Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 Riflescope Review

Trijicon is one of the most popular companies to manufacture different varieties of night vision riflescope. 

This company provides excellent quality, variable power, and versatile night vision rifle scopes. These riflescopes are ideally suited to the needs of shooters or hunters in outdoor activities. 

If you are looking for a superior quality rifle scope that is ideal for target shooting, hunting, or other activities, the Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 riflescope is the perfect choice for you. 

This rifle scope comes with an illuminated reticle and innovative features. Today, there are different types of Trijicon rifle scope available on the market with advanced and innovative features. 

The Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 riflescope has some advanced features compared to other brand rifle scope. 

The illuminated reticle provides more excellent performance when targeting each of your shots. This rifle scope has a quick target acquisition feature that provides precise and quick shots; this scope is also perfect for long-range shots. 

In this article, we have explained the features and specifications of the Trijicon RS29 Accupower 1-8×28 Riflescope.

Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50mm Riflescope Overview

The Trijicon Accupower Riflescope is designed with high-quality optics, and this scope is used for all purpose shooting and hunting. 

It comes with variable magnification, so you can easily change the magnification for your needs.



This scope has a multi-coated objective lens that improves light transmission. 

This rifle scope has illuminated MOA and MIL crosshair reticle to improve target accuracy in complete darkness or low light conditions. 

The Accupower rifle scope comes with elevation, windage, and parallax adjustment turrets so that you can adjust the turrets easily. This scope is more durable and has weatherproof construction. 

Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50mm Riflescope Features

The Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 mm riflescope has various features that allows you to enhance the performance on the field. The features are mentioned in detail below, 


The Accupower rifle scope used a second focal plane reticle with MOA and MIL crosshair. These reticles are widely used in the Trijicon rifle scopes because these reticles are well known for their accuracy.

The MOA and MIL crosshair reticle improves the aim and precision. This rifle scope is widely used in the military, law enforcement, and security, etc. 

The illuminated reticle helps to view the target clearly at any lighting conditions. The illuminated reticle changes the color as the prey or target color. 

It provides bright as well as clear target images as it is brighter and clearer than the tritium powered scopes. 

The illuminated reticle comes with a green or red LED option, and it operates with a CR2032 lithium battery. 

Usually, the reticle comes with green color when illuminated, and you can adjust the reticle to 11 levels of brightness.


The Trijicon Accupower rifle scope comes with a variable magnification range, which is 4x to 16x. This rifle scope allows you to view the targets up to 600 yards, and it is highly suitable for beginners. 

This riflescope offers excellent quality target images to the target shooter or hunter so that you can hunt the target easily. This magnification range is ideally suitable for the second focal plane reticle.

So you don’t require to change the magnification range for long-range shots. Due to this magnification, the Accupower scope is the ideal option for typical hunting and shooting scenarios.

Objective Lens

The Trijicon RS29 Accupower Riflescope has a 50mm objective lens diameter, which gives you an exit pupil 9.3-3.1mm. 

The objective lens is fully multi-coated, which enhances more light transmission into the scope, so you can clearly view the target images.

The fully multi-coated lens offers bright, sharp, and vivid pictures in complete darkness.

Eye relief

This Trijicon RS29 Accupower rifle scope has a long eye relief so that the distance between the riflescope and your eye will be constant in the overall magnification range. 

This rifle scope has a 3.6-3.7 inches eye relief, so you are not required to modify the ocular lens. The 3.6 inches eye relief provides more flexibility compared to other rifle scopes. 

Due to this long eye relief, you do not have to change your head’s position with each magnification range.

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

The Trijicon Accupower rifle scope comes with elevation, windage, and parallax adjustment turrets; these adjustment turrets are moved quickly and smoothly in every use. 

For each increase, you can move the turrets forward or backward or to the left. While this is very accurate for best performance, the turret has a clear cut to calculate the increase you move. 

The parallax adjustment turret is placed above the riflescope, and it also has an illuminated reticle control.


The Accupower rifle scope is designed with high-quality material; it assures the reliability, durability, and dependability of this scope. 

This rifle scope will not be scratched even if you accidentally drop this scope once or twice. 

This scope has a built-in shock resistance feature and it assures durable and robust construction. Accupower can easily withstand heavy capacity, and it does not contradict the effectiveness of this scope.

Image Quality

This riflescope comes with multi-coated optics and an illuminated reticle, so the hunter can easily and quickly identify the target in low lighting conditions. And this rifle scope has a higher image resolution that gives a superior quality image. 

This scope also has excellent light-collecting capabilities. The scope lenses are made from premium quality optical glass that assures low-distortion pictures, so the scope gives crisp and clear images. 

These high-quality lenses offer efficient light transmission and long-lasting performance.


The high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum material assures fog proof and waterproof features. This rifle scope withstands for all weather conditions because of its durable construction. 

This riflescope has a nitrogen purge in tube that completely prevents the fogging into the scope in cold and rainy weather conditions. 

It offers a clear and crisp image of the target. The Trijicon rifle scope also comes with a shockproof feature, so the scope provides excellent performance in heavy recoil.


This riflescope operates a single CR2303 lithium battery, and it provides maximum brightness up to 31 hours. 

Nowadays, CR2303 lithium batteries are available on the market at a reasonable price. The scope has a rechargeable battery so that you can recharge it several times.

If you use this battery at a 5 to 7 brightness level, it will work for more than three weeks.



Final words

The Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 riflescope is excellent in providing high-level performance. It’s a high-quality optics, and it can be utilized for heavy-duty applications like hunting, target shooting, military, and law enforcement. This rifle scope is widely designed for military and law enforcement professionals, but its characteristics make it perfect for all home defense, hunters, plinking, and target shooters. 

This rifle scope is ideal for those who are searching for a scope for long-range shooting up to 500 yards. This rifle scope comes with an illuminated reticle so that you can hunt the close, mid, and long-range target quickly and accurately. The Trijicon rifle scope is more reliable, flexible, and durable. Above all features are enhancing your target shooting and hunting experiences. This rifle scope includes rustproof, fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof features. It withstands all environmental conditions. In this article, we have reviewed the features and specifications of the Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 Rifle. Hope our article on the Trijicon RS29 Accupower 4-16×50 riflescope review was helpful to you.

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