Holosun LS117IR Compact IR Laser Sight Review

If you’re willing to start the journey in the world of night vision you need to consider obtaining an IR laser sight.

An IR laser is a necessary and worthwhile piece of equipment for a person who is interested in the NV route. IR laser emits an intensive laser beam that is invisible to the human eye, but this beam can be viewed through an NVD.

Experts have suggested that Holosun LS117IR Compact IR Laser Sight is one of the best and compact IR Laser Sight among the other models available in the market today. For that note, I personally spent 4 hours researching this laser sight and noticed several important features and facilities of this device.

In this article, I have delivered what I noticed while researching Holosun Compact IR Laser Sight. And I hope this review will be a turning point in your night vision adventures.

Let’s dive into the Holosun LS117IR review.

Holosun LS117IR Laser Sight

Holosun LS117IR Compact IR Laser Sight


Dimension (in): 1.6×0.98×0.95
Weight (oz): 4.9
Window Size: 0.58×0.77

Brightness Setting: 10 DL&2 NV
Power Source: Battery
Battery Type: AA
Battery Life (Hours): 50000

Working Temperature: -20℃~51℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃~65℃
Vibration: LASER DATA
Submersion: IP56
White LED Output: 300 Lumens
Laser & Illuminator Type: Dual Laser
IR Pointer Class: IIIB
IR Pointer Output: 0.1mw(low)/0.7mw(high)
IR Illuminator Class: IIIB
IR Illuminator Output: 0.7mw

W&E Travel Range: N/A
Housing Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Adjustment per Click: 0.5 MOA
Surface Finish: Anodized


The LS117IR IR Laser Sight model belonging to Holosun is built with high-quality materials and the outer surface is finished with Anodize. It gives a stylish look to the device, and it is built to give the lightest feeling to the user. 

That’s why Holosun IR laser sight is engineered with rugged but lightweight components, as the result, it comes with just 4.9oz of weight. The window size of this device is 0.58×0.77. Besides, it has dimensions of 1.6×0.98×0.95 inches.


As I denoted that, all of the components of the Holosun IR are light in weight and at the same time all are extremely durable. Engineers of Holosun utilized 6061 T6 Aluminum material to construct this model to offer longevity and durability. 

Not only LS117IR model, but all the Holosun laser sight models have fog-proof, water resistant, and shockproof technology to protect the device from external factors.

Submersion Power

According to the research that I conducted till now, most of the IR laser sights come only with shake-proof and shock-proof features. But very rare products come with water-proof aspects and submersion technology. 

This device is rated with IP56, which means it is able to submerge for 5 meters up to 30 minutes. A lightweight IR laser sight, with a submersion feature, is really a boon to the shooter/hunter/defense person/NV owls.


Holosun LS117IR has the potential to work both day and night. But it works more efficiently for night vision applications than daytime purposes. It has a storage temperature of -20℃~65℃, and working temperature of -20℃~51℃. That means this laser sight has the ability to work even in very low temperatures and high temperatures. 

Many users appreciated Holosun for its flawless performance even in the worst situations. And experts recommend it for night hunting, rescue operations, and long-range gaming. Compared to Holosun LS117IR, Holosun LS221G IR Laser Sight offers top-notch performance as it comes with Coaxial Red and IR Laser Pointer.

Laser Beam

The beam released from this Holosun IR laser has an IR beam color that is very intensive in power to point the long-range targets perfectly. An emitted laser beam from the Holosun LS117IR possesses 830 nm of wavelength, longer wavelengths have a lower frequency.

Note : Due to its high wavelength, absorption by the intermediate particles is drastically demoted.

IR Laser

It has a dual laser type to expand laser material processing capability. The dual laser enhances the performance of the laser system and helps to improve reliability. 

Holosun features IIIA laser class, 1mw(low)/5mw(high) of laser output, IIIB pointer class, 0.1mw(low)/0.7mw(high) of pointer output, IIIB illuminator class, and 0.7mw of illuminator output. 

Shooters who expect green color lasers for their convenience can go for Holosun LS117G Green Collimated Laser Sight. Holosun LS117G has unique green laser illumination to make it different on the race.

Brightness Setting

LS117IR laser sight produced by the renowned company Holosun comes with a total of 12 brightness settings, in which 10 brightness settings for day vision and 2 settings for night vision. It has 300 Lumens of white LED output to deliver an unlimited brightness option. With this aspect, you can hit the target in any lighting conditions.

Power Source

The whole unit of Holosun LS117IR IR Laser Sight is powered by the AA battery. This powerful battery has the capability to run 50000 total hours. So, I think there is no need to keep the backup factor for a power source. There is one thing I need to pinpoint here about the adjustment. You can adjust the sight at 0.5 MOA per click.

Additional Features

Holosun Compact Laser Sight features a remote cable switch, which enables additional features. Using the remote switch, a single tap furnishes temporary activation and a double-tap stimulates for five minutes of operation. 

Along with that, it comes with a quick-release mount thus you can swiftly depart the whole unit. The black outlook and the compact construction of the Holosun LS117IR Compact IR Laser Sight could be the best companion for your adventures.

Final Words

A laser sight is a valuable addition to any kind of rifle. IR laser sights are effectively utilized as locational and target designators by LE & military units. Not only for the military, but these are also prepared for civilians. 

Using an effective and intensive IR laser sight such as Holosun Compact IR Laser Sight, you would locate or identify the target easily. This full-fledged review article about Holosun LS117IR IR Laser Sight will definitely satisfy you and could answer all your questions about the product.

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