10 Best Long-Range Rifle Scopes Under $1000 in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Great! Ready to upgrade your shooting skills with long-range targets? Hitting long-range targets that 1000 yards away is not a joke, the same for hunting fast-moving predators. If you are looking forward to shooting at 1000 yards and beyond, you must have the Best riflescope with you.

As a shooting enthusiast or a hunter, your sport requires a correct optic and firearm to make it great for you.

When you planned to practice long-range targeting, you would have searched for various riflescopes to improvise the vision and acquisition. It might be intimidating for you to land on the right optic.

Your choice won’t go wrong or fail when you are ready to spend around $1000 on a long-range scope. It is not over here. You have to find the Best long-range rifle scopes under $1000 with great glass quality, durable build, clarity, accuracy, long eye relief, high field of view, wide variable magnification range, easy-to-see reticle, illumination, and overall performance.

Though it was hard, we managed to list down the Best long-range rifle scopes under $1000 of the year to skip your research sessions and bring you directly to buy a scope.

If you are out of time to read the complete review, here is the list of Best long-range rifle scopes under $1000 in 2022. But, we recommend you to read through the review so you will know the different aspects that make the certain product the best.

10 Best Long-Range Rifle Scopes Under $1000

What to expect when purchasing the Long-range Rifle Scope Under $1000?

A thousand dollars is a decent budget for a long-range rifle scope. It might be high for some of you like me but an expensive long-range riflescope will make a great difference in the game.

The rifle scopes under $1000 help to level up your shooting prowess. The most expected things in the long-range rifle scope under $1000 are the durable construction material, fully multi-coated lens, and magnification range for better performance in any kind of situation.

Not all the long-range rifle scopes under $1000 are made of aluminum, so check it. The scope build is crucial to consider and when it is material, aluminum is the best choice if you want a lightweight rifle scope. Meanwhile, aluminum provides waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof advantages so the scope withstand all environmental and weather conditions. 

When it comes to the lens, the basic expectation is fully multi-coated. The lens usually has an anti-reflective layer that ensures the visibility to lock the target even in sunlight.

Scopes of this price range will give a clear wide field of view and easy windage adjustments. It is possible to get the illuminated reticle scope for quick target acquisition and precise zero with a $1000.

The best long-range rifle scope should be able to work in all lighting conditions. However, the scopes under $1000  come with a wide objective lens and tube so you get the optimal light transmission. 

The average magnification range you can expect from $1000 riflescopes is between 3x and 24x. As a long-range scope, the zoom in and out value is also appreciable. 

The extra added accessories given with the long-range riflescopes are beneficial.

The best quality long-range rifle scope works great for powerful weapons like AR 15.

10 Best Long-Range Rifle Scopes Under $1000 in 2022

1. ZEISS 4-16x44mm Conquest V4 Riflescope

For stability between a powerful magnification and a wider viewing field, ZEISS – 4-16x44mm – Conquest V4 – Riflescope is a perfect candidate for you. 

It is good for various hunting types. For $949.99, owning a reliable won’t be just another futile dream.

With its uncompromising ruggedness and quality, this riflescope has combined its ZEISS optics technology with a practical design. It offers you with a versatile sight performance, which can show you a clearer image when used on the field.-

ZEISS - 4-16x44mm - Conquest V4 - Riflescope

Its magnification varies from 4x to 16x that provides a viewing field of 28.5 feet to 7.1 feet, respectively. With this, establishing its foothold in the market just becomes stronger. It had set a new height of standard for class and functionality.

ZEISS – 4-16x44mm – Conquest V4 – Riflescope is quite a perfect device for you in relation to medium & long-ranged shots with its well-balanced magnification.

The ZMOA-2, SFP reticle of this riflescope, has the finest crosshairs, which supports you in aligning your shots with sufficient precision at the furthest distance. 

You will never miss your targets again whenever you go hunt. The arrowed-shape posts are pointed to the fine lines, which makes aiming with greater accuracy towards smaller targets possible.

