their performance, understanding of the game, approaches the targets, and many more in practical and gaming lessons.

Have you seen the army soldiers and law enforcement officers with tactical weapons and rifles? There are chances you saw ACOG scopes in their hand. Whereas, if you have seen domestic hunters and shooters, they have a clone of those ACOG scopes.

What is ACOG?

ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) scopes were initially designed for military operations in the 1980s. The officers have used these scope for combat and tactical applications because of its high illumination in the low light and powerful magnification.

Best ACOG Clone
ACOG Clone with 4x Magnification Level

These ACOG scopes by Trijicon are best weapon sights, especially for AR 15 and similar rifles. Most hunters and domestic users were interested in this ACOG scope, but its price and availability made it impossible for civilians to buy it.

Later, as most of the gun collectors and users tried to buy these expensive weapon sights to excel in their target, different optics companies took overcharge to produce ACOG clones. These ACOG clones were financially easier choices for the common people.

After years, ACOG clone scopes became the top priority of hunters when they decided to buy a weapon sight.

ACOG clones are developed to provide almost the same magnification and illumination in the no-light conditions as the combat ACOGs. ACOG clones designed with powerful magnification, recoil performance, and illumination at an affordable price.

Best ACOG Clone
All of the ACOG models are engineered with the purpose of a scope that extended hit potential even in the low light conditions/settings

With the right quality ACOG clone, you don’t have to spend a high amount to get a good rifle scope.

Currently, there are many optic and tech leading companies manufacturing ACOG clones gun sights. Every brand and model is good at what they mean to do.

As you are flooded with plenty of choices to help you find the high-quality ACOG clones from the market, we have listed 10 Best ACOG Clones and ACOG Alternatives of 2021.

Table : 10 Best ACOG Clone and Alternative in 2021

Best ACOG Clone and Alternative - Reviewed

1. CRUSHUNT 4×32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle RifleScope

For hunters and target shooters looking for the best alternative or ACOG clone, Crushunt 4×32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle Riflescope is the good choice to start with.

Crushunt riflescope equipped with all the basic features of ACOG clone and rifle scope. We would recommend this rifle scope for precise target shooting and night hunting.

CRUSHUNT Red Chevron


The crushunt rifle scope comes with a magnification power range of 4x, so the clear view of the target from any long-distance is assured. Also, a 32mm objective lens allows the high light transmission to the unit; thus, you get a wide field of view.

This multi-coated objective lens in the scope ensures the scope is safe to use at any condition and improves the clarity of the target.

Highlighting Features 

Crushunt is the best ACOG scope for AR 15 rifle available at an affordable price. It has a bright daytime reticle made of fiber optics, which is one of the great advantages of this scope.

The Red Chevron reticles in this scope collect available ambient light using clear and large optics. This is why this Crushunt rifle scope is highly recommended for precision shooting at dim light conditions.

This ACOG clone rifle scope has 38mm eye relief, which is general and great for detecting and viewing the targets’ clear and detailed images. With the large eye relief, a shooter can see things without straining eyes even in low light conditions. 

About the construction, this Crushunt 4×32 Red Chevron riflescope is designed as rugged so that it can withstand all weather conditions and tactical situations. As promised, this powerful rifle scope for precise shooting is weatherproof, waterproof, and shockproof. So you can see the targets even in fog, smoke, and smug.



2. Wipboten 4×32 True Fiber BDC Rifle Scope

I have seen even the experienced hunters and shooters making mistakes while choosing the scope for their rifles. Mostly the reason will be price. People believe that expensive scopes are the best, and they do magic that you can’t do in the ordinary scope like ACOG clones. But it is not valid.

Wipboten True Fiber


With a Wipboten True FIber Riflescope, anyone can do magic in their hunting fields. The best part is this great rifle scope comes at an affordable price that anyone can buy and use.

The right ACOG clone helps its owners improve their accuracy, speed, and range. In that case, Wipboten is one of the undoubted ACOG clones with all the unique features and performance.

Wipboten created this Red Illuminator Rifle scope model for those hunters who have less budget but need a qualified scope for their game. The manufacturer offers all the abilities of the ACOG clone scopes in this unit at a low cost without compromising the quality.

Highlighting Features 

The level of customization is excellent in this unit. Anyone who has not yet used scope earlier can also make adjustments in this scope following the user manual. This ACOG clone scope almost has everything we would look for in a gun sight. The gunsight is zeroed to get 5.56 or .23 ammo.  

