How To Improve Night Vision Naturally?


There are people who suffer from a problem called the night blindness, which is the inability to view things clearly in the darker areas and in the case of low lighting. This is caused due to the deficiency of the essential nutrients and vitamin supply in the eye and it can be rectified by consuming foods that help in improving the night vision. Further, they can be combined with several exercises to improve night vision naturally.

What Are The Exercises That Improve Night Vision?

Here is a list of the simple and easy to follow exercises which will effectively improve the ability of your eye to properly vision the darkness. They are,

1. The first important exercise is to keep your eyes in movement without looking at a single object for a prolonged period of time. Rotate your eyes to different positions and look at various objects in order to avoid the retina get sensitized.

2. Blink your eyes constantly after every 5 minutes or so. Avoid glaring at the objects without blinking the eyes. This will improve your ability to look through the different light environments clearly.

3. Place your palm on your eyes and provide a gentle massage by giving light pressure over your eye. Performing this activity will result in enhanced vision in darkness.

4. Avoid looking at the objects or things directly to reduce the strain giving to the rods. Instead, look at the objects using your side vision to use your rods effectively and improve your ability to see in the darkness.

5. Whenever you are supposed to view the darkness, make sure you close one of your eyes and look only through the other eye. This will provide better vision in the night time and is widely used by the pirates.

6. Avoid continuous exposure to the bright lights so as to protect your eye from fatigue. Whenever you enter a dark room or area, close your eyes initially and open it after some time, this will help in providing clear vision in that particular area.

7. Do not read anything with dim light as this will strain your rods and damage its ability to see through the darkness. Instead, use a red light to view the letters that are smaller to read. This will save your rod’s night vision ability.

8. Whenever you go to bed at night time, it is better you use an eye mask to cover your eyes completely. This will enable your eye to adapt to the darkness and improve the night vision.

9. Use the technique of viewing lower whenever you see anything in the dark. This will help your rods to make use of the contrast provided by the natural night sky. Also, it enables clear vision at night.

10. The human eye is designed in such a way to differentiate between the shapes and not the colors. So practice your eye with viewing different shapes and enhance your vision at dark.

These are the 10 useful exercises that will help you in utilizing the rod’s ability to see through the darkness. If you are aware of any other better exercise that offers performance, write to us so that we will include them too.