Top 10 Best AR-15 Scopes for Hunting Coyotes in 2023

AR-15 is one of the most versatile firearms that are ever manufactured for hunters, militaries and shooters. This firearm can be relied on when used in a wide variety of purposes such as tactical applications, military purposes, hunting coyotes and varmints. With that said, this firearm has become one of the most widely known and famous firearms used worldwide. 

If you want to improve the performance of your AR-15 further when used for hunting, then you need to equip it with the best accessory you can find. A good scope will enhance its versatility and make sure that you get the best hunting experience you have want for a long time now. 

Luck you because in this article, the best scopes for your AR-15 will be listed, described and featured. But first, here are some of the factors that hunters and shooters like you must consider before getting a scope.

Best AR-15 Scopes for Hunting Coyotes Reviewed

Here is a list of the best scopes that have proven their place on this list. These scopes are tested and recommended by professional and skilled hunters. Without further ado, here are they:

1. Trijicon ACOG Riflescope

Trijicon ACOG Riflescopes is a powerful-looking scope that is available for your AR-15 and coyote hunting activities. It looks powerful that boost your confidence in shooting and ensuring a kill every time you pull the trigger. 

Military specialists prefer this scope since it is very good for hunting predators and varmints, such as coyote.

Battery-free Illumination: This scope has an illuminated reticle that is made from tritium / fiber optic. This type of reticle would not ask you to adjust the brightness from time to time since this scope will do it for you automatically. This feature is truly a good feature that should be present in scopes. 

The man added Trijicon ACOG Riflescope in his rifle

Ruggedly Designed and Built: This reticle scope will be able to withstand different uses, including the rugged ones even for long courses of time since it is designed ruggedly. It is made from a material called 7075-T6 aluminum alloy that is known to be aircraft-grade. With this built, your scope will simply be indestructible. With its exterior look and strength, this scope is among the list of the best scopes.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: This scope has proven its dependability and accuracy in the field that’s why it is one of the most loved scopes by the United States Army, Local Law Enforcement and even by the United States Marine Corps. 

Another good thing that they admire about this scope is its warranty. Should you have any problems concerning this scope’s defects; the manufacturer will gladly entertain you by fixing it or replacing it with a new one.

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2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescopes is among the scopes known to increase the precision and accuracy of hunters. This specific scope is described by hunters to make some varmints, such as coyote, look like they are just a few yards away. This device is greatly dependable when you want to improve your accuracy and precision.

Eye Relief: This scope is known for its long eye relief. If you have been shooting for a long time, you should have a scope that has a long eye relief will save you more than you could ever know. Some firearms are known for their very large amount of recoils, so long eye relief is one good feature. 

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses: The fully multi-coated lens of this scope will provide you bright and clear images of the field you are viewing through your scope. This feature is reinforced with anti-reflective properties that will expectedly give you more brightness and clarity.

Ruggedly Designed and Built: Its body is built from aircraft-grade aluminum that makes it durable, strong, sturdy, and shock-proof. In addition, this scope is O-ring sealed and also nitrogen purged. With that built, it is dependable and reliable with waterproof and fog-proof properties. You can rely on this scope to be durable and also reliable when you use it.



3. Nikon Buckmasters II BDC Riflescope

Nikon Buckmasters II BDC Riflescope is a scope that you can depend on to have high-quality lenses. Nikon brand is known for the reputation of manufacturing scopes that are top-notch in quality when it comes to lenses. No need for further introductions; we are just going to let its features speak for itself.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its: 

Fully Multi Coated Lenses: This scope has a fully multi-coated lens, which is very high quality. If you do not know, the lens of a scope ensures bright and clear images of the field that you are viewing through the scope. With this type of lens, this scope is known to be reliable even when you are faced with conditions that have very little light. 

Waterproof, Fog Proof, Shock Proof: It is known to be built to withstand in different situations by having properties that make it waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof. In addition, these properties are what make this scope a reliable one too. Even when the conditions in the field are unfavorable or adverse, this scope has got your back. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty: This scope offers a lifetime warranty that will not make you think twice about choosing and buying it. If defects in the materials and the workmanship are found, the manufacturer—Nikon’s brand—will gladly fix or repair it for no additional charges. 

Most people find this feature a very useful one since unexpected circumstances may happen to the scope when ruggedly used. So, if you also think that it is a good factor, you might as well buy this scope right away.



4. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescopes is also a scope that you should check when looking for the best scopes for your AR-15. It was mentioned above that both Vortex and Nikon brand produce scopes that are of top-notch qualities when it comes to lenses.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its:

Illuminate Reticle (BDC3): This scope has a great feature of having an illuminated reticle that will help you shoot faster. It happens in a way that it targets fasters. In addition, the holdovers allow the scope’s immediate use even when the distance is beyond 650 yards. This distance is very long, and yet you still can rely on this scope. 

