Best AR-15 Carry Handle Scopes in 2022 – Updated Picks & Guide

The design of the AR-15 carry handle scope is sophisticated to provide the user with high-profile performance, durability, and ease of use. These firearms are specifically designed to hunt from small animals to large animals such as turkey, deer, whitetail, and bear.

It is a valuable tool not only in the hunting field but also in the military, police, navy, air force, and all the defense sector of the country. Besides, the versatile AR-15 firearm is most reliable for home defense. It’s one of the faithful and technologically advanced hunting buddy for precise target shooting.

Apart from other components of AR-15, the carry handle aspect replaces the traditional iron sights that convert it into an iconic rifle in the tactical industry. The scope of a perfect carry handle you choose can make a huge difference to your remote and nearby shot.

But keep in mind that a firearm alone cannot do many extraordinary things. You can perform various stunts in your field only if you fit a rifle with quality and strong scope. But finding the right scope or sight for an AR-15 rifle is a tough task.

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Because the carry handle scope you choose for this sophisticated firearm should not be simple, they must be complete in all aspects of construction, performance, characteristics, output, features, and so on.

Here we’ve reviewed Best AR-15 Scope with a Carry Handle in 2021 along with that we give you the buying guide and some tips to ensure your qualifying purchase.

Compare and ease your purchase of the best AR-15 carry handle scope with our comprehensive reviews. Let us move to the review…

An AR-15 rifle with a valuable scope is fitted on the carry handle

Best AR-15 Scope with Carry Handle in 2021 - Reviewed

1. Barska 4×20 Carry Handle Scope

The Electro Sight Carry Handle Scope from the most reputable brand Barska is engineered with single body construction to provide stability. Keeping tradition in mind, Barska has evolved this scope in a very conventional and simple format, as well people also prefer this sort of design.

The single tube of this carry handle scope included static turrets. More so, to decrease the guesswork while utilizing accurate shots, it’s incorporated with a bullet-drop compensator.


4×20 Carry Handle Scope

➢ Performance

Barska Electro Sight Scope with carry handle aspect is the perfect addition for your AR scope. Though it looks like a conventional telescopic sight, it behaves and delivers more than that.

Besides, it also renders a variety of advantages in your tactical field. And the features and added inclusions enable the scope to perform flawlessly even in the different conditions, also it is more efficient in compensating for the shots.

➢ Lens System

The device is built with the 20mm optical lens which is consolidated with anti-reflective coating. Thus you can easily shoot the target regardless of glare. This 20mm wider lens system allows you to view the target precisely even in the pitch darkness with the help of standard illuminated reticle.

Barska Electro Sight is the reliable and durable weapon sight amidst expensive sights, also you can surely get both speed and accuracy at a drastic level.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

The scope is integrated with the Mil-Dot type of reticle to ensure the lighting, contrast, and brightness features. As well both the BDC bullet drop turret and carry handle base are integrated with this scope to afford stability to the device.

➢ Magnification

Unlike other expensive scopes with variable type magnification, the Barska is configured with a fixed type magnification range of 4X. This range of magnification is enough for hunting small wildlife. More so, the minimum range of magnification provides a maximum of precision to the user.



2. Trijicon ACOG 4X32 Carry Handle Scope

There is no doubt that this Best ACOG system manufactured by Trijicon is the most preferable tactical device by military professionals around the world. It is one of the best scope for AR-15 carry handle on the market with its excellent features.

The body of the scope is constructed by the 7075-T6 aircraft-aluminum along with the rugged alloy housing. The durable construction and high-quality materials make this device an indestructible scope system.

Trijicon ACOG

4X32 Carry Handle Scope

➢ Magnification

The Trijicon ACOG Riflescope is equipped with 4X magnification to allow you to shoot the target with a wider field of view.

Though ACOG’s range of magnification is not effective as Holo sight with 1X magnification, this scope with incomparable precision is a perfect addition for AR-15 rifle.

The manufacturer accepted that one can’t use this carry handle scope for close-quarters combat, but it’s effective to shoot the targets under any climatic conditions.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

The reticle is made by the best combination of radioactive tritium and enhanced fiber optics, which has the capability to provide visible illumination in both daytime and night.

