Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount Review

The night vision device is one of the essential tools for everyone who intends to hunt or work under dark conditions. Having night vision gear helps you to do your job properly and ensures your safety during various tactical, search and rescue operations.

There are many night vision devices available on the market for various applications, and you have to choose them based on your needs.

It is not only important to have the right night vision gear, but also you have to mount them properly on your head to get incredible performance.

Mounting your night vision device properly ensures hands-free operation and provides you convenience while performing in tactical situations.

There are lots of night vision mounts available on the market, and you have to choose the right one according to your night vision device.

It only depends on your individual needs since some people may be away from using a mount for night vision devices while the others need a quality night vision mount.

If you’re the one who doesn’t have a night vision device and need to learn about that, we hope our night vision device guide will help you to know more.

For the people who are looking for the best night vision mount, we recommend using Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount.

It is one of the fantastic night vision mounting choices available on the market. In this article, we will provide a complete review of this night vision mount. Stay with us for more details.

Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount Review

The Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount is the perfect choice option for the one who needs a perfect mount on the first try. It is preferred by individuals who have mid to high-quality night vision devices and premium models.

Wilcox is the pioneer of night vision mounting technology. They provide solutions for many night vision gears in terms of quality, durability, ruggedness, and reliability.



It allows your night vision devices to withstand the most crucial conditions and provides incredible performance in the tactical conditions.

It comes with many features that provide everything you need to mount your night vision device quickly. The adjustability of this mount provides you excellent mounting without compromising the convenience. In this review, we provided all its features and functionalities in detail.

Features of Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount

The Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount comes with various desirable features that help you to improve your tactical missions in critical conditions.

It helps you to easily mount your night vision device and hold them securely on your helmet while operating. You have to see the features and functionalities of the night vision mount before buying.

The night vision mount that you choose has the features that suit your needs. Let’s see the features present in this Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount individually.

Design and Construction

Construction is one of the important factors for this night vision mount in order to ensure reliable mounting. The Wilcox G24 Breakaway Mount comes with rugged construction that is made with durable materials.

The durable construction allows it to hold your night vision mount securely while performing tactical missions. It comes with a lightweight design that allows you to carry this long period of time without straining yourself.

It weighs only 5.7 oz, so it won’t add more weight to your weapon while holding, and it extends the operation time on the battlefield.

The robust materials used in this night vision mount make it rugged enough to hold any heavyweight night vision weapon. With this rugged night vision mount, you can perform in any environmental conditions.

Dovetail Shoe Interface

The Wilcox G24 Night vision mount contains a Dovetail shoe interface that securely locks your night vision device in the proper location on your helmet. It ensures secure mounting of your night vision gear on the helmet.

With this Dovetail shoe interface, you can mount any device with your helmet no matter what the dimension is.


Breakaway is one of the important features present in this Wilcox G24 Night Vision mount that makes it standard among many professionals.

The Breakaway is the one that makes this Wilcox Night vision mount so special since it reduces the chances of neck pain when holding the device.

This Breakaway features disconnects from the base under heavy stress. With this feature, you can prevent damaging your night vision device under high stress conditions.


The Wilcox G24 night vision mount comes with an excellent adjustment system that provides lots of ways to adjust or customize your night vision device during operation.

The angle, height, and eye relief can be adjusted easily based on your needs. With this Ergonomic adjustment system, you can perform the operation with your single hand while using the other hand for holding any device.

It won’t change the mounting position of your night vision devices like other mounts. It always provides you a safe and secure mission on the field.



Final Words

If you’re looking for the best night vision mount for mounting your night vision device on the helmet, then you can with this Wilcox G24 Breakaway Night Vision Mount. It is one of the perfect choices available on the market with excellent features. It is the go to option for night vision goggles and recommended by many military experts for tactical missions. 

It ensures your safety while performing under critical conditions and won’t let your night vision device be at any condition. Many professionals and experts blindly believe this Wilcox G24 for its effective features. The Breakaway is one of the special features present in this night vision that makes it unique among the others on the market. If you want to get a better tactical experience at nighttime, this will be your right choice.

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