FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope Review

Outdoor adventure is a passion or hobby in most of us to spend our time with a thrilling experience. Your adventure becomes easier when you’re ready with all the gears in the woods. One such gear that is well known for outdoor activity is the Thermal Scope. 

This type of handy thermal camera is incorporated with night vision technology that does not rely on a light source for its operation. It works by detecting the heat energy in the surroundings. These cameras are generally used for rescue operations, to search and identify people who are stuck in hidden places.

As these kind of thermal cameras or scope is very useful, it is been manufactured again and again with upgraded versions. So there are plenty of brands and models available in the market. So you have to very keen on researching the best product for your adventure.

Here in this article, we have discussed one of the most popular thermal scopes named, FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope. Let’s get into the full details of the FLIR Ocean Scout Thermal Scope.

FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope
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FLIR Ocean Scout Thermal Scope

This thermal scope is produced by FLIR which is one of the leading manufacturers in producing night vision products. FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope is specially designed for marine activities and rescue operations.

The name itself reveals that it is used for marine action especially when sailing in the ship or boats. It extends your vision on the water during both day and night. It also comes in handy and can be carried easily.

As Ocean Scout is a thermal imager, it creates images based on heat and it is clearly visible even from pitch darkness to blinding sun glare. So it is said to be the best for marine adventures for your safety.

Features of FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope

FLIR Ocean Scout 240 is a rugged, compact thermal night vision camera that allows you to see buoys, watercraft, vessels, or other obstacles that are on your way while sailing. It gives you images that are clearly visible even in darkness.


The key feature in the thermal scope is the sensor. It detects your target accurately for a perfect shot. Here the FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal scope is equipped with a VOx microbolometer sensor with 180×240 pixels of thermal imaging.

Refresh Rate

The FLIR Ocean Scout 240 does not have a high refresh rate. It possesses only 9Hz which is very low compared to other models. But it comes with a wide field of view. So you need not want to access any zooming features. The scope itself will provide you a good position to aim your target without zooming.

Brightness Adjustments

This FLIR Ocean Scout 240 is made with an adjustment of brightness level. So you can have the brightness level of the scope according to your wish and also the condition of your target.

Waterproof Construction

Most of the thermal scopes come with a waterproofing feature. Likewise, FLIR Systems Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope is also made to be water-resistant with an IP 67 rating.

It can sustain water for up to 1 meter. And so you’re able to see the marine traffic in darkness. Due to the waterproofing nature of FLIR Ocean Scout 240, Thermal Scope can be used in any weather conditions without any worries. 

LCD Display

FLIR Ocean Scout is equipped with a high-resolution LCD display and combined with a thermal sensor for focusing the target with a better view. 

This technology saves your time and keeps you relaxing. With this scope, you’ll be able to detect a man-sized target about 1150 feet and as a vessel at 2940 feet.

Battery life

The FLIR Ocean Scout thermal scope runs smoothly by using a battery. FLIR Ocean Scout 240 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for operation. It is quickly charged and you can operate the scope continuously for about 5 hours.

Palette Options

FLIR Ocean Scout 240 thermal scope comes with two palette options; Black Hot and White Hot. You can use any of the choices to get a clear image. These two options are the traditional colors, frequently used by hunters. 

Heat Alert Feature

Along with the color palettes, Ocean Scout 240 thermal scope also comes with the InstAlert feature for rapid detection of the animal or people in the water. This mode highlights the hottest objects such as water animals, or people in red color. So you’d be aware of those hurdles coming near you. 

Simple Design

FLIR Ocean Scout Thermal Scope is made with a very simple design for you to operate. The intuitive, three-button design can be easily controlled with a hand.


It is featured with a 13mm objective lens with a 24° field of view to see logs, icebergs, rocks, or other obstacles on the way. So you can boat with confidence in the waterways even in complete darkness. 

Additional Accessories

  • USB Power Adapter/Charger
  • Wrist strap
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Molle bag

Benefits of Using FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope

FLIR Ocean Scout 240 helps you to see the marine traffic at night to avoid danger. It is very beneficial for you both day and night. Some of the benefits are given below;

  • It helps you to navigate through river channels and open water with confidence.
  • It helps in smooth navigation by avoiding the hazards, watercraft, kayakers, and small boats that run without lights.
  • It is very helpful for you to avoid obstacles such as icebergs, floating logs, rocks, and other debris. 
  • It also detects marine animals moving on the surface of the water.  Navigate with confidence day or night.

Search and Rescue Operation Uses

FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal scope is a lifesaving tool that helps you to find people in the water. Not only in water but also it can perform versatile functions. It has the ability to detect the body heat of people and allow you to identify quickly and rescue people or pets from danger. It can save the lives of people. 



Final Words

The FLIR Ocean Scout 240 is a marine thermal camera that provides you a crystal clear image and an extended vision of the water in all light conditions. It produces pictures from heat and that helps you to see the landmarks, buoys, rocks, floating debris, and other vessels very clearly in total darkness or daylight condition. 

Hope you would have gained some knowledge of FLIR Ocean Scout Thermal Scope. Make your way with confidence on the water using FLIR Ocean Scout 240 Thermal Scope.

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