This full illuminated reticle comes with a black crosshair to provide red line illumination in the daytime. The tritium included in its construction helps to illuminate the reticle at night. These many aspects can easily convert this scope as a ranging device.

➢ Precision Level

If you want to get an aiming point with greater precision, you have to adjust the knobs located beside the stylish scope. Thus you can estimate the distance of the target more accurately up to 875 yards. Like other scopes, this ACOG 4 X 32 Scope has a bullet drop compensator turret that permits you to make the changes manually.

➢ Lens System

The optical system of this scope is integrated with a 32mm objective lens that has a multi-coated feature. It allows the user to shoot the target with both eyes open, which means the scope utilizes CQB for viewing while shooting.

For that, the body is constructed with the Bindon Aiming Concept. This magnification scope has been utilized in most of the combat because it can hit the target up to the range of 800 meters for 5.56 (.223 cal).



3. Trijicon ACOG 3.5X35 Carry Handle Scope

Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 Riflescope is fully different from other ACOG AR-15 scopes, besides, it’s versatile in terms of functionality and performance. The entire scope is constructed by the military-grade materials to offer reliability and durability.

So most military professionals prefer this scope from ACOG. The internal components of this scope are very sensitive and it is completed sealed with proper material thus it won’t get harm by external elements

Trijicon ACOG

3.5X35 Carry Handle Scope

➢ Performance

The hunting and shooting experts around the world well know the expertise of high-quality scope made by Trijicon.

This scope provides durability, reliability, and exceptional performance even in harsh conditions, so myriad military forces utilizing Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 Rifle Scope for combat. Due to these traits, it can act as the best companion for your AR-15 rifle.

➢ Adjustment Turrets

Generally, ACOG comes with decent adjustment turrets. Though these are not like the turrets in traditional scopes the dials located on the scope provide a pleasant feel to your fingers and ears.

This ACOG 3.5×35 scope provides precise adjustments for you to shoot up to 875 yards. With the valuable adjustments, you can use this Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 Carry Handle Scope for all kinds of your AR-15 rifles.

➢ Optical System

The manufacturer fitted a 35mm optical lens with this AR-15 scope. This lens system comes up with the multi-coated aspect to provide high definition images without compromising in pixels.

Regardless of glare due to sunlight, the scope gives crisp and clear images. And this lens system has an optimum light-gathering feature, thereby it provides more lighting to the user’s eye through its one-piece tube.

➢ Ranging Reticle

All the scope from Trijicon ACOG integrated with the illuminated reticle that’s made out of the combination of fiber optic and radioactive tritium. This standard reticle has the potential to automatically modify the brightness level based on the ambient light.

The red Chevron reticle in this coolest scope permits you to compensate for the bullet drop up to 800 meters for .308.

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4. Trijicon ACOG 2X20 Carry Handle Scope

Trijicon ACOG 2X20 Carry Handle Scope for rifles is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum material and purged with nitrogen gas to protect the device from the penetration of fog.

As well as, this scope comes with water-resistant, fog-resistant, and shock-resistant aspects to prolong the life of the device. This rugged construction makes this dependable and repeatable.

Trijicon ACOG

2X20 Carry Handle Scope

➢ Performance

Though the ACOG 2×20 model from Trijicon is a bit more expensive than its other models, this carry handle scope is worth it. It has speed, strength, durability, precision, and more characteristics like other ACOG models.

This carry handle scope provides flawless and uninterrupted performance even in the worst weather and ambient conditions. This is a perfect device for rifle that needs precision and lightning-quick performance.

The ACOG 2×20 has an indestructibility attribute by its outstanding construction thus it provides incomparable clarity of the images.

➢ Magnification

The device is configured with a 2X range of fixed magnification and it comes with a 5.6° field of view. Thus it’s suitable for weapons like H&K, UZI, mp-5 submachine rifles.

The carry handle is the reliable mounting system of this device which is made out of durable materials to keep the stability in any conditions.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

This illuminated reticle scope is fitted with a Crosshair type of reticle that is made out of the combination of radioactive tritium and fiber optics. This simple but functional reticle enables users to shoot the target quality by its parallel illumination.

Although the sunlight is too shining or you are working in the dusk ambient, it won’t lose its clarity, meaning it’s capable of providing crystal clear images in any conditions.

