Holosun HE508T-X2 Review (2022 Update) – Worth for your Money?

Looking for the best multi reticle red dot sight on the market? The Holosun HE508T-X2 has the answer. 

I’ve hunted the internet for affordable optics with great features and found that the Holosun HE508T-X2 proves its worth for the money and ideal for the normal shooter. This red dot optic is fast becoming the all-time favourite open reflex optic for handgun enthusiasts and pros.

Here, I’ll talk about the Holosun HE508T-X2 red dot sight, and its features, pros, as well as cons. In addition, I’ll explain the major difference between the Holosun HE508T X2 Vs. Holosun HE508T V2 and why Holosun made this change.

In the end, I’ll give you my final verdict about the Holosun HE508T X2, and you must know all the information you want to decide if this red dot sight is for you…

Let’s check it out. 

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  • Titanium housed
  • Long battery life 
  • Advanced technology 
  • Multi-coated lens 
  • Come with a shake awake feature 
  • Muli reticle system 
  • Has solar panel 
  • And last, it’s pretty affordable 

Personally, I love the Holosun Brand optics as their quality is high and they’re affordable. I highly suggest this red dot sight if you’re searching for a pistol optic or a mini reflex sight for a shotgun or carbine. 

I’ve tested this red dot sight and I have to say it is one of the few red dot sights I use on my pistol with the solar failsafe and extended battery life.

At the end of this Holosun HE508T-X2 review, you’ll understand why it’s my go-to.

Let’s go!


  • Material : 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Battery life : 50,000 hours of battery life
  • Magnification Maximum : 1 x
  • Magnification Minimum : 1 x
  • Battery  : Battery CR1632
  • Compatible Devices: Handgun
  • Mounting Type:  Picatinny Mount
  • Eye Relief : Unlimited
  • Adjustment Type : MOA
  • Magnification Type: Fixed
  • Water Resistance Level: IP67

Bottom Line Up Front 

If you are searching for the red dot sight for your handgun, then don’t forget to check out the Holosun HE508T-RD X2. This red dot sight is made for everything from target shooting to hunting competitions. 

From the design to the technologies, this Holosun HE508T-RD X2 will not disappoint you. It will meet all pistol-packing patriots’ requirements. 

If you use this red dot sight on your favorite gun, you won’t be dissatisfied. You’ll want to get another one for your second pistol.

Of course, I will give all the details about this red dot sight, so keep reading and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that this view is top of its class.

Holosun HE508T-X2 Review

Holosun HE508T-X2 is one of the most customizable red dot sights for handguns or pistols.

I put this red dot sight on my rifle and I love it, so I want to try it on my handgun. I was really surprised about the advanced features of the Holosun HE508T-X2 when compared to the other red dot sights I’ve tried before. 

Want to know which feature impresses me most? 

Read on to find out…


Like the other Holosun Red Dot Sights, this Holosun HE508T-RD also features their patented multi reticle system such as MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle. You can use the 32 MOA circle, 2 MOA dot, or use both up simultaneously. 

For reference, the 32 MOA circle diameter at 100 yds is approximately 32″ (81 cm at 100 m). 

These multiple reticle options provide versatility and help you focus on the target, as well as decrease target acquisition time. However, this HE508T-RD it’s not that much faster than the Burris Fastfire. 

These reticle combinations are very comfortable for those who have astigmatism, and I suggest you use the larger circle reticles. When compared to all, the 2 MOA dot is the simple one, but personally, I like the  Holosun circle dot with 32 MOA rings that deliver the edge for precise and quick target acquisition. 

Brightness Settings 

An amazing feature that I’ve found in this red dot sight is it has 12 brightness settings totally. That’s why they moved for an easy and lockable design on the buttons. Adjusting and changing settings can be very difficult.

You can easily adjust these 12 settings, ten of them for daylight shooting and two for when night vision is needed. Daytime settings are bright, clear, and crisp, so you’ll have no problem with reticle fading on a blazing day.

To be honest, I’m sure most people don’t use two night vision settings, but you can easily make them work for you. Compared to other manufacturers’ models, it’s admirable how Holosun includes them at a lower price.


The latest upgrade to the 508T consists of a major design change in the optic’s shape. In the last model, you can see the sight’s top was rounded, thus making it more inclined to crack when struck straight on the top of the optic.

The 508T-RD V2 now features a square housing design for the X2, making the already rugged optics even more stable.

A new design and an optic body crafted from titanium alloy make this optic one of the hardest in its class and ideal for duty use by law enforcement experts, and perfect for personal protection roles.

