Carson Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

Are you a fan of hunting, camping, hiking, or love observing wildlife? The night vision monoculars are the best to make your adventures momentous at night. 

They are useful for a long-range of applications. They are capable of stalking your prey from 300m under the cover of darkness. 

Night vision monoculars are lightweight and more portable when compared to night vision binoculars or any other heavy-duty telescopes. 

Also, they come in various types, shapes along with several features for different purposes. They can easily fit into your pocket or in hand, and they are a great addition to the hikers or bird watchers. 

Most of the night vision monoculars come with the features of capturing videos and images or mounts to fit up with your cameras or smartphone and allowing you to keep a record of everything.

In this article, we have reviewed Carson Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular with Infrared Illuminator (NV-150). 

It is considered one of the best quality monoculars for night use. This makes your hunting or any other outdoor activities very easy and comfortable. 

This night vision monocular is designed to be an ideal choice for all your night endeavors. 

Keep reading this article to know its special key features and specifications.



Features of Carson Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular

The device has included the following features,

Optical performance

The Aura NV-150 digital monocular is equipped with 2x optical magnification and has a digital magnification that ranges from 2x-4x. To get a clear and closer look, the images can be further magnified. 

This unit provides you with a field of view of 546 feet at 1000 yards. Using the digital zooming system, you can focus on far and near objects. 

Magnification of Carson Aura Night Vision Monocular

Moreover, it has an excellent range of viewing, and it won’t allow you to guess the type of animal which you are looking through the device. It’s capable of detecting the targets in complete darkness. 

IR illuminator

This Carson Aura night vision monocular has an integrated IR illuminator for optimal viewing and allows you to use it in ambient light or complete darkness. 

As it is a digital night vision device it can be used both during day and night time. While using the device in the daytime, you can turn off the IR illuminator.

IR Illuminator of Carson Aura Night Vision Monocular
The built-in IR illuminator has a maximum range of 400 feet with a variable intensity to eliminate. The variable Infrared intensity reduces the washout of the closest objects.


The ergonomically designed device comes with a dioptric compensation with extremely durable objects, so the device is a highly reliable and efficient unit. 

This Carson Aura Night Vision Monocular has 4 control buttons placed on the top of the device for your fast and easy access to control all features and functions. 

Also, the device has been built with an adjustable in-view screen brightness.

Design of Carson Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular

The two-step focusing system allows you to focus the target using the front objective ring and the image displays with the rear dioptric ring. 

Thus the focusing eyepiece ensures sharp focus for all users. The in-view screen shows the frame rate, card status, battery status, IR intensity, photo/video mode, memory balance, zoom, and recording time.

The device is lightweight and easy to carry around. The device is small and easily fits into the palm of your hand. Also, the monocular is provided with a one-year limited warranty.

Camera Performance

The Carson 2-4x Aura digital night vision monocular allows you to capture images and record videos. 

As the device is powered by superior digital night vision technology, it provides you with better quality than traditional night vision. Thus, it ensures sharp, bright, crisp, and clear images. 

The Aura digital night vision monocular allows you to take pictures and videos on a pitch-black night or in the daylight. But it takes time to focus on the object that you are looking at.

Thus, the images produced in this unit are black and white LCD that allows you to see in the dark, also they are bright and sharp. 

The monocular features 640×480 resolution, and has variable frame rates of 8, 15, 30 fps. 

The captured images and video files can be stored on the 8GB microSD card. Later you can transfer the files to your computer or smartphones using the USB cable, which is included in the purchase.


Carson Aura night vision monocular runs on 3 AAA batteries. But unfortunately, the battery life of this unit is short. 

Although, by reducing the refresh rate, it can run up to 10 hours. To save battery life, you can turn off the IR illuminator. 

The batteries are not included in the purchase, you have to buy them separately to operate this unit.

Impressive Functionals

  • Using the IR illuminator, the device allows you to take pictures in complete darkness, or either in broad daylight.
  • Allows nighttime hunting and fishing expeditions.
  • The built-in camera allows you to take pictures and videos.
  • Has an impressive range of 393 feet in complete darkness with an angle of view of 10°.
  • Designed to use it effortlessly with one hand.

Package Contents

The package includes a

  • Carson Aura Plus 2x Digital Night Vision Monocular with a camcorder
  • 8GB micro SD card
  • Soft-carrying pouch
  • USB cable
  • Wrist strap
  • User Guide




With the development of night vision technology, nocturnal activities had become much easier and comfortable. Among the night vision devices, Carson Aura 2x-4x digital night vision monocular is one of the perfect choices and comes in handy for all your natural outdoor activities. Thus the digital night vision monocular has a wide range of applications such as camping, observing wildlife, security, surveillance, and other nighttime adventures. As the device is built ergonomically it’s slightly expensive but, it’s worth your money.

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