➢ Standard Eye Relief

Besides, it has 2.1″ generous eye relief to provide a smooth feel while viewing the target for a long time. It comes with 10mm of the exit pupil and a forgiving eye box. These traits make the riflescope one of the dependable equipment in reflexive aiming conditions.



5. Trijicon ACOG 1.5X24 Carry Handle scope

Quality is the most important factor people always consider in the prime stage while buying a product. Not only the features determine the quality of an object, but its construction also determines the range of quality.

To provide quality, durability, and reliability, Trijicon ACOG 1.5 X 24 Riflescope is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing. These materials are capable of withstanding any weather, ambient, terrain conditions.

Trijicon ACOG

1.5X24 Carry Handle scope

➢ Performance

Trijicon is of the most trustable brand among people in terms of performance, detailed output, and durability. This dependable carry handle scope delivers relentless performance with speed, precision, and accuracy.

The ACOG 1.5×24 Scope is a perfect choice for the people who engage in all sorts of tactical usage. And it’s an exceptional option for short-range and mid-range shooting.

➢ Lens System

The 24mm sized optical lens is fully made with the fusion of fiber optics and radioactive tritium. This enduring construction has a multi-coated aspect, which is also incorporated with an anti-reflective trait.

This lens system enables the user to quickly lock the target thus it’s utilized by militaries around the world. This premium lens is more clear than you think, so ACOG 1.5 X 24 Scope never disappointed you in the platform of your battlefield.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

Unlike the illuminated reticles seen in other ACOGs, this M4 1.5×24 Carry Handle Scope is consolidated with a duplex reticle, which delivers 100% illumination power in your target area.

The impressive thing about this reticle is that even absolute newbies can utilize and handle this reticle without any issues. The quick acquisition of the target is potentially done by its dot which is located in the center of the reticle.

➢ Magnification

The 15X magnification range is fixed in this scope, which is very powerful in short-range hunting. The scope comes with an ample enough field of view and long eye box that permits you to view the target in both eyes open.

The M16 carry handle is a great mounting system of this ACOG 1.5×24 that secures your rifle and scope parallel.



6. Vortex Optics Sparc Carry Handle Scope

The body of Vortex Optics SPARC carry handle Sight is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum materials and plated with rubber armor to face off extreme conditions. And this anodized construction is purged with Nitrogen gas and sealed with O-ring to provide features such as shockproof, water-resistant, and fog-proof. 

Due to this rugged construction, it makes it an excellent device suitable for 3-gun competitions and home defense.

It’s integrated with a AAA battery to offer 300 hours of continuous power despite you utilize it in maximum brightness. The sight has an auto-shutoff feature that automatically powers off the device after 12 hours.

Vortex Optics

Sparc Carry Handle Scope

➢ Performance

Generally, the brand Vortex Optics is widely known for manufacturing standard telescopic sights. It’s also a familiar product for its red dot sight. This Gen I integrated red dot sight with unique attributes is a budget-friendly choice for your AR-15 rifle.

This Sparc scope is also known as M16A2 scope by its compact design. So you can hit the fast-moving target with ideal shooting accuracy.

➢ Objective Lens

The high-quality objective lens has a multi-coated aspect that provides clean visuals with a wider field of view. This red dot sight lets you lock the target promptly by its parallax-free long eye relief.

The Sparc has all the remarkable traits and features as the other sights from Vortex Optics. The anti-reflective technology of the lens provides detailed output by enhancing the overall performance of the sight.

By this impressive optical system, you can get bright, crisp, and clear images even in the different weather conditions.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

Vortex Optics SPARC is integrated with 2 MOA Red Dot that works in both bright daylight and pitch darkness. Thereby you can quickly spot or point the object regardless of the background and lighting conditions.

When you power up the device the dot keeps its last intensity. This carry handle scope is super compact to easily fit into your AR rifles and it works more formidable in your hunting field.

➢ Adjustable Buttons

The dot sight comes with standard and clickable buttons that replace the traditional turrets of the telescopic sight. These buttons are easier to use and handle than adjustable turrets.



7. EOTech 512.A65 Carry Handle Scope

EOTECH 512 Holographic Sight is built with rugged and durable materials to withstand extreme conditions. It meets all the rugged and tough requirements of the serious shooter and precision hunter due to they designed with premium-grade materials.

