10 Best AR-15 Scopes Under $100 in 2022 – Updated Picks & Guide

Establishing a consistent and valid scope in your AR-15 rifles is very useful for both professionals and beginners. Compared to the steel sights commonly used for AR-15 rifles, these low-cost riflescopes provide greater precision and efficient output in various conditions.

Choosing the best rifle scope under $100 is not just a matter of brand and price, but also depends on a variety of factors, such as construction, technology, mechanism, safety components, features, settings, adjustments and more.

Apart from all these, the scope that you want to choose should come under in terms of the situation and the purposes for which you wish to use it.

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Picking the perfect scope for our requirements among low-cost products is usually more tough and complicated than choosing the best product regardless of any terms. Our team will work with you to avoid your pitfalls and guide you on the right path.

But it’s very tricky to choose the scope depending on your demand, in this case, you have to get wise knowledge of the factors to consider while buying the scope.

This means that after 13 hours of continuous research our team has selected the Best AR-15 Scope Under $100 in 2021 and listed them in terms of features and functionality.

Table: 10 Best Scopes for AR 15 Under $100

Best AR 15 Scope Under $100 in 2021 - Reviewed

1. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

If you’re looking for the best AR-15 scope under $100, the UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope is our first choice to recommend you. 

The features present in this scope make it an effective choice among the hunters. The UTG BugBusted has high demand in the market since it comes with a low-price range without compromising the quality of features.

UTG 3-9X32 1″

BugBuster Scope


The UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope is built with high-quality materials and purged with pure Nitrogen gas to protect the device from some external elements. And this scope comes with Fogproof, Shockproof, Waterproof, and Scratch Proof features.

These aspects make the scope more durable to withstand extreme forces like rain, shock, fog, smoke, bumps, bangs, drops. And this UTG BugBuster scope is sealed with a premium O-ring to withstand different weather and ambient conditions.


The UTG BugBuster is the perfect scope for AR 15 rifles under $100 that provides flawless performance even in extreme conditions. The efficacy of UTG is always exceptional when it comes to hunting in the night time and dense forest.

More so, this inexpensive AR-15 scope is loaded with updated features that are mostly utilized in an expensive riflescope. This rugged riflescope has potential durability that can withstand heavy recoil and the impact of your bullet triggering.

Illuminated Reticle

This budget-friendly scope is consolidated with a Mil-dot illuminated reticle that can provide 36 colors of illumination. Thereby you can get precise shooting performance and sharp Aimpoint with optimum lighting.

And with this patent RGB Swat reticle, you can uninterruptedly lock your target within a second. Besides, the reticle scope provides different levels of brightness settings that allow you to shoot your target in any light conditions.

Besides, this reticle has a 9-dot wire that estimates the range of the reticle thus you can easily make adjustments.

Conventional Turrets

The scope is constructed with conventional turrets thereby you can make the adjustments simple and effortless. These turrets have premium zero-resettable and zero-lockable with consistent 1/4 MOA per click adjustment.

That means you won’t worry about re-zeroing and zero lockings. Though you make numerous adjustments while working in the field, the scope will maintain the zero.



2. CVLIFE Red & Green Illuminated Scope

The CVLIFE Illuminated scope is the most popular scope for AR-15 under $100 available in the market for bargainers. It becomes the best selling optics among the plenty of varieties due to its reliable features and performance. It provides you a lot of heck more than the price that you bargained.


Red & Green Illuminated Scope


The dual-illumination scope from CVLIFE is the perfect addition for AR-15 rifle because it’s built with tough and rugged materials to provide durability and reliability.

Each and every part of this scope is equipped by robust aircraft-grade aluminum material and standard housing. Since the scope works with laser features it needs 2 LR44 batteries to operate relentlessly.

Otherwise, you can also utilize the CR2032 type battery. To ease the mounting it comes with two different free mounts as 11mm and 20mm.

Magnification Range

The scope is configured with the magnification range from 2.5X to 10X to provide clear images with optimum precision.

