10 Best Holographic Sights in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Holographic sights are one of the optics that are used for weapons and firearms; these devices use lasers and also mirrors in order to transmit sight pictures that are bright and clear. 

With the use of technology, this type of sights is known to be very easy to use even when its design is truly advanced. Holographic sights are much easier to use when you are targeting and shooting. 

But there are a lot of options that you can see in the stores and markets, that is why it might be hard and confusing for you to have the best pick.

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With that said, we are going to help you pick the best holographic sights that you can use for your firearms. 

Here, the best ones that we found are going to be listed, featured, and described for you to compare and see the suitable one for your hunting needs. 

Through reading this article, you will have an idea about what to buy. Without any further introduction, here they all are: 

10 Best Holographic Sights

10 Best Holographic Sights in 2020

1. EOTech HHS-II Holographic Hybrid Sight

If you are looking for a high-end sight that you can use for your firearms and other weapons, one of the ideal choices that you must consider is this holographic sight from the brand of EOTech. 

It is built to have 20 brightness settings that you can use depending on the lighting condition in the environment you are hunting or shooting in. 

It provides an eye relief of 2.2 inches, and it has a total length of only 7.7 inches.

Special Features

When you use this holographic sight, you can choose to keep your eyes both open in order for you to have the awareness that you need about the location you are shooting in. 

It is also designed to have easily adjustable side buttons that can be used if you want to switch from one brightness setting to another. 

Quick Transitions

If you want a holographic sight that you can use for both close-range and mid-range shooting, this is a holographic sight that can give you that experience. 

It has a very versatile design, which makes it reliable in both short-range shots and medium-range shots. Not just that, it also has a design of being converted from those two modes with ease. 

With the use of the G33 magnifier and the mount, which are both included when you purchase this holographic sight, you can easily switch from having close to medium range shots. 

High Level of Water Resistance

The design of this holographic sight is very durable to withstand being exposed to water. In fact, it has a water resistance property, which gives it the ability to withstand being submerged in water for up to a depth of 33 feet. 

If you try to think of that, the pressure that any object can be exposed to at that specific depth is too much. But this holographic sight has the ability to withstand that.

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2. EOTech EXPS2 Green Holographic Weapon Sight

Another high-end holographic sight that you can also consider is this specific holographic sight that is also manufactured by the same brand as the first one. 

This holographic sight has a fixed magnification power that stays at 1x. It has an operating time that is quite long—to be more specific with that, the operating time of this holographic sight is 600 hours. 

With that range of hours as the operating time, you can even use this holographic sight for really long hours.

Special Features

Its dimensions are 3.8 inches in length, 2.3 inches in width, and 2.9 inches in height. It has a hard coat finish that makes it really tough on the outside. Its weight is only 11.2 ounces only. 

Matte Black Finish

When you see this holographic sight, the first thing that you are probably going to notice is its exterior because it has a very elegant matte black finish that is really good. 

The aesthetics that it gives the whole design of this holographic sight are really amazing. But this specific finish protects the whole surface area of the holographic sight. 

To be more specific with the protective properties, it gives a scratch-resistant performance for this holographic sight.  

Compact Size

Sometimes, there are places that are narrow and confined. When you try to hunt in forests, there will be locations that are full of branches and big trees; this specific holographic sight can be your advantage once you encounter those places because this holographic sight is made with a very compact size of only 3.8 in length. 

This is also a good length that you can have when you want to move fast on the shooting grounds because some holographic sights that are large in size may hinder you from doing so.

3. EOTech XPS3 Transverse Red-Dot Holosight

This holographic sight offers 20 different brightness settings that you can use when you want to choose a brightness setting that will match the lighting condition you are shooting or hunting in. 

It is a wide range of options that you can get from this holographic sight when you compare to the choices that you are going to get from other devices. 

It has a battery life that is more than adequate for your long hunting hours. In fact, it can be operated for up to 1000 hours of shooting or hunting.

Special Features

This holographic sight also offers three different options for the reticle type that you are going to use. You do not have to worry about this holographic sight’s durability since it has a very good built, and it has some waterproofing properties which will protect once water tries to penetrate it. 

Decent Level of Fog Resistance

When you use this holographic sight in places that have inconsistent temperatures, you will be amazed at how reliable it can be. 

Even when the temperature or the moisture of one location changes suddenly, this holographic sight is really perfect for that. Due to the built that it has, fogging will not be allowed to occur on its lenses. 

This is really a helpful feature, especially when you want to hunt or shoot in places that are in high elevation—places like this are known to have very cold temperatures, which may usually cause fogging to some holographic sights that have no fog-proofing properties.