Significantly, you are guaranteed to experience a high contrast, brilliant images that can go well in diverse lighting environments. Twilight and dawn hunting won’t be that hard anymore.

Its optical technology can deliver 90% of the light that can offer a higher resolution compared to other similar riflescopes. It can also excel well in lower light environments, which promises fast target acquisition using its high magnification.

The lens is fully coated with ZEISS-T*, which has been fine-tuned individually to achieve maximum optical performance. It constantly adjusts to suit every glass-materials and qualification, which varies from each lens.

This riflescope also boasts its LotuTec Technology, which enables you to see nature under a closer observation that can be used in various [ weather ] conditions. Having a clear image viewing scope really helps for long-range applications.

If this riflescope is within your budget limit, there is no need for you to hold back. Enjoy the experience it can give you on the field. It is one of the best long-range rifle scopes under 1000



2. Bushnell 4.5-30X50mm Riflescope

Bushnell – 4.5-30X50mm – Riflescope has been developed thanks to the help of military professionals nationwide, keeping law enforcement in mind. 

This long-range riflescope takes reliability and sight precision in great regard when adding other functional features. For $907.98, you get to enjoy a powerful magnification with well-balanced image quality while offering 4.5 feet to 21 feet field of view.

Bushnell Tactical 4.5-30X50 Rifle Scope

Its magnification can be adjusted smoothly from 4.5x to 30x, which offers a large volume of brightness being gathered by the huge objective lens that measures 50mm. 

With this, achieving clarity and high contrast image quality will be easy, which will surely come in handy during your hunting while being protected by its 3-inch sunshade against stray light. Due to the hight-quality feature of this scope, it is also consider a one of the best long-range rifle scopes under 1000

This riflescope contains built-in MilDot reticle and adjustable turrets, which are useful for the accurate acquisition of your subject in different environments with a 4-inch eye relief allowance. 

Moreover, dusk & dawn (DD) hunting will be an easy feat to achieve, which lessens your chances of missing your shots on the field.

The lens is fully multicoated, which enables you to experience a crisp and razor-sharp sight performance. 

It lets you improve your situational-awareness while observing your target at the furthest distance without compromising your shooting position. There is no doubt that this is a perfect device for you by appreciating its hairsplitting accuracy shots.

Bushnell – 4.5-30X50mm – Riflescope can significantly help you in estimating windage, distance, and elevation with precision and accuracy. The optic built of this riflescope is coated with black matte, which helps in concealing your presence that is vital for hunting.

This riflescope can also withstand even the harshest conditions by appreciating its sturdy built. It is coated with Bushnell’s unique RainGuard HD along with IPX7 waterproof built, which allows your lenses to maintain its crystal clear clarity, sealing the optics dry with O-rings. 

In addition to that, it can last for up to 30 minutes of 3 feet accidental water immersion while preventing fogging from occurring.

It also boasts EXO-Barrier Protection, which is another innovative optical coating technology that repels water, dust, oil, and debris while completely preventing the occurrence of scratches after continuous usage.

It also offers you a limited lifetime warranty, which can fully help hunting enthusiasts. If this riflescope is within your budget limit, then you must give it a try.



3. Visionking 3-30X56mm Riflescope

For only $500, you can own a 1st focal plane (FFP) riflescope that can help you in acquiring and shooting your target accurately. This is quite a catch for hunter aficionados out there.

Using Visionking 3-30X56mm Riflescope lets you see a full-scale glass-etched reticle at its highest power level. Its reticle markers are beneficial for your most, especially in long-range applications.

This riflescope has a powerful magnification that ranges from 3x to 30x, offering a field of view of 34.1 feet and 3.41 feet & 4.7 inches to 3.8 inches of eye relief, respectively.

Visionking - 3-30X56mm - Riflescope

It is perfect for both medium-range & long-range shooting, which supports you in acquiring and monitoring your targets easily. It is a great advantage for analyzing your surroundings clearly, which is vital when facing any danger in hunting.