This AR scope under $500 aims to ensure flawless and seamless performance under any conditions just like the most expensive scope. The CVLIFE Red & Green illuminated scope lets you shoot the target even if it’s in long-distance or short-distance.

Optical System

This armed scope is fitted with a 40mm wider objective lens which possesses the ability to transmit high-quality light. So you can get crisp and clear images even in low visibility conditions.

This 40mm lens of CVLIFE comes with multi-coated technology to provide high-definition images without damage. To modify dioptric adjustments, it’s integrated with Kellner eyepiece.

Illuminated Reticle

This laser feature riflescope features a Mil-Dot red and green illuminated reticle to enhance the performance of the device.

On the one hand, the main reason for designing this scope with laser technology is that it should be compatible with 55-grain bullets in .223 caliber.

CVLIFE Red & Green Illuminated Scope is utilized for many other purposes. The illumination from the mid of reticle will reach up to 100 yards and it offers full accuracy and swift target acquisition.

Brightness Settings

The illuminated scope has 5 different brightness settings for clearly viewing the target in different weather conditions. And you can hunt the wildlife in any lighting conditions with the help of these brightness levels.

The scope is perfect for target shooting, some more tactical purposes, and small hunting games like varmint hunting.



3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Riflescope

The TRS-25 Red dot sight is one of the excellent optics from the most popular company Bushnell, and they are experts in producing high-quality optics at an affordable price range. 

In the list, the Bushnell TRS-25 is the best scope for AR 15 under $100. It is a perfect mount for many riflescopes and gunsights.

Bushnell Trophy

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

TRS-25 Red Dot Riflescope


The Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope is constructed with long-lasting and durable components. And the body of the scope is built with aircraft-grade aluminum material which provides added durability to the device.

The scope is sealed by standard O-ring and purged by Nitrogen gas to provide fog-proof and waterproof traits. Thus you can promptly hit the target regardless of weather, ambient, and terrain conditions.

The Red Dot Riflescope is also but with a shockproof aspect to protect the device from drops and bumps.


Though this Red Dot Sight is the best rifle scope under 100 on the market, which is fully loaded with smart mechanism, updated technologies, and advanced features.

This high-quality riflescope performs flawlessly in all conditions than some other expensive scope. Aside from that, it’s not only for rifles but also this scope is compatible with shotguns, pistols, and muzzleloaders.

Reticle System

It’s configured with a 3 MOA illuminated dot reticle which enables you to perform well even in the dark surroundings. More so, this type of reticle delivers images with perfect clarity in high definition.

And to avoid damages that occur in image clarity, it’s fitted with an extensive sunshade. With these features, you can easily adapt to different sorts of lighting conditions and backgrounds.

Brightness Settings

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 AR-15 scope comes with a total of 11 different brightness settings, which enhance your accuracy level in any lighting conditions. By utilizing the red dot sight in your AR-15 rifle, you can precisely aim, lock, and shoot the target up to 100 yards of distance.

Adjustment Aspects

The Scope from Bushnell Trophy is included with some adjustment dials, so you can easily make required adjustments while shooting. Besides, each dial of this scope is equal to the 0.5 MOA.

More so, the installation of the scope into the rifle is as much as simple because the mounting system is very flexible to your convenience. Therefore, you can easily adjust the position of the scope without making any additional adjustments.



4. Centerpoint Optics MSR Rifle Scope

Don’t have enough savings to buy the best AR 15 scope for your hunting? No need to worry, here is the quality scope Centerpoint brand at an affordable price for your needs. This is the choice of most beginners and budget-friendly users to get the good job that they need.

Centerpoint Optics

MSR Rifle Scope


All the tactical devices from the Centerpoint Optics are constructed by high-quality military-grade materials and finished with durable alloy material thus it is proved as the most reliable scope.

