Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm LaserScope Review

In my last hunt, I used Burris Eliminator III Laserscope but I’m not satisfied with it. Because the range-finding was somewhat “twitchy” and it did not deliver a firing solution over 800 yards. So I was looking for a new scope that can range out more than 1,000 yards. 

But when I heard that Burris broke the ground with a new release of Eliminator IV that is best suited for long-range hunting, I was so excited and watched all its features. Burris said that Eliminator IV has improved technology and can range out to 2,000 yards. Immediately I jumped to the market all around in my area and finally, grabbed it.

Yesterday morning I used it for the first time and that’s fine to use. Its pretty cool technology was much better than the Eliminator III version. Here, I’ll tell you what I learned from Eliminator IV.

Evolution of Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm LaserScope

The new release Burris Eliminator III rifle scope was the first optic for hunters to use for long-range shooting. Before the launch of this original Eliminator, we have to range targets, plug-in ballistic data, requite for environmental factors to make a shot. 

When a big bull elk or whitetail offers an opportunity for a shot, we don’t have time to perform all those calculations. I have lost this chance many times. So I prefer only the Eliminator series which offer the most efficient and advanced way to make accurate shots at long distances.

The Eliminator III was a huge success among hunters and today Burris is offering their new fourth generation of Eliminator optics with field testing to produce the most versatile hunting optic available. 

As a loyal fan of Burris, the Eliminator IV will also achieve a grand success in the market. This wish is not just for Burris, but for the remarkable features and technology introduced in the Eliminator IV version.

Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm LaserScope

The Burris Eliminator IV is an ideal optic for long range hunting. It is available in two forms; 3-12×44 or 4-16×50 models. They are more or less similar in all their features, the only change is the magnification ranges and objective lens diameter. Here my review is about Burris eliminator IV 4-16×50 laserscope.



Features and Benefits of Burris Eliminator IV Laserscope


Mounting is very simple in this Eliminator IV scope. It is designed to fit easily either on a Picatinny rail or Weaver style rail. It fits quickly and securely to your rifle so no rings are needed for it. It also has strong mounting clamps to secure the optic firmly to the rifle. So you don’t want to worry about the optic even if the magnum cartridges shake it. 

Build Quality

At the heart of every high-quality scope is good glass, and Burris too owns that. The Eliminator IV 4-16x scope is built with a 50 mm objective lens that is multi-coated to offer great edge-to-edge clarity. 

I could see objects clearly even in low light conditions through this optic. It also boasts adjustable brightness settings that make it easy to match the brightness of the optic with the environmental lighting conditions.


The Eliminator IV weighs just 28.8 ounces which is not more than other competing non-rangefinding scopes. It’s especially attractive because you don’t want to carry an additional rangefinder along with the Burris Eliminator IV scope. Therefore, it reduces the weight of your backpack and is best suited for any hunting situation. 

Turret Control

Despite all its high-tech features, the Burris Eliminator IV includes turret control which seems very familiar to most shooters. The windage turret is on the right side of the main tube and the elevation turret is at the top of the body. Both are capped and ¼ MOA click adjustable. 

Parallax and MOA Adjustment

The parallax ring is placed on the objective lens bell along with a rear focal ring as well. It also includes three plate sizes for 10, 20, and 30 MOA of down elevation adjustment.

Laser Rangefinder

The Burris Eliminator IV has an inbuilt laser rangefinder to range targets accurately beyond 2,000 yards. It is a great benefit to me. As I’m weak in calculations the laser rangefinder helped me a lot yesterday. 

How does Laser Rangefinder work?

You don’t want to do any calculations manually, the rangefinder will automatically show the distance on the digital display once the range is determined.  It gives a 10 mile per hour wind hold.

Then the X96 reticle of the Eliminator IV will illuminate a dot inside the display to indicate the correct holdover for the shot. You just have to hold the illuminated dot on the desired impact point and press the trigger. If wind adjustment is required make it before pressing the trigger. 

Reticle Illumination

The reticle in the Burris Eliminator IV Laserscope is illuminated. It illuminates the correct holdover point for you to fire. It will also indicate a “too far” warning by flashing the dots. 

Moreover, Burris also indicates when an object blocks the laser and does not allow it to obtain an accurate range measurement. 

Wireless Remote

In addition, the Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm laser scope comes with a wireless remote to support the shooter for an accurate range. It allows you to take a range by just pressing a button. This is the first scope in the market with a wireless remote.

Adhesive label

This best long range scope also includes an adhesive label that allows you to fill the sight in BC, altitude, drop, etc. You can also affix it above the battery compartment for quick reference.

Ballistic Software

The secret lies in the Burris scope is the onboard computer with advanced ballistic software. It takes your pre-entered environmental and ballistic data and provides feedback instantly. So you just have to input the data of the cartridge. Once inputting is done, it is very fast and easy to begin your process. I’ve planned to use a .300 Win Mag to my rifle.

How to operate it? 

Once I installed the batteries in the optic and added the correct values of my load, I entered into the set-up mode by pressing the forward button. In that mode, the first number that appears is the current ballistic table setting. Click the forward button to program a new setting.

Then you have to press the toggle buttons up or down to set yards or meters. Confirm it by pressing the forward button. The next step is to select the zero distance. You can choose from 50, 100, or 200 yard zero but this will vary depending on the weapon you are using for the hunting. Most centerfire hunting rifle rounds use a 200 yard zero. 

Once all these settings are done, input the ballistic coefficient and drop number of your load. Now your optic is ready to operate and you can go for a shoot. 

Now simply, range the target by pressing either the right or left button on the Eliminator’s main tube. Based on your ballistic data, this will then provide, holdover point, an accurate range, and a 10-mile-per-hour wind hold. 

The exact holdover point will illuminate and so you can center the target and make wind adjustments if needed to fire. The plus point of this Eliminator IV series is it can provide the holdover data for about 90 seconds.



Final Words

Unlike Eliminator III, Burris has dramatically improved the technology in the Eliminator IV series. It ranges longer and provides accurate holdover over 1,300 yards. The Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm laserscope is a great bargain for versatility. 

I hope this review is useful for anyone thinking about buying one of these gadgets.

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