This riflescope has been built with a 56mm objective lens, which gathers a large volume of light that is useful for achieving supreme sight performance. It enables you to fully enjoy hunting at its finest as it can give you with cristal clear clarity and high contrast image details.

With its sturdy construction, you are sure that it can withstand extreme conditions in the wild, fortifying its strength despite continuous use. It is a reliable device that can meet your hunting preferences under any conditions.

Visionking – 3-30X56mm – Riflescope works perfectly well on heavy, hard-hitting, [large] caliber firearms, which are mostly used for extended applications. You won’t have to worry about any heavy impact that resulted from constant recoil. It has been tested to resist a shock of at least 3000g, making it ideal for you.

Moreover, this riflescope can hold [ itself ] quite well when facing even in the harshest wet conditions. You also won’t worry about cloudiness when hunting in colder conditions as it is fog proof. It prevents any moisture from penetrating the lens, which, in turn, gives you the finest clarity that you could ever imagine.

If this riflescope is within your budget limit, buy it. Enjoy hunting or participating in a competition without any regrets.



4. Styrka S5 Series 4.5-14x44mm Riflescope

Styrka – S5 Series – 4.5-14x44mm – Riflescope has been designed to offer a lifetime of supreme performance under all circumstances.

If you prefer a mildot reticle, this riflescope is for you. It boasts not only its high variable 4.5x to 14x magnification but also its capabilities to gather enough light, which strengthens its optical performance that will support you for medium & long-ranged purposes using the 44mm objective lens.

Adjusting the side-focus and parallax settings of this riflescope can be done easily without much hassle, which compliments your stable shooting position at the furthest distance with ¼ click adjustments.

Styrka - S5 Series - 4.5-14x44mm - Riflescope

It is embedded with rugged-erecting lens tube control, which also helps in maintaining your shooting accuracy and point of impact. This is vital for hunting in extreme situations.

Its optic lenses are dedicated to offering you the outstanding performance which most hunters will love and approve of. 

Significantly, the lenses are fully multicoated with SXL coatings, a type of anti-reflective substance that produces excellent brightness, high contrast color precision, and razor-sharp image content.

With the lens’s blackened edges, you can view through the scope more comfortably than most similar riflescope as it can block and reduce glare and light reflection when hunting on an open field with no shade. 

It enhances the visibility of your target, which is strengthened by its magnification and field of view that measures 7.5 feet to 23.4 feet.

Give your faith in this riflescope as its study construction is all by appreciating its aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum built, making it durable and longer-lasting despite its lightweight design.

Styrka – S5 Series – 4.5-14x44mm – Riflescope has also been tested for water immersion, which can last for up to 30 minutes under a depth of 3.3 feet. It also houses nitrogen gas, which prevents fogginess in any conditions that you might experience when hunting.

Having this riflescope as your hunting companion is pretty much convenient considering its features that might come in handy on the field for you—all of this for only $299.



5. Discovery HD 4-24X50mm Riflescope

Discovery HD – 4-24X50mm – Riflescope has been designed to compliment air-rifles with a large diameter built available for you only at $375.99.

This riflescope is ideal for both medium & long-range shooting, which lets you completely conceal your presence when faced with your prey or for snipers when suppressing the terrorists that threaten public safety.

Its magnification of 4x to 24x can offer you with a larger field of view that ranges from 33.6 feet under lower level and 8.2 feet under a higher magnification level with 3.34 inches to 3.07 inches of eye relief. 

It can further improve your situational awareness and help you determine whether or not there is a danger when hunting in the field.

Discovery HD - 4-24X50mm - Riflescope

It contains six levels of lighting brightness, which can offer you with crisp sight solution that can adapt to any light conditions. 

It lends you greater power to let you achieve a higher accuracy rating for long-range hunting, which helps you acquiring your target quickly.

Its lens is fully multicoated with anti-reflective technology, which lessens any unwanted light reflection brought about by brighter environments. 

The overall condition of your eyes won’t be compromised as this feature will help to prevent glares while optimizing its sight performance. It also includes a 3-inch sunshade, which can further strengthen the protection it can give you.