Unlimited Eye Relief

The eye relief that this holographic sight is designed to have makes it one of the safest holographic sights to use, especially when you are going to pair it with a heavy-duty firearm or weapon that is known to be very powerful when it comes to having recoil.

4. EOTech Model 558 Holographic Weapon Sight

When you want a holographic sight that is surely worth the money that you are going to spend on it, this is the holographic sight that you might buy. 

It will also cause you to save more money since it has rechargeable batteries. With these rechargeable batteries, you will save a lot of money in the long run because you will not be required to buy new ones from time to time. 

The resistance of this holographic sight to water is really amazing because it can withstand being submerged to a very deep level of water.

Special Features

Another good factor that makes this holographic sight really worth buying is that it has 30 different brightness settings that you can choose from—20 of which are for your hunting needs in broad daylight while the remaining 10 are for your hunting needs during nighttime since they are specifically made to have night vision technology

Long Operating Hours

When you look at how long the operating hours of this holographic sight is, you will indeed be amazed at its longevity. 

When you use AA alkaline batteries, you will have a shooting experience that can extend for up to 2200 hours. While when you use lithium batteries, you can enjoy using this holographic sight for 2500 hours. 

With its long operating hours, you can even use this holographic sight when hunting for 10 consecutive days of non-stop operation.

Lightweight Construction

The total weight that this holographic sight has is only 13.3 ounces—this is equivalent to only 377 grams. With a weight like this, your mobility in the shooting grounds will be ensured, and you will surely have easy movements if you want to. 

This feature is also another factor that supports the long operating hours since you will not experience any trouble when you carry this holographic sight during extremely long hours of shooting.

5. Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED 3.25 MOA Red-Dot Sight

The design of this specific holographic sight is a big help when you have been wanted to increase or improve both your precision and your accuracy. 

This is also a very handy holographic sight that you can mount on your small-caliber firearms and even on your heavy-hitter ones. 

It has 8 unique brightness settings that you can use. This is a versatile holographic sight since it can be used for a wide variety of applications as law enforcement, military purposes, and even hunting applications.

Special Features

The magnification that this specific holographic sight is designed with is fixed at only 1x. This is a product that is offered for a lifetime warranty, which means that you can be the assurance of having it fixed or replaced once some defects start to appear. 

Forged Aluminum Casing

The housing or the casing of this specific holographic sight is one of the things that make it very reliable when it comes to different applications in the shooting grounds. 

In fact, the aluminum, which is already a very strong material to use, further made to be more durable due to the forging process that it underwent. 

With the whole casing made from forged aluminum, this holographic sight is really tough even when it is really lightweight as well. 

Battery Conservation Mode

This holographic sight is made with a very efficient design that really conserves the power that comes from the batteries used for operating it. 

In fact, it has a setting that you can use where you will be able to save the battery. This is a good feature to have since it causes you to save money in the long run. 

In addition to that, it also causes this holographic sight to last longer in the shooting grounds.

6. Holosun HS510C Circle-Dot Open Reflex Sight

One of the holographic sights that you can buy at a price that is lower than $500 is this specific holographic sight from the brand of Holosun. 

This holographic sight can be a very great help for you to achieve your desired accuracy and precision since it is designed to provide three types of reticle for the users to choose from. 

This is a good holographic sight to have since it is incorporated with an advanced solar technology design that supplies its power instead of being totally reliant on batteries, but you can also bring some batteries of your own for back-up purposes.

Special Features

The magnification type used for this holographic sight is fixed; that is why it is really durable, and it only weighs 264 grams. It has a very quick release mount, and it has a motion sensor. 

6061 Aluminum Housing with Titanium Protective Hood

When talking about durability, this holographic sight’s built is unparalleled due to the very strong materials used for its construction. 

The housing is made from a material called 6061 aluminum, which is known to be very high in strength, while its hood is made from the indestructible titanium—this is a great addition to the whole built of the holographic sight since it really contributes to the sturdiness and toughness of the whole sight. 

Parallax Free Performance

When you have a scope or a holographic sight that is described to have a parallax-free performance, then you really got a good one. 

Parallax is one of the problems experienced by hunters when they are shooting targets that are placed at a different line of sight—it may be higher, and it may be lower too. 

But with this specific holographic sight, you will never have to deal with that problem anymore since it is made to be free from parallax.

7. Holosun HS503CU Micro Red-Dot Sight

Another versatile holographic sight that you can get for yourself is HS503CU that is manufactured by Holosun. 

This is considered to be a very versatile holographic sight since it can be used for a wide variety of weapons such as shotguns, pistols, rifles, and even on crossbows. 