You will surely like the look of this scope. These are made of aluminum alloy to make the scope lighter so that a hunter feels comfortable to carry and mount on guns. 

Real fiber is used to make the optics. Do you know what it means? It can give you more reticle illumination and a bright view of your surroundings and targets. Fiber optics allow more light transmission, thus the bright reticles. With that said, the scope becomes an ideal one for daytime hunting too.

The ACOG clone scope has adjustable windage and elevation. The scope is parallax free and has a multi-coated lens. So with this scope, you get four times higher magnification than the regular scope. So spotting and finding the target from hundreds of yards is comfortable with this.

With true fiber optic, durable design, fog, shock, water-resistant outer shell, bright reticle, high light transmission, decent battery life, and accuracy, the manufacturer makes sure their customers do not feel that they got only the Normal Gun Sight as they paid less.



3. Trijicon ACOG 4×32 BAC Dual Illuminated Riflescopes

Trijicon ACOG 4×32 clone rifle scope has come with a powerful fixed 4X magnification, so the clear and bright view of the targets is assured. The scope comes with a typical 32mm objective lens, a standard size available on the market. The large objective lens makes sure the scope receives the high light transmission, and thus the illumination does better. It is one of the best trijicon acog clone on the market.

Trijicon ACOG


The scope has automatic adjustable full illuminated crosshair. With this, anyone can handle the scope very quickly, and also it has multiple brightness levels.

The scope has real fiber optic and real tritium that usually don’t possibly with the clone scopes. All these advanced and unique features make the hunting or shooting ever easier at night in more convenient ways. Now, you know why everyone goes behind Trijicon for ACOG scopes and ACOG clone scopes.

Highlighting Features 

The housing is made of high-grade aluminum alloy that ensures durability and shock resistance of the scope. As the lens of the scope is combined with a solid construction, the scope eventually becomes waterproof and fog proof.

Like most ACOG clone scopes, this ACOG clone scope does not have batteries to power up the reticle illumination.

The exciting part of this clone scope is that it is designed for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or short-range, so you are allowed to use both eyes open aiming that works based on the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC).

The scope with the Bindon Aiming Concept helps with less or no parallax. With that, a shooter can aim and shoot the target more accurately than before without stressful zeroing.



4. Vortex Optics Spitfire Prism ACOG Rifle Scope

Vortex optics are most popular among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. All their ocular devices, scopes, sights, and mounting attachments have perfect design, accuracy, durability, and assist the hunter in more precise ways.

Vortex optics scope combined with the greatness of night vision and features of rifle scopes. These scopes offer a bright view of the area with less ambient light. Accuracy, speed, and range are the three essential things any shooter needs from their sights; these three are guaranteed with Vortex optics scopes.

The vortex optic spitfire prism scope has a sophisticated design of prism-based that makes the device look more professional. With this great design, the scope performs well at fast target acquisition. 

Vortex Optics Spitfire


Highlighting Features 

The budget ACOG scope has EBR-556B reticles, which are connected to the prism. This feature provides the shooter with the ability to aim their targets even faster with consistency.

The objective lens of this Vortex Spitfire ACOG scope has a len which is multi-coated and used anti-reflective materials. With this, the scope provides a clearer and brighter vision of your targets under any lighting and weather conditions.

The scope has red and green illuminated reticles that have five intensity levels of illumination. So you can choose the intensity level of the reticle and adjust it for specific conditions of the hunting ground to get the more detailed vision of the prey.

This vortex optics budget rifle scope boats an eyepiece that focuses fast. This sporty eyepiece is easy to  adjust and offers a fast and accurate focus reticle to help the hunters in the sharp vision of their targets while taking a shot.

The Vortex Prism rifle scope is easier to mount on its compatible weapons. The scope with a variable height mounting system allows the hunter to mount the scope in the mounting height range between 30 and 40mm. The dual Picatinny rails system allows the scope to get connected to an offset auxiliary reflex scope,

The scope offers 3x powerful magnification that you can zoom in the view three times the original view.

The rugged outer body of this Prism Scope ensures its durability and consistent performance against any ground conditions and tactical situations.

The Vortex Prism Spitfire Riflescope has been tested to withstand impact and recoil. The device is entirely nitrogen purged, so you get a waterproof sight. The o-ring seals in the scope are the reason for its fog-proof nature.