And this holographic sight has the ability to submersion up to 10 feet. Not only water-resistant but also this device features fog-resistance and shock-proof.


512.A65 Carry Handle Scope

➢ Performance

And this expensive sight delivers an outstanding performance in different conditions by utilizing advanced holographic technology. That’s why the sight is well known as a solid weapon sight. You can make your hunting segment an adventure by mounting this EOTECH 512 on to your AR rifle.

This carry handle scope has updated mechanisms to deliver precise aiming even in the dense and dark forest. Its reliable traits and valuable features make the holographic sight a trustworthy M16A1 scope.

➢ Magnification

It has a 1X range of fixed magnification to engage close-quarters and worst combat. Despite it comes with a 1X magnification, it can provide heavy-duty performance for short-range shooting targets.

You can flawlessly hit the target that is located up to 200 yards (approximately) of distance from you by this advanced holographic sight. So don’t hesitate to buy this sight just because of its minimum magnification range.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

The Black EOTECH 512.A65 Holographic Sight is consolidated with 1 MOA Dot Reticle and 68 MOA Ring. This illuminated reticle allows you to aim the target accurately though it’s a fast-moving object.

Besides, the whole system is compatible with MIL-STD 1913 and 1″ Weaver Rails for mounting. Its gooseneck-style mounting system is simple to modify, at the same time it’s a perfect one to fit on to the AR carry handle.

➢ Brightness Settings

This EOTECH 512 comes with 20 variety of adjustment settings that assist you to select the appropriate brightness level of the holographic sight. Also, it is incorporated with an auto-shutoff mechanism to prolong the battery life and helps to conserve the entire system.



8. AT3 Tactical RD-50 Micro Sight

AT3 Tactical RD-50 Dot Sight is built with military-grade 6061 T6 aluminum material and finishes with matte black anodize to render indestructible durability to the device.

The body of the sight is filled with Nitrogen gas to prevent the entry of fog, besides, anodized construction has the scratch-resistant feature. The circuit has a Shockproof trait that withstands damages caused by rough handling.

AT3 Tactical

RD-50 Micro Sight

➢ Performance

When it comes to the performance of the sight, it’s top-notch. The well-built construction, updated mechanism, and reliable features help to deliver flawless and uninterrupted performance in any extreme conditions.

Furthermore, you can utilize this AT3 RD-50 Red Dot Sight for hunting rifles, firearms, and shotguns with Weaver or Picatinny rail system.

➢ Illuminated Reticle

It has 2 MOA crips red dot for illumination that allows you to accurately shoot the target with both eyes open. Its red dot never sets back from the target and it moves to depend on the movement of the user.

And then it has fast target acquisition and parallax-free aspects to rapidly lock the object. The surprising thing about this AT3 Tactical RD-50 is its usage, yes, you can utilize the sight for both short-range and long-range shooting.

➢ Brightness Settings

To offer supreme visibility the device comes with 11 different brightness settings, thereby you can shoot the target in any lighting conditions. A clickable knob is located on the right side of the sight to adjust and manipulate the brightness settings, which is easy to use.

➢ Lens System

The 20mm objective lens is fitted into this device which comes with multi-coated technology to enhance the clarity of images, and it has a scratch-proof feature to protect the lens caused by external forces.

Both the battery and turret cover comes with rubber gaskets and waterproof technology. The entire system is operated by a CR2032 type lithium battery that can exceptionally run-up to 50,000 hours (at low brightness).



AT3 Tactical RD-50 Micro Sight is unavailable on Amazon. We will update the information if it gets available on the site, and without a doubt, it’s a nice optic.

What Makes an AR-15 Scope with Carry Handle a Great One?

Effortless mounting is the first thing that makes an AR-15 Scope with Carry Handle a Great One. Yes, the scope you choose for ARs or M16A4 should always be easy to mount on the rifle.

Everyone wants the scope to perfectly sit on the carry handle and it should come with outstanding stability to withstand extreme conditions. And a best AR-15 carry handle scope needs to possess the capacity to face off the recoil effect caused by triggering the rifles.

The second thing is optical quality, the scope built with a wider objective lens system provides extra FOV and detailed output to the user. And if the lens has multi-coated technology, it’ll assure the quality of the images without glare or blur effect.

