10 Best Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes in 2020


It is a common knowledge that our technology has been fast advancing when it comes to a lot of things. The innovations and the new inventions tend to make our lives easier when compared to the way it was before.

Fortunately, the scope industry is one of the best things that are continuously improved by technological advancements. One of the most recent innovations is said that industry is the invention of laser range finding rifle scopes.

With that type of scope in your use, you would get the benefit of enjoying two devices in just one tool. However, a lot of manufacturers in this industry have been competing to produce that type of scope to the point that there are a ton of it at the markets nowadays.

Well, it is truly hard to choose one since most of them look the same and have similar specifications too. But you need not worry about that because we would be discussing the best laser range finding rifle scopes that you can find out there.

This article would describe their features and other properties in order for you to choose the best one that would be most suitable for your needs.

Now you have some basic knowledge about laser range finding rifle scopes, then you must be ready to discover all of them to have a final pick of what to buy for your firearms. Here are all the scopes that we found for you:

10 Best Laser Range Finding Rifle Scope Reviews

1. ATN ThOR-HD 640, 640x480 Thermal Rifle Scope

One of the most ideal night vision scopes that you have to check out before finally buying a scope is this one. This scope is incorporated with a very advanced technology that would help you detect heat energy instead of light energy.

This scope has a built-in smart rangefinder too which would help you improve your shooting skills and it would also help you in becoming an expert when it comes to shooting at different ranges.

The ballistic calculator and the range finder of this scope can be controlled with a remote control in order to provide easier configurations.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Smooth Zoom

Since this scope is offered for a wide range of magnification settings, it is just right that it is built with a smooth zoom feature too. With this specific feature, you would be able to magnify your view without losing your targets. This system is a very helpful system especially when you are shooting in vast fields that would require you to often change your magnification.

Ballistic Calculator

The ballistic calculator of this scope would help you to shoot your targets with an ensured placement of the point of impact. This feature would allow you to calculate and see the trajectory of the bullet that is going to come out of your firearm. With this feature, you would have more successful hits on all your targets.

2. Bushnell 4-12 x 42mm Laser Rangefinder Riflescope

Weighing only 24 ounces and having a total length of only 13 inches, this scope would be of extreme help when you want to do fast action in the fields.

It has a trigger pad that is wireless—with this trigger pad, you can easily activate the laser range finder without exerting a lot of effort.

The laser range finder of this scope is paired with its bullet drop compensator to give you stunning and clear images of the fields that you are viewing through it. Also, these two properties would give you a lethal precision.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Fully Multi Coated Optics

The fully multi-coated of this scope would aid you to see even in the situations that seem dark and low in light. As you know, fully multi-coated optics transmit the maximum possible light from the surroundings to the scope in order to produce images that are bright and clear in appearance. With this coating, you would be ensured that you would get this scope to use at any time of day, even from dawn until dusk.

Waterproof and Fog-proof

The gas purging of this scope and its complete sealing both work to give it waterproofing and fog-proofing properties. With its built, the thermal stability of this device would ensure the conditions no matter at all times in the field. Through thermal stability, this scope would be able to perform its complete function even when the weather and climate becomes adverse. Truly, these features are really helpful for those who often go hunting in the fields and in the forests.

3. Nikon M-223 Laser IRT Riflescope

This scope is one of the best laser range finding rifle scopes that you can get from the markets nowadays. Its features are so advanced, but you need not worry about that it might confuse you, since it is made to be very simple too.

This scope from the brand of Nikon is made with Ultra-Clear Coated Optical System to give you the best quality of images that you are going to view through it.

Also, this scopes reticle is BDC 600. With that type of reticle, you would see your exact aiming points from a distance of 100 yards to 600 yards. Thus, giving you more precise shots within that range.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Immediate Ranging Technology

One of the most advanced features that you would ever see from your scopes is this feature. It gets activated in just one touch. This laser technology would give you the precision and accuracy that you are going to need by ranging and eventually displaying the distance of your targets for 12 long seconds. If you are wondering why the range is displayed for 12 seconds, because it gives you plenty of time to perfectly line up the shots that you are going to fire.

Zero Reset Turrets

Setting adjustments are now as easy as they can be. You just rotate some knobs and turrets and you are going to use your desired setting already. Well, that is the case with this scope. It is built to have turrets that are designed to be very simple yet very useful.

4. Monstrum 3-9x32 Rifle Scope with Rangefinder

One good thing about this scope is that you can buy it with two options for its colors—black or flat dark earth. With those two colors, you would be able to choose the suitable one that you can use for the field, that you are hunting or shooting for your camouflage purposes.

Also, this scope is really worth your money since it comes with a free set of standard mounting rings for the best and optimum placement. This scope also offers a generous eye relief that ranges from 3. Inches to 3.8 inches.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Reticle Illumination

This scope is built to have a reticle illumination that can be adjusted from its dial control. With this dial-controlled illumination, you can choose from both green and red illumination for your reticle. Those two colors are available with multiple intensities in their brightness setting. Also, if you want to use a non-illuminated reticle, you have the option of just choosing a black-colored reticle. With these different options for its reticle, this scope is made suitable for any lighting condition in the field.