This holographic sight is waterproof, and it has a black finish, which is perfect for stealth attacks and shots.

Special Features

This has a quick-release mount that can be used once you decide to dismount it from your weapon. With that, you can remove it from being mounted in just a matter of how many seconds. 

The adjustments for both the elevation and windage are very easy to use and can be found on both sides of this holographic sight. 

Unlimited Field of View

When you look through the lenses of your scope or of your holographic sight, the sight picture that you are seeing are known to have just a certain wideness that it covers. 

But this specific holographic sight is known to have a very wide field of view that it is even considered as unlimited by some. With this feature, you will be able to be more aware of the surroundings that you are in. 

You will also see more targets and hunt them down easily without having to adjust much of your position just to get a better view of your targets.

Fixed Magnification

When you have a fixed magnification for the devices that you use for shooting and hunting, it means that you are not going to have different choices for the magnification.

With that, there will be no adjustment turrets, and the number of the parts of the holographic sight that is moveable will be lessened; that is why it is more durable when compared to those who have variable magnification power.

8. Burris FastFire III Red-Dot Reflex Sight

This is a ruggedly designed holographic sight that is known to be very tough. Elements that are known to have some damage to holographic sights have no match against the built that this one has. 

It can be impossibly penetrated by harmful elements such as water, fog, and dust. It also has recoil-proof properties that you can experience for the whole lifetime of this holographic sight. 

The portion where you put the batteries of this holographic sight can be found at its top so that you will be able to easily change batteries once you run out of power.

Special Features

This is perfectly made for pistols and AR-15 rifles, but it can also be used for other firearms such as handguns and shotguns. The total length of this holographic sight is only 1.9 inches, and its total weight is only 1.50 ounces. 

Weather-Resistant Construction

The design of this holographic sight gives it the superior durability that you wish for all your sighting devices to have. 

This holographic sight is weather-resistant; that is why it can be used during any weather condition in the shooting grounds. 

Even if it is a sunny day, a cloudy day, or even when it is a rainy day, you will surely be able to rely on the built of this holographic sight. This is a very advantageous feature since it brings both reliability and durability. 

Fast Target Acquisition

If you want to shoot more targets in just a lesser span of time, then this is the feature that you should look for in the holographic sights that you are going to buy. 

With this specific feature, you will be able to save time when hunting, and you will be able to have a convenient use too.

9. Sightmark Ultra-Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight

If the budget is one of your concerns when you are looking for a holographic sight that you can use for your hunting needs, this specific holographic sight is made ideally for you. 

This can be bought for a very low amount, yet the experience that you are going to have with it is really incomparable. 

It has 10 different brightness settings that can be used according to the brightness of the location where you are shooting. It also has a very lightweight yet rugged design.

Special Features

The material used for constructing it is magnesium alloy, and it has a matte black finish. Its objective lens diameter measures 33 millimeters, and it also has an unlimited eye relief that will keep your eyes and eyebrows safe from powerful recoils. 

When this holographic sight is purchased, it comes with free adjustment tools, one neoprene cover, and a battery.

Night Vision Modes

When you look at the brightness settings of this specific holographic sight, you will find that it has some brightness settings that are made specifically for conditions such as night time. 

This is a great advantage to have since you will be able to use this one both during your daytime hunting and also during your night time hunting. 

Even when you decide to hunt at any time of the day, this holographic sight will indeed perform its functions and will prove its usefulness. 

Anti-Reflective and Scratch Resistant Coated Lenses

The coating that this specific holographic sight has is enhanced in order to give it a very useful function. With the anti-reflective properties of the coating, this holographic sight will surely reach your expectations for its performance. 

While the properties that make it scratch resistant are the ones responsible for protecting the lenses from developing scratches, especially when exposed to some obscurants and elements that might damage its lenses. This is an essential feature to have so that both the longevity and the reliability is assured.

10. BARSKA Multi-Reticle 1x Electro Sight – Holographic Sight

Another very affordable holographic sight that you might want to consider buying is this last holographic sight on our list. 

This is probably the one that has the lowest price, but it does not necessarily mean that it has the least reliable features. In fact, this is one of the favorites of many hunters and shooters who usually go hunting. 

This holographic sight is designed for you to have an unlimited eye relief that will give you the safest shooting experiences even when you mount this one on a firearm that has powerful recoils.

Special Features

This holographic sight is also parallax-free, meaning to say, you will not have any trouble when you want to shoot some targets that are placed at a different line of sight. 

Multi-Coated Lenses

The multi-coated lenses of this holographic sight are the ones that make it very dependable when it comes to producing sight pictures that are bright and clear in appearance. 

