Nikon PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder Review

The person who is facing the extreme angle in their lifetime can confidently shoot with the PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder with ID technology.

You can comfortably use this rangefinder while standing on the tree, backcountry hunting. It provides rice features in the compact size at an unbeatable price.

This compact ergonomic design rangefinder comes with a multilayer-coated 6x optical system that provides non-reflective images of the target up to 600 yards.

The eye relief and diopter provide a comfortable and clear view. It gives a more accurate and enjoyable ranging experience up to 1000 yards.

PROSTAFF 1000 and 1000i range finder


Objective Diameter:20 mmMagnification:6X
Length:3.6 inchEye Relief:16.7 mm
Field of View:31.4 ft at 100 yardsExit Pupil:3.3 mm
Battery Type:CR2 LithiumWaterproof:Yes
Max Reflective Range:1000 yardsMinimum Range:

6 yards

Weight:4.6 oz


This PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder comes with the ID Technology with the Actual Distance / Horizontal Distance display mode, you can easily switch the mode based on your requirement.

It has a solid 1000 yards maximum ranging capacity, which is perfectly fit in the hand. Due to its compact ergonomic design, this rangefinder is also perfectly fits in the pocket.

The accuracy of this rangefinder ensures it is a perfect choice for bow and rifle hunting. The 6X optical system of this rangefinder can range the deers out to 600 yards.

Moreover, the Tru-Target system helps you to select Distance Target or First Target priority.

Tru-Target Technology

This feature allows you to choose between two different technologies based on the situation.

The First Target mode allows you to perfectly range the small object on the fence post.

The Distance target mode will display the distance of the fastest target in the group of targets measured. 

Tru-Target Technology

ID Technology

Nikon Advanced ID Technology is featured in this rangefinder. ID stands for Incline / Decline.

This technology provides the horizontal distance of the target even if you range the different incline/decline shooting angles.

You can adjust the shooting angle up to +/- 89 degrees in a vertical position. This technology will provide an exact horizontal distance of the target.

6-Power Optics

The multi lens-coating technology and the 6x optical system of this rangefinder help you to get a crisp and clear image of deer out to 600 yards.

When it comes to viewing targets, it is quite long distance. There are no other rangefinders that provide clear images in this much distance.

The multilayer coating is applied in one or more lenses and the prism surface of the optics. The 6X magnification power of this optics provides high quality images and also it helps to view clear images in low light environments.

The 20 mm objective lens of this rangefinder will give maximum light transmission for the bright image.

Weather Proof Construction

Plastic is the material used in the outer surface of this rangefinder that provides a compact and lightweight design. The material used to design provides the waterproof feature of this rangefinder.

The body of this rangefinder has an IPX4-equivalent rating that ensures weatherproof features.

Due to its waterproof and fog proof feature of this rangefinder, you can use it for hunting in all weather conditions.

The JIS/IEC protection class gives more safety to this rangefinder in all weather conditions. 

Eye Relief

When it comes to safety while using the rangefinder, eye relief is one of the important features to consider.

The eye relief distance of this rangefinder is 16.7 mm, this distance is perfect to protect your eyes from damage while focusing the targets.

The exit pupil length of this rangefinder is 3.3 mm that gives comfort while focusing the targets.

Field of View

Field of view helps to get better situational awareness in all environmental conditions.

The real angular field of view of this rangefinder is 6-31.4 degrees at 100 yards. It will provide a wide view in critical situations for better awareness. 

Targeting Range

Due to the magnification range and other advanced features of this rangefinder, the maximum measuring range of this rangefinder is 6-1000 yards.

The maximum reflective range of this rangefinder is 1000 yards and the maximum range of detecting trees is 800 yards. The maximum range to detect deer by using this rangefinder is 600 yards. 


The power source of the device is very important to consider in the case of using it for nighttime hunting. One CR2 Lithium-ion battery is the power source of this rangefinder.

Due to the battery of this rangefinder, you can use it for more than 10 hours. It is a rechargeable battery, so you can recharge it.




The Nikon PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders in the market that gives a great performance in hunting.

The 6X optical system and the advanced feature make this a great product.

The Tru-Target system of this rangefinder allows you to select the mode for the perfect target acquisition. Overall, this rangefinder gives a great performance in both day and night time.

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