How To Improve Night Vision Naturally?

Nowadays, most people, especially old age people, struggle to see in the dark time. This condition is also known as nyctalopia or night blindness. 

Night blindness and nyctalopia mean the inability to view things clearly in the darker areas and the case of low lighting. 

This is caused due to the deficiency of the essential nutrients and vitamin supply in the eye, and it can be rectified by consuming foods that help improve the night vision. 

Sometimes good eyesight people have to face some problems to see in the darkness. With this low night vision, people cannot quickly be driving at night.  

There are several exercises and tips to naturally increase your night vision, like conducting eye exercises, protecting your eyes against the sun, eating vitamin A foods, eye rest, consulting a doctor to check eye vision, etc.

What are the vitamins that help to improve your vision?

Eyes are one of the complex organs in the human body that require several nutrients and vitamins to perform correctly.

The vitamins are,

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamins B6, B9, and B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Thiamine
  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin

What Are The Exercises That Improve Night Vision?

Here is a list of the simple and easy to follow exercises that will effectively improve your eye’s ability to visualize the darkness properly. These are the 9 useful exercises that will help you utilize the rod’s ability to see through the night. They are,

  1. The first important exercise is to keep your eyes in a movement without looking at a single object for a prolonged period. Rotate your eyes to different positions and look at various objects to avoid the retina getting sensitized.

  2. Blink your eyes continuously after every 5 minutes or so. Avoid glaring at the objects without blinking the eyes. This will improve your ability to look through the different light environments.

  3. Avoid looking at the objects or things directly to reduce the strain giving to the rods. Instead, look at the objects using your side vision to effectively use your rods and improve your ability to see in the darkness.

  4. Whenever you are supposed to view the darkness, make sure you close one of your eyes and look only through the other eye. This will provide better vision in the night time and is widely used by the pirates.

  5. Avoid continuous exposure to bright lights to protect your eye from fatigue. Whenever you have entered a dark room or area, close your eyes initially and open it after some time, this will help provide clear vision in that particular area.

  6. Do not read anything with dim light as this will strain your rods and damage its ability to see through the darkness. Instead, use a red light to view the letters that are smaller to read. It will save your rod’s night vision ability.

  7. Whenever you go to bed at night, you use an eye mask to completely cover your eyes. This will enable your eye to adapt to the darkness and improve the night vision.

  8. Use the technique of viewing lower whenever you see anything in the dark. This will help your rods to make use of the contrast provided by the natural night sky. Also, it enables clear vision at night.

  9. The human eye is designed in such a way to differentiate between the shapes and not the colors. So practice your eye with viewing different forms and enhance your vision in the dark.

Tricks and Tips to Improve Night Vision Naturally

Eat a healthy diet

Vitamin A foods improve the vision during the day and night; it has been scientifically proven for ancient days. 

It effectively prevents the damage of the harmful rays and other light sources. It contains a high amount of rhodopsin; it is one of the light-absorbing proteins in the retina. 

Vitamin A food helps to convert the light to signals, which are transmitted to your brain.

If you are eating a high amount of vitamin A foods that help to improve your eye health. So you can quickly see things in low light or dim light conditions.

It also helps to protect your eyes from cataract formation; it is one of the common problems of night blindness. 

Vitamin A foods are green vegetables, potatoes, fish, carrots, leafy vegetables, broccoli, dairy products, squash, sweet red peppers, apricots, etc.

Conduct Some Eye Exercises

Today many doctors and experts advised doing some eye exercises in the morning for improving your vision. 

If you do these exercises daily, you are able to see better in both day and night.

If you are using eyes for the whole day, it requires you to have such relaxation, so you can do some eye massage before you go to bed. 

These eye massages and exercises help increase your night vision, improve your peripheral vision, and strengthen your eye muscles.

Give Time for an Eye Rest

Every time your eyes feel sleepy or tired of seeing a computer screen or mobile, so you must give rest time for your eyes. 

The eyes are often one of the organs used for the whole day, so it tires sometimes. You must provide a long time rest for your eyes because it works for an entire day.

Every eye expert and doctor recommends giving a rest for your eyes every 50 minutes after using it. 

A 10 min rest or relaxation is enough for your eyes. Good night sleep is essential to improve your eye health.