So, even when you choose to use this holographic sight in low-light conditions, you will still see sight pictures that are brighter when compared to the actual view that you have. 

When compared to a single layer of coating only, having multi-coated lenses is a hundred times better.

Second Focal Plane 

When your reticle is placed at the second focal plane and not at the first focal plane, you will be able to use a reticle size that does not change regardless if you zoom in or zoom out. 

The main benefit that you can get from this type of focal plane is that it gives you the freedom to see a full view of the targets that you are going to shoot. It will also not block some parts of the field of view that you have on the lenses.

Features of Holographic Sight

Fetures of Holographic

What is Holographic Sight?

Holographic sight is also known as holographic diffraction sight. It is the part of the main three gun sight with the red dot and reflexes that use the mirror or laser to transmit the back of the reticle image to the user’s eye.

Holographic sight is specially designed for fast target acquisition, and also it helps to shoot the accurate target up to 300 yards without any magnifier.

It is also defined as the most advanced type of reticle sight because the internal laser of this sight will position the reticle image on the sight’s optics. The reticle is available in different shapes, but the holographic sight’s fabrication process is the same for all shapes.

Holographic Sight Vs Red Dot Sight

The performance of the holographic sight and Red Dot Sight is under the same optics category. These two products transmit the reticle and lighted dot, but the technology used for these optics are completely different.

A Light Emitting Diode is used in the Red Dot Sight to project the dot over the specially coated lens, but a powerful laser is used in the holographic sight. The lens forwards the backward image of the red dot to the user’s eye.

The technology used in the red dot sight is less complicated than the holographic sight. When it comes to optics sight, complicated technology has an expensive price. You can easily identify the good quality red dot sight at an affordable price.

On another side, the holographic sight is a bit pricey than the red dot sight. There are a lot of companies that manufacture red dot sights, so there are a lot of options for you to choose from. When it comes to holographic sight, there are two companies only stand on with holographic sight technology. 

Top Brands For Holographic Sight


If you are planning to purchase a holographic sight, your first choice was EOTech. EOTech was introduced in 1995 by Michigan Development Corporation. At first, it was a commercial spin-off of the Environmental Research Institute in Michigan.

The company introduced the first holographic sight in the 1996 SHOT Show, and also it won the optic of the year award. This company introduced different versions of holographic sight in the years 2000 and 2001, and they got a contract with the U.S Special Operations Command in the year 2005.

Moreover, the holographic sight from the EOTech is one of the most believable military optics. The latest design of the holographic sight from EOTech in 2014 will improve its performance and resolve some problems, such as the water ingress problem.

In the year 2015, the company’s reputation was blown down because of the fiasco about thermal drift. They resolved that problem and recovered their reputation in the year 2018, and they again got a contract with the USSOCOM to produce the high-quality close quarter’s combat sight for the elite military. The products that are introduced by EOTech are designed with military standards. 

Vortex Optics

Nowadays, vortex optics is one of the most demandable brands. This company introduced different types of products, and all products have some sort of lens system. The Rifle Scope, Red Dot Sight, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, and Rangefinder are the most regarded products from Vortex.

These products are produced for all budget people. When it comes to the holographic sight, the vortex introduced the first non-EOTech holographic sight, and there was no surprise that the UH-1 is also a good optics.

Jerry Miculek Used the Vortex Razor UH-1 for the world record in the 2017 SHORT Show. Overall, Vortex Optics is a good competitor of EOTech.

Why Holographic Sight is the best choice?

There is a wide variety of red dot sight available in the market at an affordable price, but why are people looking for the extra price holographic sight? Apart from the availability and price the holographic sight is superior to the red dot sight with its technology.

The biggest reason for investing in holographic sight is it helps to easily focus on the target. In the red dot sight, it will show a dot to focus on your eye. Using the red dot sight, the eye will try to focus on the dot which is located at the distance of the sight.

Anyhow, the holographic sight will project the reticle in front of the eye. Our human brain is not focusing on more than one thing at the same time. When using the red dot sight our brain is confused between focusing on the close-focus point and the distance target point which is the dot and the target.

It results in dozy target acquisition. When it comes to the holographic sight, the reticle is appearing over the target so that your eyes only focus on the target for the perfect target acquisition. Using the holographic sight, the user can easily and fastly focus on the target.

When it comes to the tactical situation, this feature will help to save your life. There is no other sight will help to the fast target acquisition than the holographic sight.

When it comes to durability, the holographic sight will perform well than the red dot sight. A high-quality holographic sight can easily withstand the powerful recoil, ocean depths, high temperature, heavy G-forces, and raging fire.

