Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly – A Complete Review

Are you searching for an excellent optic for your Handguns or Pistol? The Red Dot Sight is the perfect choice for you to make rapid shots with improved accuracy on the battlefield.

Nowadays, the red dot sight can be widely used with various firearms such as shotguns, handguns, pistols, concealed carry handguns, etc.

Many law enforcement officers prefer using red dot sight for their concealed carry handguns and pistols to keep them without removing so that they can immediately make an attack towards their enemies.

Choosing the compact sight will help you to carry your firearms in your pocket and defense yourself from enemies.

There are lots of red dot sights available on the market with different features. In this review, we’ve provided one of the best red dot sights that many higher officials prefer for their needs.

The Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly is a great optic that ensures outstanding performance on the field without disappointing you. Among the line of sights from many famous brands, this Hex Dragonfly red sight was born from the new brand Springfield Armory.

This Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly review will provide you all the information of this red dot sight along with its features, characteristics, and applications. Let’s get into the review

Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly Review

The Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly produces an excellent red dot sight to ensure reliable performance during self defense. 

It is specially designed for XD-M Elite OSP model pistols to improve its accuracy and allows you to make more accurate shots continuously without missing. 

Moreover, this sight is widely used for various rifles and shotguns in many shooting competitions. It makes your shooting easier when compared to the other traditional sighting systems out there.



It is engineered with tough and high quality optical glasses that ensure clear sight pictures of the target with true coloration. 

This Hex Dragonfly provides you quick target acquisition and lets you follow up rapid shots. With great performance, it is considered as one of the versatile reflex sights used in different conditions. 

If you’re looking for a quality sight to take your shooting adventure to the next level, then you can consider buying this Hex Dragonfly red dot sight. It is very simple and easy to make shots.

Features of Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly

The Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly comes with many desirable features that help you to achieve your goals without compromising the quality. 

This optic contains constant improvements in the technology and advancements in features to understand the requirement of the users and satisfies that. In this section, let’s see all its features in detail.


Like other red dot optics on the market, this Hex Dragonfly optic also comes with a 1x fixed magnification range that allows you to make rapid shots continuously. 

This 1x magnification is enough for your pistol to hit the target that is closer to you without missing. It provides you a different view of the target with clarity than viewing with your empty eyes. 

With this, you don’t need to change the magnification range shooting on the field. Moreover, it is an ideal choice for various close combat situations.

Optical Glasses

When it comes to making accurate shots, the optical glasses in a red dot sight play an essential role by providing high clarity images of the target. 

The Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly contains a high quality glasses that ensure clear sight images regardless of the lighting condition. 

The clear images that this sight produces will help you to find the target easily and allows you to hit them without missing. 

This glass provides you a coloration change between the original vision that you see with your naked eyes and the vision that you’re looking through the sight. 

The lens present in this sight is coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings that reduce glare during bright light conditions and provide you bright target during low light conditions. 

This lens is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions without compromising the clarity. The glass is designed with concave to prevent damages when you fall down accidentally. 

It is made of thicker material than used in other optics to ensure durability during heavy impact while shooting in harsh conditions. 

Moreover, the lens is scratch-resistant so it produces better target images even in rough terrains and you don’t need to worry about the quality of the scope.


Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly is equipped with a 3.5 MOA red dot reticle that ensures quick target acquisition regardless of the size, distance, and lighting condition. 

It provides you an exact aiming point of the target so you can easily hit them. This reticle is ideal for even shooting the targets at long range distance with its high precision. 

The brightness settings of this reticle help you to acquire the target in all lighting conditions. Moreover, this red dot comes with a standard size so it can be suitable for full-sized handguns and long guns.

Brightness Settings

The brightness levels in the Hex Dragonfly are one of the impressive features for many users as it allows you to shoot in all lighting conditions. 

It comes with eight different brightness settings and you change the brightness level based on the available light in your surrounding environment. 

Both bright and dim setting is most effective when during the shooting at bright and low light conditions. 

The brightness adjustment is manual so you can control the brightness based on your requirements. With this excellent feature, you can focus on your target no matter what the lighting condition is.

Durable Construction

The Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly is built with 6061 T6 Hardcoat anodized aluminum material to ensure durable performance and reliable performance on the field. 

With this rugged construction, it can withstand heavy impact and recoil when shooting under tough situations. This optic is IPX7 rated waterproof so it has the capacity to submerge in water up to one meter for 30 minutes so you don’t worry about shooting during rainy conditions. 

It won’t allow water into the scope and ensures an excellent shooting and gunfight experience even under the water. 

The ruggedness of this Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly is one of the reasons that many professionals prefer this for their defense needs. 

Though it comes with durable construction, it is very compact and light in weight so you carry this easily with your pocket during self defense. Moreover, it ensures more convenience when you’re shooting with your pistol or long gun.

Battery Life

This Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly red dot sight comes with a CR2032 battery that powers the brightness settings of the reticle. 

This single battery can run for more than three years (100,000 hours) and ensures continuous operation for an extended period of time. 

With this long lasting battery life, you don’t worry about the battery drained out when you’re in the battlefield. 

It is built with an auto-shut-off feature that automatically off the system after 16 hours of running to prevent the battery from draining out when you leave that carelessly. It is one of the most effective features in this red dot sight that many users love.

Adjustment System

The Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly features an excellent adjustment knob that allows you to make quick and easy adjustments when shooting on the field. 

The windage and elevation adjustment turrets provide you audible clicks based on your requirements. It contains a single button on the right side for adjusting the brightness settings that avoid complications with many buttons.


This Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly red dot sight comes with a mounting plate that allows it to mount with various firearms without taking much time. 

It contains a standard Springfield footprint that ensures secure mounting and it can be compatible with various mounting accessories. Moreover, it comes with a Picatinny mount and three sets of screws for easy installation.



Final Words

Among the several red dot sights on the market, the Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly stands out with its excellent features and incredible performance on the battlefield. It comes with premium quality, excellent features, and rugged built at a reasonable price. I’m sure that this Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly will give you an excellent shooting experience whether you use a handgun or long gun. Purchase this Springfield Armory Hex Dragonfly red dot sight for your shooting competition and share your different experiences with us. We are love to hear from you.

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