Fast Focus Dial and Anti-reflective Properties: it is known to have a fast focus dial that will allow you to have easy and quick focusing on the reticle. In addition, this scope will give you more quality by having anti-reflective coatings. With this property, you will be able to have views and images of the field that are of greater clarity. Moreover, you will be able to rely on this scope even in conditions where there is a very little amount of light. 

Ruggedly Designed and Built: This scope, just like most of the scopes on this list, is built to have a body made from aircraft-grade aluminum. That material is widely known as one of the best built scopes since it is very high in strength and very durable. In addition, this scope is made to be waterproof and fog-proof be being nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed.



5. Trijicon TR24 AccuPoint Riflescope

Trijicon TR24 AccuPoint Riflescope is among the scopes known to be very serious and dedicated to being the best coyote hunters in the world. From this scope’s solid construction to its reliable performance, you will surely love to use it. Its features are genuinely cool and amazing. You will not regret buying it once you experience using it.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its: 

Superior Quality of Lenses: This scope is known to possess a multi-coated lens of superior quality. In addition, its lens is known to have light-gathering properties that will make this scope very reliable even if you are using it in conditions where there is very little light. With this feature, you will experience no distortion in the views and images you see through your scope. 

Ruggedly Designed and Built: This scope is known to be made from an aircraft-grade aluminum body and housing, a very famous material known to be one of the most in-demand materials for constructing scopes. With this built, this scope will be able to withstand different weather conditions and rugged use. Even the toughest elements will not be able to break or destroy it. 

Magnification Range: This scope is very accurate when using it for short distances since it has a magnification ranging from 1x to 4x. If you are a hunter who likes to hunt within short ranges only, this scope is one of the best scopes you might consider.



6. Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescope

Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescope is on the list of the best scopes known to be manufactured in the world. Leupold is a brand known to manufacture the best hunting scopes due to its craftsmanship and way of constructing scopes. If you are one of those who do not want to spend more than a thousand dollars to have a reliable scope, this scope is one of your perfect options.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its: 

Scratch Resistant Lenses: This scope is known to have lenses that resistant to scratches. With this property, you will be assured that your lenses are protected and will still perform well even when used ruggedly. 

Ruggedly Designed and Built: This scope is made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, making it very durable and dependable even when the field’s situations become adverse. During conditions that are known to be tough, this scope will still endure. 

Twilight Light Management System: It will provide you 10 extra minutes of light when shooting. With this feature, the glare is also reduced when the image’s quality is increased for better views. 

Waterproof, Fog Proof, and Shock Proof: This scope is made to endure different conditions, as mentioned above. In addition, it also performs well, even when the situation becomes unfavorable. Due to its waterproof, shock-proof, and fog-proof properties, you will be able to count on this scope anytime you want to use it.



7. ATN X-Sight II HD Smart Day/Night Riflescope

ATN X-Sight II HD Smart Day/Night Riflescope is probably among the most advanced scope when talking about technology. It has properties that will allow you to record all your hunting activities and trips using your phone. It does not give you a mediocre recording in quality but it also provides 1080p HD quality of recordings.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its: 

Day and Night High Definition Resolution: This scope is known to be a modern design that makes use of recent technologies. It will clearly make you see while you are using it in the daytime and even in the nighttime. With this design, you will be able to see with crystal clear vision at all times. 

Smart Range Finder: It is designed to have a smart range finder that will make you determine the distance or range of your targets in just two clicks. Once the distance is already determined, the point impact will automatically be adjusted. You need not worry about how it switches from one magnification range to another since it offers smooth zoom properties. 

Magnification Range: It is known to be one of the best scopes for having wide ranges of magnification. It offers a magnification option that you choose from within the range of 5x to 20x. This scope is truly built for short-range and long-range activities that you are planning to do.



8. Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Riflescope

Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Riflescope is best for hunting coyotes due to the properties it has. Over time, coyotes learned to adapt to people’s hunting time. Most of them go out at twilight, and some go out even at night when it is much safer for them. 

With this scope’s great light-gathering properties, hunters will have no problem with that. In addition, some professional and skilled hunters think that this scope might be one of the best predator scopes in the markets.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its: 

Dusk and Dawn Brightness Multi Coated Lenses: it is very reliable all day long. You will be able to use it once the sun rises until it sets. You also do not need to worry come nighttime since this scope is known to provide clear and bright images at all times. 

Waterproof and Fog Proof: This scope is known to be 100 percent waterproof and fog-proof inbuilt. With this, you will be able to use this scope even when adverse weather conditions occur. For instance, you will still be able to expect this scope to perform well even when there is heavy rain. 

Fast Focus Eyepiece: It is known to have a fast focus eyepiece that ensures fast focusing on the targets you will shoot. With this feature, target acquisition would not be hard for you to do since this scope is very reliable for that purpose.



9. Simmons 8-Point Riflescope

Simmons 8-Point Riflescope is maybe among the most affordable scopes that are ever manufactured and produced. This scope is less expensive than the other scopes that are on par with its quality and performance. 

