10 Best SKS Scopes and Optics- Expert’s Review

SKS Rifles are semi-auto carbines accommodated for 7.62×39mm rounds. It was designed by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov in 1943. 

Since the most commonly used rifles during the war were heavy and too long for a tactical reason, the Soviet Military and German Military realized this disadvantage and designed the most appropriate firearms that are compact with cartridges of intermediary power.The SKS rifle with the best SKS scopes helps you to get victory in war that allows you to accurately hit your enemies and leads you to success.

SKS Rifles have been used by several countries during the war, such as Vietnam, China, Russia, and other European and Asian countries. It has been used as the main weapon by the People’s Liberation Army for thirty (30) years.

Best Overall

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day-Night Rifle Scope

Best Digital

BelOMO - POSP 3-9x42mm - 1000m Riflescope

Best Value

Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope

SKS Rifles are exceptionally reliable. If you use the SKS scopes with the Rifles you can get better experiences that helps you to hit your target accurately. It has a simple built that has two unique characteristics which are as follows:

  • a folding crease-up bayonet attached permanently
  • a non-detachable, hinged magazine box

The only disadvantage SKS Rifles can have is its incapability to fully fire automatically as it is limited with its 10 rounded magazine function. This type of rifle has been on the frontline as a basic infantry firearm used by soldiers, specifically the Soviet Army, before being changed and replaced by AK-47 Rifles.

Over the years, after the war has ended, several applications for SKS Rifles have multiplied and introduced to the public. Such purposes include:

  • Hunting wild animals
  • Target Shooting Practice
  • Competition Entry

Hunters worldwide have accepted these with open arms. They are happy to enjoy hunting using the capabilities and potential hidden within the SKS Rifles. It includes a higher accuracy rating, shooting comfortability, and affordability.

However, the full potential of SKS Rifles can be awakened if you use an appropriate SKS scopes and optics for it. Accuracy and precision aiming will be maximized while letting you have an exciting hunting experience you have never imagined. 

Allow this article to serve you in giving you information about several SKS scopes and optics that might help you.

10 Best SKS Scopes & Optics

10 Best SKS Scopes & Optics in 2021

1. ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart Riflescope

ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart Riflescope is an exceptional product that can adapt well in all circumstances. It brought innovative change by incorporating digitalization for hunting.

ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart Riflescope has mixed the latest technological applications with traditional feels, offering the best interests from both parties. It maintains standard mounts and 90mm eye relief while giving optimized sight effects.

Blurry images or troublesome pixelations will never become a problem. Zooming ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart Riflescope from 5x to maximum 20x magnification can give clear and non-pixelated images. It enhances the shooting abilities of the user, making it reliable on the field.

ATN XSight

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day-Night Rifle Scope

4K ProSmart Riflescope

UltraHD Sensors

Obsidian 4 2-Core Processor offers a revolutionary tech with M-265 Sensor – 3864(H) x 2218(V) sensor resolution. It has the capability to provide 120fps at highest when zooming with zero pixelations at long distances.

UltraHD Sensors
Object viewed through the ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart UltraHD Sensors Riflescope

Ballistic-Accuracy Calculator

A ballistic calculator enables you to perform long-distance shooting more accurately and easily. It can determine the approximated calculations for:

  • Distance / Range
  • Humidity
  • Target Angle
  • Temperature
  • Windage 
Ballistic-Accuracy Calculator
How the scopes shows the Ballistic-Accuracy Calculator

Streaming & Video Recordings

Stream HD & HQ videos with your mobile-phone while simultaneously recording the events saved through an SD card within ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart Riflescope. 

You can see images or videos clearly, even in a dark environment, at a longer range. It is compatible with Bluetooth4.1 devices supporting Android & iOS. 

It is a multi-functional product with 1080p @ 30 | 60 | 120** fps video resolution and 1280×720 HD display resolution. 

UltraLow-Power Profile

ATN XSight – 4K ProSmart Riflescope is powered by Li-Ion Battery. Going through the hassle of losing a power source will be minimized during hunting. It can last for approximately 18 hours, which is good for night hunts.