5. CVLIFE 4x-32mm Tactical Rifle Scope

CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope solely designed for target shooting and fast aiming. If you are looking for sights with ACOG qualities and features for professional competitions and hunting, this Tactical riflescope is a perfect choice.

The scope has 4x fixed magnification power, which is most common among ACOG clone scopes. The wide field of view of 100 yards assures you see everything in front of you with your sight on the weapon. The objective lens is of 32mm diameter and enables high light transmission through the optics tube.

CVLIFE Tactical


Highlighting Features 

When you check its high-end specifications, you know this is one of the must-have sights while hunting. This optical scope has almost good reviews from all of its users. 

With the real fiber-optic tube, it guarantees accurate and fast acquisition. 

Crisp and clear images of targets are registered by the real ACOG scopes that aids in getting perfect shots. The green-coated objective lens is of multilayers. The lens has three illuminations, such as green, blue, and red. There three brightness levels are also available. For each illumination, you can adjust the brightness level. This customization helps shooters to look at the targets with the brightness they need.

The rifle scope comes with a high-resolution sensor and light transmission. So the scope can be used for medium to long-range shooting.

The unit’s overall weight is 16 ounces, and the length is 6 inches, which is light and compact to carry around the hunting grounds. 

The CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope package includes a scope, cleaning cloth, 3 Allen, keys and lithium battery. As the scope is built to avoid recoils, the hunter doesn’t need to worry about recoil.



6. OZARK ARMAMENT Illuminated Reticle BDC 4X Rifle Scope

Any hunter with this OZARK ARMAMENT 4X Illuminated Reticle Scope gets the capability of a mid and long-range shooting that they can aim and shoot accurately. By seeing the construction material, you may think the scope weighs a lot. But that is not the case, though the scope is made of metal, the manufacturer built the unit with around a pound.

To buy this ACOG scope, you don’t need to empty your bank balance. The scope can serve great for experienced hunters and beginners. Though the scope comes affordable, it has an array of necessary and unique features.

The mid-long range scope comes with a top dial so you can change the reticle illumination levels in three colors.

CVLIFE Tactical


Highlighting Features 

Those who planned to upgrade their red dots or reflex sights have to habituate using the dial that you may adjust while using the sight.

The sight’s 4x fixed magnification power is helpful while focusing the long-distance targets in adverse light conditions. The maximum field of this scope allows it to hit the target up to 600 yards. 

The scope developed with a BDC style reticle that enables easy target acquisitions from different ranges. The battery source used to illuminate the reticle in this scope with three different color options such as red, green, and blue. 

The scope is equipped with standard Picatinny rail mount so it can be used on rifles and shotguns. As the scope offers illumination of the reticle by batteries in three colors, the scope is perfect for hunters who like choices.

The tracing range of the scope is up to 37 feet for coyotes, deer, and like animals. 

The red dot optic miniature that comes with this scope made it easier for the hunters to aim—the rugged outer stand for harsh weather conditions and combat situations in the hunting ground. The scope has three forward mountings, so you can get extra accessories as you need.

Though the scope does not have fancy features, it is speed, accurate, clear, and cost-effective. I hope a beginner would be satisfied with these all in his first scope. If you want the best cheap acog clone, this one is perfect choice. 



7. Monstrum Tactical Ultra-Compact 3X30 Rifle Scope

Monstrum Tactical Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope should be on your list when searching for the best ACOG clone at an affordable price. The Monstrum Tactical rifle scope has two versions with little variations, like the scope of a 30 mm objective lens with 3x magnification and 4x magnification power.

Monstrum Tactical 3x30mm Compact rifle scope offers three times the higher power of magnification. The 30mm objective lens allows high light transmission, thus brighter and clearer images.

The reticle illumination is powered by battery source and controlled using an easy to adjust dial. The battery offers a hundred hours of operation time.

Monstrum Tactical


Highlighting Features 

This ACOG clone scope is designed to be an ultra-compact tactical sight for medium-range shooting. The high-quality Aircraft aluminum used in the housing of this durable and rugged scope. Thus the sight avoids high power recoils and abuses.

The best ACOG scope is equipped with an integrated rail mount that is compatible with Picatinny rail and Weaver. With the long eye relief, you have room for other accessories also.

The duplex dot reticle style is used in the scope that has options to switch between red and green. The rough elevation estimator in this scope made quick shooting adjustments for long-range targets. 

