10 Best Scopes for Marlin 336 in 2024 – [Updated Picks & Guide]

Marlin 336 rifles were introduced in the year 1948 by the famous American rifle manufacturing company Marlin firearms. This centerfire lever rifle is the famous traditional deer hunting rifle since then. 

Marlin 336 is still at the top for its accurate, reliable, and fast performance for targeting and shooting. Its classic design has not changed much over time which brings it today.

With its classic design, you would be able to have a rifle that is very predatory on the outside appearance and also in performance as well. As much as it is already an incredible weapon that has been used for years, you can equip it with the best rifle scopes that would further enhance its performance, versatility, and make it more effective.

Short of time? Here is a quick review of the Top Scopes for Marlin 336 rifles.

Marlin 336 will not need magnification above 9x so you might not spend a lot on high power variable optics. It become easier to find the best scopes for Marlin 336.

The scope should be waterproof for outdoor use and also has variable magnification to shoot in different ranges. To save your time, we have already picked a list of the Best Scopes for Marlin 336 considering inner and outer quality, performance in different distances, usability, and endurance. If you are clear about your required specifications, you can pick the right Marling 336 scope from the below review. 

Let’s choose the perfect scope for you…

10 Best Scopes for Marlin 336 in 2022 - Reviewed

1. Bushnell’s Banner Dusk and Dawn Riflescope with Multi-X Reticle

Bushnell’s Banner Dusk and Dawn Riflescope with Multi-X Reticle is the best scope for Marlin 336 with physical endurance and great internal quality. It is constructed to be perfect for close-range shooting and hunting because it has a magnification setting that ranges from 1.5X to 4X.

It is a low-power variable optic that has a simple multi-x type of reticle and adjustable windage and elevation turrets that do not need tools to be adjusted—just your fingers.

Dusk and Dawn Brightness Multi-Coated Lenses

If you are specifically looking for a scope that you can use any time of the day, this scope is the perfect one for you. With its brightness settings, you would surely be able to use it from dusk until dawn and from dawn to dusk.

Waterproof and Fog-proof

This scope also has some properties that make it waterproof and fog-proof. With those combined properties, you would be able to rely on it even when the condition on the field is tough and harsh.

Also, this scope can be used in any weather conditions because it is IPX4 rated—with that property, it would be able to withstand all the unexpected conditions in the field.

Fast Focus Eyepiece

This scope is designed to have a fast-focus eyepiece that allows for fast target acquisition in the field. When paired with this scope’s multi-coated lenses, you would be able to shoot faster than you expected to do.



2. Vortex’s Optics Strike Fire II Red Dot Sight

This RDO from Vortex offers 10 different brightness settings that you can choose by considering the lighting conditions available in the place.

This scope has a versatile design and it can be utilized for different applications—may it be for hunting, self-defense, or recreational activities.

Unlimited Eye Relief

As mentioned earlier, having adequate eye relief is a very integral factor that every scope should have.

Specifically, this scope would offer you unlimited eye relief that would not require you to position yourself close when spotting and shooting your targets. Also, you would assure that your eyes and your head won’t be hurt when recoil occurs.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

This scope comes with fully multi-coated optics—this feature is responsible for giving you images clear, bright, and unobscured in quality. When this feature is paired with this scope’s unlimited eye relief, you will get rapid target acquisition.

Shock-proof, Waterproof and Fog-proof

This lightweight and compact scope is proven to have the ability to withstand impact and recoil. Also, it is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed. so the scope can work through water and fog.



3. Sightmark’s Scout Scope

In both its aesthetics and performance, Sightmark’s Scout Scope proves that it is specifically designed for Marlin 336. This scope’s eyepiece has a rapid power rotation that would give you the discretion of quickly dialing in different magnification levels with gloves on.

When bought, this scout scope comes with free accessories and other essentials such as a manual, lens cloth, and also a lens cover. This scope for Marlin 336 is very light in weight that it just weighs 14.2 oz. It offers a magnification setting that is available at a range of 2X to 7X.


Though it is considered a lightweight scope, it’s constructed with rugged 6061-T6 aluminum that makes the whole system very durable and sturdy. Also, the body of the riflescope is paired with a hard-anodized finish, so this scope has more endurance.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

This scope has fully multi-coated lenses that are very dependable for bringing the maximum light transmission that you are desiring. This scope’s fully multi-coated lenses are of premium quality.

