How to Choose the Right Tripod for Spotting Scope – Perfect Guide

Tripod is one of the essential tools for many optical devices such as spotting scope, binoculars, camera, telescope, etc. It is mainly used to improve the accuracy and steadiness of the device by holding it so that you can work for a long time without getting tired easily. 

If you have a spotting scope and are looking for a perfect tripod for that, then this is the right place. In general, the Spotting scope is used to watch the birds, mountains, and other natural elements. 

Mostly, the hunters who hunt in grasslands use spotting scopes to view the targets clearly without disturbing them and showing themselves. 

By mounting the spotting scope on the tripod, you can watch the targets for a long time accurately with right position. 

If you’re viewing through the spotting scope by holding it in your hand, then you may get shaky view. A small inch of movement can shake your view. 

Thus, it is important to have a tripod while viewing through the spotting scope. Some spotting scope comes with the tripod, but that is not much worthy, so it is better to buy a tripod separately. 

There are plenty of tripods available on the market, so you may get confused easily. 

If you’re a beginner and don’t know about tripods, then just go through our article. There are many factors to consider while choosing a tripod for spotting scopes. We’ll guide you to choose the best tripod for your spotting scope.

How to Choose the Right Tripod for your Spotting Scope – Tips

Finding the right spotting scope among plenty of models is not that easy. So you have to consider some factors that help you to choose the right one for your spotting scope.

Stability & Sturdiness

The first thing that you have to consider while choosing a tripod for your spotting scope is the sturdiness and stability of a tripod. 

If you have a rugged spotting scope that provides high magnification and withstands any weather condition, then stability is very important. 

The tripod should withstand extreme heat, rough environments, and windy weather conditions. Tripod is designed to hold optics to provide a clear view and little more information of the environment.

A tripod must have a stable base since a slight move in the scope may affect the view of your target even if you are in high magnification. 

Moreover, the tripod should be heavy. A strong tripod provides steady position and extended hunting experience. There are various differences in the tripod for spotting scope on the market, so it is hard to find the one for your needs. 

Some tripods come with the excellent stability and are too heavy in weight, so we recommend you to choose the tripod that is made of carbon fiber material. 

The hunting terrains are very hard and rugged, so having a steady base is very important. In early days, most of them preferred a metal tripod, but the carbon tripod is an excellent alternative for it with advanced quality. 

The carbon tripod provides the same stability as the metal tripod, and it is light in weight, so you can carry it easily.

Tripod Heads

The technology of the tripod and head improves day by day with advanced features. There are varieties of tripod heads available with simple usages such as Tilt heads, gimbal heads, ball heads, and pistol grip heads.

The pistol grip is very easy to use with the spotting scopes compared to others. It helps to change the position and focus of the scope quickly. 

When it comes to bird watching and hunting, there are certain models available with different features. If you’re looking for a tripod for bird watching, the Panheads is the right choice for you. It allows you to change the position steadily. 

Tripod head with fluid pan head is the perfect choice for the spotting scope to focus the target for an accurate view. The tripod head with a fluid pan provides an excellent experience on the field. 

The tripod that you choose for your spotting scope should pan easily and finely without any twitch movements.


The spotting scope is one of the best devices for bird watching and to view the targets at any height easily with the help of a tripod. Tripod allows you to change the position and height of the spotting scope to get an accurate view on the field. 

The center column placed in the spotting scope allows you to keep the position of the scope according to movements. The tripod that you choose for your needs should have perfect adjustments for height and has the capacity to make the position based on your needs. Because it may not adjust the height, so you need to change the position while standing. 

It is always recommended to choose taller tripod as it offers a constant position, so you don’t need to adjust for an accurate view.

Quick Release Mounting Plates

If you’re going to choose a tripod for your spotting scope, then you have to make sure that it has a quick release mounting plates. 

Nowadays, all spotting scope contains a pre-drilled thread hole in the size of 1/4-20 that is one of the standard sizes present in cameras, scopes, binoculars, etc. 

With this, a tripod can fit easily to provide excellent performance. The quick-release mounting plate allows you to attach and remove the tripod easily with the lever.

Tripod Legs

Before choosing the tripod for your spotting scope, you have to consider the legs of the tripod. Basically, the legs of the tripod are made of aluminum tubes to ensure durability, but it may be quite heavier. 

Nowadays, tripods are made with the carbon fiber material that is light in weight and also provides stable performance on the rugged field. The carbon fiber tripods are a bit more expensive than aluminum tripods.

Final Words

It is not easy, and it takes more time to find the right tripod for your spotting scope available in the market. The tips that we’ve provided will help you to make the right choice quickly.

Having a perfect tripod allows you to get better performance with the spotting scope. You can’t get enough output in the spotting scope without the right tripod. Thus, you have to choose the right tripod according to your needs and budget, since not all the expensive products provide premium quality.

We hope this guide has helped you to make the right choice. Have a great experience with your spotting scope.

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