Streaming & Video Recordings

 Other Special Features:

  • 3 Dimensional GS7 Gyroscope
  • 3 Dimensional Accelerometer
  • 3 Dimensional Magnetometer
  • ATN 20000-mAh BatteryPack
  • ATN XTrac Remote Control
  • ATN-ABL Laser Locator
  • E Compass
  • GPS Tracking System
  • Smooth Zooming



ATN X-Sight-4k Pro Edition Smart Hunting Rifle Scope comes with a lot of advantages such as HD sensor, ballistic calculator, dual stream video recording, Recoil activated video and night vision mode. This will be a perfectly suitable rifle scope for your SKS rifle it help you to improve your hunting skill.

2. BelOMO – POSP 3-9x42mm – 1000m Riflescope

BelOMO (Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association) is a big optical & mechanical facility that specializes in developing & producing high precision optoelectronic devices, lasers, optical devices, aerospace photographic devices, and other products that use laser systems.

This facility has produced several quality SKS scopes and optics, which include BelOMO – POSP 3-9×42 – 1000m Riflescope. Known for its workmanship & ruggedness, you’ll know that it can please & let you enjoy in every other way.


BelOMO - POSP 3-9x42mm - 1000m Riflescope

POSP 3-9x42mm - 1000m Riflescope

BelOMO – POSP 3-9×42 – 1000m Riflescope not only provides quality but also within your budget constraint being $599 as its price. This SKS scopes can help you in utilizing the SKS Rifle’s potential. Missing targets will never happen again.

BelOMO – POSP 3-9×42 – 1000m Riflescope has been designed specifically for snipers, but it can also help people venturing in hunting animals. 

It has a built-in mount with a dual 1000m range locator for acquiring targets with 1.5 meters (5 feet) & 0.5 meters in height.

In terms of magnification, BelOMO – POSP 3-9×42 – 1000m Riflescope has a variable power of 3x to 9x, which offers 7 meters to 100 meters of a field of view. If your preference is medium range hunting, this SKS scopes might become a perfect match for your rifle.

BelOMO – POSP 3-9×42 – 1000m Riflescope has a 42mm objective lens, which helps in getting light to be transferred to the lens that can give clearer pictures for the target.

It can even adjust towards any weather and tough circumstances, making it a good company for hunting.



BelOMO – POSP 3-9x42mm Riflescope is specialist for workmanship & ruggedness.The objective lens is multi coated that ensures you to see the clear view of your target with high magnification range. This scope comes with weather proof so you can use this scope in all types of climate conditions. It has a built in  mount with a dual 1000m range locator for acquiring targets.

3. Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope

For only $489, you can already avail of Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope. It fits almost every type of guns and rifles out there that use the AK/SVD-side mount plate. These firearms include Saiga, SVD, AK, SKS, Vepr, Tigr, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and other AK-type variations.

Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope uses a 1pc 3V CR2 battery type for its four (4) reticle sights – Dot, V-bar, T-bar, V-bar with a dot. 

The battery itself can last for approximately 300++ hours for max reticle brightness. This  Red-Dot Sight can provide fast target acquisition accurately.


Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope

EKP1S03 Russian Scope

Cobra EKP-1S-03 Russian Red Dot Kobra Sight 2
Cobra EKP-1S-03 Russian Red Dot Kobra Sight

Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope has at least 16 brightness levels that can adapt under different light environments such as twilight, daylight, and nighttime illuminated by the moon. Just choose the appropriate brightness for you before hunting.

It is easy for the eyes as it can provide unlimited FOV. It works efficiently for small targets and other moving targets. However, the distance you are able to shoot is limited with your eyesight precision. Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope comes with a sunshade that can reduce or block harmful lights.

This SKS Rifles scope is durable. It can resist completely against dust and water. It is also weather-resistant as it can perform well during extreme weather such as heavy snow, rain, hoar frost, desert field, fog as well as temperatures under -40°С to 50°С.

What makes it special is that Kobra Red-Dot Sights were produced at Izhevsk City, a Russian Federation operated by Axion Corporation, making sure that Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope is a good hunting company for you with utmost confidence.



Cobra EKP1S03 Russian Scope has four types of reticle and 16 level of brightness setting. you can use this sight to get the accurate target under all type of environmental light conditions. It comes with both eyes open that provides unlimited eye relief, it helps you to easily target small and moving objects.

4. Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics

For only $429, you can avail Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics without spending so much. PK-AS is the advanced PKS-01 version. It is the newest tactical optics specifically designed for Russian Special Forces operations.

Thanks to the latest machining [ techniques ], producing a quality optics with a great sight that rivals US Military Sights can be achieved easily and more affordably. 

The Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics’ fully multicoated lens can provide a remarkable, wide-angled field of view that helps quick target acquisition combined w/ precision-dot system.


Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics

PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics

Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics provides supreme accuracy for long distances while exceeding the built-in iron sights found in some rifles. 

It has an advanced range locator that can estimate your distance against the location of your targets. It is lightweight in design while, at the same time, being a tough-bud on the battlefield.

Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics has a non-magnification design that permits both eyes to be opened when shooting while preventing eye strains and maximizing the ability to locate and mark targets. 

It fills not only the CQB Red-Dot Sight for short-distance applications but can also be used for long-distance applications.

Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics can smoothly adjust and align the built-in settings through indexed-ballistic cam. Flipping the switch can activate 1.5-MOA Red-Dot. 

The calibrated thumb-wheel 2 MOA turret can be easily used with any rifle types. This kind of flexibility and efficiency allows this product to do effectively well in every environment.



Thanks to the last technique mechanism of Kalinka PK-AS Dual Black-Dot Optics, it provides a wide angle of field of view that helps you to get the clear view of your Target acquisition. This scope comes with a 16 level of brightness setting that helps you in unpleasant environmental light conditions and it also comes with 2 D357 batteries.

5. BelOMO Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope

You can buy a BelOMO Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope for only $384. It has a non-magnification setting, which allows you to view the surroundings on a larger field of view. 

It has a modern design while at the same time being lightweight, serviceable, and simple to use & operate.

BelOMO Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope has a red-spot mark used for aiming that enables shooting under 8 different light condition levels. Be it in broad daylight, during twilight, or enveloped in darkness while using night vision devices.


Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope

The red-dot mark enables you to manually set it up through 8 different switch positions. It is powered by 1pc AA Battery with a fixed voltage supply of 1.5V. The battery life of this product can last for up to 400++ hours which is sufficient enough for continuous operations under normal illumination.

BelOMO Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope is fog proof and waterproof. The optical lens of this product is filled tightly with nitrogen gas and completely sealed. It can work well under different temperature that ranges from -4°F to 122°F. 

You can go hunting despite the cold weather without any cloudiness that can obstruct your view in acquiring any targets.

BelOMO Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope has a low and centerline red-dot reticle that co-witnesses the rear-sight leaf that is usually set on one (1). It is considered as one of the best when considering [ combloc ] tube-based red-dots that is available in the market.

BelOMO is known for its workmanship & ruggedness, which allows you to put your trust in them and the products they produced. 

It will never put out the quality just because it is economically friendly. It will help you in utilizing the potential of your SKS Rifle in terms of shooting.



BelOMO Collimator PK-01VS Riflescope comes with a fixed magnification range that perfectly suits with your SKS rifle and its advantages provides high level of performance in both day and night. This SKS rifle scope is fog and waterproof so you can use this scope in all types of climate conditions. It has a low profile , co- witness red dot scope with a large field of view.

6. Kalinka PK-01VS Optics

Taking quality sight in mind, Kalinka PK-01VS Optics costs only $384. It is a versatile product with non-magnification 1x power that allows you to view the surroundings on a wider aspect. It is easy to use, even for beginners.

Kalinka PK-01VS Optics can fit well on a WASR side-mount without any adjustments. Its 30mm objective lens can gather necessary light that can be transmitted through its optical lens. With this, having a crystal clear picture is easy to achieve.


Kalinka PK-01VS Optics

PK-01VS Optics

Kalinka PK-01VS Optics also has 8 levels of brightness, which is helpful depending on the environment you are hunting on. Regulating the brightness manually at its highest, the red-dot reticle can cast a ring surrounding the lens. Moreover, the first 3 levels are used with N.V. Equipment.

Kalinka PK-01VS Optics is the latest mil-spec optics that are designed with simplicity and sturdiness during its construction. It has been specifically made for using N.V. goggles for shooting purposes. Maintaining zero all throughout is stable, while lower co-witness of 1/3 works just the way as it should be.

Kalinka PK-01VS Optics uses 1pc of AA Battery under 1.5V. Its battery life can last for 400++ hours, which is perfect for night hunting. Positioning the K switch to control the battery condition can be done smoothly. Once switched, but you are unable to see the red-dot mark, you have to change the battery.

Kalinka PK-01VS Optics is built to handle the strongest recoils, especially when used with large & heavy calibrated firearms. The optical lens is completely sealed and purged using nitrogen, which avoids the formation of moisture & fogging on the lens’ surface.