Due to this rugged construction, it can last for more years than you expect. And this scope is specifically designed for airsoft guns and AR rifles. It allows you to perfectly hit the target by exceptionally handling the acute recoil bumps.


Centerpoint Optics has designed the AR-15 with quick action in mind, thus you can shoot even the fast-moving objects immediately.

The scope is designed with updated technology thus it acts as an effective AR-15 rifle scope that comes with affordable prices. The performance of the scope is flawless and relentless to shoot both long-distance and short-distance targets.

Illuminated Reticle

It comes with 3 MOA illuminated reticle with center dot aspect for providing incomparable precision for shooting the target up to 250 yards of distance.

And the crosshair included in this reticle system seems to be stable at all levels of magnification, which makes both long-range and short-range shooting more persistent. It allows the user to quickly aim the targets by its etched glass construction.

Second Focal Plane (SFP)

The scope is incorporated with the Second Focal Plane to act fast and properly in the field. By utilizing Centerpoint Optics, you can promptly evaluate the measurements and lock the target without any adjustments.

The reason Centerpoint Optics used SFP in the scope is to simplify the process of switching from short-range to long-range.

Mounting System

The scope features swift target acquisition and parallax free design, besides, you can utilize both green & red illuminated reticles depending upon your preference and situation.

And the manufacturer offers a Picatinny rail for easy mounting, as well the unit includes lens covers for protecting the system from getting damaged.



5. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope

The Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope is the right choice for those looking for the best scope for AR 15 under $100 to hunt at low-light conditions. 

It comes with the rich features and provides great performance on the field. It is one of the favorite scopes among the hunters due to its budget-friendly price.

Bushnell Banner

Dusk & Dawn Riflescope


Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope from Bushnell is constructed with durable and high-quality materials. Also, the scope is filled with Nitrogen gas and sealed with O-ring that is tested to prove water-resistance, fog-resistance, and shock-proof.

And the internal components of the scope are light in weight to provide an ultra-lightweight feel to the user while operating the device for a long time.


Bushnell is one of the leading manufacturers who produces tactical equipment and firearms. Their Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle is the excellent Rifle Scope under $100.

Due to the rugged construction of the device, it can withstand extreme weather and peripheral conditions. That means you can hit the target regardless of the weather. By using this best rifle scope under $100, you can get flawless and relentless performance.

Reticle Type

The scope is consolidated with Multi-X reticle which is very simple and gives incomparable target pointing even in the pitch darkness.

This budget-friendly scope navigates beginners in an easy manner and allows them to use the device without any complications.

This no-frills illuminated reticle lets you promptly lock the target even if it’s a fast-moving object, and it can be the best addition for AR-15 rifles.

Lens System

To provide a high quantity of light transmission capability to the device, the rifle scope comes with a set of 40mm optical lenses. And it has a multi-coated aspect, thus you can get a clear and crisp sight of the object.

Due to this 40mm lens system with high-quality features, the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn riflescope performs flawlessly in the low visible lighting conditions.

Magnification Range

The Bushnell AR-15 riflescope is configured with the high-magnification ranging from 3X to 9X, which enables the user to view the long-distance target clearly. The riflescope comes with swift focus eyepieces that assist to get prompt target acquisition and sighting.

And you can utilize this scope for multiple applications like hunting, long-range target shooting, and other tactical purposes.



6. Monstrum S330P 3X Prism Scope

The Monstrum S330P is the most compact and heavy-duty scope for AR 15 under $100 available in the market. The features of this scope make it excellent for quick mid-range target acquisition. 

It provides enough quality in performance at this price range. The construction of this scope is made from reliable and durable materials.


S330P 3X Prism Scope


The Monstrum S330P 3X Prism Scope for AR 15 is the lightweight tactical device in our list which is constructed with the premium-grade aluminum materials and durable housing.

To offer the waterproof and fog-proof features, the scope is sealed with airtight O-rings and purged with pure nitrogen gas.

The construction makes this device as the durable and reliable one to withstand different environmental conditions, and it can face off external forces like bumps, bangs, shocks, drops.