The unit’s overall length is 6.3 inches, its weight is 14 oz, and the field of view is 36′ at 100 yards. So you can have the best lightweight scope for uplifting your hunting experience.

The Monstrum Tactical 4x30mm Compact rifle scope has the same durable construction, objective lens, weight, and size as the 3x30mm scope. A powerful 4x magnification is the significant difference between these models. The Monstrum 4x30mm scope has 2.5-inch eye relief.

The illuminated dual red and green glass rangefinder reticle style makes long-distance targeting or shooting and distance estimation easier. Except for these features and the color of the scopes, all other parts, features, and specifications of the scopes are the same.



8. Sightmark Wolverine Red Dot Sight SM26021 Scope

The Sightmark Wolverine Sight is solely designed for outdoor hunting pursuits and best for short-barreled rifles, slug guns, and shotguns.

The overall weight of this perfect SM26021 ACOG clone is just 10.3 ounces; thus, the scope has more light red dot sights in its range.

The building materials used in this SM26021 scope are 6061-T6 high-grade aluminum with added rubber reinforcement that prevents the scope from accidents, drops, and shock.

Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine Sight is still one of the perfect red dot sights for use in adverse conditions.

Sightmark Wolverine


Highlighting Features 

The 23mm objective lens has a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating to withstand all harsh conditions outdoors. This scratch-free lens is an excellent advantage of this scope as the scratches on the lens coating in red dot sights prevent accurate aiming.

The unit’s internal part is completely nitrogen purged, so the unit is waterproof and fog proof, which is a benefit if you mostly used the scope at harsh weather conditions.

The Sightmark scope is designed to be mounted on the Picatinny rail system, a common rail type found on most modern rifles, including AR 15.

Another plus point of this new riflescope is its 4 MOA red dot reticle options. The switch on the side is adjustable that makes it easy for the shooters to adjust brightness levels based on their need in the current environment.

Sightmark consumed less power than its fellow models. Thus you can extend the shooting actions for an extended period. A single AA battery is used in the scope, frequent, and cheap battery types on the market.

The waterproof quality of this Sightmark SM26021 scope gained IP67 rating, which means the scope can withstand 3 feet underwater when submerged.

The temperature range the scope can detect is between -22⁰ F and 122⁰ F.

Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight is perfect for AR15 rifles, short-barreled rifles, and shotguns.



9. Trijicon TA11J-308 ACOG 3.5x35 Riflescopes

If you are searching for the ACOG scope with multi-lighting adjustments, this Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 scope is for you. The scope features six brightness level options with the “OFF” prospect in every setting. These various brightness settings allow the hunter to receive the exact brightness they needed using the reticle illumination.

The best part of the Trijicon ACOG scope is free from a battery source, which means the scope uses the same Tritium Illuminated Reticle that Real ACOG scope has. 

The scope has dual reticle illuminations in two different colors, such as red and green, that enable drop compensation and ranging that make the scope more useful.

Trijicon TA11J-308


Highlighting Features 

The 35mm objective lens is made as multi-coated to offer superior clarity, zero distortion, and high light transmission abilities.

The scope has powerful 3.5x magnification power that offers a bright, clear, and accurate view of your targets.

This combat and tactical weapon sight also has rugged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum that results in a strong body and shockproof unit.

The Bindon Aiming Concept of Both Eyes Open Aiming for target shooting is enhanced with the wide 2.4-inch eye relief. So the sight is magnificent for CQB.

The scope is night vision compatible, which means you can take this sight to hunt animals at extreme darkness and night. The scope is highly adaptable to 3.5x35mm accessories.

The scope has Chevron .308 illuminated reticle style, which is an excellent advantage while zeroing in on targets.

As an ACOG clone buyer, you may find it pricer, but remember, you get a real Bindon Aiming Concept with top-notch shooting accuracy with this scope.



10. Trijicon TA02 ACOG Battery Illuminated LED Scope

If you don’t need Tritium illumination and like to have a scope with easy and quick reticle brightness adjustments, this Trijicon TA01 scope is the right one.

This top-rated rifle scope has 4x fixed magnification power. Unlike the previous Trijicon model, this TA02 rifle scope is battery powered and uses one AA battery that is common and readily available.

Trijicon TA02


Highlighting Features 

The reticle options offered by this scope are easy to choose from several ranges and offer bullet drop compensation options.

The adjustable brightness dial in the scope offers easy and quick lighting adjustments, and the hunters surely appreciate the crystal clear optics.