It can operate under -40°C to 50°C temperature, which allows you to hunt despite the cold weather. It is also waterproof, which allows it to survive despite an accidental drop under water. The uncovered knobs for elevation & windage settings are accessible with ½ click adjustments.



Kalinka PK-01VS Optics has 8 levels of brightness setting ,it is a versatile product with fixed magnification that allows you to see the hunting environment on a wider aspect , it is perfect suitable for those who are using SKS rifle scope for the first time. It comes with night vision ability so you can use this scope even in the dark light.

7. BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope

BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope was designed to accommodate the sniper modifications when using bolt-related rifles. It can be bought for only $289, which does not lower its quality despite the price.

PU-type scopes had proven its worth when used by the military on the battlefield for more than 70++ years that dates back to the World War II era. 

No matter what you use this SKS scope for, be it for hunting or for tactical reasons, placing your confidence and trust unto BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope will not be betrayed.


3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope

BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope has a sturdy built as the aircraft type aluminum was used for production. Moreover, its base and the mount are pressed with a solid steel material being molded with aluminum alloy.

BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope had taken its predecessor’s characteristics that include the original 3-post reticle and unique distance-measuring system employed by using the modern technological advancements for optics.

This mechanical process improves the coefficient of absorbing and transmitting light, which gives way to a clearer and more effective SKS scope range that can pinpoint moving targets easily and smoothly. 

Its 20mm objective lens also helps in the light transmission process to achieve crystal-clear pictures with high contrast details.

BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope has a 3.5x fixed magnification that can be used for medium combat situations. Moreover, it allows you to have a field of view of 26 feet at 100 yards, which is a great advantage for surveillance.

The mineral glass lens of this product is multicoated in several layers, which reduces harmful lights while giving an eye relief of 2.8 inches. 

BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope has a second focal plane reticle that can operate under -45°C to 55°C temperature.

BERING OPTICS 3.5x20mm PU Russian Scope can handle any type of weather, which makes it a great ally all yearound for hunting. It has been given an IPX-5 waterproof rating, which allows the scope to resist a maintained, low pressured water immersion. It won’t easily break, which makes it worth your money.



BERING OPTICS 3.5 x 20mm PU Russian Scope is built for the aircraft type aluminum  that provides the rugged design  and high quality performances. The objective lens of this scope is multi-coated in several layers that provides you the crystal clear image of your target and it is weather proof so you can use this scope in all types of weather conditions. 

8. BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Riflescope

Another BelOMO product, you can be sure that it won’t let you be disappointed. For only $279, you can already own a specialized BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Riflescope that was made through the incorporation of the latest optical & mechanical technology.

BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Riflescope, as its name suggests, is a designed Venezuelan “PK-A” Military applications that can be perfectly used for powerful rifles such as AK, Saiga, Vepr, SVD DRAGUNOV, SLR, PSL, SKS, RPK, ROMAK, and Tigr. It was the best-produced series under the Venezuelan PK-A.


BelOMO - PK-A Venezuela Riflescope

PK-A Venezuela Riflescope

This product has considered the humid temperature of Venezuelan during its production with all key settings that are needed to make it a great companion for any battle you might find yourself into. 

It has a 1x fixed magnification, which gives a wider 40° field of view for monitoring the field activities of your targets and surroundings even when moving.

BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Riflescope is powered by a AA battery that can operate for up to 1000++ hours, which is quite a deal considering its economically friendly cost compared with other similar scopes. It is better suited for both auto and semi-auto firearms.

The military has proven its worth when used on the battlefield with extreme conditions. It can cope easily under varying temperatures that ranges from -32°C to 52°C. Its body is made up of strong and resilient solid-steel metal alloy materials, which won’t get damaged easily despite heavy recoiling.

BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Riflescope boasts perfect precision and accuracy in every shot you release thanks to its illuminated Red-Dot MOA reticle. It has 8 varying levels of brightness, which can be used for you to adapt to any lighting environment that you might be.

BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Riflescope is compact and lightweight in design. It can even prevent internal fogging or misting as it is filled with dry nitrogen and completely sealed to avoid any water from entering the scope when submerged under 1m deep.