Discovery HD – 4-24X50mm – Riflescope is also built using a quality aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy material, making it longer lasting. Aside from that, it can resist even the strongest impact that resulted from heavy recoiling after successive firing. It will not be damaged nor break that easily.

Additionally, it is filled using nitrogen while being completely sealed by O-rings which lets you enjoy a waterproof and fog-proof riflescope that can be used under different weather conditions. Its performace will never diminish even for dusk & dawn (DD) hunting.

This riflescope is a good catch considering its affordable price and quality performance. Definitely, it can support you during your hunting expeditions. The quality built of this long-range rifle scope under 1000 ensures that it can withstand in all environmental condition. 



6. Barska SWAT Series 6-24x60mm Riflescope

Designed to operate well under the most challenging circumstances, Barska – SWAT Series 6-24x60mm – Riflescope will deliver optimal sight solutions that can meet your hunting preferences.

For only $369.99, you can fully enjoy hunting by appreciating its flexible magnification power that ranges from 6x that covers 15 feet field of view to 24x that covers 4.2 feet field of view. Having enough clarity can undeniably help you in pinpointing your subject when out on the field.

Its lens is fully multicoated in advanced optic coatings, gathering sufficient brightness that you might need under different occasions using the huge objecting lens measuring 60mm. This riflescope provides long eye relief of 3.5 inches.

In addition to that, the illuminated glass-etched mildot infrared reticle of Barska – SWAT Series 6-24x60mm – Riflescope helps you in keeping your targets that compliments the environment that you might be into.

You get to enjoy razor-sharp and high-quality image viewing, which lessens the chances of missing your shots to your marked target. Moreover, its sunshade can completely block any stray light that might harm your eyes.

Adjusting the turret and parallax of Barska – SWAT Series 6-24x60mm – Riflescope is also easy, which can adapt well depending on the set distance for shooting for 1/8 MOA click adjustment.

Barska – SWAT Series 6-24x60mm – Riflescope can guarantee you with 100% waterproofing and fog proofing as the optic lenses are purged with nitrogen gas while being sealed completely with O-rings. It can also withstand extreme shock from heavy recoil.

Having Barska – SWAT Series 6-24x60mm – Riflescope can definitely enhance your shooting accuracy for long-distance applications. It is worth purchasing, considering its economically friendly price. It is also considered as one of the best long-range rifle scopes under 1000



7. SECOZOOM 4-50x75mm Riflescope

For powerful magnification power, SECOZOOM – 4-50x75mm – Riflescope comes to mind. This riflescope lets you see a larger viewing field that comes from a 4x power level with 26.7 feet and 50x with 2.3 feet, which can clearly provide you with excellent first-hand closer sight performance.

What makes it quite a catch is its huge objective lens that measures 75mm. This means that it can quickly gather and deliver a larger amount of light that is vital for having the highest clarity and crisp image quality with sufficient sharpness and contract.

SECOZOOM - 4-50x75mm - Riflescope

This riflescope also boasts its unique [ ED ] Lens Element with extra-low dispersion of glass that provides higher resolution quality and hue fidelity, thereby further improving sight solution. 

Its optic lens is also multicoated in several layers of green, which can aid in the increasing transmission of light with utmost brightness available.

SECOZOOM – 4-50x75mm – Riflescope is quite compatible for large, hard-hitting, heavy caliber firearms that are used for extreme distances which include .308, 338-Lapua Magnum and 50 BMG. This riflescope can help you cover up to 2000 yards of shooting range with 3.1 inches to 4.95 inches eye relief.

It is quite an advantage for snipers under special operations or for hunters who prefer long-range hunting as it uses an illuminated glass-etched mildot reticle. 

It can even withstand the harshest recoil while providing extended relief for your eyes. Its low glare anodized matte finish also helps you in maintaining your camouflage without revealing your shooting position.

Its optic lens is built with superior aircraft-grade aluminum, which fortifies rigidity and its durable strength. It can hold [ itself ] against scratches, dirt, and oil while resisting water, which can show you the supreme visual solution.

