Solomark Night Vision Monocular Review

If you’re a wildlife photographer, then you would have suffered while capturing the natural movement of the animals and birds that dwell there. 

You might require an instrument that would enable you to view the objects from even far distances. 

There are lots of night vision devices on the market but, the night vision monocular is the perfect device to be purchased for your needs. 

It is not only good at the exterior but also capable of providing performance with the features and functionality that are essential. 

Among the plenty of night vision monoculars, it is not easy to choose the right one according to your needs and budget. 

To help you, we recommend the best night vision monocular that contains many desirable features to ensure incredible visibility in dark conditions. 

Solomark Night Vision Monocular is the perfect choice for you. In this review, we will discuss all the features and functionalities of this Solomark night vision monocular in detail. Let’s get into the review.

The Solomark Night Vision Monocular

The Solomark night vision monocular would be the best choice for those who aspire to purchase a monocular to view in the complete darkness and for those who wish to purchase a good quality monocular for wildlife observation or surveillance. 

The Solomark night vision monoculars are used in various applications such as navigation, security, scouting and guarding, nighttime fishing and boating, search and rescue operations. 

As this Solomark night vision monocular comes with the Gen 3+ night vision technology, it can offer better performance than its rivals.

What is GEN 3+ NVD?  

Here is a quick glimpse of the GEN 3+ NVD mechanism for those who are not aware of it. In case if you know, skip to the Solomark monocular review below.

The devices under GEN 3+ classification will make use of the autogating technology, where a gated power supply regulates the photocathode voltage. 

This will facilitate the NVD’s to be capable of adapting to the various light conditions. In addition to this, it includes a thin ion barrier (absent in several models) which helps in reducing the noise levels of the resulting image obtained. Also, it is capable of operating at a luminous sensitivity of 2850k.

A good GEN 3 device is capable of ranging up to 300 yards, even in low-light conditions without using any infrared illumination.

These GEN 3 night vision devices produce a clear and brightest image with better resolution. These devices are the best when it comes to civilian use. 

The life projection of a Gen 3 device is 10,000+ hours and has the best durability and reliability. Currently, GEN 3 devices are the best night vision devices in the market, and it’s widely used by the military and law enforcement.



Solomark Night Vision Monocular Overview

A Solomark Night vision Monocular Blue IR illuminator allows recording videos and images in the dark. 

It is one of the great devices and it enables you to spot the target in the complete darkness. 

It’s ideal for using various applications such as observing wildlife, nighttime hunting, surveillance, and exploring caves. 

It’s a digital night vision scope designed with multi-coated glass objectives, high sensitivity sensors, IR LED illuminator and integrated color LCD-Screen. 

Features of Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Using this integrated color screen, users can be able to view the videos and the images. 

It can also be used as a night vision camera for the wildlife photographers to capture the animals with improved resolution.

It can view in the dark up to 328ft/100m and it has illumination flexibility so you can vary the amount of IR illumination by 7 levels to obtain the brightness of the image as you want. 

Moreover, the size of the images can be varied by 1x, 1.3x, 1.6x, 2x. This product package comes along with an AV & USB cable, a neck strap, a 4GB micro SD card, and a carrying case. It requires 4xAA batteries(not included).

What Are The Key Features?

Coming to the review, let us now look at what makes the product peculiar by analyzing its features in detail.

The Solomark monocular comes with an integrated color LCD screen that records the images and the motion videos. 

Also, capturing the images with brightness and a clear view becomes easier. With its color screen, it spots the object precisely even in a darker environment.

Key Features of Solomark Night Vision Monocular

The captured photos and the videos can be saved into the built-in SD card which comes with a 1GB memory. 

Also, the video footage can be copied to an external device such as a Smartphone or a computer. However, the video feature tends to work better in dim lighting conditions and suffers in darkness.

What Are The Phenomenal Features?

When it comes to the magnification power of the lens, the NVD is capable of viewing humans over 100m and vehicles at a 300m distance. Further, it offers a 14° field view to view objects. 

It can enlarge the size of a particular image with the 1X, 1.3X, 1.6X, and 2X zoom feature.

This solomark night vision monocular requires four AA batteries which are not included in this product. These batteries are of rechargeable type and it doesn’t often require charging. Also, it provides you with longer battery life.

Further, the product comes with the latest technology of night vision functionality; it uses 7 level IR illuminator, to provide a clear scene of the objects even at night time. With this, the NVD is capable of delivering clear pictures in dim light.

They can be mounted on a tripod. With this, the user can place the device in a stable position and it will reduce camera movements to provide stability and a secure view. 

USB and AV Cable Function

Using the USB and AV cable, you can connect this night vision monocular with your TV, computer, or other devices to transfer the images and videos. 

This feature allows you to share the recorded videos and images with your family to enjoy watching. Moreover, this Solomark night vision monocular contains a 1GB SD card for your convenient storage.


Solomark night vision Monocular has a higher magnification power than other similar products and it has a Field of view of about 14° that offers you clear and bright vision. 

Its zooming capacity makes it best night vision monocular to get better vision when compared to others.

Image Quality

The screen resolution of this Solomark Night Vision Monocular is 320×240 which provides you a clear view of the animals, birds, and objects. 

The images and videos captured by this monocular are high in quality as it contains 640×480 image and video resolution. 

The field of view of this solomark monocular is 14 degrees so it allows you to view the animals clearly with their surrounding information. 

The low light sensitivity of this night vision monocular provides you the high-quality images even in dark conditions. 

It has an integrated color LCD screen that offers vivid images of the target and the 7 brightness levels provide you better vision in all lighting conditions.

Size and Weight

Solomark night vision Monocular tends to be lightweight, compact size and it’s easy to carry. 

They can be used as hand-held devices or can be worn using a neck strap that is provided by the manufacturer. 

You can mount this device on a tripod so it is convenient for hands-free operation when you are hunting or hiking. 

Rubber Coated Construction

The outer surface of the device is covered with rubber, which obtains more friction and is not easy to slip out. 

To avoid the accidental falling of this device you can use the neck strap included with this monocular. The ergonomical design of this Solomark night vision monocular makes it handy.

Compatibility with IR illuminator

Infrared illuminators are used to improve the quality of images in dark zones. 

Solomark night vision Monocular is an IR illuminator built-in device and it allows viewing in the dark or in low-light conditions. Using this device, you can view up to 328 ft /100m.




Viewing in the darkness becomes possible with the help of this night vision monocular device. Users can benefit from taking videos and images at any time even in dark places. Moreover, it’s a very convenient device that allows you to record videos and capture observable details of your target. Concerning the review above, the product is recommended for those who wish to observe wildlife, perform security surveillance, and to explore a particular area at night time. Even though the product is quite expensive, it is worth every single penny.

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