BelOMO – PK-A Venezuela Rifle scope is designed with high quality aluminium alloy and it is built with 8 levels of brightness setting. The main advantage is decreasing the aiming point time and it increases the aiming accuracy by twice.It has 8 levels of brightness control and the battery used to power this scope has 1000 hour of power supply without any issues. 

9. BelOMO – Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics

BelOMO has proven its worth and credibility all through these years while continuously enhancing its product development. With the price of $149, BelOMO – Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics will not betray your trust you have placed on it.

This product has a compact and lightweight built, making it easier to carry and won’t drastically become a heavy burden when mounted on your SKS Rifle. 

It has a fixed 3.5x magnification that is helpful for medium combat range. Its design has been inspired by the Russian PU scope that was famous during the World War II era.


BelOMO - Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics

Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics

BelOMO – Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics has a sturdy built as it is made up of solid steel metal alloy materials. 

You can consider acquiring the power of even the strongest military tank molded into a compact optical riflescope that can withstand heavy battle conditions. It even provides an eye relief of 65mm, which can lessen the discomfort that you might feel after continuous recoiling.

Under -58°F to 122°F temperature levels, it won’t get damaged and can work perfectly fine with such circumstances. 

As its objective lens is 20mm, it can only provide at least 80% of light being absorbed and transmitted to acquire fast target marking and clearer sight performance.

The turrets of BelOMO – Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics does not have clicks nor detents. You can easily and effortlessly adjust towards the horizontal direction of the reticle. 

Its sight enables you to create more precise shots compared with other ordinary mechanical optics. The marking lines are formed atop the reticle’s vertical hairs.



BelOMO – Pilad P 3.5x20mm Russian Optics is compact is size and lightweight so that you can easily mount on your SKS rifle scope. it provides 80% of light being absorbed and transmitted to acquire target fast and clear. This scope allows you to create precise shots compared to other optics.

10. Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope

Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope might be one of the cheapest riflescopes that you can find in the market. Although it costs $62.89, you should trust this product as it can also give you quality performance for optical presentation.

This product offers more than meets the eye (and your wallet). Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope is an 8-point optics that gives high-quality features that can be useful for hunting or combat. It offers a medium-ranged 3x to 9x magnification power that offers brighter pictures of your targets.


Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Truplex 3-9X40mm - Riflescope

Having a 40mm objective lens is also a catch despite its low price. This means that it can gather enough light for your scope before transferring it, which gives better chances of having razor-sharp images of your targets and surroundings as if you are standing right in front of them.

Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope offers a field of view of 31.4 feet under 3x and 10.5 feet under 9x for every 100 yards. Missing targets won’t become a problem any more thanks to this riflescope.

It has a fully multicoated lens that can help in lessening the harmful lights that might hurt your eyes when viewing through this SKS scope. It also provides long eye relief of 3.75 inches, which can be helpful when using SKS and other powerful rifles that might cause discomfort under continuous recoil.

Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope has a truplex reticle that contains heavy drawn lines intersecting in the middle that has finer marking lines. It helps you in taking a shot successfully with effective precision and accuracy ratings.

Adjusting the TrueZero elevation and windage settings can be done effortlessly considering its ¼ MOA Sure-Grip Audible Click System. 

It allows you to perfectly maintain zero despite the hardest conditions that you will experience. Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope is also waterproof and fog proof, which can definitely earn your trust with its stellar sight performance.



Simmons – Truplex 3-9X40mm – Riflescope is known as an 8 point rifle scope which has a fully coated lens. It has 1/4 MOA adjustable click for both windage and elevation adjustments. The truplex reticle allows you to hit precisely on the target. It has 3x to 9x magnification; it is much more than enough for SKS rifle scope.

What makes the Best SKS scopes?

The SKS rifle is chambered for 7.62X39 cartridges, which has the pack of punch as a 30-30 and maximum effective range of around 150 yards. The ammo of the SKS scope does not have enough power chargers to travel for long-distance targets, so that you don’t need the scope with high magnification.

A best SKS scope should have the magnification range for mid-range shooting, so the scope with the 3x-9x or 2x-12x magnification will be the best choice for your SKS rifle. 

Best Scopes For SKS Rifles
Full view of SKS rifle with scope

However, If you want to get a quality view of the 150 yards target, the scope with the mid-range will help you to zoom a target 6x times larger than the original image so that you can easily hit your target with great precision.

