Panasonic HC-W850EB-K Full HD Night Vision Camcorder – Is It Worth Buying?

When talking about night vision technology, it does not necessarily mean devices such as night vision scopes, optics, goggles, monoculars, and binoculars. These ones that are mentioned would allow you to view things and places that are in dark lighting conditions. 

But what if you want to capture photos and videos using a night vision device? Well, cameras nowadays can be equipped with night vision technology too. 

With a camera or camcorder designed to have that technology, you would surely have the ability to take photos and videos of high resolution and bright appearance. 

One example of a night vision camera or camcorder is the Panasonic HC-W850EB-K Full HD Camcorder—this has the applications of night vision technologies that can be used nowadays. 

If you want the features that this specific night vision camcorder has, stay tuned for you to know the reasons that make this scope worth buying and trying. 

Features of Panasonic HC-W850EB-K Full HD Night Vision Camcorder

1] Magnification Power

This specific night vision camcorder has a magnification power that is a lot higher when you compare it with the usual magnifications that binoculars, monoculars, and scopes have. 

In fact, even distances beyond a thousand yards can be reached and viewed using this night vision camcorder. What makes this night vision camcorder more impressive is that it perfectly works at night, just like how it does in the morning. 

So, to give you an idea about this night vision camcorder’s magnification power, it has a maximum of 50X. With this 50X zoom, you surely would have no problem with viewing and taking photos or videos of extremely long-distance places and objects. 

Scopes that are used for long-range shots usually have a magnification power of 24X or 25X. Can you imagine the clarity and details of the photos that you can view using this night vision camcorder with a magnification of 50? Well, it is truly amazing and reliable. 

2] Slow Motion Recording

Another great feature that this night vision camcorder has is its function that allows slow-motion mode recording. With this feature, you would not even need any software to edit your captured videos.

Even with the raw footage, you would have the option of viewing videos in slow motion. This is a very good feature to have since it would allow you to have a detailed view of the footage you have recorded. 

Especially at night, when there is a lot that can happen and considering the dark condition, you could slow down your videos a bit to not miss any details and happenings from your video.

3] Twin Camera

Probably the most amazing feature that this night vision camcorder has is its double or twin camera that can simultaneously record two different videos. This is a very high-tech feature that is incorporated in the design of this camcorder. 

With this feature, you would be allowed to have two video footages that are recorded at the same time. Sometimes, there would be instances that you want or even have to record two videos from two different yet close perspectives. 

Well, through the use of this night vision camcorder, you would be able to do that. This is an advantage since you would have two different views on what has happened on the video footage you took. 

It would also save more money since you would not be required to buy and bring another camera to capture simultaneous videos. 

4] Lightweight Construction

With a lot of great features that this night vision camcorder is incorporated with, you would be amazed how compact and lightweight it appears. 

It only has a weight of 360 grams—with this weight, you would not even notice that you are carrying it. This is an advantage since there are a lot of cameras out there that are heavy in weight. 

Some of the high-quality camcorders that can be brought are designed with using heavy materials; that is why this night vision camcorder is really amazing in all ways, even in its weight. 

5] Matte Black Finish

The exterior side of this night vision camcorder is designed to have a matte black finish, which adds a lot of elegance to its appearance. 

As you may have known, matte black finish is one of the trends that never go out of style when it comes to many things such as cars, scopes, gears, and even for camcorders like this one. 

So, if you want a classy and cool-looking camcorder that is very reliable too, then this is the one that you must consider checking out. In addition, the matte black finish of this night vision camcorder also acts as a protective barrier. 

Even when this camcorder is exposed to some tough substance or elements, it would not get corroded or scratched due to the matte black finish that it has. 

6] Image Stabilization

The images and videos produced using this night vision camcorder are known to be very stabilized in quality. Thus, you would not have a problem viewing it due to its very high quality. 

This is just a very simple feature that does need much explanation, but once you experience seeing stabilized images and videos, you would surely appreciate this feature a lot. 


The use of night vision camcorders has also been widely known these days. Some of the applications that it is used for are for recording camping trips, for surveillance cameras, and for observation purposes too. 

With the use of this specific night vision camera from the brand of Panasonic, you would surely have the experience that you are expecting from night vision camcorders. This specific model would not disappoint you even if you use it in extremely dark conditions. 

So, to answer the question, the features and the quality that these camcorder offers are worth more than the price it is sold for. Indeed, it is worth buying, and it is one of the must-haves. 

In addition, when you buy this specific model from the brand of Panasonic, it comes with a free shoe adaptor, AC adaptor, rechargeable battery pack, USB cable, DC cable, and software.

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