As well, you should ensure that the lens has an anti-reflective coating or emerald green coating, these are very helpful in producing clear images in the bright sunlight environment. The glass of the optical system should transmit optimum light and need to come with a light-gathering feature.

One great riflescope surely comes with a trustworthy sighting mechanism to provide accurate and precise visuals. So a scope built with an advanced sighting technology for accuracy and speed is considered as a great AR Riflescope.

And one more thing determines the AR-15 scope as the best, which is the construction and multi-proof technology. The scope should withstand external elements such as fog, moisture, scratch, shock, drops, bumps, and bangs.

What Magnification Suits You?

Determining the range of magnification for your AR-15 Scope depends on the purpose for which you are using the riflescope. If you utilize the carry handle scope to shoot long-distance targets then you should go for at least 20X magnification range.

Here, the recommended range allows you to hit the target over 100 yards of distance. On the other hand, this range of magnification scopes is heavier and bigger, so mounting could be complicated.

For prolonging the life of the device you should choose the magnification range with a lower profile. And make sure before buying these kinds of scopes that you are able to shoot the target with complete precision.If you often use your scope to shoot close-range objects, then you won’t need the scope with high magnification. 

  • That means scope with a magnification range from 1X to 4X is enough for short-range target shooting, and it provides versatility for your requirements. This magnification enables you to shoot the target from 10 yards to 150-200 yards of distance, based on your visual acuity. So it is used by most people to aim the target in small game shooting and hunting. And low magnification provides you the optimum speed while you hunt fast-moving objects. Besides, these are ideal and come with fast target acquisition with precision.
  • For medium-range hunting, use the scope with the magnification range of 5X to 9X, so that you can hunt prey or protect yourself from foxes, coyotes, hogs, and other animals from 150 to 400 Yards. 
  • For long-range shooting, AR-15 carry handle scope with the magnification range above 9X is the preferable one. But AR-15 rifle is not suitable for long-range shooting because of its structure.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Carry Handle Scope for AR-15 Rifle

Buying a scope with a carry handle for an AR-15 firearm is not a simple thing, because there are lots of factors to think about when purchasing it. No one likes lagging performance that occurs while utilizing the product.

The performance of the device depends upon the product’s variety of traits. So one must consider every aspect and feature of the scope before buying.

➢ Mounting

Most of the AR rifles come with flat-top construction, for the purpose of mounting different sizes and types of scopes on them. Placing the carry handle scopes in the improper mounting position will cause many damages.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the scope you select for ARs fits easily at all levels. The scope should come with the necessary hardware to secure both rifle and handle, and for the simple carry handle mounting. The mounting rails should be durable, stable, and have some adjustments to accommodate multiple requirements.

➢ Magnification

Nowadays, there are various magnification range AR-15 carry handle scope available in the market and you can choose the range based on your purpose. If you are a hunter, you need a scope with increased zooming capacity and you should also consider the light allowance of the lens to get a clear view of the sight at higher magnification. Greater zoom will cause image distortion, yet advanced innovative technology will decrease this distortion.

Less magnification range will produce a more clarity view at short distances that can be typically used in a tactical environment and firing at high rates. Before purchasing the AR-15 carry handle scope, select the product with the correct magnification which is fitted to yourself.

➢ Lens System

Not only carry handle scopes but also all sighting devices are determined by their lens quality and optical technology. Most of the premium-quality lens manufacturers produce durable and reliable riflescopes.

The multi-coated lens of all carry handle scope has the ability to light-gathers features and optimum light transmission trait. Here you should also consider the durability of the lens. Some of the lenses of AR-15 scope are coated with emerald which provides visibility in low light conditions.

➢ Sighting Technology

Choosing an AR-15 scope with an ideal sighting mechanism depending on the usability of the scope and your personal preference. Choose scope integrated with a traditional crosshair for getting an absolute accuracy.

Or else go for the scope that is consolidated with a reflex red dot sight that provides optimum speed and precision. And don’t forget to consider the sort of your shooting style while selecting the sighting mechanism.

Though both sights are best for tactical adventures, the red dot sight has the ability to shoot fast-moving objects, and the holographic sight is designed with a convincing mechanism.

