Solomark Night Vision Monocular Blue-Infrared Illuminator


As a wildlife photographer, you would have definitely suffered while capturing the natural movement of the animals and birds that dwell there. You might also require an instrument which would enable you to view the objects from even the far distances.

solomark night vision monocular

To meet all these needs, the best choice would be to purchase a monocular that is not only good at the exterior but is also capable of providing performance with the features and functionality that are essential.

Most of the night vision monocular is expensive and this is why purchasing the product without knowing the details about the particulars becomes an ordeal. The solomark monocular is not exempted from pricing high. Hence, we have provided a detailed review describing the features and help you know if it’s worth purchasing. Let’s get started.

The Solomark Night Vision Monocular

For those who aspire to purchase a monocular to view in the complete darkness and for those who wish to purchase a good quality monocular for wildlife observation or surveillance, the solomark night vision monocular would be the best choice. As this is the monocular which is a Gen3+ NVD, it claims to offer better performance than its rivals.

What Is GEN 3+ NVD?  

Here is quick glimpse about the GEN 3+ NVD mechanism for those of you who are not aware of. If you in case know, skip to the solomark monocular review below.

The devices under GEN 3+ classification will make use of the autogating technology, where a gated power supply regulates the photocathode voltage. This will facilitate the NVD’s to be capable of adapting to the various light conditions.

In addition to this, it includes a thin ion barrier (absent in several models) which help in reducing the noise levels of the resulting image obtained. Also, it is capable of operating at a luminous sensitivity of 2850k.

What Are The Key Features?

Coming to the review, let us now look at what makes the product peculiar by analyzing its features in detail.

The solomark monocular comes with an integrated color LCD screen which records the images and the motion videos clearly. Also, capturing the images with brightness and the clear view becomes easier. With its color screen, it spots the object precisely even in a darker environment.

The captured photos and the videos can be saved into the built-in SD card which comes with a 1GB memory. Also, the video footages can be copied to an external device such as a Smartphone or a computer. However, the video feature tends to work better in dim lighting conditions and suffers in darkness.

What Are The Phenomenal Features?

When it comes to the magnification power of the lens, the NVD is capable of viewing humans over 100m and vehicles at a 300m distance. Further, it offers 14° field view to view objects clearly. It can enlarge the size of a particular image with the 1X, 1.3X, 1.6X, and 2X zoom feature.

In spite of the devices coming with the rechargeable batteries, this particular device comes with four AA batteries. This help in easy operation and providing a longer battery life time. With this, even the bright pictures can be shot and viewed for a prolonged period. Also, it avoids the need for finding a plug point to charge often.

Further, the product comes with the latest technology of night vision functionality; it uses 7 level IR illuminator, in order to provide the clear scene of the objects even at the night time. With this, the NVD is capable of delivering clear pictures at dim light.

They come with a tripod base. With this, the user can place the device in a stable position and get a stabilized image and have a secure view.Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Key features: LCD screen, Built in SD card, 4 AA batteries

Pros: quick capturing, clear picture, efficient zoom, and long battery life.Purchase This Product on


With respect to the review above, the product is recommended for those who wish to observe wildlife, perform security surveillance, and to explore a particular area at the night time. Even though the product is quite expensive, it is worth every single penny.