Shock-proof, Fog-proof, Waterproof and Scratch Resistant

This scope is designed to be fog-proof due to it being nitrogen-filled. Also, it is completely sealed and made waterproof. It would be able to endure hard drops and impacts because it is shock-proof.

Also, its lenses are composed to be scratch resistant—so you would not have a problem seeing through your lenses clearly since they do not get scratched even when used for years.



4. Trijicon’s RMR Type 2, 3.25 MOA and Adjustable LED, Red Dot Sight

This red dot sight from Trijicon is another excellent choice that you might want to consider for your Marlin 336. With its features and specialties, this scope can combine perfectly with the fast action of your Marlin 336—also, it provides incredibly fast target acquisition and quickly follows up shots too.

This scope offers 8 unique brightness settings that can be utilized no matter the brightness in the field is—these eight brightness settings that help you on a scorching hot sunny day.

Unlimited Eye Relief

This scope is designed to have an unlimited eye relief that would surely assure you of having safe eyes and a safe head when recoil from Marlin 336 occurs.

Also, with this feature, you would not have to worry about positioning yourself perfectly close to the scope itself to have a good shot. With the help of this unlimited eye relief, the fast acquisition of targets can be enjoyed by the hunters.


This scope is manufactured with a very durable body that is made up of high-strength and military-grade aluminum alloy. These features are incorporated in this device to divert the impact from its lenses. Overall, the durability is highly increased by this property.

Also, this scope is described to have an electronic design that is dependable—can ensure both survivability and good performance even in harsh environments.



5. Burris’ 200261 Ballistic Plex Riflescope

When you want to have accurate shots in the hunting field even when holdover is required, the Ballistic Plex reticle can be used. With this scope, you would be able to acquire targets at a blazing speed even with your eyes open.

The magnification option that this scope offers is made perfect for short-range shooting and also good enough to reach long-range targets as well. Its high-quality optics that ensure the maximum light transmission is one of the reasons why this scope is considered a very versatile one. This scope has a maximum magnification setting of 7X, and its weight is just 368.54 grams.

Multi-Coated Lenses

This scope offers bright, clean, and clear images with the use of its multi-coated lenses. Also, with this type of optics, you would be able to enjoy maximum transmission of light no matter the situation is.

Ultra-fast Target Acquisition

With this scope’s design and other combined features, you would be able to acquire targets with a speed that you would not expect from ordinary and usual rifle scopes out there.

Fog-proof, Waterproof and Shock-proof

This scope is enhanced with all combined properties of being fog-proof, waterproof, and also shock-proof. No matter what the weather condition is, you would be able to rely on this scope as it performs well in any situation.

Adequate Eye Relief

With a 9.20-inch eye relief that extends for up to 12-inch long, this scope is made safe to use even recoil hits hard. You can assure that your eyes and head won’t hurt since you do not need to position yourself too closely to the scope to acquire and shoot targets.



6. UTG’s 2-7x44mm Scout Scope

This scope is specifically manufactured to be a heavy-duty scope that can be used and would be able to withstand long periods of rugged use in the field.

This one is engineered with one parallax adjustment wheel that is fixed on the side for fine-tuning the scope to be fit to each shooter’s or hunter’s vision.

It also has a memory function that would be able to set up the riflescope to the previously used brightness setting.

UTG’s 2-7x44mm Scout Scope

Adequate Eye Relief

If you have used some heavy-duty firearms before, then you must know by now the importance of having adequate eye relief. This scope offers an eye relief that extends from 9.50 inches up to 11 inches in length.

With that given range, you need not position yourself at a very close distance to the scope to spot and shoot your targets. Another good thing about it is that it would assure you that no harm would happen to your head and your eyes when hard recoil takes place.

Shock-proof, Waterproof, Fog-proof and Rain-proof

With this scope’s durable construction, you would be able to use it in any unexpected weather conditions in the field, even it’s heavy rain or moist conditions. This scope is built to be rugged by being nitrogen-filled and completely sealed. With that built, this scope is made waterproof, fog-proof, and also shock-proof.



7. UTG’s 6” ITA Red or Green CQB Sight

A perfect red dot sight option if you are on a tight budget. Its T-dot type of reticle allows this scope to have fast centered and medium precise targeting.

When bought, this scope comes with some freebies such as the following: cleaning cloth, tools, batteries, and high-quality lens cover. This scope weighs 1.17 pounds.