Things To Consider Before Buying The holographic Sight

In order for you to have more knowledge about the properties that you must look for in the holographic sight that you are going to buy, you must know the importance of some factors and some of their benefits too. With that said, here is a buying guide that you might want to consider before finally deciding.

Materials used for the Construction

For every item that you are going to buy, it is always important that you check first the quality and the reliability of the materials that are used for the construction since it is where the durability depends. 

Without a high-quality construction, you will never experience having high-quality holographic sights too. That is why this is one of the features that you must look for first before finally choosing or buying a holographic sight. 

The durability of your holographic sight also covers the weatherproofing properties that are must possess—so, you must also consider buying a holographic sight that has some weatherproofing properties for you to be able to use it in any weather condition that you want. 

Having some properties to protect the lenses and the housing of your holographic sight is also another thing that you must consider when it comes to the overall quality. 

Brightness Setting

When it comes to holographic sight, we all like to choose a wide range of brightness settings. It helps to get a clear view of the target in any environmental light condition.

The adjustability of the reticle brightness level in a comfortable position will help to improve the shooting performance.

Anyhow, some models of the holographic sight are designed with the auto-brightness features that allow to automatically adjust the brightness level based on the environment. 

Window Aperture

In the holographic sight, reflex sight, and red dot sight for the AR-15 or other tactical firearm, the aperture allows you to see the reticle and field.

It is the window to view the field and also the design of these sights allows you to shoot the target with both eyes open. You have to consider the window that allows you to view the field of 100 yards. 


When compared to the other reflex sights, the holographic sight will provide the cleaner reticle to focus on the target. But you have to pay some extra price for this type of clarity.

There are a lot of reticle designs available, even though a red dot is used in the seriatim with a large MOA circle in the holographic sight.

The red dot works well in long and medium-range shooting, and the large MOA circle will work well in shooting moving close-range targets.

In the laser reflex sight, there are a lot of reticle options available so that you just scroll the various patterns to choose the suitable one that you need based on the environment. 

Mounting Choice

Holographic sight does not have the ability to mount in all types of guns. Some sights will fit in rail mounts, some will fit for picatinny mount, and some of the sights will be suitable for weaver rails. You have to make sure the compatibility of holographic sight is suitable for your rail mount. 

Eye Relief

The distance between the eye and the viewing window is defined as the eye relief. A convenient sight will provide the certain distance from the window to the eye for a clear view of the target.

When it comes to these types of sight, eye relief is not important because you can clearly view the target from any angle or distance through the window.

Range of Cost

Holographic sights are usually pricey. They are offered or sold for a very high range of prices, but there are still some other units that are offered for low price ranges. 

With that said, you have to be smart in choosing, and you may want to check as many holographic sights as you can to differentiate the prices. 

This is a very important thing to consider since money is always a concern that you have to take seriously when buying some things that you want to last long. 

So, you have to be so smart about buying since it is not easy to earn money. That is why you have to be smart in spending it. 


When you buy a holographic sight, you have to make sure that it is versatile enough to mount on several firearms and weapons. 

Since holographic sights are usually high in price, you will be able to maximize the use of it if you can mount it on almost any firearm that you have. In addition, versatility also covers the wide range of applications that holographic sights can be used. 

With that said, you must choose a holographic sight that you can bring to any hunting application that you want to use it for. 

This is a feature that must not be taken lightly since it will depict the things that you will be able to do with the holographic sight that you are going to buy. 

The versatility of your holographic sight also covers the wide range of options that it can give you when it comes to different settings. 

So, it is better to buy one that has more options for reticle type, brightness, magnification, and other factors that you will need when hunting.

Working of Holographic Sight

Bottom Line

The holographic sights that are mentioned above all have features that make it one of the best holographic sights that you can buy from the stores and markets.

These holographic sights have their own strengths that make them suitable for different applications and for different purposes too. The ones that are listed above have proven the balance in all their features—whether it be in durability, reliability, versatility, and many other more.

In addition, holographic sights are very high-tech devices that are known to really improve hunters’ and shooters’ accuracy and precision. We do hope that we have helped you in some ways for you to have a final decision about what to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. the US military used this holographic sight in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The EOTech holographic sight has the 3X magnification range so that you can easily shoot 300 yards distance targets.

The advanced technology is used in the holographic sight, unlike for the red dot sight, there are few manufacturers making holographic sight. Due to these reasons, the holographic sight is more expensive than the red dot sight. 

Holographic sight is an excellent choice for close combat because you don’t have time to adjust the scope in that situation so that this holographic sight is used in the marine corps, US Army, and USSOCOM. 

It depends on the performance. The red dot sight is a good choice for self-defense and the holographic sight will perform well in tactical and close combat situations.