This riflescope performs quite well in terms of optical performance and accuracy, which can further improve your marksmanship skills. Go ahead and buy this powerful product for only $337.



8. SECOZOOM 2.5-35x56mm Riflescope

Another product from SECOZOOM, this riflescope, can show how powerful it is when dealing with innovative features and visual performance. 

SECOZOOM – 2.5-35x56mm – Riflescope can cover a distance of at least 1000 to 2000 yards or 1000 to 2000 meters using its supreme magnification settings.

It is a well-rounded, versatile and flexible riflescope as it can be used for close combat, medium & long-ranged applications by appreciating its 2.5x to 35x magnification power with 2.7 feet to 37.7 feet field of view.

SECOZOOM - 2.5-35x56mm - Riflescope

This riflescope has 5 brightness levels in colors of red, black, and green, which can adjust well depending on your hunting environment with a 56mm objective lens. It uses an illuminated glass-etched mildot reticle that is good for assisting long-ranged shots.

This riflescope can provide 96.99% of brightness transmission, which is a remarkable feat by appreciating the huge obj. lens, making it a superior product compared with other similar riflescopes. It can even operate under -51°F to -212°F temperature range for its stable glass optics.

In terms of transmissivity, this riflescope is flawless. It can prevent any moisture from penetrating its sight while eliminating chromatic anomaly at the same time. It is, indeed, a revolutionary product that you can rely on when hunting with 3.5 inches to 4.4 inches eye relief.

This riflescope is very much suitable for ultra-large and heavy caliber rifles, which are mostly used for military purposes which include 338-Lapua magnum, 50 BMG, and .308. by appreciating its sturdy built made up of aircraft T6061 aluminum material, it is able to resist completely against shock and impact of over 3000 times after its testing and development stage. Additionally, this riflescope can work perfectly well, even on desert combat.

The optical lens of this riflescope has been pressurized and filled with a combination of both nitrogen gas and rare/unique earth gasses, which can inhibit fogging or hazing for a longer time. It is mostly unaffected by atmospheric changes from under sea level up to 5 miles above sea level.

SECOZOOM – 2.5-35x56mm – Riflescope has also been certified by CEFCC RoHs, which increase its trustworthiness and reliability. For only $315, you can certainly obtain a quality riflescope. Despite its low price, its performance will never be compromised on the field.



9. SECOZOOM 4-48x65mm Riflescope

SECOZOOM – 4-48x65mm – Riflescope is another versatile product from SECOZOOM. It boasts a powerful magnification range of 4x to 48x with unparalleled light transmission by appreciating its 65mm objective lens, which is considered as superior riflescope compared with similar products.

This riflescope can be used for both medium & long-ranged applications, which can cover up to 1000 to 2000 yards. 

Its magnification power is praiseworthy, allowing you to fully immerse yourself for achieving accurate and precise shots released at the furthest distance with 2.2 feet to 25.1 feet field of view. It lets you to perfectly execute your camouflage without getting caught by unwanted eyes.

SECOZOOM - 4-48x65mm - Riflescope

Just like other SECOZOOM riflescope, this riflescope also boasts its unique [ ED ] Lens Element technology with extra-low dispersion of glass, which can provide a higher quality resolution and hue fidelity that is crucial for sight solution.

This unique feature helps in preserving your scope by withstanding scratches, moisture, water, dust, dirt, and fogging or hazing. It can also provide a longer eye relief of 3.1 inches to 4.95 inches.

It can even hold [ itself ] flawlessly against extreme shock and impact made by continuous heavy recoiling. It has been tested to resist against 3000g to 5000g of shock conducted by SECOZOOM. On this note, you are sure that it can perform well for large and heavy caliber rifles that include .308, 338-Lapua magnum, and 50 BMG.

Its optics are also multicoated in several layers of green with an anodized finish, which prevents any unwanted light from hurting your eyes. It also increases your chance to experience an excellent visual representation with crystal clear clarity and razor-sharp quality.