Stop Smoking

You must avoid or stop smoking or stop cigarettes that contain nicotine content. The nicotine stops producing rhodopsin to your eyes. 

The rhodopsin is beneficial for night vision, so you should avoid smoking cigarettes. Some researchers have proven that smoking people prone to car accidents at night when compared to non-smoking people.

Smoking can produce night blindness and eye diseases. The hypoxic effect from nicotine and carbon monoxide decreases your night vision, so you can avoid using first & second hand for smoking, which also improves your night vision.

Protect your eyes or vision

When you see the bright sunlight during the day, which reduces your night vision because the sunlight reduces your eyes’ ability to adjust to the darkness, so you can wear any sunglasses, devices, and tools before going out to minimize the exposure of bright sunlight for your eyes. 

If you are working in the darkroom, reduce your smartphone’s and computer screen’s brightness. These screens reduce your night vision. 

It would be best if you did not look directly at any light source because it produces many problems in your eyes, and it also causes permanent blindness. 

It will help if you want to protect your eyes at all times because the eye is one of the sensitive organs in your body. The sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection so that you can wear it in all hot or sunny climates.

Red-tinted glasses improve your night vision naturally

Most of the pilots commonly use these red-tinted glasses before the night flying. 

You can wear these red-tinted glasses before going to the low or dim light, which helps train your eye to focus better. 

The red-tinted glasses are designed with red lenses to simulate the darkness; they also enable them to adjust the low or dim light before the sunsets. 

Eye Massage helps to improve night vision

Close your eyes tightly and massage with gentle pressure to your both eyes through the chubby part of your palm. 

Hold it for about ten to fifteen seconds. After a while, your eye vision will become white. 

Once the white fades and turns black, open the eyes. You will enjoy a better view of the dark.

Night vision goggles improve night vision

The people who have night blindness are commonly used this night vision goggles; the night vision glasses prevent glare on its lenses, and it also improves your night vision even in low-light situations. 

These goggles are made with night vision technology that helps to enhance excellent vision in the darkness.  

Consult your Doctor

If you have night vision problems, first consult an optometrist and ophthalmologist. 

Night blindness occurs due to some eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts.

So you can immediately see ophthalmologist doctors treat the night blindness problems; Doctors are aware of this matter, so you need to consult them regularly to prevent your eyes from further damage.

Natural supplements to improve night vision

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins to improve night vision, and it contains a high amount of rhodopsin components. 

Vitamin A helps to promote the normal functions of the cornea and conjunctival membranes. One of the initial indications of vitamin A insufficiency is low night vision. 

Vitamin A is classified into two forms, such as preformed vitamin A and provitamin A. 

The preformed vitamin A foods are fortified cereals, dairy products, and fish. The provitamin A supplements are squash, carrots, cantaloupe, and broccoli.

Fresh vegetables and Fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits have a high amount of zeaxanthin and lutein, which reduces the free radicals in your body and improves night vision. 

You can eat leafy green vegetables or salad for every day that enhance your night vision, and you can also eat many tomatoes and carrots, which helps to promote better vision at night.

Shellfish & Fish

Fish is an extremely nutritious origin of omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy vision and night vision. 

Wild-caught salmon, herring, and sardines fishes have an invaluable source of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA.

DHA is one of the fatty acids, which builds up 50% of the retina photoreceptors. 

The shellfish and oysters have a high amount of zinc, which is combined with Vitamin A, helps to enhance the inner eye health, and also decrease the low night vision. The shellfish has retinol that helps to increase night vision.


The bilberries come under the blueberries family, and it is one of the crucial berries to prevent night blindness. 

It comes with a flavonoid shape and rich in anthocyanosides, which generates the eye’s purple pigments. The purple pigments are used to view the complete darkness.

The blueberries also contain many health benefits; it also boosts your eyesight, especially at night. 

Suppose if you are regularly eating blueberries, which helps to boost your night vision. Blueberries have an excellent source of antioxidants to eliminate free radicals in your body.

Final Words

Eyes are vital organs in our body that help to view your surroundings in day and night. That is why you need to take every necessary step to prevent damage, protected from many harmful substances and things. If you need to improve your night vision naturally, consider the above tricks, tips, and supplements for your eye’s safety and health. These also naturally improve your night vision.

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