This scope’s built is one of the things that hunters and shooters love about it. Made from a proven and tested high-strength and durable material of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, this scope has the ability of withstanding any rugged purpose that it might be used for. Also, with a body durable, tough conditions and harsh elements would have no match against this scope; thus, the damage would be prevented from occurring both on the outside and inside.

5. Nikon Laser IRT Matte BDC Riflescope

This scope is another high-tech scope that you can consider buying for your firearms. It has a remote-control laser activator that you can use anytime you want to activate it. This remote control makes this scope very convenient when used.

This scope has a length of 12.3 inches, and it has a weight of 21.52 ounces. This scope has a very elegant matte black finish that makes it look very pleasing to the eye, not mentioning that this finish can help for stealth purposes too.

This scope is backed with Nikon’s lifetime warranty that covers any defect may be in the materials or in the construction, that might show up.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

One Touch Laser Technology

With just a single push on this scope’s button, you would have the ability of determining the range of your targets. This scope would display the range that it estimates for you to have the right power for your shots. With this feature, you would be able to target, estimate and shoot in just a span of a few seconds.

Waterproof and Fog-proof

This scope proves that both have a reliable performance and a durable performance. This o-ring sealed scope has the ability of repelling water from penetrating through it when rain and moist atmosphere. Working with its sealing the scope’s nitrogen filling which makes it fog-proof in performance. With this scope’s nitrogen filling, temperature changes a problem that you are never going to deal with in the field.

6. ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

One of the laser range finding rifle scopes that has a night vision in this scope. This one can be used anytime that you want to use it throughout a day. With its night vision, you would have the ability of easily taking down animals who usually go out at night.

This scope has a wide range of magnification that ranges from 5X to 20X. With that wide range, you would be able to have accurate shots within medium to long range of distances.

Also, you no need to worry about having any difficulty in switching from one magnification to another because this scope offers a smooth zoom control.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

1080p High Definition Video Recording and Photos

This specific feature of this scope is one of the most high-tech that you would be able to see at almost all scopes that are sold at the markets nowadays. With this feature, you would be able to record your hunting trips and view them later on your phone, laptop and tablets.

Ballistic Calculator

If you want to get more expert and angled shots within a long range of distances, this scope is the right scope that you should consider for buying. With this feature, you would have the luxury of having a quick calculation for your ballistics depending on your needs. Through the calculations you are going to get from this scope, you would be able to do more accurate and precise shots.

7. Burris Scopes 200116 Eliminator III Laser

The material used for the construction of this scope is aluminum—that is why it is lightweight yet durable. With this scope’s built-in rangefinder, you would be able to use it even up to a distance of 1200 yards without having to worry about your accuracy.

This laser range finding rifle scope is also known to have the balance between all the features it has the following: accuracy, effectives, level of quality, repeatability and technology.

This scope has a very large objective lens of diameter 65 millimeters. With that size, your view of the hunting field would be really wide and bright too.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following


One of this scope’s best features versatility in a lot of ways. One of which is through the several numbers of firearms that it can be mounted on—centerfire cartridges, rimfires, muzzleloaders, rifles and also slug guns. Another thing that proves its versatility is the wide variety of purposes that it can serve for—two of the most common hunting purposes and shooting practices.

Wind Information

If you are a hunter for a long period of time then you should know that adjusting your shots because the wind can be one of the biggest challenges in the field. With this feature, you have the ability of knowing the information of what your bullets can do at a certain range when you shoot it. That is a helpful feature to have a more accurate and helpful wind hold off.

8. Burris Optics Eliminator III Scope

With a scope like this one, you would have the ability of knocking down targets that are placed at a distance of 1200 yards without exerting much effort.

The trajectory compensation of this scope is very precise to provide you accuracy within long-range shots. Also, this scope offers an illuminated aiming point that you can use every time that the lighting in the field is at a low level.

This scope has a length of 15.5 inches, and it has a weight of 30.4 ounces. With its matte black finish, you would find its exteriors very durable and scratch resistant.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Customized Trajectory Compensator

This scope has a feature that would help you  to calculate the right hold over your exact distance. Also, this feature programs your cartridge’s or firearm’s ballistics information. With just a simple push on a button, your aiming point would be seen through the form of an illuminated dot within a matter of seconds.

Objective Lens

With a large objective lens of diameter 61 millimeters, this scope would help you to get a larger view of the field that you are viewing through it—with a larger view, you would have the advantage of seeing more targets at a time. The  scopes with large objective lenses tend to produce brighter images of the field as they allow more light to enter through the scope due to the size they have.

9. Swarovski DS 5-25x52 4A-I Riflescope 71000

This scope has a very large tube of 40 millimeters in diameter. With its big size comes power of producing very forceful shots that would surely knock down your targets easily.

This scope has a waterproof and fog-proof design that makes it more durable even when you try to use it under any condition in the field. This one has an adequate eye relief too that makes it very safe to use even when heavy recoil hits hard.