This toughness and durability have been proven repeatedly with thousands of rounds shot and numerous impacts to the sight through drops and bumps.

The 508T measures 1.78 (in) x 1.15 (in) x 1.15 (in) and weighs just 2 ounces.

The form factor, weight, and size make the employment of your pistol just as easy as it was before the sight was loaded.

Apart from these, this optic comes with an Ingress Protection Code of IP67. It means you can submerge the optic into the water up to 1 metre deep for about 30 minutes. This IP67 rating also ensures that this optic is dust and particle-resistant and acts as a safeguard for the internal components and electronics. 

You can also find that there are some drain holes on both sides of the optic that let excess water drain from the optic’s exterior and lend surface under watery situations. 

Extend Battery Life 

Unlike the other red dot optics you can find on the market, the Holosun HE508T-RD_X2 is powered by an excellent LED, high level of capacity, and lithium coin CR1632 battery.

You can get up to 50,000 hours of battery life so that you can use it for your long hunting sessions and trips without any trouble. Unlike the other brand’s red dot sights that stubbornly use bottom loading, HE508T’s batteries are side loaded. Therefore you can easily and quickly change the batteries without pulling the red dot sight from the pistol. 

Moreover, the highlighting feature of this red dot sight is its solar panels, which are placed on the top. It helps extend the battery life and ensures that you will use it for an extended period of time.

If the battery is dead, the red dot sight runs on with the solar energy. It gathers and adjusts its brightness automatically, given you’re hunting during the day. In addition, it features the shake awake technology and  an auto shutoff function, which are activated when you move it. 

I think this is a very impressive feature if you compare it with other models of sights at the same price point. It can be very frustrating when your batteries die during hunting or shooting sessions. This may be particularly opt for home security.


To activate the HE508T sight, press and release any button. To turn off the view, press and release the + or – buttons.

When you turn off sight, you also turn off the Shake Awake feature. Considering the shake-awake feature and battery life, you won’t find many occasions where you need to turn off the View.

Holosun Shake Awake 

The HE508T-X2 contains Holosun’s Awake feature. This motion sensing technology is on automatically when you switch on your red dot sight. This is an excellent feature that will expand your battery life and make your sight available at any time.  

If there is no movement for 10 minutes, the sight will automatically go to sleep mode. When you move it slightly, the sight will immediately wake and switch on by the last saved settings. 

You can find that four default sleep timer settings allow you to adjust by pressing and holding the “+” button for about 10 seconds. Press and release the “+” or “-” buttons to select 10min, 1hr, 12hr, or Off.

The LED will flash to indicate which setting is selected, then press the “+” or “-” buttons to save the settings.

Auto Mode 

By default, the HE508T-RD is in Auto mode when turning on the optic.

In Auto mode, the red dot optic uses a dual power system, while reticle brightness is adjusted automatically based on ambient light situations.

If you want to adjust the brightness according to the situation, press and hold the “+” button for up to four seconds and the reticle will flash once.

In manual mode, you can get the 12 brightness levels, which default to level 7 when you first change to this mode. If you want to adjust the brightness, press the “+” or “-” buttons.

There will be lighting situations or conditions where reticle brightness needs to be manipulated manually, so this is a convenient feature.

To confirm that the optic settings are not accidentally modified, Holoson has replaced the sight buttons and added a lock mode.

Sight and Mounting Adjustment 

This HE508T-RD is attached with a low rail mount so that you can mount the sight to a weaver rail or Picatinny rail. 

If you are planning to mount this red dot sight on your handgun, then you have to need an alternate mounting process. 

If your pistol doesn’t have a pre cut slide, you have to buy a new slide with the cut-out. Or you can use the dovetail style mounting system, which needs you to release the rear sight. 

Sight Adjustments 

The 508T comes out of the box factory zeroed at approximately 25 yards to give you a head start. Fortunately, it will need minimal adjustment to reach zero.

The windage and elevation adjustments are done in 1 MOA increments with the +-50 MOA range adjustment. 

You can find the elevation adjustment screw on the top rear of the optic. While the windage adjustment screw is placed on the sight’s right side. 

Additional Features and Accessories 

Here I’m going to talk about some more exciting features of the Holosun 508T, including batteries, lens cloth for cleaning, etc. 

Moreover, the low Picatinny rail mount is useful when you need to use the optic as a small optic for a shotgun or pistol caliber carbine.