With this scope, you will undoubtedly experience the best coyote hunting. With its solid construction and performance, this one is really among the best scopes for hunting.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its: 

Fully Coated Optics: It has high-quality lenses and optics of great help when you need to see bright and clear images during conditions where there is very little light. This feature also provides high-contrast images that will surely make your shooting better and greater than you have experienced before.

Waterproof, Fog Proof, and Recoil Proof: This scope is known to have a reliable design for resistance to different things such as water, fog, and recoil. With these properties working together, you will be able to have good use of this scope. You will surely encounter no problems when adverse conditions occur. 

Aesthetics: It has a matte black finish that makes it look like a very powerful scope. To be honest, it is really a powerful scope, but with its exterior design, you will gain more confidence in shooting; thus, you will have more accuracy and precision since you feel that you are at your best. This feature is often neglected since most people only care about performance.



10. Nikon P-Tactical Matte BDC600 Scope

Nikon P-Tactical Matte BDC600 Scope is the most admired scopes on the list that are available today. This scope’s efficiency can match your AR-15’s efficiency; too, you can be the best hunter in your town. 

In addition, this scope is not just known for taking down coyotes, but it is also known to be good when used for hunting different varmints. 

This scope’s cost is not as expensive as you think, to be honest, this one just cost a little amount, yet it can outperform the most expensive scopes out there.

This AR-15 scope is best known for its:

BDC600 Reticle: With this type of reticle, this scope is very reliable within the range of 100 yards to 600 yards. Long-range shooting activities will never be your problem with this scope. If you want for a long time now to have a scope that can be this reliable, consider getting this one. 

Fully Multi Coated Optics: it has a fully multi-coated optics, which is the best performance for producing bright and clear images of the field you are viewing through your scope. With that, this scope is made more reliable.

Ruggedly Designed and Built: it is made with the best quality of aircraft-grade aluminum that is very high in strength and sturdiness. This scope is proven to withstand different tough conditions that are unexpected, especially in the wild with this built. 

In addition, this feature is paired with this scope’s matte black finish that makes it look more powerful and incredible.



Ultimate Guide of Finding the Best AR-15 Scope for Coyote Hunting

Like most stuff you buy from the markets, the best AR-15 scope has some standards and factors that you must consider. These factors are to ensure the reliability, performance and many other important things. For you to be enlightened here are some of the most important factors:


 This factor is one of the most widely mentioned factors in most buyers’ guides for different scopes. To emphasize that, magnification is one of the most important factors since it determines the range you want to do your hunting with. 

Some hunters fail to catch and kill their prey due to choosing the cheap scope for their AR-15. If you don’t want to make the same mistake, consider the location and conduct your hunting activities that may be in the woods, plains, swamps, and other locations. 

With that said, you will be able to choose a scope that will be suitable for your hunting needs and for different locations. 

Light Gathering Properties

Coyotes are smart animals. Over time, they have learned that they have more chances of getting shot and killed during the daytime. So, what coyotes do now is that they usually go out at twilight and night. Some scopes are known to perform less at conditions where there is very little light. 

Considering the coyote’s improved behavior, you must find a scope that will be able to provide maximum brightness for you. The light gathering properties depend on the quality of the scope’s optics, lenses and reticle. 


The scope you should get must also be durable, strong, and sturdy. The strength of scope depends on the materials which is used for its body and lenses. So, be sure that you check first if the materials are made of high quality and proven reputation compatible with scopes.

 In addition, the durability of your scope will determine its longevity. If you want a scope that will last long, you must get a durable scope inbuilt. 


Of course, if you are buying a scope to see a clearer and brighter view of the field, you are conducting your hunting activities. With that said, you must get a scope that is proven to have high-quality optics. Furthermore, the scope you must pick should perform well for you to have improved accuracy and precision. Do not ever make the mistake of choosing a scope that does not match the reliability of your AR-15. 


Most people think that the more expensive a scope is the higher its quality will be. To be honest, that is a wrong perception. Nowadays, some scopes are offered for just a low cost, yet they can perform well like the expensive ones. 

Not to be exaggerated, some of the low-cost scopes can even outperform the most famous and the most expensive ones. Be wise in choosing because you can spend less and experience more at the same time.


Your AR-15 is known to be one of the most efficient firearms in the world. With that said, it requires a scope that will match its performance and reliability when used for hunting coyotes. Since AR-15 is a very famous firearm, many manufacturers try to design and construct scopes that they think will make a great pair with the said firearm. 

With a lot that has been manufactured in the markets, it is hard to distinguish which of them are really the best when it comes to performance and compatibility. Lucky you, the best scopes you are looking for are already listed above. 

You should consider finding the scope that gives you ease while you are using it. Only then will you be able to shoot with confidence, precision, and accuracy. In addition, you also find a scope that will not cost you so much but make you experience the best hunting activities of your life. 

Those are just some of the advice and best scopes that we’ve given to you. We hope that the list above helped you somehow in deciding.

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