Burris Signature 20-60x85mm HD Spotting Scope Review

Burris gave a great come-back with the release of new Signature optics. It is the only spotter from Burris, available at the moment. They had worked very keenly keeping in mind even a very minute need of the customers and launched this new observational optics. 

Are you interested to know about it? Then stay here and go through the complete review. 



What’s Special in Burris Signature 20-60x85mm HD Spotting Scope

The newly launched optics from Burris is the Burris Spotter Signature HD Spotting Scope. There’s nothing cheap in spotter except its price tag. While over $1000 doesn’t mean “cheap”, but is more affordable than its competitors.

This Burris spotter is made as expected by the customers in the line of premium signature HD scope. It’s true to its name and design with HD image quality. 

This uses the index-matched lenses technology, which sounds familiar right? Because Leupold also uses the same technology on their optics.

Then what else is unique in this spotter? The eyepiece is the highlighting feature that makes it stay apart from the crowd. 

The Burris spotter comes with a 20-60x eyepiece providing a fixed magnification power of 30x. However, you can also have a separate reticle eyepiece which can be purchased individually. You can also choose between an SCR MOA or SCR Mil-dot reticle.

Both reticles can be set in the First Focal Plane for use at any magnification. If you don’t like using a fixed 30x eyepiece without the reticle option, that’s also fine. Everything is based on your preference. 

Being so new it takes some time to enter into the effect of consistent buzz on the optic. However, it was because of the loyal Burris fans who demanded the return of Burris observation optics. We’re so excited to see the new spotting scope that has developed far exceeding the expectations of the masses!

Features And Benefits

Build Quality

The body of the Burris Signature HD spotting scope has a lightweight, durable design with a die-cast magnesium housing. It is armored to provide greater protection in the field. Also, the armor is easy to handle.

Further, the Burris spotting scope is argon purged to resist fog and water. So you can use it in any extreme temperatures. A built-in sunshade feature reduces glare and protects the objective lens from snow and rain. 


The Burris spotter is featured with a 20-60x magnification range that helps you save time in search of animals. The images are also very minute and clear without any aberrations. This helps you find animals easily from a mountain away. 

APO Lenses

The actual element of the HD optics is the Extra-low dispersion glass. But Burris has gone a step forward with the use of Apochromatic Triplet lenses. The assembly of both ED glasses and APO lenses provides vivid, crystal clear images with no aberrations.

Their main role is to reduce spherical and chromatic aberration by allowing the lightwaves to fall onto the same point along the focal plane.

Index-Matched Lenses 

Not only APO lenses, it is also equipped with Index-matched lenses technology. This technology considers every glass lens within the optic, which means each surface of the lens is index-matched with the appropriate coating.

This increases light transmission and minimizes glare and reflections to provide optimal clarity and brightness. The coating quality, density, and the number of times it’s layered are based on the manufacturer who uses this technology.

FastFire Attachment

Burris Signature spotting scope comes with the Fastfire attachment for a red dot sight optic. It includes two attachment points on either side of the scope for mounting the red dot optic.

This red dot optic helps to align the spotting scope on distant targets with less searching. Which means, this system is amazingly fast and easy to find even very small targets at 500 yards away.

Included Accessories

  • Lens covers: The removable lens covers allow full use of the scope without the need to remove the cover. 
  • Neoprene carry case: It comes with a thick neoprene cover to keep the spotting scope clean, dry, and protected from dings and scratches
  • Carry strap


Most of the spotting scopes feature an interchangeable eyepiece system which is not available in Burris. But the Burris signature spotter allows you to have a reticle eyepiece (SCR Mil reticle and SCR MOA reticle) that provides crystal clear clarity and great accuracy. 

Types of Reticle Eyepiece

SCR Mil Reticle

SCR Mil Reticle means Special Competition Reticle with hash marks used in scopes for incredible accuracy. Here, the center and extended area of the crosshairs are illuminated and the hash marks are placed in position for extreme accuracy. Therefore, it is ideal for competitive use. 

With ” 2/10-mil and 1-mil windage hold-off lines, 1/2-mil holdover lines, and 1/10-mil ranging brackets on the crosshairs, top, left, and right extremes”, you’ll get everything needed to make a long shot.

SCR MOA Reticle

It provides a Special Competition Reticle with MOA hash marks. This reticle comes non-illuminated for spotting scopes. But it is also available with illumination. 

Here, the hash marks are placed at:

” 1/2-MOA and 1-MOA windage hold-off lines, 1-MOA holdover lines, and 1/4-MOA ranging brackets on the crosshairs, at the top, left, and right extremes.”

Noteworthy Features:

  • Excellent, high-end optics with true HD quality
  • Allows dual focus system
  • FastFire attachment 
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Die-cast magnesium housing with tough rubber armor
  • Includes cover protector and neoprene case 

Overall, Burris did a wonderful job in executing every design idea on their Signature HD spotting scope. It’s evident in its high-performing features, quality, and low cost.



Final Words

Everything about the Burris Signature HD spotting scope is top-notch, and you can’t really find anything better than this for this price. 

The come-back of Burris with the Signature HD spotting scope has impressed the buying crowd similar to their latest binoculars.

Their loyal fans are very much excited to see Burris observational optics back in the market.

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