However, if you really want to use it on a pistol slide, there is great news for you. Like the Trijicon RMR, the red dot sight comes with the same footprint, which is very comfortable since the RMR has a similar construction to the more famous reflex sight. You will have no problem when you mount it. 

In terms of the elevation and windage turrets, they are lowered into the housing and are easy to install and replace with a screwdriver. The best thing is that it’s a titanium housing, so they won’t accidentally pop off.

In the end, this Holosun 508T is waterproof so that it is able to handle all types of wet and harsh weather conditions. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the HE508T


As it comes with titanium sight housing, it will last for a long time. Therefore you don’t need to purchase a new one. 

Compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry it out anywhere. 

With the long battery life, you can plan for a long time hunting or shooting. You don’t need to worry about your optic battery draining quickly.

You can get the solid Holosun VIP warranty along with this red dot sight. 

Offers clean sight pictures at an affordable price.

Simple battery replacement and solar panel located on the top of the optic. 


The buttons are small, so it is quite difficult to manipulate. 

About Holosun

Holosun is one of the reputed brands in the optics industry. Since 2013, it has been dedicated to developing innovative optic and IR / laser technologies for a wide range of hunting and shooting requirements. 

Today, Holosun is one of the leading optics that includes solar fail safe technology, multi reticle system, 100,000 hr battery life, and much more. In terms of the Holosun, it’s very simple. We are passionate about manufacturing cutting equipment with superior quality at prices that will blow away competitors and customers alike.

Holosun is the #1 industry leader in delivering feature rich, superior quality products at an affordable price that won’t disappoint you. After trying our products, you will definitely say Holosun is my next optic. 

Holosun has always been the underdog competing against official brands like Trijicon, Aimpoint, and Leupold, who have consistently offered the market’s best red dot sights.

Recently, with the red dot quality and technologies offered by Holosun, they have earned their right as a competitive alternative without reservation.

Who is the Holosun HS507T-X2 Best Suited to?

If you liked the 507t’s older model, then you’ll definitely love the new X2 version. It features some specific updates like lock mode and the side access battery compartment, which makes it an improvement over its predecessor in every sense of the word.

In terms of the price, Holosun offers lower prices when compared to its competitors. Therefore, it is perfect to buy for those who are looking for a budget without sacrificing features, performance, and quality. 

Holosun HS507T-X2 is designed for close-range targets and firearms like small arms. If you want the best red dot sight for a pistol, you can go with this optic undoubtedly.

The Manufacturer’s Idea

The red dot sight market has matured over the years, and in general, most manufacturers use the best material and deliver superior quality products.

Other than that, there’s not much to talk about in terms of glass quality, casing, and durability, and that’s exactly what the titanium-frame HE508T X2 delivers in its first edition.

Holosun has truly outdone themselves in this small number, and they’ve seen development over the years with new and complete optics, creating a solid presence in the market.

Is the Holosun HE508T-X2 Red Dot Sight Worth Your Money? 

If you’re searching for the versatile and long lasting red dot sight for your pistol or handgun, the Holosun HE508T-X2 is the ultimate choice. 

The highlighting features:

  • Multi coated lenses
  • Shake awake feature 
  • Versatile multiple reticle system 
  • Solar failsafe
  • 50,000 hours of battery life
  • Durable titanium housing 

Whether you want a red dot sight for home defence or to improve your accuracy at the range, try the Holosun HE508T-X2. I think you will be surprised. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between Holosun 507 and 508?

The major difference between holosun 507c and 508T is its material. The holosun 507c red dot sight is made from 7075 T6 aluminum, while the 508t is made from titanium. Both materials are durable; however, titanium is stronger when compared to aluminum. 

What is Holosun 508t?

The HE508T X2 is a titanium red dot sight that is specially designed for pistol applications. It comes with many useful features such as a 50000 battery life, durable titanium housing, solar failsafe, shake awake technology, and a multi reticle system. 

Can the Holosun Optic Rely on Its Solar Panel Alone?

No, the solar panel is designed to extend the battery life of the red dot sight. This solar panel works when the battery dies, and it’s a final way to keep the optic functioning. Relying only on a small solar panel is not a good idea. 

Final Verdict

I hope you liked my review about the Holosun HE508T-X2 red dot sight. Now it’s time to make a decision. 

To sum it all up, if you’re searching for a durable pistol optic with very long and defensible battery life, get yourself the Holosun HE508T X2, Red Dot. It’s one of the best optics, not just because of its long battery life, auto-stop and shake-away technology. 

What’s your opinion about the Holosun HE508T-X2? Or if you already used it, then share your thoughts.

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