The scope comes with night vision mode to mount this scope on your rifle for night hunting.

The Aircraft high-grade aluminum used for housing the scope gives the hunter confidence that they have a rugged and indestructible scope unit with durable electrical components and inner parts.

The 1.5inch eye relief is comparatively short, so the sight can’t work well with few rifle calibers.



What is an ACOG Scope and ACOG Clone?

ACOG scopes were famous gun sights produced by the optics and weapon sight company Trijicon.

ACOG scopes from Trijicon are fixed scopes; however, you can sometimes find the variable power models. ACOG scopes are incredibly compact and developed to perform in no/low light to bright light conditions.

The concept used in these scopes is the Bindon Aiming Concept. Both open eyes aiming is the concept. So you can maintain the full field of view when using the scopes.

The real ACOG scopes from Trijicon have an illuminated reticle that is powered by a phosphor system. The system has radioactive decay of tritium to offer long-lasting power.

For the day time, the ACOG scopes use fiber optic pipe that allows and funnels the natural light for better reticle illumination; thus, the brightness of the surroundings is matched with the scopes.

While in Trijicon ACOG clones, the battery is a source of the illuminating power. The Bindon Aiming that is both eyes aiming concept is limited in these clone scopes.

Though the Trijicon models offer superior construction and modern technology, Trijicon ACOG clones are going to provide the cheapest model, so you should consider ACOG clones from other brands and alternatives for ACOG.

Bindon Aiming Concept in Detail

Best ACOG Clone and Alternative
Bindon Aiming Concept in Detail

Trijicon’s Real ACOG Scopes are special because they have the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC). The concept is simple: seeing, aiming, and shooting with both eyes open.

To improve the hunter’s eye focus, the manufacturer paired long eye relief with red dot sights. As they planned, the eyes focus, and performance has significantly increased.

With this type of eyes open aiming concept, a scope can perform the quick transition from close to medium range. 

You handle the fixed 4x magnification in the scopes like a traditional red dot sight.

The Bindon Aiming Concept is the first and primary advantage of real ACOG scope over its clones and alternatives. ACOG clones, even from Trijicon, do not have long eye relief for you to focus on. Using ACOG clone scopes is cost-effective, but you will not get the close range performance of Real Trijicon ACOG Scopes.

ACOG Scope Vs. ACOG Clone- Which is Best?

ACOG Scope Vs. ACOG Clone
ACOG Scope Vs. ACOG Clone

No doubt that some of the best firearms in the world are ACOG scopes. Trijicon introduced these gun sights for military applications in the beginning. These gun sights are meant to rock with AR 15 and rifles of the same class.

The magnification and illumination obtained from ACOG scopes are unmatchable with any high-end scopes. Because of their reliable performance in combat and tactical conditions, common people like hunters and gun enthusiasts liked to buy them even though they were too expensive.

ACOG scopes are hard to beat by anyone. This fact increases the interest in civilians to buy this, which gives the idea to the companies to make their clones.

Though clone scopes do not Bindon Aiming and high illumination, they are genuinely close to real ACOG scopes. ACOG clones are not poor only because these are copycats. There are some right and high-quality ACOG clone scopes that are also available in the market.

If you have a deep packet, need Bindon Aiming, high magnification, and illumination, invest in real ACOG scopes from Trijicon. Otherwise, if you do not need both eyes aiming to feature and need the experience of using ACOG at a low budget, pick the right ACOG clone from the market with our guide and review.

Fiber Optics vs. Battery Powered Illumination-Which is Best?

Fiber Optics vs. Battery Powered Illumination
Fiber Optics vs. Battery Powered Illumination

Traditional ACOG scopes use fiber optics for illuminating the reticles. These fiber optics provide hassle-free illumination with no batteries. These scopes naturally illuminate the reticles using ambient light in the specific area.

What if there is not enough ambient light for illumination? The ACOG scopes with batteries work great here as a traditional red dot sight. You have to use a dial for illumination with which you can pick your preferred brightness level. Battery-powered ACOG scope guarantees that the user brightness irrespective of the ambient light.

Factors to Consider while Buying the ACOG Clone and ACOG Alternative

Best ACOG Clone and Alternative

It’s hard to buy an item without getting confused, especially when you are flooded with several choices. Likewise, choosing the right sight for rifles is challenging, whichever use. But upgrading and replacing the weapon and weapon sights to fulfill your hunting requirements is essential. 

