Best Shooting Gloves of 2022 | For Any Hunter

Shooting gloves are one of the useful things any shooter or hunter could have on their list. The shooting gloves help keep our hands safe in cold and hot conditions. 

The gloves also prevent recoils. It delivers trigger pull to the guns and rifles. Shooting at the range of 300 yards or similar ranges may not need hand gloves to be on. 

But for practicing handguns or for rapid-fire shooting or more big guns you will need to protect your hands from the heat of barrels, suppressors, and even more dangerous conditions.

The shooting gloves are not necessary for everyone, but this piece of protection makes the shooting game easier and safer.

Let’s check the list of Best Shooting Gloves that you can buy in 2022.

Best Shooting Gloves in 2022 - Tested

1. Mechanix Wear: FastFit Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear Fastfit work gloves come first in our list of best gloves for shooters and hunters. This pair of hand gloves provide complete protection to the hands with a durable and high-quality design. 

The size chart available with the product helps you find the right size for your palm and hand. Mechanix Wear gloves are a great choice for rifles than handguns. It offers enough dexterity.

The glove has a fully adjustable wrist enclosure so you will get high comfort and a great cushion to your hand. The reinforced palm ensures the durability of the gloves. The textured palm panel ensures you get a grip while shooting.

Like the palm, the thumbs are also reinforced which makes the finger more safe, comfortable, and protected. The fingertips have textured leather patches. It offers great flexibility and comfort for doing all the tasks while hunting and shooting.

The color combinations available for this glove are very cool and attractive. You can select the color combination that says who you are and how you work at the range. 

Synthetic leather and spandex are used in the construction of the glove to make it to the wild shooting ranges. The gloves allow you to access smartphones easily. The 100% cotton material used in the glove helps to dry quickly. The elastic cuff at the wrist is meant to provide maximum fit and comfort.



2. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

The PIG FDT is the short version of Patrol Incident Gear Full Dexterity gloves. The main purpose of PIG FDT is to increase dexterity, hand protection, and comfort.

These Delta gloves offer great shooting protection to the hands. The gloves ensure you get enough dexterity that you will need when you are using a gun or rifle. The Trigger Finger material and patented Touch Screen Conductive Thumb ensure dexterity without losing the protection.

All the different and small parts of this glove are designed to provide ultra comfort and adequate grip. It is easy for anyone to pull the trigger as the trigger finger has been made from specific thin materials. Still, the other fingers produce different thicknesses depending on your needs.

The ventilation is an important feature you should check on a glove as it affects the comfort and long-time wear. These PIG FDT gloves have ventilation holes to make the hands breathable and prevent sweating. The palm is thin and has a single layer that maximizes comfort. 

The outer shell of the glove makes it an ideal choice for different tactical conditions.

The edges of the glove are padded to provide a good grip. The knuckle area of the glove is padded with Ballistic Nylon 1000D fr enhanced protection. The hook closure at the wrist keeps the glove on hand comfortably and steadily.



3. Magpul Technical Glove

Magpul is a well-known company for manufacturing firearm accessories and attachments. The products of Magpul are specially designed for shooters to make their living easier. The durability and ever-lasting texture are the two key features of Magpul accessories.

The Magpul Core technical gloves are made of soft and elastic materials with form-fitting. The wrist part of the glove is fully elastic so you can use it as you get enough comfort and fit. This tight and secure closure keeps the glove in a firm position, but at the same time, the glove may require more effort to wear on and off.

Anyhow, the glove comes with a small loop that helps in removing and adding the glove quickly. You feel the bare hand shooting because of its smooth and soft feel. 

The gloves help to achieve the tasks without losing protection and comfort. It is easy to load the magazine with dexterity and grip. The gloves don’t make discomfort around the finger and stop you from moving. The gloves are soft, smooth, and lightweight, still, they deliver great hand protection in cold conditions.

It is necessary to know that the gloves are not designed to wear for hot object work.  So, you should take extra care while replacing the gun barrels. 



4. Mechanix Wear, M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves

Another shooting glove from Mechanix Wear is the M-Pact which is a tactical glove specially designed for heavy-duty shooting. It can handle any weather conditions and climate. The palm of the glove is made of synthetic leather. It ensures the comfort and easy access of guns. 

The D30 padding in the palm and Armortex reinforcement are the great features of the glove. They prevent lots of recoils so you can wear the glove comfortably for a long time. You get an adequate grip so the firearm will be in your hand securely.

The thumb finger and forefinger have been reinforced for two layers so the material lasts long. The trigger pull is easy to catch and access. 

The backside of the glove is thermoplastic rubber so your hands won’t get injured. This Mechanix M-Pact Tactical Glove is the ideal option if you prefer hand protection more than dexterity. These are not only used for shooting protection but also for heavy-duty outdoor works and actions.



5. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves

The Patrol Incident Gear Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves are also referred to as PIG FDT Alphas. These hand gloves for shooting deliver very good protection and also great dexterity. 

The synthetic suede grip design of the glove reduces the overlapping so you can use the guns or accessories without any trouble under the fingers. To get better trigger control and pull, the forefinger and thumb areas have different materials which improve the sensation.

The back of the glove used different materials as the layers with the gaps around the joints so you can move the fingers without losing the comfort and fit.

The Alphas are middle-weighted gloves of PIG, whereas Bravos are heavier and Deltas are lightweight gloves. There are specific women models such as Echo and Charlie.

PIG FDT Alphas fit tighter and feel lighter than most of the other gloves. These gloves are a great choice for accurate and fast rifle fire, like U.S. Specific soldiers because of the dexterity it provides.