SECOZOOM – 4-48x65mm – Riflescope is perfect for both long-range hunting and sniping applications. It can help you further improve your marksmanship capabilities by enhancing your accuracy & precision shooting rate. The mildot reticle of this riflescope is illuminated in red, black, and green colors.

This riflescope can compete very well against other similar riflescopes when it comes to affordability and quality optical performance, which has been recognized and certified by CEFCC RoHs. With only $300, you can be confident in hunting for long-range shooting.



10. Styrka 4-12x50mm S3 Series Riflescope

Styrka – 4-12x50mm – S3 Series – Riflescope is a versatile and flexible product that costs only $165, which makes it quite a budget saver. It offers a supreme visual solution at an affordable price.

This riflescope is perfect for mid-range to long-range applications, which is amplified by its magnification power that ranges from 4x to 9x. 

It can completely allow you to enhance your awareness of your surroundings while observing your prey from afar by showing you a field of view that measures 8.8 feet to 26.8 feet. Each shot you release with the assistance of this riflescope can offer you excellent accuracy results.

Styrka S3 Series 4-12x50 Plex Riflescope

It is combined with the huge obj. lens that measures 50mm, its visual system is fully multicoated in SXL anti-reflective finish. 

With this, it can further increase the volume of brightness being gathered and delivered depending on your hunting environment. This riflescope gives you a brighter and sharper image-quality using enough color and contrast.

The optics’ blackened edges can block any unwanted light, which prevents the occurrence of glare and reflection, thereby enhancing the image precision even further. Moreover, its Rugged-Erector-Tube System supports you by maintaining accuracy & point of impact during hunting operations.

This 50mm riflescope can quickly adjust the parallax settings while allowing you to maintain your shooting location by appreciating its side-focus control and a fast-focus eyepiece. Additionally, you can flawlessly calibrate the focus of your plex reticle after every magnification changes by ¼ click adjustment.

Styrka – 4-12x50mm – S3 Series – Riflescope has a sturdy and durable construction made from aircraft-grade 6061/T6 aluminum, making it a reliable partner over a long period of time. It can also give you longer eye relief of 3.9 inches to 4.1 inches.

Its optic lens is purged with nitrogen gas, which enables you to perform well in various conditions while preventing fogging from penetrating the scope internally. It is sealed completely, proving itself to withstand against water immersion of under 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes with an IPX-7 rating.

This affordable scope will never compromise its quality sight performance. Without a doubt, having it can help you enjoy hunting with much ease. This is the last product in the list of best long-range rifle scopes under 1000, it does not mean that the quality of this scope is low. This scope also has a good quality in affordable price.



Why Should You Purchase A Long-range Scope?

For Better Accuracy

When the target range is increased, the difficulty in accuracy is also increased. Without using a scope, most of the shooters aren’t able to shoot the certain range of the target accurately. A scope will help to improve the image clarity of the long range target and also improves your shooting skills time to time, so you can shoot the target more confidently. 

For Better Score

A scope will allow you to see and shoot the target more accurately. In most cases, the target shooter shooting the long-range target without any scope is completely waste of time and bullets. Scope is defined as a tool for the shooters to shoot the long-range target accurately. If you learn to shoot the target with the scope, you will get more confident and can get a better score in shooting. 

For Longer Range

A long-range scope will maintain the image quality of the distance target, so these scopes are very useful for hunters. Because they can maintain the safe distance from the dangerous prey. A long-range scope also offers time to comfortably shoot the target and provide adjustability to shoot the target. 


Several aspects are needed to consider prior to purchasing your own riflescope. These are crucial in utilizing your shooting capabilities for participating in a shooting competition or hunting, among others. 

Please read the factors below that you need to take into consideration before purchasing a rifle.

What will be your usage for it?

It is important to know your reason for buying a riflescope so you can avoid wasting your money. For example: Is your purpose for buying a riflescope:

    1. For Long Range Hunting?
    2. For Sports Shooting?
    3. For Participating in a Shooting Competition?
    4. For Home Personal Defense?
    5. For Law Enforcements?
    6. For Tactical & Military Missions?
usages of Long-range Rifle Scope under 1000
The long-range riflescopes are used for many applications.