Monstrum S330P model rifle scopes under $100 provide the standard performance and it is one of the cheap scopes for AR 15 rifles. Do not assume that its performance is flawed because it is cheap.

It delivers flawless and uninterrupted performance in any condition. Because these are designed with updated technologies and new features, the performance of the device is more exceptional than we think.

It comes with a lightweight model and a small structure that allows you to easily mount into the scope, rifles, and shotguns.

Objective Lens

Generally, riflescopes have been designed with a refracting objective optical system, but the Monstrum S330P is engineered with a glass prism lens system. Glass prism system was actually used for traditional scopes for providing the optimal light gathering and clear images.

This 30mm optical lens provides enough light then delivers crips images even in extreme conditions. To improvise light transmission, the lens is featured with multi-coating.

Illuminated Reticles

This riflescope is consolidated with black reticle to render vibrant illumination even in the pitch darkness, in which it has red and green crosshairs to point the target depending on the environment.

Due to this black illuminated reticle, the scope renders various brightness levels which permits you to modify the level of brightness according to the situation.

Magnification Range

This compact riflescope is equipped with the fixed magnification range of 3X, thus it can fit for medium-range and short-range target shooting, as well as you can utilize the scope for varmint hunting.

The scope from Monstrum allows you to hit the target up to 500 yards with precision.



7. MidTen 4-12×50 Dual Illuminated Scope

If you’re looking for the budget AR 15 scope with rugged construction, the MidTen 4-12×50 Dual Illuminated Scope is the right choice for your needs. 

It helps to improve your hunting experiences on the field even it prices low. It is the perfect beginner’s scope due to its features and affordable price.

MidTen 4-12×50

Dual Illuminated Scope


The dual illuminated riflescope from MidTen is built with the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material to provide longevity and reliability to the device. This AR 15 Scope Under $100 comes with nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed features that provide fog-resistant and moisture-resistant aspects to the scope.

This sighting device is designed with rugged materials and reliable features thus it can withstand extreme weather and ambient conditions.


This MidTen laser sight is consolidated with electronics and optics that deliver a wider range of FOV (Field of View). As the name implies, it comes with a dual illumination system as Laser Sight and Holographic Dot Sight.

With this advanced technology, you can get quick target acquisition and promptly hit the fast-moving objects. It comes with three major parts and multiple functions, thereby you can shoot the close-quarter target up to 200m to 500m of distance.

Dual- Illuminated Reticle

Unconventionally, MidTen 50mm Scope is designed with dual illuminated, meaning it comes with a holographic dot sight that has a red and green color, on the other hand, it has a laser sight with red color.

This type of illumination reticle offers numerous advantages and allows you to do various applications. The holographic sight is fitted into this reticle for providing precision and accuracy in all conditions.

Aside from this, you can operate the device even in the low visionary conditions with the help of its 5 different brightness levels.

Magnification Level

What I like about the MidTen riflescope is its variable type of magnification, the scope has the magnification ranging from 4X to 12X. This range is optimum for several hunting applications, target shooting, and many other tactical purposes.

Optical System

This scope is consolidated with the 50mm optical lens system, which provides crisp and clear images. Besides, this wider range of lenses has the multi-coated aspect to provide precise viewing even in extreme conditions. An ample amount of light is filtered by the optical system to make images more clear and detailed.



8. UUQ 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope

The UUQ 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope is the long-lasting scope in our list of best scope for AR 15 under $100. The materials used to construct this scope increases its lifetime. It is an effective scope at this affordable price range, and it is very comfortable to use.

UUQ 4-16×50

Tactical Rifle Scope


This UUQ 50mm scope is made out of military-grade aluminum materials and all the internal components are very light in weight to offer ultra-lightweight performance to the user.

And this tactical rifle scope is more durable and reliable because it features nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed. Due to this construction, it allows you to work in various weather and peripheral conditions regardless of damages. More so, the construction can protect the device from bumps, bangs, shocks, and drops.