This scope is built on a strong platform that offers durability and also precision adjustments. It is specifically made up of aluminum material, this type of alloy is widely used all over the world by different manufacturers as the body or casing of the most durable scopes. You would be able to enjoy this scope for a very long time since it is designed ruggedly.

Unlimited Eye Relief

With this feature, you would be quick to acquire targets in the field. Since you do not need to position yourself perfectly and closely to the scope itself, you would be able to fire shots quickly. Also, you need not worry about your eyes and your head since both would not get hurt especially when hard recoil hits.

Shock-proof, Fog-proof and Rain-proof

This scope is composed to be completely sealed. With that built, the worst elements in the field would not be able to penetrate through it. Also, you would be able to use it during almost all-weather conditions such as heavy rain. Even when the condition in the field gets moist, fogging would not be allowed to occur in the interior of this scope.



8. Vortex’s Optics Crossfire II Riflescope with V-Plex Reticle

Vortex’s Optics Crossfire II Riflescope with V-Plex Reticle is a scope that you can expect to perform well even in the worst and unpredictable weather conditions.

This scope is made for hunting and taking down predators in the wild. It only weighs 1.35 pounds, and it has a magnification setting that ranges from 2X to 7X. With this range, it can be the best scope for 300 yards target shooting and small game hunting.

Also, its V-plex reticle is considered to be an all-purpose hunting type of reticle that is known to be used for a wide variety of hunting-related activities and applications.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

This scope is made to have fully multi-coated lenses—this feature is the one that is responsible for providing bright images no matter the lighting conditions are in the field. With this type of lenses, you would assure that you get the maximum possible transmission of light.

Also, this handy rifle scope can work even in low-light conditions. With some anti-reflective properties, this scope is just top-notch in quality when talking about optics.


This scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that is very high-strength and durable. With that built, this scope is expected and proven to be shock-proof; thus, having the ability to withstand recoils and impacts.

Waterproof and Fog-proof

This scope is designed and built to be O-ring sealed, which causes it to be waterproof in performance. Even when this scope gets wet, you would still be able to rely on it. Also, this scope is nitrogen purged—due to the nitrogen present inside the scope, the fogging won’t allow whether the condition in the field gets dry or moist.

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9. Nikon’s 16448 Riflescope

If you are planning to conduct controlled shooting with your Marlin 336, then Nikon’s 16448 Riflescope is one of the ideal scopes for marlin 336 that you might want to consider too.

This scope can be used both as a hunting scope and also as a scout scope as well. It has a matte black finish that makes it look very classy and elegant on the outside. It offers a magnification setting that ranges from 3X to 9X.

This scope has proven to be an appropriate companion for Marlin 336 rifles when hunting coyotes and other varmints in the wild. This scope offers tons of cool features that you would be able to enjoy using once you do your activities in the field.

Uniquely Open Circle Design

This scope utilizes a uniquely open circular design that does not give room for obscured images or sight pictures of the views you are viewing through it. Also, with this feature, you would experience no problem at spotting and shooting moving targets. If anything, this scope makes that easier for you.

Anti-Reflective Device

Another cool thing about this scope is that it has an anti-reflective device that surely eliminates glare in order to provide precise images of the views you are viewing through it.

Adjustable Turrets

This scope offers a spring-loaded turret that is also a zero-reset turret that amazingly provides easy adjustments when shooting in the field. Being able to have easy adjustments in the hunting field is very vital since you would be slow down once you get distracted by complicated adjustments.



10. Leupold’s FX II Scout Duplex Riflescope

If you are looking for a scope that would be able to match the aesthetics of your Marlin 336, Leupold’s FX-II Scout Duplex Riflescope is a choice you should consider—it has a slim design and a matte finish that would surely be a great match for Marlin 336.

This scope would be able to give you the ability to move and walk quicker when you carry it since it is very light in weight—it only weighs 7.5 ounces. With that weight, it would not surely make you tired of carrying it during long hunts.

Twilight Max Light Management System

The feature of having a twilight max light management system could give you 20 more minutes of shooting time to use your scope, especially when hunting or shooting in low-light conditions. Also, this feature reduces the glare and increases the clarity of images from edges to edges.

Fast Target Acquisition

This scope would be able to be of great help when you need to have fast target acquisition. Meaning to say, you would be able to quickly acquire some targets while you are hunting in the field. This feature is paired with this scope’s follow-up shots that are also quick.