As long as you align your needs when buying a long-range riflescope, it won’t be that hard buying the right one for you.


When it comes to buying a rifle scope for long-range applications, magnification is vital. A scope that has too little or too much magnification power might waste your money if you don’t take it seriously.

For a sniper undergoing for a covert operation or hunting aficionado, the scope with powerful magnification that ranges from 9x & above magnification can further improve the potential of your rifle. It can even amplify your shooting accuracy rate.

Magnification Ranges For Long range rifle scope
Check the magnification range of the scope to shoot the long-range target accurately

Take note that most enthusiasts employ <9x magnification power when participating in a competition. Moreover, the correct riflescope can further increase their winning chances.

Image Property

We can all agree that riflescope’s main objective is to provide you with supreme optical performance and focus for hunting or even locking in the terrorists for public security. A detailed and razor-sharp image-quality enables you to monitor your targets’ movement while improving your situational-awareness.

Image Property- for Deer Hunting
The purpose of the image is to show the clear view of target, so make sure that the scope shows the clear image of the targets.

Powerful magnification with versatile lighting conditions offers a notable image accuracy for long-range applications.


The long-range rifle scope under $1000 should be designed with good durability to justify the asking price. At the end, check the coating might protect the lens of the scope.

The defensive coating is more beneficial that prevents the lens from scratches or dent , even if the scope is submerged into the water.

Moreover, you have to check whether your scope has the fog-proof and water-proof construction. Such scopes are perfect to use for hunting in all weather conditions. AA the scopes under $1000 ensure durability, but the exact construction details vary from scope to scope. 

Focal Plane

Usually, reticles in the rifle scopes are designed in either the first or second focal plane. The reticle in the first focal plane will change based on the magnification range, which means the estimation hash mask or holdover will be accurate in all magnification ranges. Anyhow, the first focal plane is a bit tricky to use. 

On other hand, the size of the reticle in the second focal plane will not change in any magnification range. This will perfectly show the accurate target in one magnification range, usually, it is in a lower setting, but you have to guess the elevation and windage mark value for switching away from the setting. The reticle in the second focal plane is very easy to use, but it is difficult to compensate for the longer or shorter range.

First and Second Focal plane

If you are comfortable with the focal planes, both are provided to successful shots. Because there is no 100% perfect reticle for hunting. We have great long-range rifle scope Under $1000 designed with both first and second focal plane reticle. You can pick your favorite one from those categories. 

Innovative Features

Basically, scopes in this price range will have some excellent technologies and features to make it worth your money and time. At the end, you have to check what each scopes are provided in terms of parallax adjustment, reticle illumination, elevation and windage adjustment. 

Lot of scope under $1000 features the reticle in adjustable illumination level, in which you can effectively use the reticle in bright sunlight to dark lighting conditions. Furthermore, this feature will provide more versatility to the scope.

Elevation, windage, and parallax adjustments are crucial parts to consider in the versatile scope, especially for the hunters to focus on the long-range targets.

Parallax elimination is a key to accurately shot the long-range target, and most of the high-quality scopes are designed with the adjusting knob that  has the tactical clicking sound in each increment move. Naturally, you can adjust the different settings without taking your eyes from the lens for accuracy. 

Overall, consider what features each scope provides from the rest. All these scopes are designed with high-quality and that provides excellent magnification settings, in which you can get the good choice to shoot the close-range to long-range targets. But, truly all the other features are differ in each product.


For hunters and from those working in the military, having a reliable riflescope is crucial, most especially if it is used for long-distance shooting. Over time, manufacturers have developed several models. This development makes it hard to find the appropriate riflescope for you.

On that note, gaining information beforehand about the available riflescope increases your chance of owning the perfect riflescope for your own rifle that can address your hunting requirements.

Hoping that you find this article helpful in determining a long-range rifle scopes under 1000.

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