The UUQ 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope is the best rifle scope under $100, thereby every civilian who is under the average line can also buy this device for various purposes.

And this scope acts as a great tactical sighting device for both beginners and professionals. The UUQ can deliver relentless and outstanding performance in different conditions.

Illuminated Reticle

This premium-quality AR-15 scope configured with a dual-color illuminated reticle that offers red and green colors. The impressive feature of this riflescope is its dot sizes, which means the scope offers 4 different dot sizes with 5 different brightness settings.

With these dot sizes and reticle types, you can shoot the target up to 300 meters and it can enhance your shooting precision. The brightness levels enable you to hit the target even in the pitch darkness and low light conditions.

Magnification Range

The device is equipped with a wider range of magnification from 4X to 16X, which is sufficient for both long-range and short-range targeting.

Therefore, you can utilize the rifle scope for hunting purposes, various shootings, and many other tactical applications. The optimum magnification range, reticle system, objective lens system allows you to lock & hit the target up to 100 yards.

Optical System

UUG scope is integrated with 50mm of wider objective lenses, this permits an optimum amount of light into the device. Aside from this, this lens system is fully coated to provide clear visuals of the object and it enhances the quality of images.



9. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

The Simmons 8-point scope is also being one of the best AR 15 scopes with its excellent features and high-quality optics at less price. 

It allows you to hunt in all environmental weather conditions since it comes with the durable construction. It delivers outstanding performance more than you spend on it.

Simmons 8-Point

Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

3-9x50mm Rifle Scope


Simmons 8-point Riflescope is constructed by the rugged and premium-grade materials to withstand bad terrain conditions. To provide a fog-proof and waterproof aspect, it’s sealed with O-ring and purged with nitrogen gas.

And the tough construction of this device prevents the unit from getting damaged caused by drops, bumps, bangs, shocks, water, fog, smoke, snow, and so on.


This premium-quality rifle scope under $100 is simple and effective in the field. What I mean, the scope provides uninterrupted performance regardless of any external obstacles.

The sleek design of the Simmon rifle scope provides ultra-lightweight feel even if you’re operating the scope for a long time. It is also designed to withstand various pressures caused by different weather conditions and environments.

Objective Lens System

Users’ and professionals’ love the Simmons rifle scope because of its 50mm wider optical lens system that delivers crisp and clear images.

Due to the wide lens system, the device can gather a sufficient amount of light thus the scope widely illuminates in all peripheral conditions.

To offer high-contrast and high-definition images, the lens is consolidated with a multi-coated aspect, thereby you can easily shoot the target.

Non- Illuminated Reticle

This best tactical scope is incorporated with a Truplex type reticle that has simple crosshair to provide sufficient illumination.

Because of the simplicity of this scope, it is easy to handle for beginners and is highly appreciated for its low cost. There are elevation and windage adjustment turrets to manipulate the measurements in the scope.

Magnification Range

This riflescope from Simmons is equipped with the magnification range from 3X to 9X. One can utilize this scope for several hunting applications, shooting purposes, and various tactical usages.

For getting swift target acquisition and precise sighting, it comes with a swift focus eyepiece.



10. Monstrum 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

The Monstrum 3-9x32mm Riflescope is the right choice for those who need a tactical scope to get great hunting experience on the field. 

It is also the best scope for AR 15 under $100 with the quality features. The design and construction of this scope surprise you by bringing the reliable performance. This scope is perfect for tactical shooting and hunting.


3-9×32 Rifle Scope


The scope is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to provide longevity and reliability.

The best tactical scope for AR 15 under $100 comes with some resistance aspects such as waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof, and scratch-proof to protect the device from various elements (like weather, terrain).

Due to its durable construction, it has the capability to face off some external forces like drops, bumps, bangs. This cheap AR1-5 riflescope is equipped with a CR1632 battery to provide ample power to the device.