Adequate Eye Relief

Another beneficial feature of this Marlin 336 scope is that it has a long eye relief that extends for a maximum of 9.30 inches. With that given eye relief, you do not need to position yourself finely to be able to see through the scope. Also, you would be sure that your eyes and your head would not get hurt when unexpected recoil occurs.



Factors that Should Consider Before Buying a Best Scope for Marlin 336

Durability: Resistance to Tough Elements and Different Environmental Conditions

A good scope is one that lasts long even when used ruggedly. One of the most common materials used for the body of scopes nowadays is aluminum—with this material’s reputation, you can assure that your scope will last long once it is made from this type.

Your riflescope must be completely sealed, nitrogen-filled or purged, and also o-ring sealed. With all those built, you can assure that your scope would be able to withstand even when exposed to the worst elements—such as dust and water—and harsh environmental conditions such as heavy rain or moist situations in the wild.


Probably one of the most important things or factors that you should consider when buying a scope is its magnification—with this feature, you would be able to see your targets clearly through your scope regarding the distance you are shooting. However, there are two basic magnification options available in the market namely fixed and variable magnification. 

Fixed: In the fixed model, you can’t able to adjust the range of magnification because it remains constant. These types of scopes are preferable for inexperienced shooters or hunters who need simple scope which is easy to control and use. The popular fixed magnification ranges are 4x and 6x.

Variable Magnification: Variable scopes are preferred by the professionals and using that you can aim the target at any range of distance by adjusting the magnification. The most advisable popular magnification range of marlin 336 is 3 – 9x.

The scope that offers a magnification setting that ranges from 1X to 4X can be used for short-range activities only, and the scope that offers a magnification ranges from 6X to 24X can be used even for long-range activities. To find the right magnification for your scope, you should what purpose you are using it for—may it be short-range, medium-range, or long-range applications.

Eye Relief

For some hunters and shooters, this can be the most important factor they consider when buying a scope. This feature is essential since it shows whether the riflescope is safe to use even when a large amount of recoil hits hard.

One good example of adequate eye relief is one that has a minimum eye relief of 3 inches—with this length of eye relief, you can assure that your eyes and your heat would not get hurt.

Some scopes are very generous when it comes to eye relief. Some offer unlimited eye relief—this is an extremely great feature to have. When some offer 9 inches to 12 inches of eye relief. Be sure to get a scope that ensures your safety as a user.

Tube size

Large Tube sizes will increase the scope’s weight, and there are two famous tube sizes found in the current market. One-inch (25.4 mm) tube is the popular one with a lightweight and 30 mm tube that is a bit heavier when compared to the 1-inch tube scope. A larger tube size makes the scope more durable and aids in long-distance shooting.


Also, one thing that you should consider is the price of the scope that you are buying. It should be within your budget. Well, it is not bad to invest in expensive scopes that have good reputations, but it is also not bad to try out scopes that are sold for a lower price but are proven to be reliable and durable as well. There are a lot of them there in the markets these days.


Your scope should also be of high quality when it comes to talking about optics. Without good optics, you would not be able to enjoy bright, clean, and clear images.

For example, optics that are fully multi-coated or multi-coated are already a good investment because those two types are known to provide maximum possible light transmission even when the condition in the field becomes very low in light.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. At what budget should I spend on buying a Marlin 336 scope?

Always remember that expensive scope will be designed with high-grade materials that make it highly durable. But for marlin 336, spend a low amount to buy the scope with a decent pricing range of $250 to $350. You may purchase the scope based on your wish.

2. Whether fixed 4x scope is the best scope for Marlin 336? 

Yeah! Fixed 4 x magnification scope will be the perfect choice for your Marlin 336 if your shooting distance is less than 100 yards. If you are a newcomer in hunting then selecting this one will be the better decision.

3. What magnification range scope can I buy for Marlin 336?

With the help of Marlin 336, one can shoot up to 150 yards, and in modern models, you can increase the shooting range up to 250 yards. For this shooting range, 3-9x magnification scope is a better choice. Buying above this magnification is a waste of money and if you are a beginner who needs simple features, then try a fixed 4x or 6x magnification scope.


The scopes listed above are proven to be of great compatibility with your Marlin 336—may it be for any purpose that you want. 

Don’t always rely on other customer reviews as both of your requirements might be different. Choose the scope that makes you comfortable instead of choosing a complicated unit that might get you intimidated, distracted, and confused once you face difficult situations in the field or the wild. 

The Best scopes for Marlin 336 should be comfortable, versatile, durable, and must meet your requirements.

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