At the end of the day, the great scopes for your SKS rifle will allow you to use it for a long time, and it is best to use while hunting. I hope you are prepared to experience your hunting skill with the best SKS scope; first, you want to choose the best scope that suits your intended purpose.

What type of Magnification do you need?

Magnification is important – be it for hunting or military applications. Buying SKS scopes or optics with little or excessive magnification might lose you some bucks if bought impulsively.magnification range of sks riflescopeClose Range

 If you are using SKS Rifle for close combat, you do not necessarily need magnification at all. Having at least 1x to 3x magnification should be enough to let you have a clearer view of your moving target, which can be done with ease and much more quickly. A red-dot reticle can amplify its target acquisition more smoothly.

Medium Range

If you are using SKS Rifle for medium combat, having a magnification power between 3x-9x can be of great assistance. A reliable SKS scopes & Optics will help you cover up to 400 yards of target distance with appropriate windage and accuracy shot with some smaller adjustments.

Long Range

If you are using SKS Rifle for long-range combat, a powerful magnification that varies between 10x and above can be an ideal SKS scopes & Optics for you. It also depends solely on your skills as a shooter since it isn’t that easy to achieve. 

Experienced snipers working in the military can make great utilization of this SKS scopes with your Rifles.Although SKS Rifles are well-rounded firearms, it is best used for close combat and medium combat shooting. As long as you know your purpose, determining the correct magnification for you will be easy.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best SKS Scopes & Optics?

There are at least four factors that you should consider before going your way of buying some SKS scopes & optics for your SKS rifles. These are:

Objective Lens

SKS Scope Objective LensObjective Lens is important for any riflescopes. Its main purpose is gathering enough light and then transmitting it to the optical lens – the one closer to the eye. The bigger its size, the more volume of light can be gathered, the heavier it can be.

Objective Lens with 20mm to 45mm is much more compact and lightweight in design while giving you sufficient clarity for target acquisition.Objective Lens with 50mm to 75mm can give you a much clearer image while at the same time, being a heavyweight to carry.


The SKS rifle does not have more teams in range, so using the high magnification range scope is just a waste of money because the ammunition can only hit the target up to 150 yards so that it is useless to view your target from 300 yards away clearly. 

For the SKS rifle, close range and medium-range scopes are best to use. If you are a hunter or shooter who most prefers a close-range shooting, then the fixed magnification or the magnification range from 3x to 6x is best for you to hit a target clearly and quickly.

ResistanceSKS Scope Resistance

Most SKS scopes and optics are incorporated with weatherproofing and resistance capabilities. It is very important for hunters or even for the soldiers due to its durability – being able to withstand unexpected drops, impact when accidentally banged on the wall, and prevention of dirt or moisture penetration against the lens, among others.

 It can either be or a combination of:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Fog proof
  • Scratch proof
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof

Eye ReliefSKS Scope eye relief

Considering the eye relief SKS scope or optics can give you is important. It is the safest distance that allows you to place your eyes behind the optical scope. It lessens, if not prevent, any discomfort or minor bruises that you might experience after a continuous heavy recoil action.

 The longer the eye relief, the more comfort it can offer you while looking through your targets without taking any damages in return.

ReticleSKS Scope Reticle

A reticle is an important thing to consider while buying the scope; a reticle is an image displaced in every scope; it helps you to aim the target accurately. 

There are a lot of reticle designs available, each of them is separate by its unique specialty. When it comes to SKS rifles, a simple red dot reticle is the best choice for close-range shooting, and a Duplex crosshair reticle is best for medium-range shooting.

Red dot sight is best for close-range shooting because you don’t adjust the aiming point, just place the red dot on a target and pull the trigger to hit the target accurately. 

The duplex cross reticle is best for medium-range targets because when your target is far away, you need to make some adjustments to get accurate target acquisition so that it will be the best choice for medium range target shooters.

Lens coating

Nowadays, except few scope, all the other scope in the market have a kind of anti-reflection or anti -glare coated lens. The coated lens provides a clear view of the target and helps to avoid the glare from the sunlight that makes it easy to aim your target. 

The film absurate the extra light and allows the right amount of light enter into the scope so that you can get the bright and clear view of your target.


SKS Rifles are reliable and have proven its flexibility during WWII. Although it was used during the war, nowadays, it can be used for hunting and other non-oppressing activities. 

Equipping SKS Rifles with the right SKS scopes & Optics can surely let you have fun hunting without spending so much money. Affordable optics with quality performance.

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