Despite the Monstrum 3-9×32 Rifle Scope being the cheapest version, it will be a perfect addition for your AR-15 rifle. Also, this is a most wanted edition by beginners because of its simple functions and most reliable features.

The rugged and feature-filled construction provides unbeatable performance with its range. This cheap AR riflescope is dependable and repeatable.


The next thing I like in this AR-15 scope is its magnification range. Yes, this tactical equipment comes with the magnification range from 3X to 9X. This range of riflescope is ideal for ranging from shooting to hunting and some more tactical applications.

This allows you to precisely view the target even in the dark and dense forest. If you want to adjust or modify the magnification level, use the detachable lever of the scope.

Illuminated Reticle

The best budget scope for AR 15 under $100 is built with a rangefinder reticle. The Monstrum rifle scope comes with the dual-color reticle, so you can use either red light or green light to get better illumination.

Aside from this, it comes with various brightness ranges thus you can also change the brightness levels depending on your preference and surroundings. Along with this, this rifle scope consolidated with elevation and windage turrets to handle the adjustments.

Optical System

The 32mm multi-coated objective lens is fitted in this AR-15 rifle scope to provide exceptional image quality and high-contrast visuals. Due to this coating, the device can gather an optimum amount of light to provide high contrast images.



Which is the Suitable Best Scope for AR 15 Under $100?

Being expensive does not mean high quality, while cheap does not mean low quality. The quality of an item cannot be determined solely by price. This means that you have to choose the scope that best suits your needs, even after you consider many factors besides price.

There are several hundred high and best scope for AR 15 rifles on the market today that comes with a price range of less than $100, which is a bit difficult to believe, but it is a fact.

Various users who have used low-cost scopes for AR-15s strongly recommend this as an excellent choice for beginners, due to its simple process and functioning. The reason for this is because of the minimal features of the device.

More so, these scopes help beginners to enhance their ability to aiming, targeting, and shooting by its easy and simple interface. Once they utilize these cost-effective scopes effectively, they will gain the potential to operate high-end or expensive scopes.

AR 15 rifle scopes under $100 are ideal for those looking for a quality optical system in their budget.

In addition, low-cost AR-15s are much lighter in comparison to expensive ones. This is suitable for people who are working in the field for a long time and do not want to carry heavy loads.

What Benefits Can You Expect from AR-15 Under $100?

Not only for AR-15 rifle scopes but also for other riflescopes available in the market are different in terms of styles, design, types, technologies, features, and price.

Experts can’t even guarantee that the cheapest scopes are low quality and the expensive scopes are the highest quality that can deliver the best output.

When looking for a scope, the other factors are decided depending on what you utilize the scope for.

Purchasing a cheap or budget-friendly scope for AR 15 rifles does not mean that it will offer lower performance, but rather that they offer optimum performance with fewer features.

Expensive scopes have a variety of updated features and technologies to suit its price and meet consumer’s demands, but cheap scopes provide better output with specific features and technologies.

Generally, AR-15 scopes come with high-power to the low-power magnification level with an armed option to provide enough optical quality. And this quality is optimal for hunting and shooting.

Though the scopes come under $100, the quality of features, performance, and output is top-notch and similar to the expensive one. The impressive thing about these cheap AR-15 riflescopes is its lightweight construction.

This type of scope is very limited in weight as there are equipped with only certain features. That way you won’t have any trouble carrying it while utilizing the device for a long time.

These scopes are also equipped with different types of reticles that enhance your sighting experience even in the low light conditions and pitch darkness. You may face durability and longevity issues because of the low featured and minimal components.

So you should also ensure that the scope you choose comes with a waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof, scratchproof aspect to withstand the various conditions and protect the device from it.

It is very important to be careful when dealing with the scope in bad terrain conditions and to ensure that it does not collide over rough surfaces.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best AR 15 Scope Under $100

Choosing the right scope for your AR-15 rifle is a little difficult at the moment because nowadays there are different models that come from different brands in the market with different ranges of prices.