To be more specific, its eye relief measures 3.74 inches in length. This scope is built with smart high-definition optics and an obsidian core that would let you see clear crystal images of the field.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Illuminated Reticle

This scope comes with an illuminated reticle which makes it easier for you to use it at night and in conditions that are low in light. The reticle would make you see your targets faster and better. Well, this is an advantage especially if you love to hunt at night when some of the coyotes, deer, varmints and other animals are actively roaming the forests. Also, with this illuminated reticle, you would be more accurate and precise in hitting your targets.

Objective Lens

The 52-millimeter diameter of this scope makes this scope very reliable. In fact, this scope has incredible light-gathering capabilities due to having a large objective lens. Thus, allowing it to produce images of the field in better quality—brighter and more detailed to be specific. Also, this objective lens would give you a larger view of your surroundings—this is a helpful feature especially when you are shooting in vast areas.

10. Ultimate Arms Gear Iluminated Tactical P4 Mil Dot Rangefinder Rifle Scope

When you purchase this scope from the brand of Ultimate Arm Gears, it comes with some free accessories like scope rings, a cleaning kit, one lithium battery and some see-through lens caps.

This scope is designed for skilled marksmen, but it can be very surprisingly easy to use for beginners too. Also, this scope is just sold for a price that is very affordable, so you would not have to break your bank account when you buy this one.

This long-range scope would let you have elevation and windage adjustments like a professional shooter does it—with ease and precision.

This Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes best features are the following

Objective Lens

The large objective lens of this scope is the one responsible for a lot of functions that this scope offers. One of these useful functions is producing brighter images of the field. Well, that is because of its large size that permits adequate light to enter through it. This feature comes in handy at all times and especially when shooting at night and in the dark situations. So, if you are the one of those hunters who frequently hunt at night, then you have to try this scope.


The magnification of this scope would help you to do a wide range of shots that are desiring to do. With a range of 10X to 40X, this scope would help you  to have the accuracy and precision from medium range shots to extremely long distance shots. Truly, the versatility of this scope would serve you in a lot of purposes—may it be for long-range shooting competitions, target practice, hunting and tactical applications as well.

Factors that You Should Consider Before Buying Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes


When you buy something, you do not want it to break so easily. Well, it the same goes with laser range finding rifle scopes. You do not expect it to be broken, it’s just a matter of a few weeks. To ensure the durability of the scope that you are going to buy, you have to check  the construction and the materials used in making the scope.

Two of the most popular materials used for this type of scope are the stainless steel and aluminum—with these two materials, you can get a scope with strength, sturdiness yet lightweight built.

Also, these types of material are commonly an all-weather material as the name says, you can use it regardless if it is a sunny day or a rainy day. Furthermore, you have to check the resistance of your scope to recoil, impact and shock.

Simplicity and Adjustability

A lot of modern inventions are designed to be complicated in design to the point that tend to confuse the users. With that said, you have to pick a scope that has a very simple design in order for you to maximize the use of it while you are shooting in the field.

A simple scope with simple yet high-tech features can be an extreme help for levelling up your experience without requiring more effort from you. As the saying goes, “less is more.” So, choose a scope that would require less from you, yet would let you experience more of its advanced features.

Another thing that you have to consider is the adjustability of your scope. Easy adjustments obviously, would give you better convenience when you are doing some changes in the settings.

So, you have to check first if the scope that you are going to buy has some turrets and knobs that can be easily adjusted. This is an important feature since doing some adjustments in the field is an inevitable thing that happens all the time.

Other Specifications

When it comes to other specifications, it talks about the magnification, eye relief and objective lens of your scope. First, let us discuss the magnification. The magnification of your laser range finding the rifle scope should have a power that would let you shoot targets that are placed at an extremely long distance.

Laser range finding rifle scopes are known to be precise and accurate at long ranges that is why you need a magnification that would match that power for your scope to be functional as it can be. The second one is the eye relief. The eye relief of your scope should be of an adequate length that you have the assurance of having a safe shooting experience.

One good recommendation is a scope that has a length of 3 inches or longer. Safety is another thing but you have to observe besides precision and accuracy, so you have to consider this factor very well.

The other feature that you have to consider too is the size of the objective lens. This one is obviously an important factor to consider since it depends on the brightness of the images that you are going to see through your scope. Also, the size or the view of the field depends on this specific feature too. With that said, you have to consider this feature in order to have a great shooting experience.


Batteries are where the laser range finding rifle scopes get their power source. When choosing a scope, you have to consider the battery size. Usually, the bigger battery, more  power that comes from it.

Thus, it can be used for a longer period of time. Also, you have to consider the availability of the battery of your scope. You must make sure that it is available at most markets, so once it runs out of source, you can easily buy one to replace it.


Choosing an advanced scope can be a very difficult task. You have to consider a lot of things before you have the final decision. With that said, you need not worry much about it since the best laser range finding rifle scopes are already mentioned above for your review. These ones that are listed above are proven to be useful and powerful when it comes to a wide variety of purposes.

Remember to choose one that would let you use its features to the maximum level, and you would be having some difficulties experiencing that once you choose a scope that does not make you comfortable. With that said and besides all the features mentioned above, you have to choose a scope that would give you ease when you use it.