How To Discharge A Crossbow In Simple And Easy Steps

Before Going into the topic first, we will discuss what a Decock is: The term Decock means “Uncock” or “Discharge.” Now we would know what crossbows are:

Crossbows are the weapons used for hunting.” Later multiple crossbows were planned for military campaigns. Modern crossbows have many metal parts, and they are very lightweight, now Chinese crossbows trigger is used in modern handguns.

We need to learn all the basics before going hunting. After finishing hunting, we will definitely unload our crossbow. Because we live in a society and are human beings if we didn’t uncock a crossbow, children might take that, and they may use it for some other purpose.

It will be a very big problem for them, and parents have to take care of these crossbows after finishing their work. We need to take some safety measures while discharging crossbows.

Discharging a crossbow is very important because if we do not keep it in a safe condition while transporting it from one place to another place or storing it anywhere, we will face many consequences like the energy of the crossbow will be in our hands. That is why we need to be very careful while discharging the crossbow.

Why We Need To Unload Crossbow

We need to unload the crossbow by taking safety measures because unloading a crossbow is very important for the hunters. Moreover, we should keep the crossbow in the right place, so we have to search for the right place for decocking because decocking is most important to do after hunting. 

We can unload  a crossbow by using our hands but it is not a good idea. We can’t take risk in our life by doing this activity. If we do this we may lose our body parts after pulling the arrows from string.

In this case, if children see the crossbow, they may touch and use it. Because they don’t know what a crossbow is, so unloading a crossbow is very important for people after finishing hunting.

No one wants to misfire the gun accidentally, nor we do not want to keep that energy in a crossbow. That’s why we have to unload a crossbow.

After finishing hunting, we need to keep it in a safe place with good protection.

Nowadays, we can find many products to unload a crossbow easily and safely without harming the people. First of all, we need to know where we can dispose of our crossbows safely by taking all the precautions.Then we can easily unload the crossbows.

We can discharge our crossbows by taking all the precautions and   the place which is suitable for it. First, we have  to check the disposal areas, and then unload crossbows without making any noise. People should be aware of these disposal areas.

Uncocking a crossbow is very simple, but few people will think it is difficult. Some crossbow accessories in the market will helps to make your hunting very easy an comfortable, like that some decocking accessories also available in the market.

To discharge a crossbow, we should keep in mind that we have to remove the arrow from the crossbow and keep it in a safe place.

There are four procedures where we can discharge our crossbows in a safe manner and without harming people.

1. Crossbow Discharge Target Bag

Crossbow Discharge Target BagThere are many ways to discharge our crossbows, but first, we should know what a discharge bag is? Discharge bag designed to unload the crossbow. It consists of a thick shell and is stuffed with cotton and usually it has woven plastic threads and recycled plastic foam scrap.

There are some of the discharge bags available in the market that are

The above discharge bags are available in shops or online. With those discharge bags, we can dispose our crossbows easily and safely.

Uses Of A Discharge Target Bag

When we fully lock and load the crossbow, the power of a crossbow will be in a high pressure, so we can’t even control that pressure. The pressure is controlled only by the trigger, so we need to be very conscious while loading the crossbow.

We can’t control the string, the only  thing we have to do is, keeping it in the right place. We need to be very conscious while doing all these. The most important thing is we don’t keep our fingers on the loaded string because sometimes it may fire, so we have to be very careful while hunting.  

We should not  dry fire the crossbow because if we fire a crossbow without an arrow on the rail, it may cause stress on the parts, or the string may be broken. This is a very dangerous act; in this case, it will lead to harm to our body parts, or some others who are near to us.

Whenever we do dry fire, we should take all the precautions, so don’t try to dry fire in any case.

Discharge Target Bags are very useful and not difficult for anyone. We just need a safe place to discharge the crossbow. And we can easily recover the arrow.

2. Decocking Bolt

Crossbow Unloading BoltThe other procedure for discharging our crossbow is Decocking bolt. It is also called a discharge arrow(Dead stop).

It is a fiber-reinforced polyester material sheet. This bolt will be stored safely in a hidden or secret place. And this bolt is safe and easy to unload our crossbow.

 These bolts are safe, and it can take the pressure if we are repeatedly fired also. We also have eco-friendly decocking bolts that are used only for one time.

Discharge arrows are very helpful for the people who are continuously going for hunting, but when discharging a crossbow they need only one particular thing; that is “soft ground”. Because the crossbow  has  to melt in the ground.

This is easy to use; make sure that we are shooting at the soft ground and without having anyone nearby. To avoid injuries, we have to shoot in a safe place.

3. Crossbow Decoker

Crossbow DecokerThis is also one of the methods for  discharging a crossbow. This method is also very useful for hunters.

The term decocker means decocking manually. It allows the hammer to be dropped on a live laser toner. It contains toner powder and a mixture of plastic particles.

These are easy to use and store in a particular place. It is easily attached to our crossbow by sliding in like an arrow, moving the-brace tight against the rise, and tightening the t-handle.

The crossbow decocker uncocks the crossbow easily and safely in seconds! It is the best accessory for decocking crossbows. But we should know how to use them in a proper way. Then only it will be helpful for us.

This is not much expensive, anyone can buy it. We can discharge the crossbow without having any damage to an arrow. Decockers are reusable and they can be placed anywhere. But the only thing is, if we hit that hard, it may be broken.

Every procedure is not correct for the discharge of a crossbow before using or following. First, we should check the manufacturers for which type of  safety measures we have to follow while discharging a crossbow, then only we have to go for hunting. If not, we will face many consequences.

4. By Using Crank

Crossbow Crank Cocking DeviceAnother procedure for discharging a crossbow is using a crank. We can add crank to our crossbow;it is just a piece of equipment and it gives very good results.

How to use crank in crossbow

  1. Figure the crossbow towards the ground
  2. Take the right position and place the arrow in a right place
  3. Check the crossbow position if it is there in a firing position or not
  4. Release the reel from crank
  5. Check the distance between target and the arrow
  6. Slowly release the hook

 This will help us to discharge the crossbow easily.

Safety Measures For Discharging A Crossbow

 We have learned how to discharge a crossbow. Now we will learn what safety measures have to take while discharging a crossbow by following these tips.

  • If we are using a tree stand, we need to measure that we are in a safe crossbow position. First, we need to check the right position where we have to sit in  the stand
  • Discharging a crossbow for each and every shot is  little inconvenient, but it’s good for improving our hunting position. And it will help the lifespan of the crossbow.
  • We don’t dryfire our bow because it will damage our arrow. So please don’t do it after finishing hunting.

Thus, discharging an arrow into the safe ground is the best way for hunters. By taking this precaution they will not fall into any difficult situation.


We have discussed all the points regarding discharging of crossbows. Now you have an idea why we need to discharge crossbows after hunting.

If we take all these measures after hunting, we will not fall into any difficult situation. Taking safety measures are very important for everyone who is interested in hunting.

Don’t leave a crossbow without discharging for a long time. Keeping the crossbow in the right place will improve the condition and lifespan.

We can unload crossbows without shooting, but that is not the right thing. So if we try discharging crossbows without using the above procedures, we may fall at risk. Discharging crossbows are very important. By taking all these safety measures after hunting will help to avoid the difficult situation.

The main thing that I am explaining is to take these procedures after hunting, then only we will be in a safe zone.

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