6. 5.11 Men's Touch Screen Competition Shooting Gloves

If you have wider hands than the average-sized person, it is hard for you to find the right gloves. Though the shooting gloves come in different sizes and styles, the gloves are normally created with a standard width so for wider hands those gloves will be uncomfortable to wear.

To help those people, 5.11 Tactical Men’s Gloves was designed with a versatile design that is comfortable for wider hands. The gloves boast a special four-way stretch panel at the back which makes it a great fit for bigger hand people. The stretch panel stretches the gloves to deliver maximum comfort to people no matter how wide your hands are.

The solid and durable velcro strap in the gloves keeps the gloves in place without loosening them. The strap is attached to the wrist area so you can adjust the glove as you need. The elastic wrist area delivers full freedom to move around.

The durability of the gloves is again ensured by reinforced palms and fingertips. The Teflon coating of the gloves makes it smart protection and helps keep the glove in a firm place. The Teflon coating is resistant to liquid, stain, and soil. They are machine washable too.

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s gloves are a good choice for action shooting like 3-gun.



7. Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves

Caldwell is an American company that produces shooting accessories and protection devices. Their products are an affordable option for most budget shooters. These Caldwell ultimate shooting gloves are one of the best budget options that come under $20. It never compromises the durability and features.

The rubberized palm in the glove delivers great grip and the palm is reinforced to prevent lots of recoils. The thumb has a leather patch over the web which will protect your finger from slide bites so you can use these gloves for pistols and guns.

The back of the gloves has elastic and stretches. So, even with small or wide hands, any shooter can wear this glove and get a good fit. The available sizes are Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.

This Caldwell ultimate shooting glove is the best entry-level glove for budget buyers and beginners. It is good for pistols, rifles,  and shotguns.



8. Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves

The Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves are tactical shooting gloves for range shooting. The palm of the glove is made from genuine leather and has proper ventilation to make it breathable. The gloves protect the hand from rough grips and prevent sweating. The one-piece leather has been treated to maximize the grip.

The back of the glove is prepared from different synthetic materials including leather. It delivers good dexterity and knuckles protection without being affected by the armor. These knuckle protectors are made from carbon fiber and are lightweight.

The glove also has mech and exhaust ports to improve ventilation. The glove is great for hot weather but in cold conditions, it may not work.

The fingertips are not available to access the touch screen. The Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves is a good tactical choice of hand protection that delivers dexterity, knuckle protection, and handles heat that lasts for a long time.



How to Choose the Best Shooting Gloves For You

The shooting gloves are available in different varieties from a minimal design with a hand covering to full-on work specialist hand gloves for heavy-duty works. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Full-Fingers or Fingerless

The first most common question you will be asked before buying a shooting glove is whether you need fingerless gloves or full-finger gloves.

As the name suggests, the Full-finger gloves cover the hand from the wrist to the fingertips completely.

On the other hand, the fingerless gloves cover from wrist to first finger joint. These types are also called Half-finger gloves.

There are no specific fingerless gloves designed for shooting. These gloves cover the palm and back of the hand and prevent slipping which in turn works out in shooting.

Fingerless gloves are a great choice for people who have extremely large or too small fingers that you could not find the right fit for full-covered gloves. The fingerless gloves do not have any layer between the finger and the trigger so you get to maintain the great trigger. The problem is fingerless gloves can’t protect your fingers from hot or cold weather.

The Material

Normally, bare human hands have good gripping until they get contacted with water or moisture.

The shooting gloves that have synthetic leather or genuine leather materials in the palm provide the same grip as our skin. So, you get the grip of the real hand even in wet conditions.

The more strong and rough grip options are also available. The materials like treated leather or rubber are mostly used materials in these types. These high grip materials help you keep the rifle more secure than the other materials. But, it adds a bulk layer between your hand and gun so it may slow down the handling of the gun.

The palm of gloves has also come padded. The padding prevents recoil. It also decreases the handling. So, decide between grip and recoil.


It is present in the side and back of the glove, typically referring to carbon fiber, rubber, and thick fabric layers.

The armor in the glove protects the hands from injuries but it takes extra weight, reduces breathability and dexterity.

Mostly no one wants armor at the back of the gloves. Until you are a vigorous hunter who is involved in tactical shooting, a glove with armor benefits you. For others, it may not be necessary.

The reinforced thumb webs and forefinger sides are mostly wanted by the casual shooters though.

The forefinger side rubs on the gun and so the additional layer present there improves the life of the glove.

For the thumb area, a handgun on a proper combat stance provides the grip you want. It will risk the thumb finger to slide bite. The slide can go weak through the materials and bite the finger through a glove. So, if you are using a semi-auto pistol, reinforced armor is a great choice.

The bigger hands people have chances of getting slide bites, so people with small hands may not want this extra thumb protection.

Types of Shooting

To be clear, if you do the most precise shooting or fast shooting, the thinner glove is what you will need. If you are faster with the big gun, you can buy a thicker glove.

If you have doubts, start with a middleweight, inexpensive shooting glove from Hatch or Caldwell, and then evaluate your needs and options from there. If you need more from them, then you will need tactical gloves. The 5.11 tactical gloves are used by most of the practical competitors for this purpose.

If you need a combat one, choose a glove from Mechanix, PIG, and Oakley which has military design and functionality.


I hope the above guide for choosing the Best Shooting Gloves for Men in 2022 with a list of best models and a detailed buying guide have helped you in some way to stay on the right track.

Using a hand protection for shooting range is not mandatory but still it adds benefit. So, if you decide to buy a shooting glove, choose wisely from different styles, designs, colors, materials, features, and prices.

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