With a lot of choice for gun sights, even experienced hunters have a hard time choosing the right gun sight for their weapon. As you are looking for the ACOG clones scope, we could know that you need a quality scope on a low budget. However, not all the high-quality rifle scope needs to cost high. Many inexpensive gun sights may not win ACOG but can offer decent performance.

Before you jump to the search, pay attention to what you are looking for in your game. In this regard, below, we have explained certain factors that are common and important to consider before choosing the ACOG clone or any rifle scope.


ACOG scope, whether they are a clone or real from Trijicon or other brands, all are designed with rugged and durable construction. As you are buying the scope for tactical and combat situations, the devices should withstand all the weather conditions. For that, considering the materials used in the construction of scope is a must.

To resist the water and shock, the scope needs to be durable, but it should not weigh too high. In that case, the rifle scopes of magnesium alloy or aircraft-grade aluminum alloy as the primary material can work better. These scopes will handle harsh environments, and accidental drops very well. Avoid the ACOG clone scopes that are made of synthetic materials like Polymer as these devices can’t work against recoils and are more likely to be broken down.


Magnification-medium to the long shooting range

Though the magnification range of real ACOG scopes varies from 1 to 6x, all these are fixed magnification. But, yes, some of the variable magnification range ACOG scopes are also available but not in a big number. Most of the shooters prefer 1x or 4x fixed magnification for their ACOG scopes. 

You should choose the magnification range based on your requirements, your type of game, the place where you will use the scope and firearm. You could see most of the ACOG scope with 1x fixed magnification.

There are few factors to check while picking the magnification range for your ACOG scope. If you hunt or use gun sights only for close-range or CQB, you can settle down on 1x fixed magnification scopes that assure you of the wide field of view. Whereas, for medium to long-range hunting or shooting range, you probably need to look at high magnification range ACOG scopes to get the satisfaction of hunting.

Battery Life

Unlike ACOG scopes, the clones are not using Tritium for illumination and brightness adjustment. Instead, they run on lithium-ion batteries. Just be sure that you checked the manufacturer’s listed battery life. Most of the worthy ACOG clones have battery life from 100 to 500 hours. Battery life is critical as it is responsible for illumination, which is the essential feature of the ACOG.

Brightness Settings

Having a high battery life is vital to use illuminated reticles that have adjustable brightness. 

Some ACOG clones have issues in brightness while they are used in dim lighting indoor environments. So it is better to check if the scope offers various brightness settings. 

The ACOG clone scope is better if it has more brightness settings as it allows you to use the scope in various lighting conditions by adjusting the brightness.

Rail Compatibility/Suitability

As each shotgun, handgun, rifle, or other weapon uses different rail styles, you should check the rail compatibility of the chosen scope. Most of the ACOG scopes available with mounting bases. If you select a scope with no mounting base, you may want to spend extra money for that. If that is the case, you have to check the clone you chose will allow mounting to the rail type of your firearm or weapon.

The most common rail types that firearms will be compatible with are Picatinny and Weaver. Keep these in your mind while selecting the rail type of your weapon. 

While some of the clone scopes are equipped with an integrated mounting base, some of the scopes need you to buy a mounting base separately. Either of these two cases, just make sure your firearm or gun allows your scope to be mounted on it.

Objective Lens

During daytime inner part (inside of the optic) is bright as hell. It should not be this way at all – after all the lenses are coated with anti-reflexive material.

Most of the beginners don’t know the significance of the objective lens. The size of the objective lens matters; it determines how much light can enter into the scope to illuminate. The diameter of the objective lens is also responsible for how well the light can be transmitted to the scope.

If you mostly use the scope in the low light conditions, you should choose a clone that has a large objective lens. Because a large objective lens allows more light to enter the ocular, thus, you get a clear view of the target even in low light conditions.

Remember that as the objective lens size increases, the overall weight of the scope gets increased. Most of today’s gun sights come with objective lenses of 32 mm to 50 mm diameter.

Field of View

The field of view of the lens or a weapon sight is a value that tells how the scope can cover large space. The scope with a wide field of view can cover more space and let you see. The field of view of the gun sights is an area where the hunter cancan sight in scope at a distance of 100 yards.

Most gun enthusiasts prefer powerful weapon sights for their rifles or guns, but they must know that as the magnification range increases, the field of view of the scope decreases.

