Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review

This 2021, Pulsar released its latest digital night vision riflescope. Digex N450 is said to provide one of the finest digital nighttime vision automation. For you, we’ve provided Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review. 

It is on a standard tube of 30mm. Problems such as setting up a scope to achieve night vision for your rifle that is bolt-action. In addition to that, great elements that are found in thermal scopes from Pulsar are also included. The IR illuminator equipped to this scope is of elite quality and has prolonged battery life.

The newly released Pulsar N455 HD Digisight Ultra from Pulsar is an improvement from its previous product, the N355 scope. Said scope primarily gives a much better visual quality for users that are mostly focused in the nighttime. Capability is surely maximized with this scope. There are minimal changes that you’ll notice; the layout end of its ocular has been tweaked to have a better augmentation regarding its rubber-cupped eyepiece shield. Let’s go for the Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review.


Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review

Other changes in its layout include a much bigger 10mm aperture on the cover of its objective lens that flips down. Also, the Weaver mount gets covered by its illuminator on the left-side attached on a fast-freeing lever.

The previously released N355 has an attached pinhole aperture that is said to be good in the daytime because of its enhanced DOF or depth-of-field, and the light that infiltrates is reduced, according to hunters.

The downside with this comes when it’s nighttime, excessed illumination enters the dazzling of images when the flip-up lens cap is opened. Other adjustments were made because of this, like adding a slot for add-ons or drilling the lens caps out.

Pulsar N455 HD Digisight Ultra replaced its lens with 10mm aperture lenses to enhance compromise below unnatural added illumination.

Battery System

Pulsar N455 HD Digisight Ultra uses APS3, a battery that cannot be adjusted or removed. It also has a detachable rechargeable APS2 battery. During the sample testing, the Digex’s battery life is proven to be great.

I tried testing it without turning it off for six uninterrupted hours. The temperature reached up to 60 degrees. It ran for up to 6 hours using the APS3 located on the inside, paired with the APS2 battery located in the top section, which was charged once.

It took 5 hours for the IR light to drain, even at its brightest setting set to the maximum; note that no changes in the internal scope were made and recording. The battery life proved to be better than the scope called Thermion Terminal, which uses identical systems.

Picture-in-Picture Display

This scope displays a picture-in-picture that generates an enlarged visual, which covers 10 percent of the field view all-in-all, thereby giving a clear shot positioning. Pulsar scopes are known because of the picture-in-picture display element. This scope is very advanced because it increases its miniscule display while maintaining its base magnification as you zoom in, making it hassle-free and able to zoom in on the target before shooting. 

The base magnification for the Digex is 4x, thereby making the picture-in-picture unnecessary like the little 1.5x power of the Thermion XP38 scope. The 4x base magnification is not that awful. The picture-in-picture element set up at 8-16x will improve accuracy when aiming for that coyote located at 250 yards. The bigger window provides a wide field of perspective and crystal clear visuals, while the smaller window will aid for your precision when aiming.

Scope Controls

The controls for Pulsar Digex N450 are uncomplicated for easier usage, and it can be located without difficulty. The record, magnification, and power buttons are all located conveniently above its eyepiece for easier control. Those controls are layout in a triangle-shaped grid inside a little small circle, which makes it convenient for hunters, especially at dusk or nighttime.

At the scope’s left portion, contrast, changes in the reticle, and brightness adjustment are conveniently located at the controller knob. You can also find the functions for the menu in the same knob. It is very easy for the hunter or shooter to control because all the knobs are easy to reach and accessible. A couple of lines are used for its estimation function, which is the stadiametric range for reinforcing your target. It does not have a laser range finder, but it is equipped with an estimated range.

SumLight Software

Algorithms are spontaneously activated by the software (namely the addition of frame and summing up adjacent) signals. Quality images are preserved, even though sensitivity is increased.

In summary, getting clear visuals no matter what time of day it is, even the IR not equipped, will not be that hard. The IR illuminator is boosted by light from your surroundings at dusk that results in enhanced visual results. Even with just a quarter moon, deer feeders, cows, and tree lines can be clearly seen even though the IR illuminator is not attached.

Hunting with Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450

Surely, hunting is an exciting activity that is made even more exciting by the Pulsar Digex N450. Using this scope at nighttime will surely give you enjoyment while exploring the wilderness. 

You will be amazed because of the roaming wildlife at sundown. Using the Pulsar Illuminator is definitely a good choice; this didn’t dishearten me. Sure enough, the Pulsar IR illuminator is sufficient for my hunting expedition with a distance that measures for about 200 yards. 

If you want to have better lighting to increase your performance in the field, Sniper Hog Illuminator is your best choice.

 If you’re looking for a daytime scope, the Pulsar Digex N450 does not fit for that situation. Compared to the Sightmark Wraith, which is equipped with a full-color mode made for daylight hunting, the Digex N450 doesn’t have that. Replacing your old-school scope with Digex for hunting in the daytime is not a good decision, but it still can be used in daylight, but only in its black and white setup.

In addition to that, the dust cap is equipped with a small center lens, which serves as a cover for awful lighting. Also, it helps with image clarity when used in daylight. It added element aids the hunter when adjusting the scope to zero or hunting in the daytime. The image it produces may be black and white; it still depicts clarity.

Reticles that come with the Digex N450 are properly measured and sized to achieve precision when aiming. Aside from that, it also has various colors and shapes so that you can choose from different combinations of reticle shapes and colors.

You can see a dot or a cross in the reticle’s center, and it doesn’t envelop a bigger field for distanced shots.

Why is it better?

If you have been searching for a night vision scope that is of good quality, I can say that your search is over. This scope has a lot to offer, from its clear visual, sufficient IR illuminator, and plentiful field of view. It best fits for hunting at night because, as we have discussed, it is not your best pick if you are more of a daytime hunter.

Most hunters usually hunt for 4-5 hours, which makes the Pulsar APS/2/3 battery longevity adequate. If you plan to hunt longer, a good Universal Serial Bus power bank or a couple of spare batteries can do the trick for you.

Its IR light can only be paired with an APS2 battery. Nevertheless, it is still feasible for varying situations in hunting. Attaching a Sniper Hog Light is powered by 18650 rechargeable batteries when hunting at rather bigger hunting grounds is advisable. It comes with an extra battery (Pulsar APS2), which can be used for your scope.

I like every feature that the Pulsar N450 nighttime vision scope has. Controls that are needed most of the time are placed conveniently and easy to toggle on. Another good element is its power-saving mode when not in use. It is really a good scope to recommend because it did its purpose well.

  • Aperture size is new and is better
  • Picture-in-Picture capability of tactile buttons
  • Characteristics display are enhanced 
  • The battery system is sufficient

Final Words

When boosting the performance of the Pulsar N450, an 850nm external illuminator is required. Nevertheless, the clarity and quality of the image have been drastically enhanced. It also has an additional 940nm unit that best fits in airgun ranges. The key to achieving perfect daytime and nighttime optic is to add a Wicked Light feature for bigger calibers. It will aid in foxing and rabbit control.

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