Such as all other scopes, the low-cost or cheap scope for the AR-15 varies based on brand, type, style, design, technology, mechanism, and some other features.

So in the segment, we’ve revealed the important and prominent factors to consider while buying the best AR-15 scope under $100.

Durability & Adjustability

The first thing you should consider about the scope is its construction and material work.

Of course, the best scope should be made out of premium-grade materials and comes with multi-proof (waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof, scratch-proof) technology to prevent the device from various damages.

If you want flawless and uninterrupted performance, choose the scope that comes with adjustable dials and knobs.

And the elevation and windage turrets of the scope should be effortless to turn also it should come with the perfect size to provide swift target acquisition.

Reticle Type

Generally, AR-15 scope comes with different types of reticles, named duplex reticle, mil-dot reticle, illuminated reticle, non-illuminated reticle, and BDC reticle.

These are perfectly suitable for your several preferences and applications. And there are two reticle options you should choose from Triplex or Red / Green-Dot.

Standard illuminated reticles are much handy especially in the low visible condition and pitch darkness, because of this most of the users go for the illuminated reticle rather than non-illuminated reticle.

More so, illuminated reticles enhance the lighting conditions by brilliantly transmitting the light. On the other hand, red dot scopes are wanted by the beginners to utilize the scope with minimal functions in the field of hunting or shooting.

Aside from this, you should focus on the settings of reticles which are equipped with First Focal Plane (FFP) or Second Focal Plane (SFP).

Magnification Level

If you are going to utilize the scope for hunting, shooting, and tactical applications, it’s important to consider the magnification level of the device, which is one of the prime factors in scope purchase.

Commonly, the magnification range of the scope has two numbers that refer to the diameter of the optical lens and level of the scope.

It is a common fact that a wider objective lens with multi-coated technology provides a smoother and clearer field of view. There are only two types of magnification that are “fixed” and “variable” in the scope.

As its name implies, fixed type magnifications render only a certain range of magnification, which are suitable and beneficial only for significant situations. Aside from this, scope with fixed magnification operates for a long time because it comes with lower components.

The variable type magnification scope is more flexible thus it allows the user to frequently change the range depending on the situation and personal preference.

As well as, it provides swift target acquisition and precision. The feedback of this type is, there is a chance to be easily fragile since scope comes with extra components.

Eye Relief

A standard and long eye relief ensures protection depending on the distance between your eyes and the ocular, thus protecting your eyes and eyebrows from injuries during hunting or shooting.

Experts generally recommend big eye relief because they allow you to see the target accurately without hurting your eyes. Due to industrial growth, most of the scopes currently being manufactured have adjustable eye reliefs, which provide better results in the field.


Parallax on riflescope indicates the image distortions you get when operating on a hunting field. All the high-powered scopes are having parallax options to enhance the shooting and provide precision.

To avoid image distortion when viewing the target by scope, it should be incorporated with a parallax-free adjustment aspect, thereby ensuring perfect aiming and shooting.

Size and Weight

You must consider the size and weight of the scope and it depends upon your shooting style and preferences. The compact riflescope is the best option for the person who uses the scope for the short-range and mid-range hunting.

Or else if you want to utilize the scope for long-range or heavy performance then you need to go for a bit heavy device.

But when it comes to choosing the scope for AR-15 rifles, the first thing to focus on is whether the scope fits easily with your top platform of AR-15.


Truly it’s a difficult task to choose the best product from the thousands of options, which are similar to each other.

The review, guide and tips sections reveal more about the low-cost rifle scopes and its benefits, drawbacks, and so on. Be smart and choose the scope wisely for your purpose.

We believe that you can get more knowledge and ideas about the best AR 15 scopes under $100 with the help of our comprehensive review.

At the same time, we confide that this review will eliminate your confusion between the products. And our guide will assist you at any time of your purchase.

Buy the Best AR 15 Scope Under $100 Today!

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