For example, you can take common 3x fixed magnification scopes with 30 feet field of view at 100 yards. Likewise, if you see a 9x scope, the field of view will be decreased to 14 feet at the same 100 yards. Don’t believe the lie that a large objective lens can increase the FOV. No, not at all. An objective lens if it is small or large, it won’t affect this scenario.

If you don’t need high magnification power, you will get a wide field of view. If a narrow field of view does not matter to you, you can choose the powerful magnified scopes.

Turret Adjustments

Several adjustments on the aspects of the rifle scopes and weapons are needed to get a clear view of the target or your prey in various viewing conditions. These adjustments must be made based on the weather, lighting, and environmental conditions of the area. Sometimes, you have to make adjustments because of the movements of your target too.

It shows the scopes should offer excellent customization and maneuverability. Yes, the customization level of any scope is also an essential factor to consider.

Turret adjustment is one of those critical customization needs on the spot. The turret is two knobs that are located in the center of the scope tube.

The turret is used to adjust the crosshairs to get the right angle for elevation and windage for the perfect shot. The scopes with these knobs have increments of 1/4 minutes of MOA, which means by clicking knobs, the scope impacts 1/4″ at 100 yards distance.

The shooters who buy scopes for competitions should need turrets in their sights. Turrets may offer accuracy, but it is not the same for everyone. In woodland grounds, these knobs may snag. This leads to damage to your scope in the hunting fields.

Light Transmission

Light transmission is the actual value of how much light source can pass through the lens of the scope. Mostly, manufacturers mention the light transmission value of these clone products in percentage. The size of the objective lens and magnification power of scope are the two factors that directly affect the unit’s light transmission.

Usually, the light transmission percentage offered by most of the clone scopes is up to 90%. But, light transmission up to 95% is also available in some of the high-end rifle scopes. 

The larger the objective lens, the higher the light transmission, and the higher the light transmission, the clearer the view.

Eye Relief

Eye relief value is a distance between your eyes and the unit’s lens when you view the target with a full field of view on your sight. Like FOV, eye relief also gets affected by the magnification power of the ocular. The eye relief increases as the magnification of the unit decrease.

Most of the clone scopes have an eye relief of 70 mm to 90 mm based on the objective lens and magnification. Eye relief is critical in high powered units, so the hunter needs to do a particular alignment with the eye in the center of the scope tube. 

Make sure the eye relief of your weapon sight is higher than the recoil type of the weapon.


Real-life reticle – two times smaller and the red illumination can be turned off making it black…

When aiming, reticles are an essential part of the rifle scope, no matter hunting, shooting, or just viewing.

This important part of the scope is designed to assist hunters in aiming their rifles using the weapon sight. There are many reticle options, and patterns are available. Not any reticle design is higher or lower than other patterns. One should choose the design that will make their aiming easier and helps to estimate the windage and distance.

Crosshairs, doughnuts, horseshoe, and chevron are some mostly used reticle patterns. Crosshair reticle pattern common type that offers precise aiming. Based on your preference, you can choose between fine and thick crosshairs. ACOD clones with low magnification power have Horseshoe reticles. Up-down V chevron reticle design is recommended for long-range shooters.


The primary reason why you are looking for ACOG clones is they are affordable than real. But remember you get what you paid for.

You can spend on worthy features of high-end ACOG clones but not huge as that you could buy a real ACOG.

Don’t spend more than $500 for clone scopes. There are even the best budget ACOG scopes available under $100

Special Features

Being a clone does not mean that it does not have properties of the real Trijicon. ACOG clones, too, have some of the unique features of the real one. So you must check if your knockoff has all the special features that it should have.

Some of the special features you have to check on clone scopes are multi-coated lenses, night vision device compatibility, weather resistance, shockproof, CQB capable, bullet drop compensator, and various reticle patterns. Check these features on your scope to ensure that you buy the best acog knockoffs.


However, if you are looking for highly featured scopes that match the Real ACOG or the budgeted model with a handful of options, we have choices for you in our above list of best ACOG clone and acog alternative reviews.

Choosing the right one from the best picks of Best ACOG Clone and alternative won’t be easier, you should think of your requirements, hunting grounds, situations, how likely you will use sight, the weapon you are going to use, and your budget.

Besides, you should check the objective lens, optics, magnification, field of view, materials used, tracking, reticle, illumination, battery life, and special features in the scopes you are considering.

I’m sure our buying guide and list of best picks will be the right place to start your research. Compare the models, find out the differences, and choose the right one that better suits your needs.

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