⇒ Reflex Sights 

In reflex sight, the red or green dot gets visioned in its reticle, and mostly used one in scope is the red dot because of its larger wavelength to target the prey in the far distance easily. Reflex sight does not use laser technology, and so there is no sufficient quantity of light emitted.

Here, AR-15 scope with reflex sight has a partially coated objective lens that projects the reticle from a point behind the objective lens, and then it gets reflected back to the shooter’s eye.

Light transmission gets reduced due to the presence of reflective coating over the objective lens of the AR-15 scope. The shooter rarely observes light transmission issues, and this happens because the reflective coated objective lens is modified to reflect a particular light wavelength that gets emitted by the reticle projection system. 

The Reticle projection system used in Reflex sight of AR-15 scope is a Light-Emitting Diode. Some AR-15 scope with reflex sight uses ambient light that is collected by a fiber-optic network to provides better vision in dim lighting conditions. There two types of reflex sight which are explained below.

Heads up red dot sight: AR 15 scope with Heads-up reflex sight shows the reticle on the objective lens using a wide range of light. The color of the light entering through the objective lens gets changed and then produces the reticle.

 In Heads up style, the scope has only one lens, and the scope working process happens below the lens. Due to its structure, Heads up scope will be mounted lower on the rifle; it is a lightweight scope, so most of them prefer this one.

Tube body reflex sight: Tube-body style reflex sight construction looks like a tube-like structure with a lens placed at each end of the AR-15 scope. This style scope is a bit heavier when compared to heads up. The durability of the Tube body scope is unbeatable, and it can withstand the worst environmental conditions. 

⇒ Holographic Sights

Electric-Optic Technologies is the only company that produces HWS (Holographic Weapon Sights) in the current market, and they are available in the brand Bushnell and EOTech. AR-15 scope with holographic sights uses LASER, and it produces a reticle that superimposed on the target. 

It illuminates the hologram, and here the objective lenses are not coated with a reflective coating. Mostly all the holographic sight type AR-15 scopes are heads-up style, and here the scope has a wide objective lens that provides a larger field of view.

The main advantage of using holographic sight scope with a magnifier only enlarge the target, not the dot. But in reflex sight, it magnifies both target and dot.

➢ Mount and Weight

It is possible to mount a regular telescopic sight on the AR-15’s carry handle, but it is necessary to select it with a very low profile.

Although the AR’s carry handle is strong and rigid, applying a heavy scope to it can result in unexpected flaws, which only exacerbates the problem. Experts also recommend that mounting the lightweight-scope on onto the device will help prolong its life.

➢ Reticle

There are various styles of reticles available and select the best reticle for your AR-15 rifle. In a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, one can easily view the target in any light condition with the adjustable brightness and color reticle. The reticles are basically black, red, or green in color. Some scopes are designed with a built-in rangefinder that helps the hunters know the distance to the target.

Duplex reticle: Common reticle types with a simple cross that can be just placed over the target. Other types of duplex reticles like long-distance reticle possess the same function as a duplex but in addition to that, it has extra rings that allow you to quickly decide the range.

Mildot reticle: Same as the duplex reticle but it has rings for different distances that cover the vertical distance and shows rungs for the horizontal aspect. 

BDC reticle: Same as the duplex long range but has more detail into the distance rings.  It shows targets in 25 to 600 yards making it suitable for the tactical environment of AR-15 and helpful in law enforcement.

➢ Additional Features

The scope you have selected for your AR-15 firearm should be compensated for the effect of the bullet’s trajectory and gravity forces. As well, the scope should possess an appropriate feature to permit compensation. Therefore, you should consider that your scope has proper features to support all the aspects that come from external sources.

Final Words

It is wise to aim for your AR-15 rifle scope with good optics and good weather, ambiance, and terrain resistance. The best AR-15 carry handle scope save you ammunition, help you navigate your mission, and ensure you get more accuracy with your target.

While the budget may not always be a concern when considering the benefits, it is the general thought that everyone should be able to get the desired item into their budget. Therefore, it is best to determine the budget before buying the item.

Since the 8 scopes listed above are directly incorporated into the Carry Handle, there is no need to buy a handle for this separately.

Our guide revealed various factors to consider when purchasing the best AR-15 carry handle scope, which can definitely help you to buy the best one for you.

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